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Yoann Barbet 13:33 - Apr 18 with 884 viewsdavman

So much better in a three, but he's not be great these last few games. Seems to benefit from a vocal organiser (Cameron or Jordy) next to him, especially when it comes to playing offside. He cost us Dieng yesterday and that was not an isolated occurrence. His passing has been a little off too.

The Rotherham game could be down to Nico having a bit of a 'mare, but I think his performance level has dipped somewhat.


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Yoann Barbet on 13:47 - Apr 18 with 841 viewsMyke

I certainly agree that he is much better in a three. I haven't seen the recent games (bar Wednesday) so haven't really been able to assess his recent performances. If he has dipped, we should probably cut him some slack on the basis of playing every minute of every game so far which is quite phenomenal. Hopefully, a fully fit Jordi beside him next season and if we hold on to Dickei and Dieng, we will have a very solid centre with the addition of another CB as cover

Yoann Barbet on 13:49 - Apr 18 with 835 viewsrsonist

Agree he's faltered of late but the revelation in Norf's preview this week that Barbs is "the only Championship outfield player to play every minute of every league game" in this of all seasons deserves a pretty hefty cut of slack I reckon. (crosspost with Myke)

I've always been quite fond of him personally, in that way people reserve for Dom Ball, but his good run this season has been really very good indeed - best form of his career certainly, and more consistent than I thought he was capable of.
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Yoann Barbet on 13:54 - Apr 18 with 819 viewsrsonist

Even in the realms of threes at the back we must surely have some pretty outlier numbers in world football for crossing from centre back. Someone get Supple on the case.

Yoann Barbet on 15:31 - Apr 18 with 682 viewsloftboy

The only player in the entire EFL to have played every minute of every game, some achievement, if he was technically perfect he wouldn’t be playing for us.

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Yoann Barbet on 17:20 - Apr 18 with 603 viewsT_Block

yes he has been off but I am going to vote for him in Player of the year because overall he is

Yoann Barbet on 19:30 - Apr 18 with 500 viewsbosh67

Barbet has been excellent this season and it feels like he's settled now. I think it took a while but he's a very good influence around the place and on the pitch. He seems to have taken up Rangel's mantle as the younger player's mentor.

Speaking of which I'd still love to see Rangel get a coaching role here. He's such an amazing personality and I feel we would progress further with him involved in the coaching set up.

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Yoann Barbet on 20:31 - Apr 18 with 446 viewsdaveB

Got to be up there for Player of the year, between him, Dickie and Deing for me.
Yoann Barbet on 21:32 - Apr 18 with 413 viewsMalintabuk

Yoann Barbet on 17:20 - Apr 18 by T_Block

yes he has been off but I am going to vote for him in Player of the year because overall he is

That stat alone must make him the Player of the Season. Astonishing stat in this day and age.
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Yoann Barbet on 21:57 - Apr 18 with 382 viewsRog

I think the organisation thing is spot on Davman. The defence is noticeably poorer without Cameron or Jordy, Barbet and Dickie have been a major step up this year but they need a leader in between them to be at their best. Dickie may be able to step up over time but he needs more experience.

Barbet has had an excellent season, playing every minute too, and deserves lots of credit and if he's had a few poorer games then those are easily outnumbered by the good ones.

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