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Super Gran gone
at 07:48 15 May 2024

Gudrun Ure, or supergran passed yesterday at the age of 98.
My children were young at the time so I had a good excuse to watch it. Silly comedy like the goodies. I loved it. God speed Gudrun.

Friday music fred music heard around the house when you were growing up
at 07:36 3 May 2024

My parents were born in the late 20's and were teenagers during the war. I grew up in the sixties, with my mom filling the house with 'big band' music.
Even my high school principal, Mr. Rudder would play Glenn Miller over the school PA system every morning before classes started.
This one's for you Mom and Mr. Rudder.
[Post edited 3 May 7:36]
at 10:18 18 Apr 2024

Just wondering what has happened to our resident leftie. I enjoyed most of his posts and he was a fairly regular poster, haven't seen anything from him since Feb. I hope he is OK.
Eric Carmen RIP
at 06:38 12 Mar 2024

The song that shocked my grandmother.
The lyrics that left this 15 year salivating at the prospect.
Morosly listening to 'all by myself' as a 19 year old stationed in Keflavik Iceland, during the long dark winter of 75/76.
God bless you and RIP Eric Carmen*

*unconfirmed until verified by Loftboy.

at 18:49 11 Feb 2024

Something to whet your appetite for the superbowl tonight. My hometown kick ass Steelers in their first superbowl before the hype went into overdrive.
Enjoy the 15 minutes of action sandwiched between commercials.
I'm afraid that I've lost interest in all the glitz of the spectacle.
Go chiefs, I guess.

A new time wasting trick
at 14:45 10 Dec 2023

Well at least new to me, maybe it's been happening for a while and I just never noticed.
It seems to be since they have placed spare balls on those tee things. when the visiting team get a throw in and pick up a ball off the tee and try to keep the momentum going by taking a quick throw, one of our ball boys/girls throws a ball out to the player, which means it rolls onto the pitch and the referee stops play, thus slowing things down and allowing us to get back into position. Has this been 'a thing' for a while?
Season defining
at 15:30 22 Nov 2023

From next Saturday we have 10 games in 37 days.
How many points will we pick up?
Who will be on the pysio's tables?
Who will find form? who will loose form?
Who will surprise us?
Will the excellent support continue?
What will the table look like?
So many questions, so many possibilities.
I haven't felt this anxious, since I contemplated who shot J. R.
Thin Lizzy
at 14:02 16 Nov 2023

A story I read a couple weeks ago led me to Phil Lynott which of course was a precursor to listen to the music of Thin lizzy. They were never on my radar in the 70's and 80's and only heard thier 'popular' stuff occasionally on the radio when I arrived in the UK.
Just curious to hear what everyone thought of them, were they taken seriously? Were they good live? I noticed that most of thier songs on YouTube are about 2 to 2.5 mins long which sort of implies they were just a commercial group interested in radio play.
I'd be interested to see what everyone thought of them. I quite like them and think that Mr. Lynott had a great unique voice.
I know they've popped up in various threads before.
Loic Remy
at 08:31 9 Oct 2023

Released by Brest, free agent. Would he fancy a pay to play deal to the end of the season. Am I serious? I'll let you know after I read the replys.
Plumbing advice needed. Non QPR
at 10:15 15 Sep 2023

I probably should know this, but not sure, I'm getting conflicting advice. Our water consumption has doubled over the last 6 months, so checked out the meter and found that it is continuing to spin, very slightly, even when I turn off the stopcock into the house. This stopcock is located about 20 m├Ętres from the meter so obviously a run of pipe under the house.
Now the conflicting advice I'm getting is that when I shut the valve for the incoming water on the water company's side of the meter, it stops spinning. Some friends tell me that's an indication of the problem being with the water company's pipes, but I'm not sure about that. Just FYI I live in France. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
TV that hasn't aged well
at 11:50 10 Sep 2023

To help pass the time until we are back in action next weekend, I propose a thread of TV stuff that we loved but really is just embarrassing now. I'll kick off with the following small selection.

MASH - I think it is still watchable, with some good story lines.
The wonder years - Still makes me guffaw, mainly because it is the era that I grew up in.
Cheers and Taxi - loved them both but my god they haven't aged well and I find them generally very embarrassing and unfunny now.
Frasier - excellent then, excellent now, could watch over and over.
Yes Minister - same as Fraisier.

And here are some series that I loved but should be too embarrassed to admit to it. The golden girls, The love boat, TJ Hooker, Fantasy island and the eternally nauseating Happy days.
Today's showing
at 17:28 26 Aug 2023

With the heart, commitment and character shown today against the team that will more likely run away with the league, against 12 men I would say that we are not going to be relegated. Just like that, yep I said it, may not finish above 16th but we will be fine.
How long before the full 90 mins on site?
at 08:53 12 Mar 2023

I was out all day yesterday so missed the match. When do they normally put up the full 90 mins replay? I'm hoping at some point today. Thanks
900 minutes of footy in the next 5 weeks
at 06:34 3 Oct 2022

10 games over the next 5 weeks. This will certainly be a defining month to test squad depth and fitness levels. I know all teams are in the same situation, but don't really care about anyone else. In Beale we trust.
Non QPR- bike trainer stand
at 11:29 30 Sep 2022

Need to tap into the immense font of knowledge here please. I am looking to buy a stationary bike training stand, you know the kind you connect your back wheel onto. Looking on Amazon, because no choice locally. A bit confused, most seem to say that they are not compatible with the 'through axle bolt' wheel connector. But in the photo they seem to include exactly that. If anyone has experience with these would greatly appreciate any advice. As stated I have the through axle bolt on my back tyre. Looking to spend around the 60 squid mark. Thanks for any help.
Friday Funky music fread (started on Thursday)
at 12:05 17 Jan 2019

Passing the day in the house today, listening to 70's funky jazz. So many to choose from. But I'll start with this... enjoy..

[Post edited 17 Jan 2019 12:48]
Link for today's game
at 08:19 5 Aug 2017

Found a link here for the game today.
Looking for accommodation near harefield
at 16:52 29 Sep 2016

A little light relief from the ongoing JFH saga. I am coming over to the UK with some friends (4 of us, 2 couples). To visit my new (and first grandchildren) on the 21st of November for 5 nights. And need to find a cheapish, (but not crap) hotel, airbnb etc. Somewhere around Harefield/Rickmansworth. Any help or personal recommendations would be appreciated. Cheers..
at 16:45 2 May 2016

I've dipped my toes in the plenty of fish website, and have a rendezvous tomorrow evening for a little drinkie and chat. Any horror/heartwarming stories out there about this on-line dating thingy?
Billy Paul now gone..
at 09:12 25 Apr 2016

Good guy and some great songs... 81 years young.
[Post edited 25 Apr 2016 9:15]
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