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Can we consolidate all the England threads …
at 15:45 15 Jul 2024

… into one package.
Fk The Euros. It’s Carabao Cup Time.
at 11:31 27 Jun 2024

Round One:

Bromley away please
Up the Budgies in the Farke-Derby
at 12:01 12 May 2024

Let’s be Having Ya! (hic)
Rayan Kolli
at 12:49 8 May 2024

Saw him play first half for the development squad yesterday. Back from a long injury. The boy is so classy. A potential star.
Squirrels - Update
at 01:13 4 May 2024

Be Great If Arsenal Won The League
at 17:11 29 Apr 2024

Then we can say in March we beat the Champions of England and in April we beat the Champions of Europe (ha ha ha) and both by the same scoreline … 4 flippin’ 0 !!!

[Post edited 29 Apr 17:12]
(Saturday) Just fcuking nervous and changing the subject
at 00:29 19 Apr 2024

Intro homage (Both Mancs) ?

50 years ago today
at 22:08 23 Feb 2024

My first QPR game. Away in SW6. Stan was the first R’s player I noticed. His performance that day mesmerised me. He had style, swagger, and the skills to pay the (bookmaker’s) bills. Every time he got the ball (I was in the Shed) the home crowd booed and called him every cuss under the sun - he didn’t give a fk. He was part footballer. Part rock star. Even before the first half finished he was my idol. The anti-hero. There were 11 (12?) QPR players on the pitch that day and I love ‘em and could (probably) name ‘em all but if there was no Stan there may have been no QPR for me. Stan was, is, and will always be the man 🙏🏼

Does anyway have any memories of the game? There’s no footage of it. I remember it being a proper humdinger ding-dong London derby. 3-3. Stan definitely scored. My (unreliable) memory tells me in spectacular fashion from outside the box.

Fifty years later and just another uneventful QPR day. Here’s to the next 50.

Yooo RRRsss!!! 💙🤍💙

[Post edited 23 Feb 22:20]
Corinthian Casuals - POSTPONED
at 15:44 14 Nov 2023

London Senior Cup Tie not happening tonight. Waterlogged pitch.
Yesterday Tolworth. Today Tolpuddle.
Cifuentes - Specifically Saturday
at 23:21 31 Oct 2023

Like a lot of you, I’m sure, Ive spent the past 24 hours genning up on our man Marti. I’ve ingested so much tactical technical knowledge that it’s oozing from my cerebellum and trickling out of my ears. Inverted fullbacks, asymmetrical number eights, oscillating presses, semi-permeable through balls, gaussian set-pieces, roving pentacular midfield nano-presses, throw-ins! throw-ins that reach your team-mates!

I’m prepared to be patient and for there be a period of transition, but serious question, how much effective knowledge, which can be immediately applied, can he impart to the team in the four full days between being appointed and his first game away at Rotherham on Saturday?

I’m fascinated to know how we’ll line up Saturday and who will be the personnel. I’m just wondering how much info he can expect to give them in such a short space of time without people’s heads exploding.

Those in the know have said he’s half been expecting to be appointed Rs manger for some time so he’s been keeping an eye on our performances (his ribs must be aching) so possibly he has an immediate plan in place. I just wonder how much he can expect to transform the team in the space of four days? Just asking cos we could do with the points.
Fifth & Most Important Norwich Cup game thread - You won’t believe etc.
at 10:57 16 Aug 2023

Any ST holders on the automatic cup game scheme? Have you been notified of anything? Is it being uploaded on e-season ticket or paper-one sent in post? I’ve heard zilch. Asking cos if it’s been sent in post I’ll go through all my unopened junk mail and bill-looking letters rather than contact the box-office.

Sorry to bring up a QPR request and interrupt the convos on ULEZ, Celtic, Steely Dan (FFS), Karl Read (whoever he is) and the Women’s football 😆🙏🏼
Menagerie Town XI
at 09:55 25 Jul 2023

Following on from Ned Kennedy’s wish to have more players with animal surnames here’s a creature-based starting XI. This was more difficult than I expected but does have four Rs connections.

Tom Heaton
Mark Beevers
Morgan Fox (Go Foxy!)
Bobby Finch
Dan Gosling
Geoff Pike
Chris Eagles
Troy Parrott
Geoff Horsefield
Steve Bull
Andy Shr-Impey

Squad/ Squid keeper: Billy The Fish

Peter Bonetti ‘The Cat’ nearly made it. But if he’s in so is ‘Mad Dog’ Martin Allen.
FOX !!!
at 23:35 24 Jul 2023

Fox related bangers.

Music not sausages.
I’ve just accepted an offer from
at 10:38 20 Jul 2023

Saudi Third-Division side Al-Shukup. Money has played no part in this decision.The training facilities are top-notch. I’m a big fan of sand. And Elvis does the club song. Just too good to turn down. Seeya.
Did you ever sit on a famous face?
at 10:29 23 Jun 2023

I’m wracking my brains but alas I don’t think I have. There must be someone on here who has.
Championship Emoji Map 23/24
at 12:08 28 May 2023

In the spirit of Shoot’s League Ladders (which I never ever managed to complete) here is part 1 of the 2023/24 Championship Emoji Collection. Starting with QPR and the 5 nearest clubs.

Collect daily to build an interactive map of the Championship 23/24. This collection is exclusive to Loft For Words and is not available in the shops.
BREAKING: Fernandes & Mittal to sell QPR to oil company
at 13:51 24 May 2023

Done deal.

A cannabis oil company. Typical QPR.

Nice shirts though.
[Post edited 24 May 2023 13:54]
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