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The Osman Kakay effect
at 14:18 15 Nov 2020

This may have been covered somewhere else but definitely merits its own thread

Africa Cup of Nations Qualifier
Nigeria v Sierra Leone
(Kakay starts on the bench)

29 minutes: Nigeria 4 Sierra Leone 0
HT: Nigeria 4 Sierra Leone 1
70 minutes Sierra Leone bring on Kakay.
FT: Nigeria 4 Sierra Leone 4 !!!!

Great commentary here. The last words translate as, Nigeria! Nigeria! You’re just a shît Port Vale!

Take a bow Osman!
Marine FC
at 04:29 8 Nov 2020

They’re based in Crosby, Merseyside. Their manager is called Neil Young, and after beating Colchester on penalties they’re Stills left in the FA Cup.

Their ground is called Rossett Park and is 4 miles from Aintree - home of the Grand Nashnal.

Anyone got any good tips for Insomnia.
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Players who have represented Derby & QPR
at 12:13 4 Nov 2020

Richard Keogh

Inspired by (Jimmy Hill Chin-Rub) ... Ripped Off
at 00:57 27 Oct 2020

Weller eventually said it was a tribute to Harrison

Prince gets Edgy

This thread blatantly a tribute/ rip-off to the 'covers' thread.

Tame Mampala
at 00:20 20 Oct 2020

Dykes & Tina Turner
Clint Cypress Hill
Alec Stock, Aitken, & Waterman
Ian The Dawes
Nedum On-U-Sounds
Charlie Au-Sting
Ákos Buzshakytak
Brett Angellic Upstarts

oh we might have done this already
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Barbet to be left back
at 00:53 7 Oct 2020

... in the dressing room to cut the half-time oranges.
Macauley Bonne song
at 12:33 6 Oct 2020

He came from Charlton who are fcuking shyte
Macauley Bonne Bonne Macauley Bonne

Next verse please ...
Could he replace Eze?
at 22:33 25 Aug 2020


On a free ie: within transfer budget 🤔
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Sweet Jesus Let This Covid Pass ...
at 01:58 5 Aug 2020

... so we can visit that new stadium and spend 90 minutes pissing ourselves laughing win lose or draw
Eddie ...
at 23:55 1 Aug 2020

For all the EH things not covered in the other EH threads.

By George QPR XI (edit: 5-a-side team)
at 08:45 29 Jul 2020

In order to welcome George Thomas our first George for a while I’m trying to think of a QPR George XI but I’m struggling. In fact I can barely get a 5-a-side team together.

Generosi Rossi Starts well with a GE then you have to shuffle the letters about a bit, take a few away, and add another G. Okay you find a George that’s played in goal for QPR.

George Kulscar To be honest I was out of town during the Kulscar era. I believe, like a lot of people that day, he scored against Palace in the 6-0. This George was an Australian international. To be pedantic his name is the Hungarian version György

George Jacks Captain of the outstanding youth team of the mid 60s but whereas Springett, Hunt, Hazell, Leach, Sibley, and the Morgan twins went on to have outstanding Rs careers George managed one appearance on the pitch and one appearance on the match day programme cover. Disappeared into obscurity ie: Millwall.

George Petchey Like Jacks an East Londoner. Well respected midfielder with 255 games for the Rs mostly in the 50s. Went on to manage, coach, and scout successfully for a number of clubs. Worked with Bobby Robson at Newcastle. Sounds like a proper football man. Died last December aged 88. Would like to know more about him.

George Best One game in a QPR shirt in the Alan McDonald testimonial. He’s in.

On the subs bench a couple more variants: Georges Santos (lovely shiny head), and Giorgios Tofas (one game - you probably know as much as me)

Best of luck to Mr. Thomas the new George 👍🏼
Nailed On XI
at 13:04 21 Jul 2020

With the season about to finish and the transfer silly season about to start here are the first eleven players from roughly the last decade I can remember were all but QPR players.

Bentley (Southend)
Collins (West Ham)
Ambrose (Palace)
Ream (Bolton)
Parker (Fulham)
Defoe (Spurs, Rangers?)
Deeney (Watford)
Graham (Swansea)
Finbogasson (Augsburg)
Odemwingie (WBA)
Andre Ayew (Marseilles)

Going back a bit:Viljoen (Ipswich), Bishop (West Ham), Bogdani (Chievo), Volz (Fulham), and Lothar Matthaus as manager. I’ve heard that German Karl used his influence to block the last two.
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at 10:34 1 Jul 2020


A German word of which there is no English equivalent


A football programme delivered to your door the day after the football match you are trying to forget
For me this match report of today’s game sums it up
at 21:37 27 Jun 2020

[Post edited 27 Jun 21:37]
Rubles In The Attic
at 13:43 25 May 2020

An extensive and ongoing lock-down clear up of the flat has unearthed some long lost objects: iPods, minidiscs, half-finished books, ex-girlfriends etc. But I turned up a real gem the other day. I’m not a football shirt wearer but I do own 3 tops. A classic Rs 70s blue and white hoops (proper gauge), a fetching carmine red number of a Dutch village side I appeared for in the late 80s, and an up until now lost Russian top. The last ever Soviet Russia national top.

Abroad in the early 90s when the Soviet Union was breaking up I saw a load dirt-cheap in the bargain bin of a back-street Parisian sports shop. I contemplated buying them all up but only bought one, explaining to the shopkeeper they were more than just football shirts but historical cultural artefacts and would be worth something one day. He didn’t seem too bothered or maybe didn’t understand me as my French was tres merde. I found said topski the other day under a decades worth accumulated strata of domestic-debris. It’s a garish chintz-curtain Adidas affair, the design reminds me of a massacre at a Wimpy Bar. A Leningrad Wimpy Bar. It’s saving grace is a sewn-on material hammer and sickle badge.

Anyway here’s the Antiques Roadshow bit. One was recently sold on eBay for £400. Get in comrade!

Who The F**k Is this?
at 08:41 9 May 2020

A. Vernon Kay
B. Peter Purves
C. Norman Hunter
D. Definitely not Stan Bowles

at 14:44 8 May 2020

I’ve been doing a lockdown Friday football quiz nite with a few mates on Zoom. As I won it last week I have to set the questions for tonight. I’m getting heavy homework flashbacks as I’ve left it all to last minute. Actually it’s going well. As we’re a mixture of QPR Spurs and Millwall all the questions are going to revolve around the three teams. To cut a long story short. Who was QPRs first £2 million pound player?

I know our first million pound player. And I know Spurs first million and 2 million pound players but who was our first double million player?

I’ve left Millwall out of this round : )
Rewind 89/90: The last days of Trevor Francis
at 10:02 3 May 2020

A covert audio recording by Nigel Spackman.

TF: Can you here me Don? How’s it looking in the dressing room?

DH: Not good gaffer. Falco’s turned an ankle, Reidy’s lumbago is playing up, Clarkey’s got gut rot, and Martin Allen’s baby’s got gripe.

TF: Okay we can work round that

DH: There’s more gaffer. Wrighty’s blabbing his eyes out singing Flower of Scotland swigging from a bottle of Whisky. Says he’s homesick.

TF: Can someone help him?

DH: Another problem. Kenny Sansom is already helping him with the Whiskey

TF: We’ll start with Mark Dennis. He’s not suspended again is he?

DH: No he’s not suspended boss but you sold him in the summer.

TF: Andy Gray?

DH: Same.

TF: Any of the reserves about? The lad Leslie. Leslie Ferguson.

DH: Leslie Ferdinand boss. Says he can’t play unless we sacrifice a chicken for him in the centre circle like they do at Besiktas.

TF: Will a roast chicken do? Nab one from the executive catering suite.

DH: I thought of that gaffer. Les says a roast chicken’s not the same. Got to be alive.

TF: Don just get 11 bodies on the pitch. We’ll park the bus and hope Spunky has the game of his life in goal.

DH: Also problems there boss. Dave has just turned up in his waders says he’s sprained his wrist wrestling with a 6lb chub.

TF: What’s he doing wånking before the game?

DH: No gaffer he was fishing

TF: Stick the big lad Macca in goal.

DH: He’s offered but Paul Parker’s grabbed the gloves and keepers jersey. Says he loves playing in goal and is the best in the club. Reckons he better than Seaman.

TF: Paul Parker! We might as well put a garden gnome in goal.

DH: I thought of that boss. Daphne says they’re all sold out. Scandinavian coach party bought the lot.

TF: Ah there you are Don I can see the day-glo yellow piping of your influence tracksuit gleaming in the autumn sunshine. Who’s that young lad you’re with? Can you tell him you’re busy. Tell him no autographs. Tell him to fcuk off.

DH: The young lad I’m with is the chairman Trev and there’s more bad news.

TF: What is it now?

DH: He says your fired.

[Post edited 3 May 10:14]
7374 Rewind
at 13:02 20 Apr 2020

The Rs second season back in the top flight finishing as top London team for the first time in the club’s history. Was looking good for Europe too but ran out of steam towards the end. Nonetheless a magic season. One I’m particularly fond of as I made my debut - in the Shed. A six-goal ding-dong baptism of fire.

My Grandad was pushing Liverpool on me at the time, and he almost succeeded, but I defy you show any 8 year-old that team in that kit back then and they would end up Rangers for life. The tracksuit (above) was pretty special too.

I’ve trawled YouTube and found approximately a third of the season in various shapes and sizes. Will post below.

Queen’s Park Cottagers
at 10:32 18 Apr 2020

FPR would’ve have been an obscene title for a thread so I went with the one above.

Struggling to find a keeper here.
⛳️ __________ 🥅 ___________ ⛳️

Brevett Keech Parker Langley (Jim)
............ Wilkins Taarabt ............
... Cook Zamora Helgusson Marsh ...

Subs: Johnson Coney Peshcisolido & Rehman
(Yes Rehman. Ah maybe that’s the keeper sorted)

Edit: How could I forget Ernie Howe?
[Post edited 18 Apr 10:35]
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