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Fake news here
at 02:20 27 Mar 2020

There's been a lot written recently about fake news specifically about the coronavirus and especially that WhatsApp advice post that has been doing the rounds.

So I thought it responsible and prudent to start a thread to advise on any other fake news;

"Alcohol is an “unhelpful coping strategy” for the possible stress and isolation of coronavirus lockdown, a World Health Organisation (WHO) expert has warned".
Self Isolation Paint Therapy Thread
at 13:35 22 Mar 2020

No apologies from me for copying the idea of this thread from the excellent original which was done way back in 2014!

This time it can be any famous person from real-life or film exquisitely drawn in Paint. What better way to while away the time...

Here's my Royale effort;

Charlton vs QPR Match Thread
at 03:16 17 Mar 2020

Who won the Superbowl?
at 03:36 3 Feb 2020

Musical Orgy Thread
at 04:34 26 Jan 2020

The great thing about this thread is that there are no rules except for the fact that any videos posted have to be from the '70s, '80s or '90s.

That's it. No genre rules. No classic rules. No favourites rules. No rules.

Just post anything you want to from the good old days that you haven't heard in years, that you loved at the time for whatever reason or that you know at least one other poster will appreciate;

This is where youtube comes into its own...
NBA Fan(s)
at 03:15 22 Oct 2019

First time in a long time that it's looking so open with several teams legitimate World Champions in the waiting. Felt like the close season was never gonna end but after some really interesting big name surprise moves it all tips off tomorrow.

Can't wait....

Lakers to win it...
Interesting, daily, QPR you couldn't make it up, reminiscathon
at 18:02 15 Oct 2019

Events from our (in)glorious past that you couldn't make up. Think of it as events or chapters that would have to be included in our autobiography.

The Brawl of China...
Leon, Leon, Where for art thou, Leon?!
at 15:05 21 Sep 2019

Hi mate. Just wanted to make sure that you made it through customs ok and that my package and you are both still in one piece...
Caption Competition - Priceless
at 04:49 10 Sep 2019

There's no pwopa football for almost another week, things are quiet on here and veering towards the political and Clive needs the traffic so everybody that looks at this has to give their best caption competition offering. The highest number of upvotes wins;

Just so sad regarding Luis Enrique's daughter.
at 22:58 29 Aug 2019

Luis Enrique's 9 year old daughter has passed away after a 5 month bone cancer illness.

Unimaginable grief and sadness.

RIP Xana.
Sack Race....
at 23:49 16 Aug 2019

And the winner is.....

Huddersfield, after a massive 3 league games of the season with them being just 3 points from a play off place.


Edit: So it turns out tonights game was a "Must Win"!
[Post edited 16 Aug 2019 23:50]
It was only a matter of time....
at 19:34 5 Aug 2019

...before our great start to the season came crashing around our ears.

I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere and I hate to have to be the one to break the story that will undoubtedly ruin our season almost before it's even begun.

However, I've just read from several reliable sources within the MSM that Chris Ramsey will be participating in this years Strictly Come Dancing.


QPR Innit.
Type 1 Diabetes
at 14:46 12 Jul 2019

Yesterday, completely out of the blue, our eldest son, 12, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. He was taken to hospital and will be there until at least Monday while they run tests etc to understand the levels and reactions to this disorder so that we can all become educated and understand how and when to monitor and react accordingly to certain situations.
My reason for posting is basically to ask if any other parent on here has a young son or daughter with Type 1 diabetes and if so just how serious or otherwise, it affects their general day to day life and future plans.
As previously mentioned, it has come as a complete surprise and as I, fortunately, have no previous experience or knowledge of this disorder it's all a bit surreal at the moment and I'm genuinely not sure just how grave or life-changing this is going to be. We will obviously be getting a lot of medical advice over the coming days and weeks, however, any advice, opinions or suggestions on how to help my son and to be prepared for what lies ahead in general based on personal experiences would be greatly appreciated.
Our country is fckd match thread is fckd
at 21:05 12 Jun 2019

Won't somebody think of the children and Clive...
Dog Shít
at 19:49 12 Jun 2019

Unfortunately my Mother-In-Law passed away late last year and we decided to take in her dog who is a gorgeous, loving though rather scatty cross breed. Fortunately he gets on well with the family dog and all is great except for one messy detail.

You guessed it, he pisses and shíts in the house. Can be anywhere upstairs or downstairs. He was never properly house trained with the MIL because she had no garden (he used to go in an open air non used garage) so in his mind it's acceptable to do his business on "hard" floors.

So does anybody have any suggestions on how to retrain the little shít to do his business in the garden. We leave him outside sometimes for hours on end and then he comes indoors and will run straight upstairs and crap in one of the bedrooms, almost as if to wind me up on purpose!

I've tried the shoving his nose in it and scolding him and leaving him outside for hours but it's just not working and I'm certainly not going to hit him as some have suggested.

So any suggestions or ideas on this messy situation would be greatly appreciated...
Warburton's first game of next season...
at 19:14 8 May 2019

Don't want to state the obvious but it really is a Must Win Game.
at 20:42 2 Apr 2019

Oi Boston, you watching the Play Offs
at 01:47 27 May 2018

Quality entertainment. Great win by Cleveland last night sets up a fascinating winner takes all game on Sunday. And tonight will hopefully see a Rockets win to secure their place in the finals.

Only recently got into it but it's great entertainment. A new entry on my bucket list is go to a play off game because depsite all the Razzmatazz that's got to be one special sporting occasion.

You a fan?!
FAO - Bazza - Livingstone resigning from Labour
at 00:25 22 May 2018

Would like to know Bazzas views on another debacle in Livingstone's ridiculously long history.
Holy Mo!
at 20:43 24 Apr 2018

What a great first half of football and two stunning goals from the man of the Moment. Absolute pleasure watching the guy play football. I realise that there are many on here that don't want Liverpool to win anything ever again but personally with the football they've been playing this season and with Klopp in charge I hope they beat Real in the final...
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