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Warburton’s Defence is worse than OJ Simpson
at 22:00 18 Sep 2020

But at least OJ got the result

But don’t panic lads, game of two halves tonight and we didn’t take the zero chances apart from the penalty and corner we did get away from home. We had bags of pace and leadership and were just unlucky tonight, plenty of time

Please don’t anyone get on Luke Awsomes back tonight. He was so unlucky to get the hook on the hour mark after four, that’s FOUR, amazing... as in total.... touches in the second half tonight. He’ll be a centre midfield enforcer, or attacking midfielder or silky team opener eventually. Just needs to bed in now he’s a permanent, different player now he’s ours and won’t be invisible or hide this season.

I’m still positive and this is just one result in our second game FFS, lets not start moaning about the shambolic approach to set pieces as Warbs knows his onions and doesn’t need any defensive coaching assistance.


(PS - the bluebottle just buzzed out of the ointment)
Bike For Sale
at 17:09 16 Sep 2020

Was £700 new...... I'll take two for it.

Can deliver via a courier

Will chuck in a damaged lock for free.

PS... sorry Rob!
Feeling positive
at 15:48 5 Sep 2020

Shocked, surprised and saddened by some of the comments I’ve seen on here; get a grip people.

When the new season starts it’s a clean slate and we’ll develop new habits.
We do NOT need to work on our defending with a specialist coach, Warbs Warby Warbington has it sussed and I’m sure it’ll click before the season starts. Plenty of time.

Amos and LTC are classy players, academy educated which is a MUST, we are above sticking the boot in, being nasty, cynical and horrible. I just don’t understand people moaning that taking the Eze money and investing a few quid of it into these two is a bad thing. Once the season kicks off just watch them take other teams apart. Plenty of time.

Today we got two goals; yet still people are concerned that 40+ goals have gone from last years team plus assists. It’s not a problem that those goals today were from defenders, a Warbs Warby Warbington team has goals in it from all over... not just strikers and midfield. We’ve got proven goal getters to come in once Dykes is back, Rambo is fit And George Thomas gets 46 games under his belt so no worries. Plenty of time.

We’re not finished in the market yet either. Warbs Warby Warbington is on record as wanting another couple in. Let’s wait and see who joins and when they do they’ll slot straight in. Plenty of time.

The fitness work just gets better and better. Soon we’ll be full of the pace and muscle you need at this level. Have faith in the coaches, players will get better and better and fitter and fitter. Plenty of time.

Get behind the club, we know what we’re doing top to bottom. I’m 1,000% behind them and the plan, I’ll remain so..... plenty of time.
No LFW end of season awards????
at 22:55 6 Aug 2020

Didn’t see any this year for obvious reasons

Poster of the year for me...... Paul Parker

Thread of the year.... the TV one by LadbrokeR, invaluable during lockdown

Childish poster of the year for making up inane nicknames..... me

Bedwetter of the year.... jury’s out

Most balanced reasoned and pragmatic of the year... why Antti of course

Common Tattah of the Year.... my old mucka Brian
Season Ticket
at 22:39 6 Aug 2020

What’s the view?

I’m a definite renewer but who is lumping up in these uncertain times?
The lockdown coverage was a welcome relief but pretty pony across the board if I’m honest. Can’t say c£500 for a stream is value if I’m honest!!! But then seen mention of reduced capacity, no away fans, first renewers get first choice attendance

I dunno... any views?!?!?!
Darnell Furlong
at 18:32 18 Jul 2020

Been text by a Foolham who says there’s a rumour doing the rounds that part of the Darnell deal is an extra £1mill if WBA promoted to the Premiership

Always rated him and love to see him in the Premiership

Just sayin like
Season Ticket Renewals
at 16:01 11 Jul 2020

Dear Mr Warburton / Ferdinand / Hoos / Bungle

Can you please confirm if next season

1. Luke Amos the friendly ghost will be at the club

2. We will continue to crack on with the coaching set up we have where clearly not on of you has the slightest clue about defending

3. We are going to continue to play Premiership loan players ahead of our own prospects

4. We're going to concede yet another 70 plus goals

5. The palpable low standards, lack of passion for the badge and monotonous post match bull will be rolled out

If so then it's not really inspiring me to part with north of 500 notes if I'm being honest

Without the pre and post match pub and craic I think I've had it with this sh1t
Where is Brian McCarthy's Summer Trainers Thread
at 16:05 10 Jun 2020

Surely it's beyond that time now for this annual event?

Appreciate the current world situation has delayed most things and that staying in is the new going out.

I've been making an effort every Thursday night at 20:00Hrs and have attempted to wear in these slabs by walking from my front door to the garden gate.

[Post edited 10 Jun 16:06]
Crown & Sceptre Landlord
at 20:09 9 Jun 2020

Just seen on a QPR WhatsApp group that the Landlord of the C&S may have passed away today?

Hope that's wrong.

Anyone confirm or hopefully deny???
Fundraiser - QPR related
at 20:25 27 May 2020

Not sure on protocol here so apologies if should’ve sought permission first.

A rare frequenter of this board, former season ticket holder, standard bearer for QPR in the North and genuine top geezer Jimmy Mo is raising funds for a fellow R’s fan in need. Like Jimmy, I don’t know Sean but this is a worthwhile cause and I’m sure any donation of any size would be welcomed.

Link below

Good luck Jim and my cap doffed to you Sir
The Art of Defending
at 18:49 29 Feb 2020

Done with crayons and potato prints

Hats off to Dom Ball today, full of energy commitment and desire.
Worked hard to protect the back four
I’d of feared for us without him.

Can we please drop the zonal bollox? We’ve not got the players for it!
Cpt Grant Hall
at 23:46 25 Feb 2020

A word

Thought he almost back to his best tonight
Great finish to start things rolling but he won some great duals and a couple of fantastic sliding tackles
Him and Barbet looking good.

That’s more than a word... apologies I’m not being descriptively correct with my diction and nouns etc this evening

I’ve given Hall a bit lately so only right balance is maintained and credit where it’s hugely due.
Aye, aye Captain
[Post edited 25 Feb 23:48]
Kane not able...
at 23:25 25 Feb 2020

Apologies first... yes I should be basking in the glory of a win against WRDC with some fine attacking football but I have to say it.

Kane was woeful

Everything bar one tackle went wrong for him. He looked completely bereft and couldn’t get anything right.
If he’d offered me a lift home I’d of sooner walked and I have serious concerns he could go to put his key in the front door when he gets home and end up having his own eye out.

I’m sure I liked what I saw at the start of the season, bit suss defensively but got forward really well and put some great crosses in. A shadow of that now.

Hope he can regroup over the summer and has a great 46 next season. I quite like him but he’s had some right stinkers of late which has you lamenting Rangels age

And now back to..... Eze’s too good for you...
Luke Amos
at 20:02 28 Jan 2020

Sorry but this game is 11 minutes old and he’s wimped out of 4 challenges one of which has resulted in a goal and another that should’ve been a goal

The kid may have a future once he’s put on a stone and a half and developed a football brain but at the moment he’s farkin vvank and weak as pi$$

Spurs Crèche FC
Thoroughly unprofessional
at 18:32 21 Dec 2019

Yes the ref was a Bertie Blunt but come on

I thought time added on should’ve been 5 at least so surprised at 4 being given.
That doesn’t matter.
We just haven’t got the fitness, the nouse, the nuts or ability to tough anything out and that HAS to change next season as a minimum, preferably the back nine of this.

Special mention number 1 to the fella by corner flag throwing ball away and giving the look at me ref cause to stop the game for god knows what and add that on.

Special mention number 2 to the ref... blatant pen not given, two footed lunges given as throw ons, pull back of Eze waved on for advantage but then not returning to book the player and also chasing Charlton players around to book them rather than managing the game and making them come back to him. Rubbish but what we’ve come to expect

QPR innit
Christmas Parties and Hangover Cures
at 07:43 7 Dec 2019

Now we are into the second week of December I feel safe to mention the C word or the X word if that’s your thing.

We had our works Christmas do on Thursday which I thought was very early and I also promised myself I’d take easy and bail out early.
I broke that promise
Limbo dancing at 1:00am to shizen R&B music on the dance floor of some terrible “night pub” on the edge of soho will come back to bite me Monday. The hangover I carried all day meant I had to WFH yesterday and I only feel human again today
Not the best Xmas party memory I’ll ever have but what do you expect from a roped off area of a boozer? Austerity bit the celebrations this year for sure.

Anyone doing or done anything good and got any hangover cures that work?!?!
Sky to$$ers -- Bees moved
at 15:22 12 Nov 2019


12.30pm KO
Callum Willock
at 22:30 30 Oct 2019

Came up tonight on a WhatsApp group during Binpickers v Arse

I'm sure Joe Willock is his nephew.

I recall him being shockingly bad for us and also having a very short acrimonious realtionship with us fans.
Sure he missed a sitter and mouthed off that we were a tinpot outfit and then sat out his loan period witha fake injury.

Any Derek Buxton's out there that can fill in the blanks?
I do not expect any truthful contributions from LatticeR or LadbrokeR
That Ref... FFS
at 22:55 22 Oct 2019

Like to see Pinner justify that pile of shoite

Missed every big call
Summed it up when he missed a clear foul by us, then immediately gave on for yet another bit of rough stuff against Eze, cue the Reading Referee Committee having yet another mass chat with him....next three decisions go ridiculously to Reading’s way.

How the hell he managed to contrive to miss a blatant pull back on Hugill and give a decision against us to overrule a goal to us I don’t know. Don’t get me started on the handball for a Lear penalty
We were below par and a point seems okay but that ref was an absolute joke and these clowns ruin the game.

I hear Hugill now suspended for Bentford as he committed the heinous crime of being pushed to the ground and getting booked for it.
Proper to$$er ref
[Post edited 22 Oct 2019 22:55]
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