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B Team
at 15:35 28 Jul 2021

Apologies if this has already been done, but I haven't seen a thread.
* How is this going to work?
* What days will they play on?
* Who is the manager? Warburton? Eustace A.N. Other?
* Who will they play against? Just other Championship B teams or any B team?
* How will we have enough players? If there are 16 in a first team match day squad. You will have the likes of Walsh/Barnes, Kane (until he is sold) Niko (until he is sold/loaned) possibly Masterson, Thomas, Gubbins, Kellman and will the rest be kids too good for the u23's but not the first team? Reserves games back in the day worked because you only used 12 players on match day and had another 12 in reserve action. Nowadays with 3 (or is it 5?) subs, injuries, suspensions, I'm not sure we have enough bodies. Can't imagine Adomah turing out for the B, but still might not get many A minutes.
'Small Time' QPR
at 11:37 27 Jul 2021

I see we have been branded 'small time' by the 'MUFC Latest' website for having the audacity to mock their team last saturday. They went on to say you would think QPR 'had won the Champions League'. Love it when we get under the skin of so-called 'big' clubs
Summer/Winter Solstice
at 09:27 21 Jun 2021

Depending on which Hemisphere you reside in, today is the longest/shortest day of the year in terms of day -light. Many moons ago, I was going out with my (now) wife, for about 7 years before we tied the knot. From roughly year two onwards, we began to be asked with increasing frequency 'when's the big day?' This became very tiresome very quickly, so we gave our equally annoying answer '21st June'.
Promotion Ambition
at 15:54 3 Jun 2021

While we are all getting excited about next season and feel we have a genuine shout at the play-offs at least, what happens if we actually get promoted? We realistically have three players who may survive in the prem - Dieng, Dickie and Chair - so basically we are left with two options: Either we abandon all we have achieved and throw silly money at established premier league players who have no interest in anything except the money (sound familiar)? Or, we can do a Norwich and endure a miserable season in the top flight, in the hopes that we will bounce straight back up again the following season? Neither is a particularly pleasant scenario - is there an in between somewhere, where getting back to the prem may actually be enjoyable>?
The one-dimensionality of the internet (partly non-QPR)
at 09:57 31 May 2021

As Ireland and Britain (rightly or wrongly) continue to ease covid restrictions, I started to reflect on the predominantly virtual world we have lived in over the past 15 months; whether it was socially, education, work, shopping etc and compared it to the 'real' world. I consulted my teenage children on their experiences, so it would not just be the rantings of a middle-aged/old man.

The general consensus (in my house) is that while the internet has been a life-saver in terms of connectivity, it is no substitute for real life interaction with other people and events. I recently got my Leaving Cert students to write an essay on on-line shopping versus 'real' shopping and overwhelmingly they were in favour of the real event. While they all mentioned the convenience of sitting at a computer and 'filling their basket' from the comfort of their own home's, they all lamented the opportunity to properly 'hang out' with either friends or family. As one student put it, 'on-line shopping is simply about buying stuff, whereas a real shopping trip may not actually involve buying anything at all'.

I think all of you on here who regularly attend Loftus Road have found the whole 'streaming' experience a very poor substitute for the real thing. Yes, a vital link to the club and the live matches taking place, but a 'black and white' version of a glorious technicolour event. Clive has described the away trips much more eloquently that I would ever be able to, but the point is similar to that of my student; that the match itself was often a mere by-product of the social occasion surrounding each carefully planned trip.
When I spent a couple of months teaching on-line throughout Jan-March, it was without question a vastly inferior experience to being in the classroom with the students in front of me. And that was me, with all my resources to hand, excellent support from the school etc etc. Imagine how some of the students had to get by with possibly one computer between several siblings a 'patchy' internet and limited parental interest or support? I didn't hear from a handful of students for three months and they will never get a chance to fill that gap in their education. I know for some of you, working from home and 'Zoom' calls are now the 'new normal (hate that expression), but I would be interested to hear how it compares to the office experience.
For my own two, social media has being their liveline, their way of connecting with their friends and far flung relations. Obviously much more au fait with all things virtual than me, they have had plenty laughs (as I did) at some of the mad videos doing the rounds, playing 'fortnite' or whatever. Yet still they couldn't wait to actually see their mates again and have proper 'craic'.
I think most people would agree that the internet was critical for our survival since the arrival of this pandemic and the cyber attack on our (Ireland's) HSE and the disarray that has caused, emphasises the vital importance of IT in our lives. However, the lockdown experience and the sheer one-dimensionality of the internet, rather than accelerating the virtual process and increasing fears that 'young ones' soon won't be talking face to face at all, has, in fact, allayed such fears - at least for now.
Any thoughts?
Top of the table!
at 11:37 25 May 2021

No not QPR (yet) but my other favourite team, Sligo Rovers. The real Rovers went top last night by beating Shamrock Rovers 1-0 on their own patch. Only game 13 0f 36 but a great start by the 'bit o red', Ambitious development plans announced last week too, so happy days all round.
Doing our business early
at 23:18 19 May 2021

Whether you agree with the ins and outs is not the point of this post. I am pleased to see the club getting it's transfer/contractual business done early. Wallace and Jorgi tied up. Lumley, Cameron and Smith out, and it's still only mid-May. Chaz and Field close too, by all accounts and I presume a decision will be made on Shodipo when Oxford officially out. Probably JoJo a bridge too far and we need to sort out our 2nd choice keeper. All that remains then is to identify and sign two wing backs (starting RWB and back up LWB) in the next few weeks and we will be done and dusted I think.
at 10:50 8 May 2021

Just wondering what peoples views on wing-backs generally are? Because that influences who fills the role imo. For me, the emphasis is on BACK as opposed to WING, in other words I feel they should be defenders primarily who get forward, rather than attackers who track back. If my view is shared by management then we are looking at Kakay and Wallace next season(assuming Kane,leaves, which ironically will be harder to do with a six game ban still to be fulfilled) I am not sure if either are good/young enough for a sustained pussh for the top six, so we would probably need to recruit both sides.
If on the other hand, the emphasis is on WING, then you are looking at Uncle on the right, where again age is a factor and possible Willock on the left, who could certainly do the job and would leave a space to accommodate Amos.
A third option would be more defensive on one side (say the right) and attacking on the left, but that be a bit unbalanced.
Any thoughts?
[Post edited 8 May 10:51]
Credit to...
at 22:32 3 May 2021

In a generous mood so thought I would give a little clap on the back to a few clubs who struggled last season and turned it around this year. Top of the list must be Barnsley who have gone from dead and buried 12 months ago to 270 minutes from the Premier League - unbelievable achievement. Credit too, to Luton, Middlesboro (although I expected more from Uncle Neil) and Stoke. I know the latter two have more cash than most, but Stoke in particular have done well, with a crippling injury list. I like O'Neill, doing a good job.
Honorary mention also to Ainsworth, made a bloody good attempt at staying up.
Clean sheets
at 22:59 20 Apr 2021

Three in a row for Joe. Just saying...
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