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at 14:36 1 Aug 2018

Please can anyone confirm this back home, it has sprung from the Hoops Downunder on Facebook,
I hope there's no truth in it, would be bloody mad getting rid of a player of his calibre.
I tried to cut and paste all the comments and even tried a screen shot but no good I'm afraid. just hope its bollocks

John P Webb
13 hrs
Im hearing from source in London that luongo off to WBA



Jonathan Hughes Given they appear to be about to sell Luke Freeman for 3M let's hope it's not true. Two of their better players leaving shortly before the transfer window closes wouldn't be too flash unless they have some good quality new blokes lined up.

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Streaming Wimbledon Game
at 15:11 14 Jul 2018

Anyone else having issues, I keep getting it freezing and then screen goes black before coming back about 3 mins later, I’ve logged out and back in half a dozen times so far this is absolutely crap.
Commemorative Shirt
at 11:44 12 May 2018

Getting away from who's gone and who's incoming, has anyone who ordered the Green & White Hoop Commemorative Shirt received theirs yet.
I ordered and paid for 2 on the 14th Feb and received email confirmation on the same day below is a cut and paste of part of that email.

"The pre-order period will end on Wednesday 28th February, at which stage no further orders will be able to be made.
Once the pre-order period concludes, it is expected that there will be a 4-6 week turnaround time for supporters to receive their purchase."

That being the case delivery of the shirts should have been no later than 11th April, I've tried ringing the shop but no answer, anyone else in the same boat?
Thanks for Monday
at 09:27 4 Apr 2018

Thanks Clive for the catch up on Monday after the game and meeting with Simmo, Rblock, Mel & others, after getting us both bladdered (8 pints of London Pride) we made it back to the hotel and our flight back to Perth.
Once again thanks for the hospitality catch up with you all again next season.
W12 Pub Help
at 22:24 31 Mar 2018

Can you help me out with the pub that LFW users attend before the game.
My son and I are in from Perth, WA, and heading to the Norwich game before flying back to Australia on Tuesday.
3rd game for me this season clocked up a lots of hours flying to see the Rs but not seen them lose yet this season so fingers crossed for Monday.

Help with ticket info
at 11:32 16 Jul 2017

Can anyone point me in the right direction on how you obtain match day tickets, I'm flying in from Australia on the 4th August and want to take my wife. daughter and 2 grandchildren to our home game on the 5th August.
Is it still a case of heading to the box office on match day or do we need to get the tickets online?
This is a bad read
at 10:18 9 May 2016

I'm not sure if this has been posted before but having just read this not once but twice it makes me wonder what the fcuk has been going on behind the scenes I just hope there is now a bit of light at the end of the tunnel.
Scum reasons to hate link
at 09:53 29 Jan 2016

Found this link very amusing I'm sure we could double the reasons why we hate Cheshit
Air Asia crash report
at 12:08 2 Dec 2015

Just seen the Air Asia crash findings on the news and it's not looking good for Air Asia hope this does not have a knock on effect for us, could well spell the end of TF at Air Asia.
All quiet with the Football League
at 13:25 24 Jun 2015

Having read the bit on the BBC Sports in regards to the FFP and the Belgian court blocking Uefa from activating the FFP, can anyone update on our fight with the Football League on this issue I was under the impression or read somewhere that our feat would be known in or around the 20th June, it just seems strange that we went mad and signed 5 players albeit 2 of them for the U21 in the space of a week and then nothing for the next 2 weeks, Could it be we have backed the FL into a corner?????
Ticket Info Required
at 08:19 16 Sep 2013

Greetings from a wet & windy WA christ we need as much rain as they can throw at us,

Gents I heading back for about 4/5 weeks towards the end of the season and was looking to plan some games in advance, at the moment I'm looking at; 21st April Watford at home, 26th April Millwall at home & 3rd May Barnsley away,
Can you tell me how I can book / obtain tickets for both home and away games,

Any help gratefully received, Urrrrrrrrrrrssssssssssssss
Live Streaming - Press Conference
at 15:37 9 Jul 2012

Guys any chance of someone putting todays conference coverage up on the board mine kept freezing up followed by fcuking noodle adverts, when I did get to see some of it a guy in the front kept sticking his camera in the view of MH,

If you can help out many thanks in advance from downunder,
Who’s Bricking It At The Mo????????
at 12:26 13 May 2012

Right who’s not slept, who can’t eat, who’s sent the missus and kids packing, who’s getting pissed whatever the result, who’s throwing a sickee tomorrow, who’s to shit scared to watch the match????????

Not sure of the coverage for you guys in the UK but in OZ we have got every game live on Fox Sports 1, 2 & 3 so will be flicking backwards and forwards across the channels,

What ever the outcome and I still think we can survive it’s been a season of high drama that only an R’s fan would have anticipated,

Onwards and upwards UUUUUUURRRRRRRsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Bale and Ted incident
at 05:51 22 Apr 2012

Correct me if I'm wrong but Bale leaving the field of play without the refs permission is a bookable offence also once you have left the field of play you cannot re-entry without the ref giving the OK,
Also I believe that Bale must have committed a public order offence by entrying the crowd he could have started a riot so next question has he been spoken to by the old bill and what the fcuk were the stewards doing in letting Bale get over barrier,
Share holding info please
at 10:28 1 Aug 2011

Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to obtain the correct information on who actually owns what shares in the club at the moment we are assuming that if the information we have been reading over the last couple of days is correct that Tony Fernandes is about to acquire 51% Mittals 33% Dwarf 14% and Tango 2%, also does this share holding include existing loans and would this information have to be declared to the city for ratification?????

On a side note having watched the trailer for the upcoming documentary The 4 Year Plan can the FA reopen the case again on Faurlin?? GP looks like he’s about to sh*t himself,
FA Cup Final ( Non QPR )
at 13:27 13 May 2011

What is with this crap of holding the FA Cup Final on the same day as a full Premier League program?
Like many on this board I was born and raised on the FA Cup Final being the last game of the season starting with visits to the teams hotels leading up to the teams arriving at the stadium it was always a Saturday 3pm kick off and Wembley singing Aide With Me,
The FA have undermined the FA Cup big style the oldest cup tournament in football history and for what sponsorship rights and TV money,
But it gets worse next year they are planning a full Premiership program on the same day as the FA cup final and even going to push the time of the final out to 5.15pm KO,
Sorry guys for the rant but with our recent dealing with the FA and now this crap football as we know it is dying,
Big match DVDs
at 13:00 1 Feb 2011

I was recently over in December and during my stay you do the normal thing and stock up on items from the club shop on this ocasion I bought Vol 1 & Vol 2 of the Big Match ( God those memoires that takes me back to my late teens )
but some dickhead who puts these together and checks them for quality needs fcuking glasses the DVD sleeve has Vol 2 on the outside & the games from Vol 1 on the inside,
Having phoned the club shop and pointed this out I was informed that they were aware of this mistake and theirs nothing they can do about it as it was down the the company that put the DVD together problem,
This is not the first time I've had issues with product purchased from the store either when I have purchased online or paid for at the store and realised when I have return to Australia,

Anyone else had issues and if so did they get resolved??
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