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Trying to buy tickets
at 12:21 3 Jan 2022

For Fakes game, I am a member but QPR don'#t seem to think I am, so I cannot purchase said ticket - not very happy.

Anyone know how I can get the computer to do so.
Tom Lawrence
at 14:01 2 Dec 2021

What did everyone think?

Reckon he'll go in January, and with Afcon in mind would he be worth a cheeky bid to the admin team at Derby if they still run the club by then?

Thought he was excellent the other night.
First game since Jan 2020
at 18:53 16 Oct 2021

Just booked ticket for the game at Peterborough next week, my first trip to Peterborough and first game since the FA Cupo defeat to Sheff weds in early 2020 (January I think).

Cant wait.
England v Andorra
at 16:12 5 Sep 2021

Obviously a general case of how many and how quickly England get ahead, I always find a certain fascination with the games with Andorra, Liechtenstein, San Marino etc.

Mainly wondering what standard is relative to them in terms of whether any of there players would be able to play League football in England, or National league etc.

6-0 to England wholesale changes seemingly.
Pay Sports Channels here in UK
at 09:14 1 Aug 2021

Just thinking from what I can see we have Sky Sports, BT Sport, Premier Sport.

Eurosport and Free Sports.

Only free sports seems to be free, the others are in some way behind a Pay wall.

I was thinking about for instance the Eurospots League 3 - and Serie A for that matter don't have a big handle or sales in UK anymore - and was wondering really why, and does anyone have all of them, and whats the price for some?

I have Sky Sports only, decided against the others despite Sky Sports seemingly dropping a lot of sports - especially Rugby Union they seem to barely bother with anymore, ok they have the Lions currently but not notice advertising anything else rugby wise - including the Rugby Championship which has been on for years.

Cricket they are more into but wonder if the fees are less, and even then I've seen different things going elsewhere.
Germany v Portugal
at 17:01 19 Jun 2021

Just started 30c in Munich at KO.

Whats the thinking?

New QPR fan
at 13:39 16 Jun 2021

He probably has a few quid too

Store Play AkP
at 16:32 20 Mar 2021

Is this some robot thing?

Reviving v old threads with some sort of advertising things
First trip to Loftus Road
at 19:05 27 Feb 2021

Just found some highlights of my first ever game at Loftus Road

at 17:22 7 Feb 2021

Whilst it's very cold here, the snow ice and end of the world stuff promised hasnt materialised here in East Berks.

You got snow where you are?
at 17:04 31 Jan 2021

Been watching a few on You Tube, now owned seemingly by The Athletic and seems a bit "Big Club and top Euro centric now, but what's the thinking if you've seen them? or any of their videos?
[Post edited 31 Jan 2021 17:25]
RAshford you Tart!
at 17:37 30 Jan 2021

Taking over from Ashley Young, just faked that Xhaka wacked him on the face when he never touched him
Loftus Road - From above
at 17:58 17 Jan 2021

Not seen this before, anyway

Quality of Non League
at 17:15 10 Jan 2021

Currently watching the Marine v Spurs match - and yes I'd fancy them against us if we were playing, but it got me thinking how good is it, would you fancy a side from that kind of level to beat say SAn Marino or Andorra?

Just wondering wat a giant killing it would be in the respect of sides such as those mentioned who get to play against top level players regularly.

Marine have one international.

As I understand it they are 3 promotions from the Conference.
West Broms equaliser
at 18:09 27 Dec 2020

We'd never ever have such luck ever, deffo have bad luck like that, what a freak one though.

Big Fat SAm doing what he does.
For those who went
at 17:31 13 Dec 2020

Forgetting the result, what was it like going to what's effectively a "lockdown" match.

Purely what it was like at the game, before, during etc how things were run, outside the ground beforehand and afterwards leaving, and during HT, drinks, food etc etc.

Not the game itself.

The Covid Footie experience?

Feel a bit colder with so few people around and socially distanced?

Burger vans outside LR?
Footballs Dream Factory
at 18:36 19 Sep 2020

Anybody remember this documentary Alan Hansen did in 2001.

I often wondered what happened to the 6 year old kid who was thought to be a rising football prodigy.

A bit of googling Spurs let him go at 14, and from what I can see he ended up playing for Wingate and Finchley.

Puts it into perspective I guess how rare it is to make it.

Was thinking of Hansen and how he's disappeared from view a follow up documentary would be interesting.

Kid was called John Megicks.
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