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Lee Hoos turn up ticket Tax
at 09:08 20 Apr 2019

Had a look at the attendance yesterday and I see it was a mere 13k odd again, which allowing for the fact Blackburn didn't bring that many it got me thinking yesterday morning about the fact QPR charge more on the day, with many on here thinking of jacking their ST and me personally knowing someone who's turning in his (I've never held an ST for various reasons).

I considered going - however the poor play, the likelihood of a defeat the cost of travelling back and forth, and my view that paying extra because I decided to turn up on the day despite the weather and it being a long Bank Holiday weekend, meant I decided not too.

It is something that along with the handling fees nonsense, when they do less and less now, barely producing match day tickets when I bought 2 for Bolton last month, anyway I think it's time for Lee to scrap his turn up tax!

if QPR are serious about the fans, this and handling fees is a way they could start to become the Fan friendly club they claim to be.

Yes I know there are various reasons but it's something for the club too look at especially the turn up tax, which could cost quite a lot of money in potential revenue on the day especially a bright, sunny warm bank holiday watching an substandard team labour to yet another defeat.
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Bolton latest
at 18:37 15 Mar 2019

Latest potential sale has fallen through.....

Funny we got done for FFP but continually failing to pay your staff merits no censure from the EFL...........

IN any case this is all to the good, but have you seen Bolton's next three games..... Could easily get 9 from 9
Declan Rice
at 13:36 14 Feb 2019

So he's finally shown his hand and declared for England and changed allegiance, not the first to do this and being London born and bred you can see why.

No doubt many will be pleased and many others here disappointed interesting to note far from the first, Costa and ZAha have both done this albeit perhaps in a different scenarios.
Bramall Lane
at 13:33 7 Jan 2019

How far from main station, thinking of going this weekend.


(New Ground for me)
M4 Closures Tomorrow!
at 17:51 1 Oct 2018

tomorrow night from 9.30pm they are closing M4 between Junction 8/9 (Maidenhead) and Junction 10.

Clearly Highways agency thought they would help add to QPR fans reasons not to go tomorrow night.
Sky Games tonight
at 13:43 21 Aug 2018

The game is on the red button tonight but is it PPV?

I keep hearing about £10 a game, whereas I thought it was like the old Champs League where they screened all games via button and you simply chose what game.
Ian Taylor
at 19:15 18 Aug 2018

Bet he's glad tonight he's working for Team Sky and not got to Tweet QPR related positivity after this debacle.
JOhn spencer Debut Goal
at 20:54 1 Aug 2018

Unfortunately we lost the game sadly cant find footage of the year after when the result was exactly reversed when we came from behind to win 2-1.

This was on the Tuesdays after the death of Diana (2-1 win) mins silence was slightly disturbed by huge numbers of late Rangers fans singing away outside the ground.

Decent finish, what hopes we had for him that didn't really come off.
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Clive Tyldesley
at 18:38 2 Jun 2018

"SO England havent conceded a goal from open play in 11 hours"....

Not 30 seconds later...

ON the subject of which we need some sort of game for how often he manages to mention "ManCHESTER United during the World Cup in various games where there is absolutely no reason to do so - which frankly is most of them.
[Post edited 2 Jun 2018 18:40]
Stoke down
at 14:25 5 May 2018

Lost 2-1 to Palace

Be interesting to see who stays and goes from their squad.

Presume Butland, Shawcross, Shaquiri will all be off for a start. It will be interesting to see if Lambert stays, assume he will though as hardly to blame and knows the Championship.

Got to hand it Woy, he's overall done the job required at Palace.

His kind of thing really.
Talking ticket prices...
at 13:11 27 Apr 2018

Who's coming up?
at 20:09 24 Apr 2018

Blackburn will be back (how do the chicken farmers do it?) Wigan are already up, and Shrewsbury perhaps?

New ground and probably not a place we've been in years??

Otherwise we're talking Charlton, Rotherham or Scunthorpe.


Think it's top 2 and PLay off side right?
Can you pay on day tomorrow
at 13:15 29 Mar 2018

If we can will probably go, cant see it's All Ticket anywhere but with so many Rangers tickets sold not sure...
Fakes Away
at 12:23 11 Mar 2018

Is this on Sky???
Multiple threads below...
at 07:34 3 Mar 2018

????????????????????????? you know the ones........
Techie Question help???>..
at 20:28 11 Jan 2018

Bought a new Samsung Smart TV for my room, and just discovered it doesn't run off a Scart leadto the Sky Box which is DRX 55 Amstrad (not HD.)
Is the box simply obsolete and incompatible or not?

West Ham player
at 15:37 7 Jan 2018

Just lost some teeth ouch.
at 10:02 10 Dec 2017

Stoke lost 5-1!!!!!!!

Really hope Stoke don't sack Hugehesless and he gets the relegation he deserves.

On Sunday Supp now talking about him.

"Great quote from Matt Law

"It hasnt really gone anywhere, two years plodding on"

"Old Pulis squad breaking up" 2lack of heart and spirit.

See it's not all bad
So what you doing tomorrow then???
at 14:18 24 Nov 2017

As we've been moved to Monday night, what is everyone doing with their Saturday?
Personally bit of shopping then the rugby then, who knows.....

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