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Coventry City v Queens Park Rangers prediction logged
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Queens Park Rangers v Nottingham Forest prediction logged
at 17:24 6 Sep 2020

Far too open with full backs playing like Wing Backs. Would a third centre back at the expense of one of the two DMs work better?

We played it towards the end of last season and I think it could work as it allows Manning and Kane/Kakay to play as Wing Backs rather than ridiculously high full backs.

Actually, sod it, let's just go with one at the back, eh?
Ryan Manning
at 23:53 26 Aug 2020

Seen loads of chat around BOS and Eze, but what of Ryan? To date, no contract signed, but little concrete evidence of hard bids. Will we let him run down his contract, or will it be a case of renew g if there is no interest this window?

Not sure he'll get a move to the Prem, but can see "bigger" Champ clubs coming in for him...

Any whispers heard?
Birch's night in the cells...
at 23:44 16 Aug 2020

... and many other stories. 50 odd minutes long, but well, well worth it...

New Clint story - Cisse.
at 22:52 8 Aug 2020

The moment when Clint Hill headbutted Djibril Cisse in training... or at least tried to! 😂 https://t.co/AxG3f0RKuP
Go on, Barnsley - stick it to the man!
at 17:54 24 Jul 2020


How true is this? How much do we reckon the incompetent EFL will do to cover the points raised?

If Barnsley go down after all this....

Disgraceful organisation.
'wall thread
at 10:16 19 Jul 2020

Just read through the thread Loftboy put at the top of his match thread yesterday. Five posts in: "It was bizarre being herded down the Uxbridge Road by mounted and heavily armoured police officers whilst hoarders of foreigners gawped at us. Just who's f-ing country is it. ?"

WOW. You want a stereotype - boom, there it is. Shocking.
Chorlton and the Wheelies - Match Thread
at 09:59 27 Jun 2020

Someone's gotta do it...

It's football, Jim, but not as we know it...

Was hopeful we'd be just 4 points off the playoffs on the back on a sound performance last week, but no, we are still QPR. Barnsley not won at HQ for 50 years, come on down. Tomer Hemed, rubbish all year, no goals, come on down.

An inevitable L if we roll up like last week; let's hope we don't. Either way, suspect it will be dull like watching an u23 stream in the background whilst working from home.

1-1 we score first, good ol BOS.
Good reminder that 1st half v Preston
at 19:29 13 Jun 2020


Yes we were on a great 6 game unbeaten run, but that first half showed that we can be very impotent when pressed as well as Preston pressed us (easier to type than read...).
Manning and Pugh very poor first half and Kelly forced to go very long by passing Eze and BOS who were stifled very well.

The unbeaten run coupled with the large number of wins on Rangers Rewind, might lead to some getting very carried away. When we're good, we're really good; when the passing game doesn't kick in, not so. Upper midtable team is where we are on balance.

But fckit, Playoffs here we come!
New PC help please - MS Office
at 19:23 21 Mar 2020

For the first time, I have purchased a PC without MS Office as part of the package, but now want to buy Word, Excel and Outlook. The prices are frightening - either £59.99 per year for a subscription or £119.99 for a one off purchase with no support.

Any reliable ideas for a cheaper version of Word? - Not interested in alternatives as my wife doesn't want to "get used to something new"

QPR v Burnley 1979 MoTD on BT Sports 3 now...
at 11:00 20 Feb 2020

I thank you...
Time wasting (again)
at 14:42 18 Jan 2020

After seeing every frigging team who has a lead at LR get away with the most ridiculous time wasting and watching referees warning them and then doing f-all about it, I am absolutely livid about the card Masterson got today.

I am sure that Pinner will have a view, but the one thing us mere non-referee mortals get flabbergasted by is the lack of consistency not just between referees but even with the same referee on a given game.

Yes, it was starting to become a piss take, but then this is the sort of dark arts we have been crying out for in years.

Anyone know of an actual forum through which mere fans can provide constructive feedback to the powers that be? A clock running when the ball is in play would stop all of this crap and would allow consistency across the game - if they can mandate goal line tech and VAR, why not employ someone at the game to stop the clock the moment the ball is not in play? Obviously reduce the length of the game accordingly by working out how long the ball is in play most games and go from there.

It really boils my piss.

...and whilst I am on one - Kalvin Phillips - has our Geoff shagged his missus or something? What an absolute tool.
Go on then - Match Fred v Berkshire's "finest"
at 13:06 26 Dec 2019

It's a right laugh this Champo. Absolutely no idea whether we will turn up or they will play as well as they did at HQ.

Sit on the fence. 2-2 seems popular...

See you all there; I hear the rain may stop.

Merry Xmas!
A Kick up the Rs (again)
at 08:02 21 Dec 2019

Guys, save the "paper media is dead" arguments for somewhere else and try and buy a copy at today's game. Dave is facing threat of his printers stopping because of a debt he owes. No idea how much, but the point is, just buy a copy today maybe in place of the programme.

Irrespective if you think £5 is too much, (it isn't), we need to rally round as it will be a very, very sad day if it has to go.
Wells off in January?
at 13:01 4 Nov 2019

The S*n (yes I know) are apparently reporting that Nakhi could be off to another Championship club in January for £6m.

1. The named club is Birmingham. Yep, Redknapp's last financial disaster who copped a FFP penalty last season. So, how the hell can they find and justify spending £6m so soon after failing the rolling three year rule?
2. If Nakhi doesn't want to go, can he refuse a deal? I can't see there being any law (or rule) that forces a player to move if he does not want to.

Any views?
Clive - Prediction League
at 11:26 20 Sep 2019

Is there a problem with the prediction league updating after last week - the most games predicted is 6 and we've had 7 games now...
Kosovo - long, but excellent background article
at 18:31 10 Sep 2019

The remarkable Mr Vokrri: Kosovo's football rise - http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49625260

Well worth a look ahead of tonight's game - one hell of a story!
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