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Soccer Aid
at 21:04 12 Jun 2022

I always find it enjoyable and there have been some funny moments over the years with Boris' rugby tackle and Mourinho's tackle on Olly Murs. But recently, the sides have been ridiculously unbalanced. The foreign stars look in better shape than ours (check the state of Teddy Sheringham tonight) and will win by a few.

But what I am surprised about is that they can't find better football players in the world of celebrity. Tom Brennan and Mark Wright look tidy, but there are some shockers out there - Mo Farah, Chunks, Lee Mack, Liam Payne - all particularly crap. Surely there are better players in celeb world?
Yoof v Experience
at 10:34 11 Jun 2022

Looking at last season's LfW ratings, it is interesting to see how the highest rated ones were the youngsters at the club (Willock, Dieng, Dunne, etc.). Aside from Archer (see, he can't really be as bad as you think, Clive ), Barbet is the highest "senior" player, in 11th, then Albert in 14th although that was swayed by a pretty impressive run of games in the run up to Xmas.

Yet, Warburton clearly felt that experience was the way. Look at Charlie, Stef, Hendrick, Wallace, Andre Gray - all pretty poor over the season.

So, is concentrating on kids such a bad thing?

I know that the stock answer will be "it depends how good the kids are", which is right, but do we believe Hansen's famous quote of "you never win anything with kids"?
Viera, McBurnie, Sharp Pitch Invaders
at 06:12 20 May 2022

Jeez, the football world is f-d up again. There are laws in place for encroaching on the field of play and what happened this week explains exactly why.

Sharp had no time to react to the high vis fat cannonball attacker, who has rightly been convicted and no doubt Viera and McBurnie will get some form of punishment. But Viera and McB's "victims" will get off Scott free even though they are law breakers by just being there. Getting on the pitch is one thing, but if you act like a massive weapon when you are on there, you should have every legal order thrown at you.

Loads of people think it's just an innocent laugh pitch invading, but I'd imagine that, with the percentage of idiots that live amongst us, it is probably really frightening for both sets of players and staff. After all, no pitch invasion, no provocation and no punishment for Viera and Mr. Completescotsname.

I hope they chuck the book at Forest and Everton and threaten them with a behind closed doors game for letting that happen. Disgraceful.
Nedum on the QPR pod
at 21:22 15 May 2022

Great interview by Chris Charles and Paul Finney this week. I am a big fan of Ned's pod and can listen to him all day. Coherent, concise, insightful, warm, intelligent and seems v honest.

As opposed to last week's slightly painful Charlie Austin love in (I get it guys, he WAS a legend first time round and to an extent last season and he and his wife do wonderful things off the field, but he was God awful this season and none of you asked him why!), the Nedum interview ahead of his book coming out on Tuesday is a must listen.

Clearly warm about his 6 1/2 seasons at the club and paints an appreciative picture of his time with us, but puts a few snippets in there which will need to be followed up by reading the book. He also made a telling statement about what the future holds for QPR: "The team is about to get much younger and the club want to start a rebuild".

Paul and Chris did a great job this week - well done boys!
[Post edited 16 May 0:04]
Clearly reading too much in to this Tweet from the offish...
at 10:23 9 May 2022

WHY put a picture up of two players whose time could be coming to an end, unless...

If there is nothing in it, then WHY use an image with the two of them there when there will be plenty of other pictures of other players still under contract. Let's hope that this is not another Nakhi moment, the Nadir of our Admin in my view...
Player points per game
at 10:54 8 May 2022

Stats work when they fit your narrative..

That seems really telling to me.
Even if Gray did end up as top scorer, did he work out?
Time in play data
at 11:31 7 May 2022

I am a strong advocate of an in play clock to limit the constant shithousery than goes on at the top levels of football. Note that I say limit not stop as there is still time wasting that can disrupt the flow of some teams game, but it will certainly stop refs adding 2 minutes on to a half when an injury delay was 4-5 minutes, which we see regularly.

Look at the stats in this article:

The record in the Prem (Pulis' Stoke naturally) is just over a third of a game. The ball was not in play for nearly 60 bloody minutes.

To me this remains a no brainer. Can anyone actually put a decent argument against implementing this?

I note that the poll embedded in the article is aligned to my thoughts...
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The Bubble
at 22:51 2 Apr 2022

I thought that the game today would have been the lowlight of the day, but it has certainly been surpassed by our choice for Movie Night tonight - Guz Khan was in it, it was no. 2 in Movies in the UK on Netflix, but it has to be one of the worst films I have ever seen - and I have seen the Jaws film with Michael Caine in it. Truly awful. Do not bother.
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