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Sandro - Article in the Guardian
at 14:45 18 Jun 2020

Sorry to post this so shortly after lunch as this is truly vomit-inducing.
Ex-R Ian Evatt & Barrow
at 19:09 17 Jun 2020

Promoted back to the Football League after decades away. Congratulations.
Copa Italia
at 20:27 12 Jun 2020

Fantastic 10 seconds sees Ronaldo hit the post with a penalty, then a Milan player is dismissed for trying to decapitate a Juve player.

More fun than I was expecting!
Vienna - Anyone going?
at 13:14 22 Jun 2019

Presumably there will be no problem getting in / tickets?

Young James Charles Mackie
at 17:06 16 Mar 2019

Scores injury time winner in relegation six pointer for Oxford.

Looking forward to the celebration on the FL highlights show. #rememberPridePark
Umbrella Companies (non-Rs obvs)
at 11:04 23 Jan 2019

Anyone use one?

I am just about to re-enter the workplace as a contractor (temp / interim – however you want to term it.) I am advised by the recruitment agency that this is the route I need to go down. The agency has supplied me with a long list of their ‘approved’ suppliers.

Any tips? What should I be looking for? I am not interested in aggressively avoiding tax (I am not sure that exists anymore via this model anyhow) I just want someone who will pay me and offer some benefits i.e. be efficient and VFM? Any guidance on fees I should expect to pay etc. would be very useful.

Thanks in advance.


at 13:05 31 Aug 2018

A good day to bury bad news, whilst the world is mesmerised by QPR releasing Washington and signing Cameron.
at 14:19 27 Apr 2018

Love this guy.

Leaving Barca at the end of the season.

If you ever watched him live you will realise how good he was.

Fantastic player.
Ancestry DNA Non R's obs
at 06:51 21 Apr 2018

Anyone else done it. Following on from the Ireland thread.

There is definitely something in this as it recognised my older sibling as a match and also a few cousins (mostly second) but it found my sister to be 60% British whereas I was only about 9%.

They also have a category which is Irish / Welsh / Scottish (two of which are apparently not British LOL) of which I am almost 30%.

But I am apparently 45% Western Europe and also quite strongly Scandinavian.

All my grandparents were born in London but being Cockneys / East End I expected to be a bit 'mixed' but WTF. I always get mistaken for Spanish when abroad (<1% apparrently genetically) and I often get mistaken as a Jew, also less tha one percent which surprised me.

I am also apparently trace Polynesian so give me those beads
Billy Franks / Faith Brothers
at 21:01 15 Apr 2018

Any other fans on here. Billy was from the Fulham Court estate which I am guessing (not being from the area) is a bit of a scum pit. By which I mean a genuinely working-class area where most people support the scum, rather than being scum per se.

Always preferred his stuff to Billy Bragg's which would have been the obvious choice for this east Londoner, but I have always have had exotic tastes.
[Post edited 16 Apr 2018 6:24]
Commonwealth Games
at 00:46 15 Apr 2018

Crikey Ozzie R's how good does your country look?

I presume that it costs more than a tenner to get there now?

(and when I say your country, the usual caveats apply)
[Post edited 15 Apr 2018 0:49]
Cyrille Regis
at 08:07 15 Jan 2018


59 Too young.

Great Player.
Christine Keeler RIP
at 01:14 6 Dec 2017

'Well he would say that wouldn't he.'

Best killer line ever.
Our Matt Smith on 5Live
at 10:43 2 Sep 2017

On Fighting Talk at 11 apparently, if you're interested.
[Post edited 2 Sep 2017 10:51]
QPR Cash Query
at 12:23 28 May 2017

OK so I am probably being a bit thick here, but how does one apply ‘QPR Cash’ to purchases on the on-line store?

I had never taken any notice of this before but I have just renewed and seen that I had accrued a small balance which I might as well spend before it ‘expires on 31st May’.

Although I can see my balance on MyQPR home-page, when I go to the on-line shop it does not recognise my details, so I presume I have to set up another account with the on-line shop?

Once I have done this how do I apply my QPR Cash to these purchases.

Thanks in advance.
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