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Seny delight for QPR, déjà vu for deposed Harris – Report
at 18:15 21 Jan 2021

"Anyway that was half time, and a wonderful opportunity to shake hands on a point and get back on the bus. Nobody wanted more of this, not those involved in the increasingly biblical conditions, not those at home slipping in and out of consciousness, not the managers who’d both be able to talk up a point fairly convincingly post match, and not the referee who was carrying himself like the victim of a rather severe concussion."

I really did laugh out loud.

Great result, great report.
Kick Back with nedhum
at 13:09 19 Jan 2021

I've listened to quite a few - he's a good interviewer

The Ebs one is epic. If you only listen to one, I'd say that's the one.

Also loved the Bobby Zamora one. The pain that guy played through.....

Jay Emanuel Thomas - he was a bit all over the place, sounds like he regrets some of his partying......

The Anton Ferdinand one was interesting.

The Estaban Granero one alright.
News now
at 12:53 13 Jan 2021

Fine for me all week
Stumbling across Plan B
at 12:40 13 Jan 2021

IMHO opinion it's why he's looked better in a Scotland shirt.

Scotland often play Dykes as one of two strikers with Ryan Christie & Scott McTominay piling in from the midfield. Lots of movent & interplay which seems to suit him well.
Charlie coming home.
at 09:10 10 Jan 2021

Will Ravel be available on Tuesday?
Dry January
at 17:13 8 Jan 2021

My wife's doing it which means that I slow down but keep drinking - more of a damp January for me.

At the same time, I'm training for a 10k in Feb and all the running about has meant I've lost 4lbs in the last couple of weeks.

Win win. Drink AND lose weight. LOL.
Charlie coming home.
at 17:08 8 Jan 2021

That would be f&&ing hilarious.

If only we could go......
Talent Show
at 11:56 7 Jan 2021

I used to play Subway Surfers on the tube and on train & plane journeys. Got good at it and got the top weekly UK score multiple times.

Got bored with it (a high score needs 1 hour +) and moved to Headball 2. I'm in the world's top 1,000 but can't get any further.
Shoes-on or shoes-off indoors?
at 09:20 2 Jan 2021

All wood floors here and me, the mrs and the kids always take our shoes off at the door.

It's not mandatory for all visitors, though. If it's adults just in and out, probably not.

If it's visiting kids roaming around the whole house then yes.

Sort of depends, really.
Nick London and Andy Sinton on the Patreon
at 12:04 23 Dec 2020

I met Sinton at the fans' forum a couple of years ago and told him that if I didn't go to the game I'd always listen to him on the comms.

I told him that I really enjoyed listening to him as he commentated like a real fan.

He just laughed and said "Well that's because I am!".

Top man.
Swansea City
at 18:16 22 Dec 2020

U wot m8?
In Ainsworth's Defence
at 15:06 22 Dec 2020

His barnet looked ridiculous.

My 16 year old was laughing every time there was a close up of him.
at 15:20 18 Dec 2020

Feck me. That's some set-up got himself involved in there......
2 up front
at 11:55 12 Dec 2020

The current Scotland squad is far better than it's been for a long time. Fairly shit by European standards but way better than most of the squads over the last 20 years.

Dykes has Scott McTominay & Ryan Christie running in from behind him & overlapping & Ryan Fraser running off him. They're all constantly on the move and when it clicks it's hard to defend against.

QPR tend to slow down during build-up play. I think that's the big difference.
Anton Ferdinand Documentary
at 15:47 30 Nov 2020

"We know what you said,
We know what you said,
We know what you said."
Is there a Brentford Konk equivalent?
at 12:10 27 Nov 2020

Good post.

I also enjoyed @junkyard fool's match preview interview on here.

Konk-like approach, I enjoyed reading it.

As for tonight, I'd kill for a draw. Even a 0-0.
Bees v Hoops match thread
at 12:02 27 Nov 2020

Locomotiv Hounslow 1 QPR 3*

*or, quite likely, the other way round.

In Ranger's favour, the way they were able to outplay the likes of Watford & Bournemouth for long periods.

In Bretford's favour, the gradual 2nd half decline against Rotheram. Which, as Clive pointed out on the pod, was a much to do as having a paper thin squad as anything else.

TBH, I'd be over the moon with a draw.
Fulham FC 2020/21 - The Untoppables?
at 16:31 23 Nov 2020

We've decided to stop giving away penalties and just concede straight from corners instead.

It saves a lot of faffing about.
Manning Starts
at 10:33 19 Nov 2020

LOL that's a brilliant analogy.

I watched the 1st half with my son. After the elation of last week, the game was a bit turgid.

Switched the TV over to the England game for the 2nd half and had Scotland on my phone and in one ear.

Even on a tiny screen, Oli McBurnie's shorts and socks look ridiculous.
Watford H first goal sweepstake - COMPETITION
at 10:11 19 Nov 2020

I'll go for 42.
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