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Sensible Soccer, QPR team!
at 13:44 29 Mar 2020

For those of you who are familiar with the old console game.
I loaded up my custom firmware PSP and loaded up Sensible Soccer and found the edited QPR team.

It makes for hilarious viewing!

Dick Yo Mumma! 😂👌

Can you name the whole team from the modified ones?

Mark Warburton
at 12:21 10 Aug 2019

I think however it goes this season, I do just like how he goes about his business and how he come across as a person. A very likeable human.

Love how transparent he is across all the issues covered in this weeks match preview, honest and refreshing using similar antidotes to other managers but delivering them with more conviction & feeling.

Clive I know you can't say too much about what he is like off air but I am sure it must of been one of your nicer interviews you have ever done?

Wishing him and us the best of luck this season, I hope he's given the time to make the best of it.

[Post edited 10 Aug 2019 12:33]
Clives End of Season Player Ratings & Reviews
at 01:28 6 May 2018

This is probably the article I look forward to reading the most. Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielder & Striker player assessments.

Clive a deserved holiday awaits I'm sure but any indication as to when your going to submit the reviews?

Once again echoing everyone else's messages of thanks for running such an excellent site.

Ian Wright. Nothing to Something Documentary.
at 04:26 23 Feb 2018

I know a lot of QPR fans have quite strong opinions on the Wright family.

I did however watch this 20min doc on Ian and his upbringing and how it worked out for him and I have to say that he's gone up in my estimations and fair play to him.

Definitely worth a watch even if you're not keen on him.

Hope the link works.

Your top 5 favorite Goals of all time?
at 11:34 15 Apr 2017

Just a little something to lighten the mood.

Top 5 goals in football from any team in any period of time.

Robert Carlos features twice for me, do love a long range left footed strike.
You can be any player from any team, a well executed strike is always something to admire.

What are yours?

5. Robin Van Persie

4. Roberto Carlos

3. Hugo Almeida

2. Roberto Carlos

1. Trevor Sinclair

Big Clubs Interested in QPR 9 year old player.
at 10:46 9 Apr 2017

Not a telegraph reader and don't have the premium package to read the whole article but this is interesting none the less.

Hope he doesn't get eaten up into some top 4 academy and never fulfil his potential.

9 years old eh? Just leave the kid alone, got the whole of his school life in front of him first.....

George Goddard
at 07:42 29 Mar 2017

Well unless you are over 100 and as sharp as a tin tac does anyone have any passed on memories of what our greatest ever goalscorer was like as a player? Apart from score a ton of goals for us.

I know we speak of Stan & Rodney with the highest regards but they don't have the goalscoring record like George has.

According to WIKI

Apps - 260 Goals - 186

That's a hell of a scoring rate.
PL teams 5 year net spend relative to current league position.
at 03:47 6 Jan 2017

There is a lot of money in Manchester!

Interesting to see Spurs have done as well as they have and that West Ham have spent as much as Liverpool.

Some disgusting figures there though, far far too much money in today's game!

Best Thread Of The Year Award on LFW
at 01:00 24 Dec 2016

A follow on from the best poster awards.

It's obvious that the "Frankie Friday Thread" would probably top the list.

But this one tickles me whenever I read it. Pretty sure it was earlier this year! Curry Stories!


What have been your favourite Threads of this year?
A sliver lining for the PL
at 01:13 8 Feb 2016

Isn't it refreshing to see the cost of a squad assembled that one of the top 6 would happily spend on 1 player!

Mahrez = 400k, brilliant

I hope they do it, and tear the PL a new one!

Does make my stomach turn seeing Simpson on that list, he was good for us! Thanks HR..........

Live Streams?
at 09:36 30 Oct 2015

Any of you guys know any links for tonight's game?

Thanks in advance
It's been a seriously shite season but........
at 06:50 29 Apr 2015

We have scored some cracking goals. Most of these probably wouldn't of happened if we didn't have such a chronic lack of pace throughout the team.

I enjoyed watching this at least.

South American Players in General
at 09:24 15 Nov 2014

I know this is quite a general observation but they just seem to play every game like their life depends on it, such urgency and enthusiasm so refreshing to watch.

Vargas tempo in play has definitely rubbed off onto the other players. He has similar qualities to what Aguero has physically and general play albeit to a lesser extent.

As someone who knows only a small amount of South American football maybe QPR ARG can tell me is that same urgency played though out most of the lower division in leagues in South America?
Streams for tonights game?
at 18:48 27 Oct 2014

Where is the go to place to be able to watch this game live? Got some time off this morning (NZ time) to watch the game. Don't disappoint me QPR like you usually do......

Thanks in advance.
Heartbreaking Isn't it.
at 09:24 10 Oct 2014

To see this unfolding all over again. Hopefully Sir Les is the saviour!

Stranger things have happened at QPR.

Someone chuck me a positive. I'm struggling to see one!

[Post edited 10 Oct 2014 9:28]
QPR Podcast this week
at 21:22 8 Oct 2014

Brilliant. One of the best although sad to listen to. Fair play to the guys
especially Wally Jr who put the sword though the rotten core that QPR have let fester over the last few years.

I know they were happy to have a dig without offering solutions but it does highlight that problems lay a lot deeper than just players and managers

The QPR board should listen to this.

Sad times. It can't last forever can it?
Your World Cup Final MOTM
at 22:42 13 Jul 2014

Sebastian Schweinsteiger

Covered every blade of grass today. Great performance! Battled to the end.

I am happy for the Germans, invested in youth and in their country when it comes to Football and are reaping the rewards!
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