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at 03:04 6 Jul 2024

Sorry, I'm a little off the pace right now - what's the story with Chrissy?

Is he in Girona?

Moving to Newcastle for 10m or to Sunderland for a bag of sweets?

Knuckling down for a campaign when he and we cream the Champ?

Succinct updates please.
Palarse selling Olise :-(
at 22:36 21 Jun 2024

(A much better player than Eze, according to a Palace fan I spoke to yesterday across the Irish Sea.)

Now rather less likely to be selling Eze to the Mancs or anyone, I guess.

Everyone out etc!
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'Marquee' Rs signings who were (successful) 'statements of intent'
at 04:48 8 Jun 2024

I'm thinking, e.g.

1. Tony Currie
2. Mark Falco
3. John Spencer
4. Loic Remy
5. Djibril Cisse

The feelgood factor's back, so, feck FFP - don't you agree it's time for another? And, if so, who would you consider (unrealistically but tearing-up the-Champishly)?

Danny Ings?
Aleksandr Mitrovic?
The Terror Bat?

I'll get me meds.
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Strangest (but true) encounters with Rs players, past or present
at 01:29 3 May 2024

As written up in AKUTRs by yours truly, Martyn 'Buzzer' Busby ended up randomly painting my flat in Crouch End in the late 1990s.

Anyone better that?
Interesting BBC piece about Bristol City academy
at 20:22 28 Apr 2024

Food for thought, especially with regard to their targets for Academy graduates in and/or about the first team squad on matchdays. It made me wonder what we are doing in terms of trying to emulate their model going forwards, e.g. by looking at what other clubs are doing so much more successfully than we have been (which is probably just about all of them).

Definitely a good question for Marti at the next Fans Forum, methinks, as to how he sees the current set-up and how it can be improved.
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The Preston keeper
at 23:17 21 Apr 2024

Just what was going on with him (not that we're not delighted of course)? That howler was sub-schoolboy stuff - if I didn't know better, I'd say he'd taken a bung or been on the wacky baccy. He dropped another clanger in his box later too which could easily have led to a second, and generally performed like a bag of cats on a hot tin roof.

Without him, we'd have been staring down the barrel of another 0-0, and it'd be touch and go-ville. Decent team performance and all that, but we still got lucky.
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QPR commentary
at 13:02 19 Mar 2024

Listened to the Extended Highlights v Sunderland, and found him/it pretty awful, rather stupid, and all round an assault on the eardrums.

I miss Nick London - but wit, style, individuality and putting your head above the parapet rarely end well in this world.

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What will be our upcoming/final points tally? (8 games to go)
at 13:56 17 Mar 2024

What will be our upcoming/final points tally? (8 games to go)

Your Vote:

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at 22:58 10 Mar 2024

It's the thing Gerry F. used to preach, but the thing only the top teams, by definition, ever deliver, so it makes me laugh when fans here revile our team for their lack of it, as it's precisely what teams in our position display. If you want consistency, don't follow QPR (or most clubs), or just try to get your head round the fact we are where we are because we don't string more than a couple of good performances together right now. That's the maddening beauty of sport. If you don't like it, take up stamp-collecting.
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at 13:22 7 Mar 2024

Looked off colour last night, as I mentioned. Thoughts from the hive?
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main clarifications tonight
at 19:00 2 Mar 2024

1. The players are/always were (more than) good enough - they needed a plan/organisation/training/trust in each other, and a commitment to applying it on the pitch.

2. Marti (I had the odd misgiving) has been/is a complete and utter tonic to our troops.

Hopefully this is front and centre in the match report. Either way, we should all acknowledge (1) and (2) now, and draw a line under previous hyperbolic nonsense. I see us not just staving off relegation, but able and needing to aim at mid-table. For all their possession, and the help of the referee, we made Leicester look ordinary, and our goals were away team triumphs.

You Rsssss!
[Post edited 2 Mar 19:01]
Looking/staying up
at 21:41 24 Feb 2024

That's 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 defeat from our last 5 games: 10 points out of a possible 15, or, if you prefer, 4 wins, 2 draws and 1 defeat from our last 7 games. 2 points a game is promotion-winning form - keep up that record and we finish with 61 points. Realistically, though, 4 wins and a couple of draws should be enough, and we have 3 home games to come next month.

Check my maths/temperature, but I'm feeling we'll do it.

[Post edited 24 Feb 21:44]
QPR players imagined as animals
at 16:16 27 Jan 2024

If Luke Amos were a cat, (OK, throw me a bone), he'd have been an Egyptian Mau - stylish, good-looking, but lacking resilience and with an ineluctably worried expression on their faces.

An Egyptian Mau

Luke Amos

Tricky made me think of an electric eel (with dreadlocks).

Alan McDonald was a warhorse.

Super Ray was a bit unfairly labelled a crab, but he wasn't crap, and probably played more forward passes in a game than Field does in a season. He had pincers.

Do any other posters have amusing/tedious Daphne du Maurier-esque likenesses for Rs past and present to pass the time?
[Post edited 28 Jan 14:30]
One to watch - Alex Pritchard
at 15:50 27 Jan 2024

Pie in the sky? Definitely one who could really help us, I'd have thought. Not sure he'd come though.
Most under-rated players at the Rs
at 20:04 25 Jan 2024

2nd thread of 2 in this exciting/now concluded series!

Here's your starter for 10 (all wingers):

Ian Stewart
Gareth Ainsworth
Nasser El Khayati
Most over-rated players at the Rs
at 21:49 24 Jan 2024

Rob Steiner. Gerry loved him inexplicably, but I thought he was pony. Six goals in a couple of dozen games, and only 100 odd games in his whole (albeit injury-curtailed) career. I rest my case.
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