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QPR master own downfall in City reality check – Report
at 07:46:48

great report Clive

with the luck of the bounce this result could have been very different; but having missed the previous matches due to holiday I was quietly encouraged by the team shape & play.

Selection wise, post match, I totally agree, but having not seen the previous matches had to go with the flow. Rangel's throw was atrocious and it was then just a collection of fukk ups.

Given the number of new players & the 'bedding in' time I wasn't too disheartened overall.

Thanks for meeting up with the ticket too
Antoine Freezman bids adieu – Column
at 10:20:00

well done Clive

excellent piece extolling the virtues of our best player for a few years; both in terms of ability and attitude. Luke can go with best wishes and gratitude for a job well done

also very well done on the general description of life as it is; how it was & how it will be for the foreseeable; hopefully that penny will eventually drop with some of our supporters.
Spot the difference, QPR annihilated at Norwich - Report
at 13:00:55

an equally excellent and shit report Clive.....

excellent in content, writing and emotion; shit in it brings home exactly what we are knee deep & wading in! I feel your pain, anger and disbelief at our so called professional players and coaching staff.

On Eustace; can someone teach that cretin how to chew gum with his mouth closed.

Every time the camera cut to him, he was stood there with his gaping gob chomping on what appeared to be a gluey piece of shit; going by his expression.

I can think of more credible reasons to dislike a manager but this will do for starters!!
Freeman heroics snap QPR's latest losing run - Report
at 12:32:30

great stuff Clive

despite being there and witnessing it myself I do enjoy yours and Antti's post match warblings. That common feel that ultimately life is shite and being a QPR fan demonstrates that better than life itself; but nights like Tuesday..........
QPR blow Forest hoodoo out of the water – Report
at 22:51:39

Fantastic report of a fantastic day. Have done that game a few times and gave up, assuming it would never happen for us.

Captured brilliantly Clive, well done to all that stuck with it. I salute you all.
While all around are losing theirs – Column
at 06:19:27

Excellent write up Clive. Captures the mood in the westberks household perfectly.

Can't believe Sandro has 2 years left to run (run probably not the right word, given how little he is capable of doing)
Hull profit from Green’s latest catastrophic calamity – report
at 15:08:16

Great report Clive. Relieved that i avoided the 140 mile round trip for that, it was bad enough in the warm at home.

Even by our standards we are really going all out to completely fukk up the season. We have virtually half a team on the bench not on loan that haven't been given a chance, its not as if the players keeping the shirts are exactly covering themselves in glory.

Totally agree about the fans too, chanting at someone pretty much because he isn't Austin is pathetic, they should get used to it as we won't have another like Chaz for a while given the direction we are headed.
An odd turn of events - Transfer deadline
at 08:03:29

Great read Clive, summed up the total bollox that is the transfer window and the utter shite that is Sky.
A dozen peaks and troughs – Redknapp
at 04:47:06

Reading all of Clive's articles makes me wish he had a role at the club, "minister of truth" might do, just be sat there correcting managers in pressers every time they lie; preferably via an electric shock treatment!

Totally depressed at what a mess our club is.
Sublime Kranjcar ensures unhappy return for Hughes – report
at 10:03:14

3 out of 10 for ref was very generous Clive; spot on with the summary though.

i'll put it down to you accidentally missing the 2 key and hitting the 3 instead!
The third annual LFW deadline day sort-of-live spectacular
at 12:33:59

trying to watch on PC and the bugger is buffering, just thought they were holding their breath for a big deal!

haven't caught glimpse of Natalie yet & my dog doesn't look like Arry so nothing to report from West Berkshire.
QPR bid farewell to the ‘anti-footballer’
at 06:22:35

great piece Clive. Derry's the sort of playing that makes those watching from the sides feel a connection to the game & club. every single thing he did was for the team, never overdid a pass, tackle or run, didn't over react or get into petty squabbles. but when needed to, he'd take a yellow for the team rather than see us concede.

a great team player who was right for the time and only invokes fond memories.
Transfer Deadline Day sort of live – LFW blog
at 06:52:50

well done guys; made transfer day from the pub more interesting; then when I'd fallen asleep on the sofa at 9pm this gave the opportunity to catch up with it this morning. Just like i'd paused my skyplus box. marvellous.
What might have been… QPR bid farewell to the White Pele
at 13:31:00

great piece Clive; totally agree with everything and just thinking back to how much fun the Luigi days were.

good luck to Buzz for the future.
LFW Awaydays – Eastlands, Manchester
at 06:42:36

"Ade: I believe that Charlie called us 'an eye opener...'

no i have absolutely no idea what that means, but i'm taking it to be a good thing!! "

this coming from the son of Ted; can only be a bad thing as his fathers antics will have already opened his eyes (or so he thought)!

excellent report Clive; I'm still tormented at not going but had reached the point that i felt my presence at away games was bad mojo of the worst kind. You summed up the last week better than I could have imagined; not exactly sure what i expected to find out by being on here 12 hours a day, but it felt like the right/only thing to do!
Done at one end, Dunne at the other, QPR salvage a point – full match report
at 09:53:31

great report Clive. Just wish Boothroyd would give it out a bit more. He is technically very good but after getting clattered by Collins on around 35-40 minutes he seemed less keen on the physical side.

Having said that I suspect only Stoke will be that blatant and against most other teams he'll not get battered like that. Dunne, to me has a touch of the Alan McDonald about him and is very much a throwback to central defenders of the past; and that's certainly not a criticism; but not not the sort that Jay will want to face regularly
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