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Cole Kpekawa Wikipedia page
at 14:22 30 Aug 2016

What am I missing? Why does his wiki page currently describe him as

"Cole Desmond Kpekawa (born 20 May 1996) is an English professional footballer and semi professional plate spinner, who plays as a defender for Championship side Barnsley, and spins plates for the London plate spinning organisation."


I'm totally baffled.
A little bit of good news
at 10:12 27 Nov 2015

According to new stats, Loftus Road is the second-fullest stadium in the Championship, 82.8% full on average and only behind Derby's Pride Park, which is 86.9% full. We've not lost the faith completely just yet.

This story is mental...
at 14:38 7 May 2015

... and worth reading for the news Tony Adams is trying to take over Aston Villa, Inter and Sporting Lisbon.

Then read the final line. Interesting, as Kleinman has a very strong record of smelling deals out long before they happen...
QPR 'most efficient attack in Premier League'
at 12:24 1 Dec 2014

No idea if this is actually a good thing or not:
Lex mitior
at 16:31 13 Nov 2014

From the Telegraph's Ben Rumsby:

Ask Queens Park Rangers fans if they have heard of lex mitior and most would be forgiven for wondering how much the club were signing him for.

But although lex mitior is not the result of Harry Redknapp’s ‘wheeling and dealing’ in the transfer market, it may nevertheless emerge as an unlikely saviour for QPR before the end of the season.

Not in their battle against relegation from the Premier League, but in their fight to avoid paying the biggest Financial Fair Play fine ever levied.

Being hit by such a fine is a fate which surely awaits them if they comply with the Football League’s deadline of Dec 1 for submitting their accounts for last season, which are tipped to show losses in excess of £50 million.

Under the existing rules, that would see them face being docked in the region of £30 million, even more than Manchester City are likely to end up paying for breaching Uefa’s FFP rules.

QPR’s chairman, Tony Fernandes, made it clear when they were promoted that the club would mount a legal challenge to such a swingeing penalty - although it was hard to envisage how that could possibly succeed.

That was until last week.

By the narrowest of margins, last Thursday saw Championship clubs vote to scrap the FFP rules QPR are being judged under and introduce new, more lenient, regulations from the start of the 2016-17 season.

Instead of being fined for losses in excess of £8 million during a given year, teams will be allowed to lose up to £39 million over three years.

And any side promoted to the Premier League can add another £22 million to that figure for every season they spend outside the Championship.

The Football League made it clear the changes would not apply retrospectively and therefore would not reduce any fine imposed on QPR.

However, this is where lex mitior comes in.

Literally meaning ‘mildest law’, the Latin legal expression describes the principle under which sanctions are applied when legislation is in the process of being altered.

In essence, lex mitior gives a defendant the right to be judged under whichever of the existing or upcoming laws is the most lenient.

This principle has already been applied in sport, one example being breaches of the World Anti-Doping Agency Code, where cases can be assessed under the 2015 version in certain circumstances.

And Inside Sport has learnt that QPR’s legal team is ready to argue that they, too, should benefit from lex mitior because last week’s changes to the Championship’s rules were effectively an acknowledgment that the existing regulations are not fit for purpose.

Whether that reflects the actual view of the majority of the teams who voted is another matter.

For, it is only two-and-half years ago that the same division agreed to introduce the current rules by a margin of 21 to three. Soon after that came the shock 70 per cent increase in the Premier League television deal - which widened the financial gulf between the two divisions - as well as the introduction of very different FFP regulations in the top flight.

The incompatibility of those with the Championship’s rules made the harmonisation of the two systems inevitable and, as with most negotiations involving the Premier League and Football League, it was the latter which was forced to back down.

Legal threats from the likes of QPR, as well as Leicester City, Bolton Wanderers and Blackburn Rovers - clubs who may also now seek to exploit lex mitior - cranked up the pressure. But it was the fear of losing Premier League solidarity payments which ultimately convinced enough Championship clubs to fall into line and unwittingly open the door for a Rangers reprieve.
Relegation candidates
at 11:54 22 Jul 2014

Besides ourselves, Leicester and Burnley, who else do you think are in the relegation mixer? League looks quite strong this year across the board.

I'll go with:

WBA — seems like they're trying to commit suicide appointing Irvine in charge, spending £10m on a Nigerian reserve forward and Lescott trying for a transfer away after a month with the club.

Swansea — similarly imploding by selling all their best players and not seemingly having anyone lined up to replace them.
[Post edited 22 Jul 2014 12:03]
Derby fans think we're fodder
at 15:51 13 May 2014

General attitude from their message boards is they just have to play their regular game and they'll hammer us. Hope their players share the over-confidence.
Think I'm haing a funny turn...
at 15:51 16 Apr 2014

... but I was just thinking about how the season is shaping up heading into the playoffs and I actually feel like we could be the ones to beat. Reasons for this:

1. Austin is back and near to full fitness. Goals.
2. Doyle is coming back, and will link with Austin. Goals.
3. Morrison has added the one ingredient we've lacked all season: midfield goals.
4. Zamora suddenly looks like an explosive goalscoring sub.
5. Other midfielders have begun to chip in with goals all of a sudden.
6. Danny Simpson is 1,000x better than anyone else we have at right back.
7. The defence is holding up, just about.
8. Green has been superb and keeps us in games.

We've been the butt of a lot of jokes and scorn from other teams in this division but I think they'll look at the Forest result as a warning sign. I think we should just go out to try and outscore teams from now on, and see what comes of that.

I'll go and lie down.
[Post edited 16 Apr 2014 16:23]
Fernandes takes out new £27m loan
at 16:43 27 Mar 2014

This story just published on a Norwegian financial website. Along with the £15m stadium loan, we now owe banks £42m. This latest loan is secured against our parachute payments, which drop significantly at the end of this season. It's also secured against any potential TV money for the Premier League, which seeing as we're not in the Premier League, seems terrifying. Make of it what you will:
[Post edited 27 Mar 2014 16:44]
What's causing our injuries?
at 11:52 17 Feb 2014

I can't get my head around what's happening to QPR this season. While Leicester and Burnley (and a number of other clubs) have had virtually injury-free seasons, our lot have been dropping like flies all the way through.

Just this week, Johnson's out with another foot injury and two or three players picked up more niggles during the match that could week add to the long injury list.

So what's going on? Is it our rubbish training facilities? Redknapp and co.'s training methods? Players trying too hard or (more likely) not hard enough? Chewing gum hamstrings? Pension-age players?

In any case, it seems to be a key factor in the developing chaos.
Barton wants Marseille move - no surprise
at 12:07 28 Jan 2014

Just a quick one, chaps and girls. Barton's been saying he'd leave us in the lurch if Marseille coming knocking. Don't go mental and turn on him - he's never cared about anyone but himself. May as well support him while he's here, whilst remembering he is a self serving c**t and always will be.
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