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at 00:31 27 May 2017

I just watched this on iPlayer, a seriously brilliant documentary which answers a few questions that a lot of people on here have been asking/discussing, Suicide bombers, Assad, Gadaffi, Trump, Blair, Putin it's all here.

It's a long film but nonetheless engrossing.

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Swansea Quadrant and Market being evacuated
at 14:41 24 May 2017

Not sure what is happening but just been told to evacuate the area, lot's of police around.
The definitive Welsh Assembly Loony Party Manicfesto (sic) 2016
at 23:56 16 May 2017

The definitive Welsh Assembly Loony Party Manicfesto 2016

We will feed the Welsh dragon as its looking a bit thin due to government cuts
We will try to find a breeding pair of dragons as the Welsh Dragon is an endangered species.
We will Report the Welsh dragon to the monopolies commission (there is only One)
In the Interests of national security we will ban all Leeks from the Welsh Assembly canteen
To save money we will reduce the Welsh assembly from 60 seats to 5 and create the Welsh Ensemble .
Man versus horse and Bog snorkling to be an Olympic sport.
We will create massive factories in South Wales manufacturing Bird nests and noodles and then flood china with them… well they did it to our steel,
We will Legalise Broccoli
We will give the Letter K a sound
We will have different Coloured Dragons on the Welsh Flag.
Anyone over 5 years old who can hold a crayon will be eligible to vote.
We will Introduce Mermaids to Tiger Bay to increase tourism.
We will make Swansea Airport the Hub of the Welsh Space Program.
We promise that should we be elected we will not initiate any of our policies.

at 22:19 15 May 2017

Watched this last night bloody great!

A friend of mine just made it to base camp as part of a trek for Cancer. The pictures she took were incredible and it was a pretty interesting journey with a blizzard and one or two avalanches. Weather went from 70degrees to sub zero within a few hours on the last part of the trail.

Can anyone recommend any good books or documentaries on the subject? I've become fascinated with some of the stories. Would love to do the base camp trek one day but not so sure of that scary airport at Lukla
Interesting Swans stat
at 02:50 14 May 2017

Under Clement we are yet to concede from a corner or a free kick.

Not a lot of people know that!

If you could be so kind...
at 20:02 11 May 2017

I don't normally post these things but, hear me out.

A good friend of mine passed away suddenly last week - Kevin Garcia of the band Grandaddy.

He just came back from a European tour and was fine and was back in Modesto living a normal life with his wife and kids, when he suddenly suffered a massive stroke. He never recovered and passed away the next day. He was only 41 and wasn't a big drinker and never touched drugs either.

It has shocked and saddened so many people who either knew him or loved his music. A really gentle chap who always had time for everyone and I'll cherish forever the time we spent together only a few weeks ago.

Why am I posting this? Well there is a go fund me page set up to help his family with medical costs and his funeral expenses plus to help the family in the short term too. It's ticked over 50k so far with a target set of 75k.

If you feel like giving then please do no matter how small you can donate, it all helps.

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Jeremy Hunt
at 23:07 9 May 2017

A shameless copy and paste from a facebook post but it's a good 'un :)

Jeremy Hunt was doing an annual visit to a NHS hospital. As always he was looking for something to beat the NHS with to show how badly run and loss making things were.

While Hunt was checking the books, he turned to the executive of the hospital and said “I notice you buy a lot of bandages. What do you do with the middle of the roll ?"

"Good question," noted the executive. "We save them up and send them back to the bandage company and every once in a while, they send us a free roll. We recycle whenever possible"
"Oh," replied Hunt,, somewhat disappointed that his unusual question had a practical answer. But on he went, in his obnoxious way. “What about all these coloured casts you dispense. Isn't it rather a waste of money?"

"Ah, yes," replied the executive, realizing that Hunt was trying to trap him. "We ask that any patient wishing a coloured cast donates £1 which is far in excess of the 10p the colouring actually costs."
Hunt asked a dozen or more questions with similar results. he was determined to fluster the know-it-all executive.

"Well, What do you do with all the remains from the circumcision surgeries?"
"Here, too, we do not waste," answered the executive. "What we do is save all the little foreskins and send them to government, and about once a year, at this time, they send us a complete prick."
Awa Lebanese food Swansea
at 19:35 1 May 2017

Went there with the Mrs this afternoon. Very impressed I have to say. Naan and Hummous starter was amazing and the chicken mains we had were as good as anything I have had in Greece or Turkey, but what I enjoyed most was the juices, Orange, Pineapple and mint - lush!

2 starters, 2 mains, 2 drinks and Baclava to finish for £20. Tidy!

Very popular with the local Muslim community. PikeyPaul would love it there!

Anyone else been there?
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Swansea 19th most successful premiership team
at 20:11 20 Apr 2017

Out of 48. Not bad.
RIP Allan Holdsworth
at 20:44 16 Apr 2017

Incredible musician who passed away very suddenly this weekend.
Shouldn't laugh but...
at 23:22 12 Apr 2017

oh f*ck it :)

RIP John Derrick
at 13:37 22 Mar 2017

Very sad news. Only 54 and way too young to go.

Lives in the next street to me and i was wondering why the other day i had not seen him in a while.
Katie Hopkins sued for libel
at 01:07 11 Mar 2017

No doubt the Daily Heil will stump up the readies
Alien life beyond the solar system already eyeing up UK benefits system, warns N
at 17:17 23 Feb 2017

Team goal or individual effort?
at 23:40 13 Feb 2017

Watching that Olsson goal yesterday reminded me of the Swansea we know and love, triangles, vision and a clever pass into the final third. Alfies goal was magnificent and would make any PL striker proud, so I just wondered what is your favourite type of Swans goal?

A Bodde blaster from the half way or a Barcelona style pass fest/team effort resulting in a goal?
Benjamin Netanyahu to press Theresa May for tougher line on Iran
at 21:40 6 Feb 2017

Iran stopped trading with the dollar.

You can see where this is going can't you?

We should keep right out of this and tell Benjy to shove off
The Bucket List on Wind Street
at 19:56 2 Feb 2017

Called in there with colleagues today on our lunch hour. F*ck me their burgers are massive!

This monster cost me £8:50 - good value. I ate this at 1:30pm and I am still getting the meat sweats!

Really good in depth interview with Paul Clement
at 00:19 1 Jan 2017

Graham Hunter interviews Clement and gives us a good insight of what the fella is all about.

Think big nose will crush a lot of his ways though
Clement Appointed
at 18:46 31 Dec 2016

Breaking on SSN now
Debbie Reynolds RIP
at 01:59 29 Dec 2016

So sad and so soon after her daughter
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