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Gylfi to Leicester - £30m
at 15:36 4 Jun 2017

Please let this be true!!
On the 3rd step of 8 to Genocide
at 09:46 3 Jun 2017

Because of our nazi, right wing press and how the thick, ignorant and insular swallow it up.

This really is a time for change. Britain disgusts me.

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Siggy not all that...
at 22:21 25 May 2017

A good, honest article I found...

""And herein lies the problem. When compared to the Premier League’s top creators, they possess the guile Sigurdsson perhaps lacks.

Take David Silva, for example, he’s more than capable of receiving the ball in a tight spot before worming his way out of danger with the ease of a cat navigating its way through a tight spot. Similar applies to Eriksen, Mesut Ozil and Juan Mata of Spurs, Arsenal and Manchester United, respectively. Ultimately, the top clubs already have a technically excellent footballer who plays in Sigurdsson’s position. He’s honed his talent more in his second spell for Swansea, notably in a willingness to start on the left before wreaking havoc in the final third by drifting inside, yet this isn’t enough to prove that he deserves a regular starting spot for one of the Premier League’s elite sides.

Yet, no matter how consistent he may be in the attacking third (he made our top ten attacking midfielders of the season), Sigurdsson will not be considered one of the league’s best in his position, if we are to be brutally honest. That isn’t a slight on him, but he lacks the components to bridge the gap between very good and great. If a team is built around him, then he thrives, with his campaign at Swansea a case in point. But that simply would not happen at a top-six side. Everton? Now that would be an idea…""

Too much credit is given to "Assists" in football
at 21:06 24 May 2017

All too often it's just a bullshit stat.

Just look at Fellaini's for Pogba's shit effort. All he could do was square a pass, there was nothing else on and he gets one.

We won't miss Siggy's connection with the fans next season
at 19:32 21 May 2017

Football is everything to so many people and this season will go down as one of the most memorable in our history, i'm sure. We've had the worst times and arguably some of the best. Certainly the lap of honour was probably the best in the Liberty era, there were thousands and thousands still there long after the whistle.

A truly heroic second half of the season and massive thanks to Paul Clement and his staff, the January signings, the scapegoats who were all men amongst boys the last few months, Fernando Llorente who stood up tall and got counted after an indifferent first part of the season and the Jack Army who stuck with the boys throughout,.

Immensely proud.

Trundle showed us today how to connect with the fans. Siggy just walked down the tunnel straight after 90 minutes and hardly broke into a smile on the walk around. Time to move on Mr Iceland balls. We need you and our over reliance on your set pieces gone.

Brilliant end to the season.
The Formation changed because it needed to...
at 08:12 25 Apr 2017

Still spent most of the game wondering who was playing where though. In the first half we had Siggy, Llorente and Ayew spending time on the left hand side. No real width or cohesion but not something Stoke would've probably have been predictably expecting.

The front 4 were very interchangeable which is what I think ultimately came through. Clement stumbled on a winning 451 formula when he came in first of all. I'm not sure this Christmas Tree will have the necessary effect over the next 4 games.

I thought Carroll was superb again and more than deserved his goal. Leon also and these two were the heartbeat of our side, real determination mixed in with good football ability. Ki did well without setting the world on fire. Kingsley didn't let us down and Ayew was our most dangerous. Llorente was Llorente, got the goal but never seems to put his stamp on a game, just not influential enough and even with Siggy in a central role, still no sign whatsoever of them linking up in open play. They made a total of 3 passes between each other the whole time Llorente was on the pitch. It's just not a partnership that's ever going to click. And yes, I know they linked up for the corner and all important goal but we're lacking a real something with those 2.

Also something to note, we made twice as many tackles as Stoke. 40 to their 20. Normally an indication a team doesn't want to be on the beach in plaster casts, but credit to us as we haven't got that luxury.

I think Clement will also need to tweak the formation again but to what is anyone's guess.
Games when Siggy has played at No. 10 with 2 wingers this season
at 21:12 20 Apr 2017

Hull home - Lost 0-2
Leicester away - Lost 2-1
Arsenal away - Lost 3-2
Watford home - Drew 0-0
Stoke away - Lost 3-1
Spurs away - Lost 5-0
Sunderland home - Won 3-0
West Brom away - Lost 3-1
Boro away - Lost 3-0
Bournemouth home - Lost 0-3
Arsenal home - Lost 0-4
Bournemouth away - Lost 0-2 (second half)

12 games

1 win
1 Draw
10 Losses

Scored 8
Conceded 30

So.... why this ridiculous clamour for him to play there with 2 wingers????
The brave decision Hull made to sell their top scorer
at 11:46 16 Apr 2017

Marco Silva came on board a sinking ship, practically sunk in most football fans eyes.

They were rooted to the bottom of the table and when news broke they were about to sell their "Siggy" in Robert Snodgrass, Swans fans, along with the fans of other clubs deep in the mire, only looked for another 2 unfortunate teams to fill the dreaded 3 relegations slots.

When Silva took a look at what he'd inherited it wasn't a pretty sight. If we thought we'd been short changed in the recruitment department then Hull had been left with the penny's and copper's of a Championship side left to rot.

When he walked through the door they had 13 points and bottom of the table. Who in anybody's world would have given them any sort of chance at that point?

Well imagine the next thing they'd do is sell their top
assist maker and goal scorer?

Result? Yeah? Great for us. That's going to send them down without doubt!! They're already planning for the Championship!!

Funny though, 11 games later with a full transfer window successfully planned and negotiated and with some brave but necessary decisions, they are 4th in the form table and up to 30 points and a very realistic chance of survival.

They reinvested the money received from Snodgrass and brought in 6 or 7 new signings that has given them the impetus to believe in the squad again and regroup.

Brave decisions we chose not to make.

We are still left with the same problems we've had all season but now with no more cards left to turn.

It's not over for us and I pray they blow up and we can find any sort of form again but 1 point in 6 games isn't anything to rely on.

Not when the same issues we've had from day one still haunt us.

Hull were brave and have given themselves every chance.

Honestly, were we??

2 things.... 1 Hull Away - 2. Siggy & Llorente in January
at 17:24 15 Apr 2017

That Hull away game - yeah, the one I called a shameful performance.

That one that's given them the CHANCE to even be in the hunt, that's all down to that ONE game!!!

People on here saying they don't get the outcry after the one game, they don't understand football WHATSOEVER.

We go there with the right mentality and shut that game down for the full 95 minutes and that was us safe!!!!

No, Siggy and Llorente and Fer and some notable others thought they were better than Hull so we should take the game to them.

If we go down and there's another nail in our coffin today it's THAT game we got so badly wrong.

On the second point.

If we'd have got shot of Siggy and Llorente in January and had someone capable of bringing in decent players then we'd also have been ok. Marco Silva for example.

He wasn't afraid to get rid of their talisman, top scorer and best player in Snodgrass and rebuild a team. Some 15 points later and even though they lost today, they've given themselves a chance.

Instead the idiots on here are more interested in hero worshipping Siggy and Llorente and blaming everyone else. It's those 2 that have been the PROBLEM all season!!
Shall we be brave and drop Siggy?
at 13:56 10 Apr 2017

Hear me out as I can hear the collective groans from the Planet Swans Match of the Day type pundits now....

People are beginning to stress we need more attacking intent but people automatically assume that can only come from Siggy going in to number 10 - a position that when he's played there this season we've been abysmal as a team....(yeah, yeah I know it's not Siggy's fault it's everyone else under the sun)

So what else can a team struggling for their lives try? As much as I feel we can't completely take the shackles off, we need to find a solution similar to the formation change that Clement brought in soon after he started.

Then, he found a way of getting Siggy and Fer on the pitch together without compromising our defensive duties too much.

It worked well for us and gave us a real stab at survival but it's starting to look stale now.

With Cork out I'd like to see someone who will give the fans a real boost come back, someone who's been there through it all and we know will be up for the fight. Leon Britton. We'll lose Cork's presence and height in the midfield but we'll gain Leon's tenacity and quick feet. I think he'll work well with Carroll and will hold our defensive shape well.

Onto Siggy... Arguably the main reason the 451 is looking stale is because Siggy is too predictable out on the left hand side of midfield. He can't go past a man as has no pace so his attributes to the game plan is to pick up loose balls, drift inside and get a sight on goal, both to create or score. He's also importantly defensively as he's a hard worker and covers well, when he hasn't gone wandering too much.

I don't think we can drop Fer, without Cork we'd have no beef in the middle and he is one of a very small few that can pass a man and take us further up the pitch. Maybe Fer could look to join attacks more and get himself in the mix a bit more often, but we need him in my opinion.

We'd lose Siggy's free kicks which would be the real risk in all this but Carroll or Fer, I'm sure could offer something in this department?

So who out wide in midfield?

Routledge and Siggy have been the main choices out there under Clement but looking at the stats for West Ham, a game where we had more percentage of the ball for once and when West Ham sat back for the most of the second half, both Siggy and Routs attempted just the one take on each and both failed with that.

Compare that to Ayew's 7 successful take on's from 10 tried and it's clear to see we need more from out wide, a lot more.

Because of this I'd pick Ayew instead of Siggy and hope he can offer something a bit different. Not just cutting inside but going on the outside as well, taking on opponents, getting crosses in and hopefully giving us a new dimension from that position.

The downside of this is Ayew tracking back which I'd be worried about. Is this a risk worth taking to try and be a little more expansive against a Watford team pretty much on the beach?

The other one is more tricky. It balls down to a choice of Routs, Montero or Narsingh. If we went with Ayew on the left maybe we could compensate with Routs on the right as we know he'll work hard and track back. Narsingh would be the other real contender for me to start there and would be ready to come on to change it up.

I know Llorente is back but we're looking very boring and predictable even when he's played, Hull first half, Bournemouth away and second half Saturday.

There's an argument to say the bigger risk is to not change something as it's not working.

------------------- Fab -------------
Naughts - Fed - Maws - Olsson
Routs - Fer - Leon - Carroll - Ayew
--------------- Llorente ------------
It's not Clement's fault and neither was it Bradley's...
at 17:06 8 Apr 2017

Some of you just want to blame, blame, blame... Anyone without any real thought process into why.

We went a lot more adventures second half and does anyone think Siggy played a lot better there? I'm not blaming Siggy by the way just pointing out he's too slow for there and can't go past a man. At least Ayew can but he doesn't know when to get rid of it. I wouldn't have taken Carroll off as he moves the ball around quick for us, even if he did have a poor first half. Fer was awful today and West Ham even worse.

There's just nothing to us but there hasn't been all season. The camera panned over to the only one to blame but there's good reason in his case. While he's used the Swans to enjoy a millionaires lifestyle we'll maybe have many years to suffer back down in the lower leagues.
What happened to Dimi last time? Teabag?
at 22:12 6 Apr 2017

We were banned from here then we posted on the Jack Army site. Then he copped some flak from this site. From memory I think someone found out his name and off he went.

We were friends on Facebook until then. As soon as someone found out his name he disappeared from here and blocked me on Facebook.

For the record, I never told anyone who he was if he was blaming me for it, I wouldn't do that and I was disappointed he may have thought it.

I think he's still pissed off mind and he's back as facking Nirvana!?!?!
As much as it hurts we've got to pick ourselves up...
at 22:25 5 Apr 2017

There was some outstanding backs to the wall performances out there tonight. Jack Cork Naughton, Carroll, Fer before going to right back, Olsson, Fede, Siggy, Fab, Routs

It's clear from tonight we won't go down without a fight so we've got to do that til the bitter end as fans.

We need a win and hopefully quick and then it's keep on keeping on.
Team for Spurs. Olsson instead of Siggy
at 07:27 5 Apr 2017

Keep it tight, keep in the game as long as possible, build up momentum and an option of Plan B.

---------------------- Fab -----------------------

Naughts - Fede - Maws - Kingsley

Routs - Fer - Cork - Carroll - Olsson

---------------------- Siggy ---------------------

Siggy can defend from the front and his typical roaming game won't expose us as much as if he was left midfield. He's a goal threat and can hopefully link up with midfield more than Ayew did on Sunday. We won't have the aerial threat but neither did we against Boro.

Olsson is a threat further up the field and will know his defensive duties.

This should keep us nice and tight while still offering the ability to play some football.

Plan B would involve Kingsley going off and reverting back to a more orthodox us of late perhaps with McBurnie or heavens forbid, Baston to come on so we have something to aim at.

Big game.

I've seen one or two comments about todays 1st goal being like the Hull 1st goal
at 23:15 18 Mar 2017

It wasn't and nothing like it.

There we over committed and had too many players trying to force an opening on the edge of their box. We got stung properly on the break and Fede got sucked in cos his midfield had deserted him.

Today was LLORENTE who is supposed to be the first line of defence, He dives in on the half way line when all he has to do was stand off and block the space. Cook, i think it was, went around him and took him and our first line of defence clean out and he was able to stride into 15 yards or more of space and play it past a Ki who was casually strolling around wondering what day it was.

It looks for all the world like a massive Fede mistake and he should have stayed back and allowed them a run - in hindsight - but he was once more trying to atone for pitiful discipline and game management in front of him.
Massive chance today against all the odds.
at 17:19 18 Mar 2017

Down to the bare bones and how I bet everyone wishes we had Naughton to call on now.

But what a chance to redeem the rubbish of last Saturday and get some daylight between us and the drop zone.

An Utterly Shameful Performance
at 17:04 11 Mar 2017

I'm furious with our pathetic display today and the lazy, half hearted, complacent way we approached almost all the game.

Yes I know there were individual mistakes and missed chances but this performance was down to every single one of them and especially the manager.

We were all over the shop and the discipline we have played so well with went out the window. I didn't recognise us from the side that played at Liverpool and Man City and to play with this attitude today disgusts me.

We're right back in it now with next week looking ominous.

And that pitch was also a disgrace!!!
That Hymns and Arrias late yesterday...
at 15:49 5 Mar 2017

The best one since Wembley.

Real power and aggression in that. I looked around me and everyone to a man was standing two fisted arms aloft at the revenge of the injustice earlier served.

Proper atmosphere.
Build Bridges with Americans/Sell Outs or Respectfully Proceed with Legal Action
at 14:50 21 Feb 2017

Lets get an idea from us fans in general as to the last 6 months or so. A 6 months that's seen us bought out by the Americans in a deal where the old owners sold their souls and us down the river.

We all know they did their best to keep the Trust away from discussions and tried wilfully to get the Trust to sign a legal document stating the old regime's Shareholders Agreement practically meant nothing.

Since then the Trust have parted company with their Supporters Director and Vice Chairman and have been threatening legal action throughout the whole time, also stating on many an occasion that "this can't go on much longer"

As we are now aware from recent statements the Trust feel they are "building bridges" and getting somewhere with the new regime. Do we think this is the right course of action and to trust the new American owners and the remaining old Directors, bearing in mind all that's gone on?

What do the fans think?

Build Bridges with Americans/Sell Outs or Respectfully Proceed with Legal Action

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[Post edited 21 Feb 14:58]
Today was a day for the unsung heroes.
at 18:39 12 Feb 2017

Jack Cork, Fede Fernandez, Wayne Routledge and especially Kyle Naughton.

None of these players virtually put a foot wrong and put in mammoth performances to a man.

It would be nice for some to recognise this.

Rock solid.
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