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Pulis 10:24 - Nov 20 with 2521 viewsPhildo


Pulis on 10:34 - Nov 20 with 2497 viewsPlanetHonneywood

Does he still owe Palace a fair old whack from his reneging a few years back?

'Always In Motion' by John Honney available on We are QataRs!


Pulis on 10:37 - Nov 20 with 2492 viewsMick_S

Did I ever mention that I was in Minder?
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Pulis on 10:44 - Nov 20 with 2468 viewsCroydonCaptJack

He might have paid it back but it was either £1m or £2m.
And he had to pay theirs and his own legals. Nearly £4m I seem to recall.

Pulis on 11:18 - Nov 20 with 2390 viewskarl

Scottish press reporting that they're interested in Michael O'Neill and Aberdeen manager Derek McInnes. Might have ditched Pulis with Scotland closing in on MO'N although that is on hold as his mother has apparently died and talks are suspended.
I think McInnes played for WBA for a while so a connection there but a big step for him to turn around a team in EPL falling like a stone, given MO'N's slow start to the NI job you do wonder if that position actually suits him? I know Scotland would hardly accept no wins in 18/20 games but he'd get more grace than from the average club at the foot of Premiership

Pulis on 11:56 - Nov 20 with 2318 viewsjohncharles

Poor Michael O’Neil, he’s being linked with every vacant job. How about Prime Minister ? Can’t be long now surely.

Strong and stable my arse.


Pulis on 18:49 - Nov 20 with 1977 viewsterryb

Poor old West Brom.

Megson to be in charge until further notice, then they want a manager with Premier League experience. Pardew & Pearson are the names being mentioned!

I'm sure their supporters will be inspired by those!

Pulis on 19:24 - Nov 20 with 1931 viewssmegma

Pope ??

Pulis on 19:36 - Nov 20 with 1910 viewsPommyhoop

I recon H the Bombay Shytehawk might end up there.
Maybe not straight away but when they go down, you can bet him and TalkSport
will be reminding everyone that H is a genius at promotion .
And I would LOVE it just LOVE it..
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Pulis on 22:50 - Nov 20 with 1764 viewsTearsofrage

So when is the first rumour that the other hairless one would be a natural "fit" for underachieving QPR? Oh sorry... there it is...

Pulis on 01:52 - Nov 22 with 1587 viewsTacticalR

West Brom need a Tony Pulis-type manager to save them from relegation, says Paul Merson

Air hostess clique


Pulis on 05:38 - Nov 22 with 1519 viewsDixie_CT

Pulis and Olly are mates aren't they?

Got me thinking - Which other club would have Olly as Manager?
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