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Drinks World Cup 12:39 - Jun 14 with 4247 viewspaulparker

ok so who wins out of the weekends games ?

Russia (Vodka) vs Saudi (expat Moonshine)

Russia Wins

France (Kronenberg) vs Australia (Fosters)

france wins comfortably

Spain (san Miguel) vs Portugal ( superbok)

Portugal wins

battle of the hubbley bubbly

Morroco vs Iran

Morroco (just)

Peru (pisco) vs Denmark (Carlsberg)

Denmark wins

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Drinks World Cup on 12:51 - Jun 14 with 2790 viewstraininvain

Pisco over Carlsberg any day of the week. But to be fair i'd probably rather drink most things over Carlsberg. Drank enough of that shite at LR to last me a life time.

Drinks World Cup on 13:07 - Jun 14 with 2749 viewsWrightUp5hit___

just like players, lot depending on the Import versus Home market.

Wouldn't touch the blanded out, UK market recipe altered Fosters or Carlsberg. But the versions on sale in their home markets are a different proposition.

Same with so many beers, great when first on sale, then 5hite when "tailored" to the UK

Drinks World Cup on 13:10 - Jun 14 with 2738 viewsAshdown_Ranger

OK, what drink to represent England on Monday?

Fullers London Pride for me.

Though our local Harveys Best Bitter would be a very close second.

Drinks World Cup on 13:14 - Jun 14 with 2729 viewsMetallica_Hoop

Fuller's ESB for me

ROCKET FUEL! Behaves like a 12% trappist

Beer and Beef has made us what we are - The Prince Regent


Drinks World Cup on 13:17 - Jun 14 with 2724 viewsterryb

France Australia.

Forget the lager & open up a bottle.

Old World overpriced (and perhaps needing a corkscrew) from France or New World at reasonable prices from Australia.

If your bottle is pink, France wins (cheap regional wines can be very good). However, if your drinking red or white then Australia all the way!

Drinks World Cup on 13:48 - Jun 14 with 2678 viewsDiscodroids

I for one will be spending the world cup In my Leigh on sea gardenia, pampered to the tits by it's lush botanical foliage Residing In a fantastical prolonged derangement of the 5 known senses By tapping the vein with Spanish Red Mahou spice melange. Ambrosial.

I Got me a habit for the Madrid Produced Red Mahou Lager when i went to Nerja last summer.

It's little malt grains are nothin' but waste
Soft and deadly and bitter to taste.

Superbock and Sagres from Portugal Are very decent, as is Cruz campo from spain.

The only lager I can enjoy on draught these days are Budvar, Lowenbrau and Pilsner urquell. All draught Lagers taste to me now like byproducts of emulsifying agents which finds its way around the mouldering pipes of a Landlords rancid cellar and into the cloudy pint glasses like a tramps piss finds the mongrel dog shitted gutter.
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Drinks World Cup on 14:01 - Jun 14 with 2651 viewsToast_R

My two lagers of choice, now if which qualified, Coors Light for a session or Heineken for a couple.

Drinks World Cup on 14:09 - Jun 14 with 2627 viewsDiscodroids

For what it's worth Lagers 'Karlovačko', 'Ožujsko' and in particular 'Pan' from Croatia are Top Notch.

'Dance At My Party'.


Drinks World Cup on 14:29 - Jun 14 with 2597 viewspaulparker

Superbock is nector , the only problem is it goes down to easily and before you know it Bosh the legs have gone , had a session on it during the OPR vs Brentford televised game earlier in the season had 9 bottles and the next day I couldn't move my head off the pillow I had to call in sick oh and I had the ether kitts all day

“I wipe my ass with your feelings.” (Tony Soprano )


Drinks World Cup on 14:41 - Jun 14 with 2576 viewsDiscodroids

Try That Red Mahou Steve. You can get it from Ocado on home delivery.

As for Italian Lager, outside of the stock peroni which every essex male with half ounce of petrol washed yayo in the pocket his boo hoo knitted leisure wear drinks, I had this in heston blumenthal Hinds Head pub in bray over christmas.. It's Magic. Menabrea.

I noticed my local in leigh on sea has just introduced another italian Draught lager called 'Poretti' haven't tried it yet but a piss take at £5.10 a pint.

'Dance At My Party'.


Drinks World Cup on 15:18 - Jun 14 with 2533 viewspaulparker

The pub I frequent serves Poretti and ive yet to see anyone drink it , everyone piles on the Carlsberg & Fosters as when there is a game on they bang it out at £2.20 a pint its like watching tramps on chips, ive tried the red mahou and its not a bad drop to be fair
the local where my mum lives in Spain serves the green one at 1.60 euros a bottle, its better than san Miguel

Mrs P took me to home bargains last night (I know , I know) and I picked up some Rolling Rock , I haven't had that since 1996 so im gonna have a couple and see how I go

“I wipe my ass with your feelings.” (Tony Soprano )


Drinks World Cup on 16:08 - Jun 14 with 2491 viewsMetallica_Hoop

This is rather tasty.
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Beer and Beef has made us what we are - The Prince Regent


Drinks World Cup on 16:11 - Jun 14 with 2487 viewsaston_hoop

Tins of Mahou red are €0.50 in my local supermarket so theres no excuse not to keep the fridge stocked. That and the delight that is Estrella Galicia.

Drinks World Cup on 16:27 - Jun 14 with 2467 viewsGalileo

Agree 'Karlovačko from Croatia is very good, never seen it on sale over here.

Also Carlsberg, can't stand the stuff but when in Copenhagen it's a much more inviting proposition. Obviously doesn't travel well.

Drinks World Cup on 18:46 - Jun 14 with 2398 viewsHunterhoop

SuperBok just takes like a standard lager with a shot of vodka dropped in. And the next day that is indeed what you feel like you’ve drunk.

Drinks World Cup on 19:23 - Jun 14 with 2360 viewsdanehoop

I did a taste test of Carlsberg in Copenhagen and my local in Ruislip when I flew back on trip a few years ago. Few pints at the airport with my mates at Kastrup and 2 hours later I was in the white bear direct from Heathrow. I don’t WTF the stuff sold as Carlsberg here is supposed to be “but brewed under license in the U.K. seems to be an excuse to sell p i s s.

Never knowingly understood


Drinks World Cup on 19:38 - Jun 14 with 2350 viewsHunterhoop

Not that I know the ins and outs of brewing, but I always find it surprising people think Beer A is the same flavour everywhere.

The biggest ingredient in beer is water. The water is different from part to part of the UK, let alone across countries and continents. Surely that impacts flavour? Especially as the core, supposedly consistent ingredients and measurements, may react slightly different when brewed with different water.

I also imagine the measurements are tweaked by different local breweries (due to cost) distributing on behalf of the original brewer.

Drinks World Cup on 21:12 - Jun 14 with 2294 viewsdanehoop

I get that Hunter, but they also reduce the alcohol content as well. The flavour and overall product just bears so little resemblance the original that its a travesty. Sorry, but Danes take their beer very seriously (with good reason - its generally excellent) to see what is passed off for it here annoys me a touch.

Its just like Jarlsberg Norwegian cheese, try it in Norway and it's actually quite tasty. I went to but some last week in Sainsbury's and it was suddenly being made under license in Ireland and bore little resemblance to the real thing.

Just realised that I am ranting about the taste of beer and cheese.

Never knowingly understood


Drinks World Cup on 21:44 - Jun 14 with 2267 viewsHunterhoop

Yeah, I get that. Makes complete sense. And I can see why the locals from where the original brew comes from feel disappointed.

I was just making the point that it’s hardly surprising foreign beer brewed locally will taste differently to its home town. Same with food. All foreign imports would cost significantly more than the local equivalents otherwise.

In most cases it’s bad, but personally, I think the UK version of Budweiser is nicer than the US equivalent.

Drinks World Cup on 23:37 - Jun 14 with 2211 viewsPunteR

Is Budweiser still brewed in Mortlake at the old Watneys brewery?


Drinks World Cup on 00:15 - Jun 15 with 2186 viewsPeterHucker

I had some of that Menabrea on holiday in Italy a couple of weeks ago. They also do a "Rossa" beer that is even better.

But when it comes to beer then nobody can beat Belgium.
Best beers in the world.


Drinks World Cup on 00:44 - Jun 15 with 2163 viewsBoston

I shall be rooting for Mexico....well, v Germany anyway.

Someone said they enjoyed Coors Light, I must say it's one of the lightest watery beers I've ever experienced. Try the regular Coors, banquet beer they call it, nice lager.

Hunter....not that I am a regular consumer, but I'd completely disagree about your Bud observations, mind you I'm mainly a fan of bottled beverages.

Poll: Thank God The Seaons Over.


Drinks World Cup on 06:22 - Jun 15 with 2113 viewseghamranger

The brewery shut down a couple of years ago.

Drinks World Cup on 07:24 - Jun 15 with 2091 viewsHunterhoop

I believe so, well a proportion of their beer for the UK market at least.

And Boston, that’s kinda my point. I live down the road from there. They’ll be using Thanes’ Water, just like me, or at least the hard water of the South of Eng (in case it’s brewed in Luton).

I’ve been to St. Louis, done the tour, and tasted the stuff in their bar there. Personally, found it no better, if not worse, than the UK bottles. But we had drank a lot on that trip so I could have been a bit beer tired.

Point is, water has to play a big part. And water is different by region and country.

Drinks World Cup on 07:39 - Jun 15 with 2081 viewskingsburyR

Ssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (Do not burst the bubble)

I like to walk into HQ for the first game of every season with hope that they have thrown the Carlsberg pumps out the window and changed them for something that doesn't smell of old socks.

My hope this season is that there will be a Peroni pump or better....Moretti.

You can live in hope!

Dont know why we bother. .... but we do!

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