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So Pre Season 12:09 - May 17 with 5791 viewsWrightUp5hit___

It's off to Austria

Whether that's games or just training?
[Post edited 17 May 2019 12:10]

So Pre Season on 17:08 - May 17 with 3561 views00calben

Anyone know what dates?

So Pre Season on 17:23 - May 17 with 3513 viewsrrrspricey

Booked to go to Vienna in July, Mrs P will never believe me if it coincides

So Pre Season on 11:04 - May 21 with 3056 viewsAustrianHoop

And a game has been confirmed - QPR are playing Austria Vienna on July 12th, 19.00. It´s on their HP, I will be there ...

So Pre Season on 11:31 - May 21 with 3009 viewsrunningman75

I presume the match will be a waltz in the park.

So Pre Season on 11:36 - May 21 with 3000 viewsMick_S

Did I ever mention that I was in Minder?
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So Pre Season on 11:44 - May 21 with 2970 viewsCliveWilsonSaid

Have you not read the report on our defence? It’s more likely to be a right fugue up!

So Pre Season on 12:02 - May 21 with 2930 viewsSonofNorfolt

Does it confirm it is at the Franz Horr Stadium?

So Pre Season on 12:07 - May 21 with 2910 viewsAustrianHoop

This is now the Generali Arena and looks very different ... same site though ...

So Pre Season on 12:11 - May 21 with 2889 viewsSonofNorfolt

Yep, good.
A Friday night.

So Pre Season on 12:54 - May 21 with 2824 viewsDannyPaddox

This means nothing to me ...

So Pre Season on 13:10 - May 21 with 2786 viewsR_from_afar

"AustrianHoop" - Great to think we have fans - well, a fan minimum - out there.

I lived in southern Austria, Klagenfurt to be precise, for five months back in my university days. They have a fab stadium there now.

"Things had started becoming increasingly desperate at Loftus Road but QPR have been handed a massive lifeline and the place has absolutely erupted. it's carnage. It's bedlam. It's 1-1."


So Pre Season on 13:12 - May 21 with 2781 viewsAustrianHoop

It is their Season Kick Off, so should be a decent crowd and there is another game before the main one. Their 2nd string (Young Violets they are called) play Manchester United U-23...

So Pre Season on 13:15 - May 21 with 2763 viewsCheshireR

Splendid. I think a trip to Vienna via Bratislava may be called for.

So Pre Season on 13:16 - May 21 with 2759 viewssmegma

Wunderbar !!!

So Pre Season on 13:23 - May 21 with 2729 viewssmegma

I may be sharing a bier with you at some point Mr B.

So Pre Season on 13:23 - May 21 with 2728 viewsAustrianHoop

There are a few who do regular trips to London to see QPR ... Last August I took my family over on holiday which we split into Wales and London. My idea was to see a QPR game in or near London and introducing my wife and the two girls (12 and 10) into the delight that is QPR ... well, we ended up in Preston... best laid plans and all that....The province of Carinthia - of which Klagenfurt is the capital - is probably my favourite part of Austria...

So Pre Season on 13:55 - May 21 with 2645 viewsSonofNorfolt

Any other reasonable teams at home that weekend?
IE Rapid,Linz or Graz?

So Pre Season on 14:57 - May 21 with 2548 viewspeejaybee

Klopeiner-See is worth a visit.

If at first you dont succeed, pack up and f**k off home.


So Pre Season on 14:59 - May 21 with 2547 viewsDannyPaddox

Best Austrian team name

So Pre Season on 15:08 - May 21 with 2523 viewsMick_S


Did I ever mention that I was in Minder?
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So Pre Season on 16:03 - May 21 with 2464 viewssmegma

I'm gambling on us having another game nearby that weekend. Out of Heathrow Friday silly o'clock back home Sunday evening. Austrian Airlines.

So Pre Season on 18:56 - May 21 with 2322 viewsstowmarketrange

Flying out Thursday lunchtime and return Saturday night.Whats the betting they change the ko day to Saturday night?

So Pre Season on 22:40 - May 21 with 2138 viewsBoston

...and if the match doesn’t live up to expectations, a quick shopping trip over the border at the W@nkdorf Mall should produce a happy ending.

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So Pre Season on 00:19 - May 22 with 2053 viewskensalriser

This trip seems a bit like torte.

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So Pre Season on 07:42 - May 22 with 1933 viewsDannyPaddox

Tales from the Vienna Woods one week, Boreham Wood the next.
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