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Newcastle United...a car crash? 14:29 - Jun 24 with 1424 viewsE17hoop

Is Ashley desperate to drive them off a cliff?

It's always noisiest at the shallow end
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Newcastle United...a car crash? on 14:41 - Jun 24 with 1381 viewsGloucs_R

Mental decision.

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Newcastle United...a car crash? on 14:48 - Jun 24 with 1353 viewsBoston

I know the perfect replacement, but it’s a long drive from Bournemouth, Sandra.

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Newcastle United...a car crash? on 14:49 - Jun 24 with 1355 viewsrsonist

Some reports had him demanding £100m to spend... before a proposed takeover? Hard to fathom.

I know Ashley Bad Rafa Good etc but look back over Rafa's career transfer record and if it was my money I'd try and keep a check on him too.

Newcastle United...a car crash? on 14:52 - Jun 24 with 1339 viewsrunningman75

Surprised that a buyer has not come in for Newcastle though having been on weekends away was always the coldest place I have been to. Although clubs want to get the Premier League must be terrible for supporters whose main aim is survival every season and the riches of Premier league football.

Newcastle United...a car crash? on 16:05 - Jun 24 with 1203 viewspaulparker

An owner who runs a club sensibly and to a profit , yeah what a g1t he is

“I wipe my ass with your feelings.” (Tony Soprano )


Newcastle United...a car crash? on 16:26 - Jun 24 with 1161 viewsHayesender

Probably alot to do with a £12 million per year offer from China. He'd be mad to turn that down

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Newcastle United...a car crash? on 18:07 - Jun 24 with 1037 viewsPlanetHonneywood

I bet Chelsea are thinking about it, I bet United wish they could!

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Newcastle United...a car crash? on 18:25 - Jun 24 with 994 viewsrsonist

He'll probably take that money now but I don't think he was angling for it all along. He's always spoken of his ambitions at the top level and his family life in England.

Still I wonder if he remembers being a joke at Inter, Napoli, Madrid instead of the world class supercoach he is in the Toon bubble.

Newcastle United...a car crash? on 22:58 - Jun 24 with 812 viewsPBLOCK

I could honestly see him being back there in a few weeks

At the moment Ashley is trying to sell, and their relationship isnt great so he won’t beg him to stay especially if Ashley has one foot out of the door should this Dubai takeover happen.

The new consortium can’t give him a deal right now so off he walks in a few days time, fans disappointed as in fairness to Benítez he has bought a bit of stability there without huge money.

Currently who would be available , interested in the job? Probably nobody that would get the fans hugely pleased.

So two weeks time, deal goes through, first thing new owners do is bring Rafa back, he talks about how excited he is, never wanted to leave, the new people fill him with excitement etc

Rafa gets a few more quid for himself and transfer wise, new owners become hugely popular in an instant and buy themselves at least 12
Months grace as there isn’t really anyone better for them out there. Win Win

Newcastle United...a car crash? on 03:26 - Jun 25 with 720 viewstimcocking

I think the bigger question is why do i find it so funny when bad things happen to Newcastle or Sunderland?
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