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Worst James Bond Film and why?
at 21:40 25 Jul 2020

Mine is Quantum of Solace , totally crap, terrible start (choppy cam editing), poor poor film.
Skyfall...overrated shyte

Next worse....octopussy/view to a kill (roger going for the OAP paycheck).
R.I.P. Jack Charlton 85
at 09:08 11 Jul 2020

Saw Jack a few times at HQ, back in the day, good player.
Old Cinema buildings (shameless plug)
at 08:49 12 Jun 2020

Hi chaps and chapesses,
for the last year, in my spare time, i have been visiting old cinema buildings around the country, recoding how they look now both externally, and where possible, internally (some still have lots of original features).

It's a labor of love, and so far i have catalogued 411 cinemas, with around another 1300 still to do.
I have recorder 4 that are now demolished, i have 'found' 3 that were thought demolished and even found a bomb shelter untouched since WW2 under one.

If you have any penchant for 1900-1940 art deco cinemas (or flea pits as i used to know them) feel free to join my facebook page 'old cinema buildings' to discuss, or even just visit my cinema photographs at....

I am not doing any of this for any renumeration or gain, just for the knowledge that i am saving as many as possible digitally for future generations.
Good deed or let off?
at 13:22 26 May 2020

Not sure on this one.....

On one hand i, great gesture, but on another i think, this gives a club an unfair advantage regarding their overall financial position.

No doubt QPR will get fined because of it.
[Post edited 26 May 13:25]
music memorabilia you own?
at 17:23 24 May 2020

Simple.... just 1 item please....

Whats your favourite piece of music memorabilia and how did you get it?
Either gig, or from a group or singer given personally!

Dems da rules!

Mine? Tony Visconti's used plectrum, used in the fantastic and only authorised (by Bowie himself) tribute band called Holy Holy!
[Post edited 25 May 19:02]
Clubs in financial trouble
at 09:01 22 May 2020

Sky news reporting this , this morning

so lets all try and guess who those 10 are?

European Champions?

[Post edited 22 May 9:09]
Sweaty socks close the SPL season
at 12:51 18 May 2020

as of now!

Celtic champions

Hearts relegated.
[Post edited 18 May 12:52]
Anyone suggest who the prem footballer was
at 13:44 16 May 2020

That is reported to have hired a private jet, flown with mates to Paris for a meal, and then got a load of hookers back to his hotel?

i want an invite! lol
Car parking fine help or advice please
at 12:38 12 May 2020

Hi guys,

My other half just a reply to her letter replying to a car parking fine in Wigan.
She parked in a pay and display car park, and got a ticket.

Unfortunately, and she didnt know this at the time, she put all the right digits in the machine for the registration, but accidentally mixed up the registration transposing the first 2 with the last 2.

She got a notice of fine, and as she's slightly dislexic anyway, complained that she had a legitimate ticket. Sensible lady took a photo of the ticket which gives time and date, and ticket number. (we always do this now whenever we use a pay and display system)

Anyway, they have thrown out the appeal saying that their 'system' does not have the ticket number and registration (thats printed on the ticket) combo on file, and as such she was parked illegally.

Any thoughts please?

Thread Covid-19
at 19:46 10 May 2020

Latest coronavirus announcement.

I am, are you?
Little Richard now gone!
at 15:36 9 May 2020

[Post edited 9 May 15:38]
Kyle Walker, above it all or just a thick plank?
at 22:31 8 May 2020

i'm going for the 'thick plank' after tonights news.
[Post edited 8 May 22:34]
sky hijack popup
at 10:21 3 May 2020

hi northern,

getting this now, full page, locking out LFW
That Jill Gascoine
at 21:58 29 Apr 2020

She had a gentle touch.

Rather fancied her in my youth.

83 years old R.I.P.
[Post edited 29 Apr 21:58]
Car dented by third party in car park and refused to give insurance details help
at 15:46 25 Apr 2020

Hi chaps,

If your advice is to forget about it then i shall do, but....

An hour ago while parked and in my car (its a lease one) the passenger of the car parked next to me threw their passenger door open without any regard to my vehicle with quite a force. It dented the door (about the size of a penny piece, and took the bottom of the dent back to basic black primer which is under the white undercoat. it also chipped the door handle down to the white primer and left an 8 inch vertical 'scratch',that is down to the white primer.

The passenger, a lad (about 16) apologised and i got out of the car to look at the damage. I then started to take photographs and by opening their car door (no objection from them), showed them that the markings lined up perfectly with the damage on my car. To which the mother then said you did that to yourself, by opening our door, you can do one and feck off.

I asked for insurance details to which she refused, and she got in her cer and drove off after much f'ing etc.

Now as its a lease car, i will be liable to any damage on return, and as such i am very anal about where i park, how i park and making sure i treat my vehicle (because of possible damage) with respect.

So what do i do now?

I have the date and timed photographs that show the damage and also pics which show their door lining up perfectly with the damage, plus i have their registration number.

What do i do now? advice please.

[Post edited 25 Apr 15:48]
Goodie Goodie gone gone
at 17:16 12 Apr 2020

R.I.P. Tim Brooke Taylor........ another CV-19 victim

[Post edited 12 Apr 17:23]
Stirling, we salute you
at 10:56 12 Apr 2020

Just died aged 90

Never won the ultimate prize but ever the gentleman
[Post edited 12 Apr 10:56]
Bye Bye Eddie
at 13:06 2 Apr 2020

Larger than life....

RIP mate
China, the truth or not?
at 19:54 25 Mar 2020

So what do we think?
Are China telling the truth regarding the amount of peeps who have tested positive, and the amount who have died?

I note China have done nothing but cover this up right up to and including the start of Chinese New Year, where millions travelled the length and breadth of the country.

This in my book makes China fully responsible for this whole situation, and it seems the USA are thinking the same as apparently there are Lawsuits heading Beijing's way.

My business dealings with China have proved them nothing but , shall we say, 'sparce' with the truth.

Going underground?
at 09:44 19 Mar 2020

nope, 40 stations shut apparently.

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