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BJB Day 32
BJB Day 32
Tuesday, 24th Jun 2003 00:00

It's The Halfway Point Of Big Jack Brother

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23.06.03 - 8.02am - Jason Smith has strained his vocal cords snoring. The housemates have a brief debate over how they are going to treat this before deciding that the best course of action is for Nick Rees to urinate down his throat. For reasons that this is a family web-site we will spare you more graphic details!
23.06.03 - 9.42am - Unsurprisingly Jason Smith has diarrhea. Peter Owen is the first person in the toilet after Jason's first visit and is slightly surprised that Jason has left a smell of Vodka in there. They soon realise that this must be due to the volumes of the stuff that are inside of Nick. The diarrhea is treated with some of Myra's Evening Primrose oil. No-one knows if it will work and frankly no-one cares
23.06.03 - 10.53am - Steve Watkin is called upon to treat one of Jason Smith's injuries. He has badly gashed his right knee by walking into Leon Britton and needs some help. Steve Watkin asks Jason to hold the bottom of the gash and hold the skin up as that always worked for him.
23.06.03 - 12.14pm - Myra comes to the diary room. She is asked how she has coped for nearly five weeks in a house full of men. A broad smile widens across her face as she mutters the immortal line "It's been hard" Big Jack Brother can barely conceal it's laughter to this line. Myra though is somewhat bemused by the whole episode.
23.06.03 - 1.33pm - Peter Owen offers to treat Jason Smith for the next three hours. He sits down with Jason at the dining table and says that if he injures himself twice now he can have three more injuries free during that period. Peter needs treatment for a punch in the face immediately afterwards.
23.06.03 - 4.08pm - The housemates wonder whether allowing Jason Smith to swim in the pool for an hour will keep him injury free. They soon realise the potentially fatal flaw in this plan when Jason almost drowns in the pool. It is left to a very worried James Thomas to give him the kiss of life (three times!)
23.06.03 - 6.18pm - The housemates open some cans of lager. Jason Smith pulls a finger muscle opening the first can but more worryingly Myra breaks a nail on the second one. Steve Watkin wonders why she was using a nail when he always finds a hammer more productive.
23.06.03 - 7.53pm - Forty three cans of lager later and the housemates are once again drunk. Nick suggests an impromptu game of chess and arranges some sauce bottles and frozen chips around the table which he has marked out with Peter Owen's checked boxer shorts. He is one piece short however - the white king before he uses Leon Britton as a suitable replacement. The game however does not last long before Peter Owen eats the four pies that signified the knights.
23.06.03 - 9.14pm - As a special treat for the housemates, they have been asked to select one housemate to receive a message from the outside world. They decide that Myra, being the oldest, should receive this and they all watch the video screen expecting to see nice shots of the family. Instead the camera pans to the Swansea City club shop where three people are buying season tickets. Myra watches as the girls in the shop serve the customers before bursting into tears declaring "I can't go without this much longer, they'll be cocking up my ledgers they will"
23.06.03 - 11.42pm - As the housemates head to bed they notice that they are halfway through the Big Jack Brother experience. In 32 days time one of them will be crowned the Big Jack Brother champion but which one? Well, one of them will only last until Day 36 when you will have voted out the fifth person - decide who at the link below

Who Leaves? YOU Decide - Vote Now For The Fifth Eviction - Click Here

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