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Note To Rams Fans - You Can't Always Get What You Want!
Note To Rams Fans - You Can't Always Get What You Want!
Wednesday, 31st Aug 2011 14:43 by Daniel J Sewart

Tom Glick has issued a statement – after being a near totally mute figure recently – that seems designed to do nothing more than to try and head off criticism that will come when no further signings are made today.

With the window shutting tonight – the Rams head honcho has made it clear signings are unlikely and we will now need to wait for loans to fill the gaps recognised by Nigel, the fans and pretty much any optically challenged person – referee’s included.

In his match report from Saturday – RamZone’s Old One-Eye rightly regurgitated some of Glick’s statements that he made in the lead up to the start of the season:

"The top six is the objective. We are going for promotion; we expect to be a top-six side.” 

“We know we are going to put together a better team, with better players that will require additional investment."

"We are aware of how supporters are feeling. We know people are not as excited as we want them to be."

"They want a better squad, we expect a better squad and we are not satisfied."

"We need better players. That's going to cost money and that money will be spent this summer."

Now contrast those sound-bites with what Nigel Clough said immediately after the game on Saturday, when prompted about the imminent closure of said August transfer window:

“There’s a chance we might be doing some business in the next few days – there may be some ‘ins’ and ‘outs’, but let us concentrate on the ‘outs’ first.”

Those statements are reverberating around the heads of Rams fans who feel that the sensational start to the season delivered by Clough and his team – gets the quality additions that a four from five kick-start deserves.

With news that Martyn Waghorn is set to choose Hull as his preferred club for the rest of the season – perhaps Tom Glick began to hear the drums beating as the official site published an article (when I say ‘article’ - I have politely substituted the word in place of ‘propaganda’) explaining why we should not expect too much on deadline day.

This could be called communication or even transparency but I am afraid that the way I see things it would be better described as ‘an excuse’ or ‘covering one’s arse’!

Tom Glick’s statement read at follows:

"We continue to make enquiries and calls in regards to strengthening the squad, but it may be that things happen when the loan window re-opens next week".

"We have been extremely active in our recruitment this summer - signing 10 players - and we very satisfied the quality and experience we have brought in.”

"The start we have made to the season has been hugely encouraging, and we're excited about the prospect of welcoming back players such as Nathan Tyson, Chris Riggott and Shaun Barker after injury in the near future.”

"It is no secret that we expected, and needed, to move some players on during this window to balance the squad with the new intake, and that element has so far proved challenging.”

"This means we are carrying players and wages that are not part of our plans for this campaign or beyond, and we need to rectify that.”

"It is important not to abandon our philosophy of responsible governance of this Club; with the Financial Fair Play rules set to be introduced in the Football League in 2012, it makes it even more imperative.”

"However, we remain committed to strengthening the team where possible and I am working with Nigel and his staff to try and secure players they believe will improve the squad further.”

"It may now be that we wait for the loan window to open and take advantage of that particular market, which has proved in past seasons to be a good avenue for Clubs wanting to bring in quality players.”

"A loan signing doesn't necessarily mean we are looking just at the short-term either.”

"Frank Fielding, Jamie Ward and Theo Robinson all started life here as loan signings initially and all three have played big parts, as permanent signings, in the good start we have made to this season."

No wonder Nigel Clough decided to head to Spain. Would you want to hang around when it would only result in frustration and an increase in your blood pressure?

Plus it is good to see that Tom Glick finally has something to say – even if it is only after Nigel has left the country. Perhaps that is the only time that he felt safe enough to do it.

Well at least one of Tom Glick’s statements from the summer has been proven true:

"We are aware of how supporters are feeling. We know people are not as excited as we want them to be."

Nigel and his team have managed to excite us against the odds but as usual Tom and his team have ensured we are not as excited as we could be or perhaps should be.

But they have your season ticket money now - don't they!

Sensible Business Practice or Not Delivering On Promises?

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beresford added 19:01 - Aug 31
Although it is disappointing that no new permanent signings appear to be forthcoming, waiting for the emergency loan market to open is probably not as bad as it looks. It could prove to be sensible business practice as it may give Nigel the chance to get some players in and have a look at them before making their signings permanent as he has done with Fielding, Robinson and Ward.
Ironically it also may lead to acquiring a better class of player especially when final Premier league Squads are announced. One name mentioned elsewhere in posts has been Michael Tongue, not able to get in the Stoke side but I'm sure would be a good acquisition if available and wanted. Somone like Shaun Derry at QPR could also do the midfield job for Derby, he has recently signed an extension to his contract at QPR but with their new wealth and the acquistion of several new players since he this was agreed, could now find himself out of their squad.
I think the time for Derby fans to shout will be if there is no movements once the
emergency loan season opens.

davram added 22:12 - Aug 31
As with the last loans period (earlier this year in winter as the Rams' season fell apart and no-one came in through January) DCFC will certainly act for loans soon.

With the fine start to this season, there is less pressure on Glick & Clough, but they will be mindful of their need to fill in the squad's current gaps - and the murmers of discontent from fans that Tom Glick has not fully honoured his own promises when the team faded so badly.

Two or three thousand non-renewals show the extent of his credibility with some fans.

Derby's "squad-building strategy" comprises budget buys and short term loans often with a conversion option, with the occasional "splash" on a well-proven (if not exactly "name") player.

This season has started well, but as usual the ever-faithful have to wait to see if the partial revamp will amount to substantial progress towards a meaningful challenge to the top six.

colin added 07:59 - Sep 1
I feel sorry for Nigel Mr Glick is a good conman.
I renewed my ticket but not based on promises I knew would be broken.
Glick talks a good story but just look at actual investment?
He sold our best two strikers and replaced them with a good centre half nett no outlay!!!!
Get out Glick and take the rest of the yanks with you.
We need someone interested in Derby County not the USA.
We have a poor attack o
And lack of experience in mid field a bottom six finish I think??

ConnexIV added 20:43 - Sep 1
There are many teams in this league that will be looking to the loan window. Forest are another in a long line of clubs wanting to snap up the best of the rest in the prem.

The loan market is the best way to improve the squad risk free and on the cheap IMHO. As long as the loans are for the full season, prem players can be attracted to a lower league club that they would not normally consider, or vice versa the club would not be able to afford. Look no further than Craig Bellamy at cardiff last season.

I for one am looking forward to the loan window opening on the 8th.... with as much anticipation as the actual window.

pkay_brum added 13:28 - Sep 2
There may well be loan activity, breath holding remains optional.

The question for you, Connex, is whether Mr McLaren can be bovvered to show the same 'anticipation' on Forest's behalf about the loan window or anything else?


ConnexIV added 18:44 - Sep 2

It seems he is staying put for now. Hopefully he got the message across that a club such as ours can't be pissed about with by trying to do things on a shoestring budget.

I wait with baited breath.

pkay_brum added 19:14 - Sep 2
That's what we thought re: budgets - and it happened!

Steve Mac's already sounding like Wee Billy - ohh, joy!

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