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Oldham Athletic 1 v 0 Salford City
Papa John's Trophy
Tuesday, 31st August 2021 Kick-off 19:00

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Your Oldham Athletic v Salford City Match Reports

Support added 15:05 - Aug 6

test 1

Swedish_Hoop added 20:41 - Aug 7

Where the Hel is Helguson?

Silky_Ste added 08:19 - Aug 8

Firstly a great day out and our away following was superb. Some great singing. Proud of the display and actually felt gutted when we left at full time.

It was a tough game so to come away with a point from that is very good. Sinclair seem to be a new player from last season.

qpr_ox added 12:06 - Aug 8

Might need to adjust the Mackie goal...

jdalec added 16:34 - Aug 9

A nervy start to our league 1 status but we did settle down. Either side could have taken all the points but i think a draw was perhaps the fairest result. Jones was magnificent and was the only midfield player to try and make things happen.
Onwards and upwards

qpr1962 added 12:09 - Aug 10

great start to a new season

qpr1962 added 12:13 - Aug 10

o yes i like your new web site

qpr1962 added 20:48 - Aug 10

all down with a bump and its only half time

qpr1962 added 21:52 - Aug 10

well we play some young plays tonight but warnock is right we still need about three new signings if we get injury's to some of main plays we found very hard over the season i do no we got plays like rowlands cook and mahon to come back from injury so good luck to port vale in next round

HollowayRanger added 23:09 - Aug 10

anyone want to try and defend the signing of kenny? never rated him and after two games i havent seen a single thing to change my mind

HamptonR added 07:40 - Aug 11

Last night proves that Neil Warnock is correct when he says that we do not have enough strength in the squad.
Had we played Vale on Saturday the outcome would have been very different.

shooters47 added 08:29 - Aug 11

Definitely shows that the squad is not good enough but think we may be forgetting that 5 of Mr Warnocks signings played last night. Keep being told that Kenny hasnt played for a year and not sure when he is going to start!!
Good to see Leon Clarke has lost weight and not gained any skill and that we are concentrating on the league again.

SomersetHoops added 10:39 - Aug 11

I see NW says our reserves are not good, but I went to a reserves friendly at Taunton Town and could see that. I think quite a few of our youngsters have potential, but need senior competitive games to develop. Once they outgrow the age group competitions the only thing is to send them out on loan. Problem is while the squad is short we need them to fill gaps and playing in fits and non-starts won't help their development. Hopefully NW can fill the gaps and we can look forward to hanging onto these youngsters who can come back from loans ready to play a full part in QPR's future. Lets not be too downhearted by this defeat it should have been expected from the team sheet. I'm indebted to MelakaRanger for letting me know Marlon King will definately not be signing which for me is more important than this result. Tommy Smith? Danny Cipriani!??? - I feel before too long we will have the squad to compete.

jdalec added 13:48 - Aug 11

Did well to go in at half time still in with a chance, came out a different side second ahlf and looked quite comfortable at times.
Elding had a few decent chances and could of grabbed another, COG also had a gift of chance which he would normally have chosen his spot and cooly placed the ball in it, not to be.
Overall a good hard won game that will hopefully send us to Brighton with our tails in the air.

qpr1962 added 17:55 - Aug 14

well great win at sheff utd two wins out of two keep it up come on you Rsss

fooldude added 21:35 - Aug 14

A tough game against a well organised side who will no doubt finish above us this season given their resources. However, the lads seemed to have their heads down after giving away another by-line softie. On target stats says it all. Some good football but no-one seemed prepared to shoot. You can't win matches on headers alone.

newgolddream added 01:37 - Aug 15

Smashin win and another clean sheet. After Tuesday's fiasco this was a great pick me up and suggests we can challenge for promotion this season. A couple of additions before the window would also give us more options in this tough division.

Mick82 added 07:38 - Aug 15

Though we did everything but score. No cutting edge up front. Was disappointed to see Vinny make a start as the pairing of Sinclair and Barnett had been working well. Sort it out for next week Simpson.

bridgem added 07:50 - Aug 15

Sadly nothing new from last season, new faces, new formation but the same old problems, too many injuries, give the ball away too easily and lack of pace
Its going to be a long season (again)

antoknee64 added 10:36 - Aug 15

When will we accept that Ephraim is a quuality player and in both league games has provided and scored goals,my worry is when Buzz is fit will Hogan be dropped?.
Great result again,even though we are scoring goals it`s still obvious that a target striker is needed.

Support added 14:17 - Aug 21

I thought Derby deserved at least a point. Unlucky Rams.

qpr1962 added 17:45 - Aug 21

well another win so lets keep it up i think if warnock get the players we need it could be our year . great start but 12046 not great but poeple could be on hoilday .

French_Hoops added 02:51 - Aug 22

I reckon that the back four had a pretty solid game, with a special mention for Orr.
Kenny is getting sharper and shows already glimses of the talent he had at Sheffield.
Derry was also on top of everything today. If he keeps on going like that, he will win me over.
Taarabt was excellent (those passes with his outside foot were a delight!) and Helguson is linking well and should have had a hat-trick.
Buzsaky looked like he's going to enjoy when we play like that too!
Kenny 7, Orr 8, Connolly 7, Gorkss 7, Hill 7, Ephraim 7, Derry 8, Faurlin 7, Taarabt 9, Helguson 8, Mackie 7. Buzsaki 6, Leigertwood 5, German 5.
As for the low attendance, it is always more or less the same at this time of the year (or throughout the season). We're only almost at full capacity when we play at home on Boxing Day or against a big name which I don't think will happen this year...
I reckon the next few games will be decisive if we want the team to keep their confidence: Derby away will be a real test as they're on a poor run and already desesperately need a result, Middlesbrough is also a (supposedly) strong contender and Ipswich looks like a direct concurent this year...
In Warnock we trust! I'm wondering whom he might add... (what about Boyd from Petersborough?)

ThreeLions added 03:05 - Aug 22


Mick82 added 07:57 - Aug 22

Shocking yesterday. I expected better from the players and wanted to see some passion from the side. We are going to struggle if the lads carry on like that. Chesterfield is another game so we need to forget this and move on.


markeastwood17 added 08:31 - Aug 22

It has been a few years since I've seen Leeds play that quality of football. We totally dominated Millwall and should have scored 6. Still worried about the defence though, particularly Naylor who was awful in the first half and Bessone who was average at best throughout. We still seem to be conceding sloppy goals and at this level we can't afford to do that, so I'd drop Naylor and give Bruce a chance. Can't see Larry dropping the captain though.

On a separate note, I had to laugh when I saw the team news on MOTD for the Arsenal vs Blackpool game. Ex Leeds donkey Stephen Crainey at left back and Theo Walcott on the right wing. Surprised they only scored 6!

Yorkshire_Dale added 11:30 - Aug 22

Very poor attendance for what was an entralling game all round.

Good passing and moving from both sides but Dale missing the chance to register when on top for long period of the 1st half.
Thought Jonah contained the Pesky Perks for a while but he got going in the end and was snapping at every thing and everyone in usual fashion.

Joey T showed glimses but ended up falling about and was rightfully subbed and the readjusted team did well until the sucker punch.

Holness is the new McArdle......good but there is alaways a mistake or two there if pressured......his distribution was much better than against H'pool.

Well done the 2 little fellas...Tutte and Redshaw,give em a start against Brum Hilly

Birchy915 added 22:19 - Aug 26

Great game lads, pity about the penalty but if we can play like that against a Premiership club, who can't we beat?

qpr1962 added 22:39 - Aug 26

yet again its looks like we going lose out on big players .so good start is all for nothing

poppa added 23:15 - Aug 26

B'ham fan here just registered to say I thought you played well and were unlucky tonight. Dawson and particularly O'Grady were impressive. Best of luck for the season.

poppa added 23:17 - Aug 26

B'ham fan here just registered to say I thought you played well and were unlucky tonight. Dawson and particularly O'Grady were impressive. Best of luck for the season.

Syke_Dale added 23:48 - Aug 26

Watched the game on Sky, thought we played very VERY well. Unfortunate with the penalty (that should never have been). However if we continue to play like we did tonight then we have very few fears for the forth coming season. UP THE DALE.

pnc4eva1 added 00:03 - Aug 27

Very proud. Out played and out fought so called superstar internationals for most of the game.

Despite the most diabolical linesman I've seen in years we almost pulled off a shock.

ColDale added 17:22 - Aug 28

Great performance. Result never in doubt

qpr1962 added 17:23 - Aug 28

well done to derby but QPR never give up to the end

monksd103 added 18:15 - Aug 28

Well that's what happens when you play in such a negative way. You'll have a half empty stadium if you keep on playing that kind of football - time wasting at any opportunity and faking injury. The ref was ridiculous and if he'd played the 8 minutes injury time that there should have been we could have nicked it. Come on you r's!

davidr1348 added 19:33 - Aug 28

well it was an unlucky end to a good performance in my opinion.Such a asame we couldnt hang on and go top but still undefeated.The positives were fantastic performances from Dave Mooney,Kem Izzet and Mark Cousins but most of all moons.I taught he was fantastic especially in the 1 half setting up several attacking chances and taking his goal very well.I wish a bigger crowd would turn out and support the lads!!!

pedrodale added 09:54 - Aug 29

Cometh the hour cometh the man the captain strikes back.
He looks like more like King Eric every day

pedrodale added 10:04 - Aug 29

Well done the Captain for another One two, once again the officials dismiss a lower league team in a cup match I dont think he would have given a penalty if we hadnt just scored

Spot51 added 13:59 - Aug 29

St. Upendous.

harrythehatter added 16:49 - Aug 29

very poor performance from county ,lacklustre,feeble .
Players are going to HAVE to improve even putting some effort in .
It may only be league2 but they should be priviged to wear the shirt ,the wages may not be the best but it is much easier than working for a living as some players will find out.
We must give the owners a chance this is a marathon ,not a sprint and we are only 4 games into the season

eusebio added 09:51 - Aug 30

Great win but it should have been more....AP to go (posted 29.08.10)

crazyface added 12:22 - Sep 1

Lame match with two teams that were low on actual skill but high on endeavour. I cannot remember any passing move from either team consisting of more than three passes. This is due to the fact that neither of them were good enough to do this. Macc won due to a well struck goal from Vinni who nonchalantly clipped the ball past the keeper after being put through on the 42 minute. Morcombe missed a sitter in the second half with a free header at the far post being nodded onto the said post, an amazing bit of skill as it would of been easier to knock it in. The ball then bounced across the Macc goal to Morecombes lumbering "striker" Rundle how somehow put the ball wide from inside the six yard box. Again, an amazing bit of skill. Mr MacIlroy should explain to his team that the object is to ensure the ball goes between the uprights and the crossbar.

davidr1348 added 17:26 - Sep 4

a super scrappy win for the Us today and hard working performances from every player today.Now in the play-off places we can push for promotion no prop now maybe even auto promotion


hxdale added 18:22 - Sep 4

I'm going after a very solid performance at the back, Craig Dawson, just pips it... Must say so many good performers today..

Hugh_Jarce added 21:29 - Sep 4

Total lack of cohesion and any form of leadership. Dreadful. To cap it all Football Genious Wilko at 0-2 takes off his only attacking threat and replaces him with a left back. Stunning.
Can't remember feeking so pissed off since relegation from the Championship. Take our time to pick a new manager ? - we can't afford to procrastinate with this rudderless ship

wessex_exile added 17:03 - Sep 6

I've already posted some of this on the board, but overall an uninspiring match by and large, but that shouldn't detract from the actual performance of the U's, which perversely was really quite good across the board. Henderson and Izzet are the only players I've marked down, the former because he was largely absent from the game for long periods, and Izzy for no other reason than he nearly (should have) cost us the win with his wayward pass. Thank god Cousins stood tall driving Byfield further wide than he wanted to be to spare Kemi's blushes, because it would have tarnished what was otherwise another solid midfield performance from the Col U munchkins. Bond, Wilson and Mooney continue to demonstrate just why we've made the right decision in John Ward, Wilson's cross for the goal was simply perfect.

In the end, a hard-fought but definitely well-deserved 3pts for the U's.

As a final P.S. to the day, I was chatting with a elderly gentleman from Wolves on the train back from Bescot to New Street, who had returned to England for the first time after emigrating to Australia over 40 years ago. He agreed that it was the right result for the match, but also commended us (and Walsall) on the spirit that the match was played out in - very fair, not overly dirty or aggressive - all in all a pleasing day out at the football for the gentleman, who returns to Australia this week. The reason we started chatting in the first place? - well, just before leaving for Australia all those years ago, the last game of football he got to see - Walsall v Colchester at the old Fellows Park (must have been 25th Nov 1967 I reckon). When he knew his travel plans, and compared them with fixture lists, he knew he just had to make it the first (only actually) match when he got back as well.

qpr1962 added 18:35 - Sep 11

well its just keeps going on 4 wins and a draw i thought middlesbrough would be biggest test so far but it mite be ipswich

BromleyHoop added 10:43 - Sep 12

Thoroughly enjoyable. Even in the first half, when it was more of an even contest, I knew we would get a result 'cos we'd made the better chances. 'Boro didn't create anything and Gorkks just battered Boyd out of the game. I can't see how Connolly can be dropped for Hall after that performance. Very impressed with Helgusson's work rate even at 3 -0 up. Crowd fantastic and I even thought the ref was pretty good. If I had to find something that I wasn't overly impressed with, and this is nit picking, it's Bradley Orr. His positional sense was not what it could have been and I thought he should have got forward a bit more.
We just might be at the start of a truly brilliant season.

qpr1962 added 22:36 - Sep 14

what a win mackie was fantastic all night two great goals and kyle walker had great first game for the Rs .And win at lpswich so keep up you Rss

bridgem added 23:01 - Sep 14

Time to despair, bottom three and the manager losing my support, we sell to teams above us and buy or loan from those below, plus Vaughn who was supposed to come to us scores 3, his wages must be too high for us and Palace are broke. Time for change

newgolddream added 23:07 - Sep 14

A win over Ipswich has been a long time coming and continues our fantastic start to the season. Six goals for Mackie already and a succession of comfortable wins in a tough division. This is what dreams are made of. Come on u R's.

quickpassrotter added 01:11 - Sep 15

Brilliant performance tonight (again). Outstanding all across the park. <ackie's turn to be 'unplayable' tonight. Derry again excellent as was Matthew C. Helguson led the line well. The young lad Walker just fitted in as if he had played 100 games or so for us - what a prospect. Good that Buzz got game time, and his thunderbolt ''goal'' should have stood I think but the ref was a little to quick to award the pen, which HH slotted in anyway. Just hope that Faurlin's injury is not too serious. Great stuff !

antoknee64 added 19:28 - Sep 15

BOSH were unstoppable,Mackie your already the bargain buy of the season fantastic enthusiasm and what a great heart,long may you reigne.Well done Kyle Walker looked like hes been with the squad since pre-season plz stay longer.Superb perfomance by Matt Connelly maturing every game and Gorkes is a great player to learn from.Fingers croosed that Faurlin`s injury is not too serious,maybe Rowley might edge in for Sat game.
Looking forward to every game and ready for the odd slip-up.

PVFC_78 added 18:03 - Sep 18

Erm, it was Marc Richards who scored twice, not Justin! And Jemal Johnson came on in the second half, not Bell-Baggie!

splurty added 19:55 - Sep 18

Much better team shape , passing moving from 30 minute mark onwards , barney and ricky looked fairly sharp . Adkins got Morgan to drop off and grab the game which is a very good sign .I am convinced it will come , we deserved to win against an organised Colchester side ,much better substitutions made at the right time . With the addition of some pace/cover up front in the loan Market and a clever centre mid player , we will storm up the league .Well done nigel coys

qpr1962 added 20:14 - Sep 18

kenny and mackie are buys off season so far its best start i ever see to season but there is 39 matchs to go and its going be hard but come you Rss

qpr1962 added 11:10 - Sep 19

I listen Sousa on BBC sports what bad loser he QPR was nasty team no Sousa you lost very good team .

johnfallen added 22:07 - Sep 19

A very fair report, (thats from a lcfc fan) but why the digs about the stadium? pathetic....depressing? really?.....if you think the ground is unsafe, you have a duty to report it to health and safety executive.....seriously.... built on the cheap? have you looked at your ground? no chance of that being overloaded, it never gets filled sadly....reminds me of the moon, no atmosphere....( just a little dig)....

Northernr added 13:11 - Sep 21

John - It's a long running bug bear of mine, loads of QPR fans on here pull me up about it as well. I hate the new grounds that were all bunged up around the same time at Boro, Derby, Leicester, Southampton, Coventry etc. I hate them because by and large they're in the middle of nowhere (because the land is cheap), they have dreadful parking and train links and they have no atmosphere whatsoever because by and large they're 8000 seats or so too big for the team they house and the stands are all miles from the pitch which results in vast open spaces of silence.

Most of all though they all look the bloody same - the only difference between southampton and leicester is the colour of the seats, likewise boro and derby. It's just so depressing. Your football club is your identity and every football club should be unique. Thanks to the ground moves Derby, leicester and coventry all sort of blend into one midlands blancmange of mediocrity.

Examples of grounds I like - Portman Road, Carrow Road, Bramall Lane. Successfull modernised without compromising their individuality or moving out of the town centre where all the pubs and restaurants are. And yes, Loftus Road. Looking its age and increasingly not fit for purpose but it's got 100 pubs or eateries within 15 minutes walk, five tube stations on two different lines, one overground station, one motorway and a host of bus routes all within walking distance. And it's different, there's no other ground like it.

New grounds used to be unique too - huddersfield, bolton, millwall. But somewhere along the line some boring accountant got hold of this one size fits all design that means about a dozen teams in this country now play in identical grounds in the middle of retail parks or old gas works. I'd be gutted if QPR ever ended up with one of them.

And it does wobble under your feet, very noticeably.

qpr1962 added 17:39 - Sep 25

six points clear gets better and better come on you Rss

jfk added 10:49 - Sep 26

Poor first half. The atmosphere was quiet and there was a building tension that seemd to reach the players. I guess that's what raised expectation can do. Couldn't keep posession going forwards, and didn't press when we lost posession, so Doncacster made alot of the play. That said, I think the defence all played well (the odd falling over aside) and the only real threat was from the Rovers freekcick - and that brought a fantastic save by Kenny, an an incredible clearance off the line by Hill from the follow-up.

The performance, and the atmosphere, improved second half even before the goal. Ephraim and Mackie were both working hard to put rovers more under pressure, and giong forwards we started to show a bit more threat.

The goals, when they came, were all fairly soft defensively but I wasn't compliaining. Didn't think it was a penalty, and neither did Helguson, who picked himself up and stuck it in the net. Lucky we scored the pen.

All in all we were good for the points in the end, but 3-0 was a bit harsh on Rovers. Not that I'm too bothered - we're top of the league!!!!!! :)


SaintFlyer added 16:05 - Sep 26

Good gutsy performance that showed the team spirit is back and that we have a few options off the bench to match

SaintNick added 16:06 - Sep 26

I have been critical of Kelvin but I have to hold my hand up his last kick of the match save was top drawer

qpr1962 added 22:26 - Sep 28

can not win them all millwall came to QPR with game plan and they got what they came for a draw .But we are still six points clear

HamptonR added 00:14 - Sep 29

The ref needed to grow a set of balls!

Troy_17 added 09:39 - Sep 29

I'm in two minds about who to blame...
The game was crying out for us to switch to 451 after we 'luckily' went ahead 4-1. We palyed some good stuff in that 20 minute spell, but before and after in the first half we were getting overrun with their runners from midfield feeding off Parkin's holdup play.
The change in formation never came. If Amdy Faye isn't going to play in this game, when is he going to play?
On the other hand in Grayson's defence, in his post match interview he highlighted all of these concerns, and said he gave the lads a rollicking at HT for not trying to close the game down. So the players must take their share for not doing that.
The formation was possibly less to blame in the second half, with Hume joining Parkin in tormenting our backline once we had to push forward, with their midfielders now embarrassingly not needed as much!
All in all, just a terrible performance all round. Possibly only Somma enhanced his reputation, good movement and an excellent strike for his second.
Changes afoot I'm sure for Sat, which is now a huge game. I would have been happy to write it off had we won tonight, but a point and solid reaction (as we got at Doncaster) is now needed, otherwise it'll be a difficult two week break...

SaintNick added 09:40 - Sep 29

We would have taken 4 points from two away games before sheff weds, a pity we gave it away last night when we should have won

Spiritof67 added 09:29 - Sep 30

Lee Probert a Premiership Ref! He was so inconsistant - what a joke!

tazzydjr added 14:10 - Sep 30

This was a very competitive match according to some of the 4,200 Huddersfield Town fans what attended at Spotland stadium that night. But in every Rochdale Fans eye's this would be "A Night to Remember" with a amazing clean sheet for the Rochdale Keeper Josh Lillis and there were Three Goals scored By Jason Kennedy, John-Louis Akpa Akpro who signed from The Blue Square Conference side Grimsby Town during the summer.Including The Rochdale Fans Highly Rated Star Super Chris O'Grady who signed from Oldham Athletic in the summer Transfer window, who scored the winning Goal against Northampton at Spotland stadium to give the club its League One status in the N-power Football League which where Formly known as The CocaCola Football League and he has been scoring Goals in League One since Rochdale's Promotion. This Match also saw Two Former Rochdale Players Return to Spotland Jordan Rhodes and Anthony Plikington, which saw the likes of Dean Smalley, Newly Loanee from Oldham Athletic make a impact during the Match and Chris Goodall showing footwork and movement during The Match but it wasnt such a good Match for Anthony Elding who made a impact in the Carling Cup scoring against Barnsley which saw Rochdale get a trip to Premiership outlet Birmingham City, where Rochdale where unlucky thanks to a penalty given by The refferee which clearly wasnt a penalty. Even though Huddersfield Town had majority prosession of the Ball on the Night they couldnt seem to score, this saw Rochdale Dominate, the last minutes of the Match.

The Next Trip for Rochdale will be tuff trip to Exeter city St James Park yeah not Newcastle United St James Park no matter how much Rochdale Fans would love a trip there But Exeter city, St James who got Promoted in 08/09 and have managed to hold on to there league One status ever since.

Rochdale AFC 3-0 Huddersfield Town FC

Attendence 6,121

qpr1962 added 17:29 - Oct 2

never say die .i think kyle walker had great game a win a win . with the others players coming back after the brake

BromleyHoop added 18:28 - Oct 2

gorkss a rock, derry superb again, not adel's best day and buzz out of sorts. Fans were fantastic, a great win which was totally deserved. U rrrr's

extratimeR added 19:17 - Oct 2

Kyle performance pure class, the chest back to Kinney, and general pace and positional sense, as good as I have seen since the days of Dave Clemence.

Does giving shirt to fans mean final performance?

nealeadams added 20:16 - Oct 2

A good professional performance, well done.

How Eddie Howe can question the penalties I don't know, both were nailed ons. Had the referee let Puncheon carry on with his one on one instead of pulling the game back for a Saints free kick, we would have also scored from open play. That would also have done wonders for his confidence.

No question about the sending off either, in fact he was lucky not to go for the first foul on Harding.

loftboy added 19:43 - Oct 3

I thought we sold 3000 Clive?

RangersAreBack added 10:34 - Oct 4

I thought Gorkss was immense. The number of clearances under pressure from practically under his own crossbar was unreal. It took some cynical tactics to reduce his effectiveness and this ultimately cost us the equaliser.

crazyface added 09:47 - Oct 6

We were completely outclassed by a far superior footballing team.

qpr1962 added 23:32 - Oct 16

we can not score a home 2 games now not the end of world are team found out how play I not getting carried away where we are but still unbeaten .

durham_exile added 11:02 - Oct 17

After the disappointment of last week it was back to the draw specialists the U's who remained unbeaten away from home.
Probably the best weather ever at Boundary Park, sunshine and shirt sleeves the order of the day.
Both Williams played well, Tom showed some good touches wasn't afraid to push forward and produced some decent crosses, particularly second half. Ben must improve his distribution but shot stoppping was very good.
Kem Izzet didn't have the best of days, he looked laboured and lost out in the centre of the park too mnay times.
I do hope that Andy Bond is not out for too long following a nasty challenge from Furman which originally was not even given as a free kick by the referee but after Dave Mooney kicked the ball out the ref changed his mind and booked the Latic.
Vincent played well and was also subject to some harsh challenges resulting in an injury delay.
Most disapointing player was Woody who perhaps was not fit but seemed disinterested and failed to get involved in the game.
Dave Mooney worked hard throughout and with Vincent created our two best opportunities.
Problem is he is not going to add to his goalscoring record without better service.
When Hendo came on he was slow and failed to outpace the defenders unlike Vincent who does have genuine pace.
Verdict a deserved point but if we are to make a sustained push for promotion these single points must be turned into wins.
And finally when are we going to see the real Kayode Odejayi - he looks the part, has great strength and prerence but must be
lacking in confidence - a goal is long overdue.

Up the U's

SomersetHoops added 15:01 - Oct 17

Always going to be a tight game and Norwich were acting as spoilers for every creative move we made - I think this could have been punished more effectively by the ref, except it was Mr Page who has something against QPR . I rate Hogan, but he hasn't got the physical presence to deal with teams like Norwich and think Pat Ag should have come on as a replacement for him at half time. We lost some of our creative flair when we replaced Buzz with Leigertwood who showed signs of being short of games by giving the ball away too often. Kyle Walker was MOM for me and some of his crosses could have come to more if we had H and Pat in the middle for the whole of the second half.

SomersetHoops added 15:40 - Oct 17

Sorry I meant Mr Penn - I wouldn't want to malign Mr Page

qpr1962 added 21:51 - Oct 19

the goals are dry up .Some how do not think we are going be top six by end of the season .we need two find a top striker in January window .but we are unbeaten

qpr1962 added 22:03 - Oct 22

it takes pat to get us out of jail .ONE player was crap it was adel taarabt he playing like last season crap . there's was another 10 players on field. warnock what's to get hold him tell him its a team game .But one thing we are still unbeaten and club record so come on you Rsss

Rs4life added 23:09 - Oct 22

Taarabt was ridiculously greedy, and no one particularly stood out apart from youn Kyle Walker. Paddy Kenny made some good saves too. Hopefully with Hulse now back in the reckoning we shld get some more goals next week.

NineteenCanteen added 03:21 - Oct 24

A far from convincing performance until the double substition. Surely no argument now that Lambert is a luxury we can't afford when he is such a poor threat on goal and Puncheon is Chamberlain's much poorer understudy on the right.

Chaplow also had a poor game as did Schneiderlin whose shooting was really poor. Davis, Chamberlin, Fonte, Lallana and Butterfield are really the only players who should be confident of retaining their place for next week and surely we have reached the time for change.

theallseeingeye added 19:20 - Oct 24

Lambert was poor, no arguing, however we can't forget what he did last season, and our best players need to play.

The performance was very poor, which makes the win even more important, they do say sign of a good team, is one that can win, when playing badly.

The subs did change the game, and gave us an impetus, that finally saw us over the line. Lallana, although a little quiter than I hoped, is pure class, and I fear how the saints would tick without him.

Kiwifiedpom added 21:16 - Oct 24

Football is an uncompromising game and success should be ruthlessly sought. There fore being nice to players is only good for physcological reasons.
The anecdote about a young player seeking managers approval was told he'd played like Mathews and added as a put down Jesse Mathews not Stan Mathews.
Saints did not play well today and one has to wonder what is going on at Staplewood during the week.
Fonte and Seaborne were woeful the centr midfield were non existent Puncheon was to predictable. Harding was awful defensively except Lallana, Butterfield, and the two subs it was a very poor display and I think there will wholesale changes coming.

ourkid1984 added 10:47 - Oct 25

I think some people expect too much from League 1 players. Wasn't Oldham above us before the game and playing well and with confidence? Did we not just come off a dissapointing defeat and performance?

In my opinion we started really well and after 15-20 minutes we could of been 3 up. Did no one see Puncheon hitting the post or at least 2 good saves their keeper made? I also saw that we dominated play. It wasn't until they scored from one chance that was a lack of concentration from our defence that we started to not play as well as it looked like their confidence was even higher and ours must of been extremely low.

I saw the signs that happened before we scored our first goal. It wasn't ever going to be a case of a super sub it was coming down to our greater fitness. Oldham looked tired with 10 minutes of the first half left and it showed as we started to dominate again and their legs couldn't handle Lallana's extra skill as they fouled him with a minute left. There came the 1st goal and I knew that come the 70th minute they would be getting tired again and so this proved.

Oxlaide Chamberlain did make a massive inpact but I'm not so sure that he would of been able to run through their defence as easy as he did at the start of the game, they looked tired and it showed as more of our players were getting more room and space so much so that every time Lallana go on the ball he done at least one trick knowing that their players could not keep up.

Lets get it right we know that Oxlade Chamberlain is a great talent but we have also seen him play for too long in games and produce nothing much. Adkins has talked about having inpact players on the bench and that's exactly what he is at the moment.

Would people say that Puncheon was poor and too predictable if he had of scored, which he came very close to doing more than once.

ourkid1984 added 10:49 - Oct 25

I think some people expect too much from League 1 players. Wasn't Oldham above us before the game and playing well and with confidence? Did we not just come off a dissapointing defeat and performance?

In my opinion we started really well and after 15-20 minutes we could of been 3 up. Did no one see Puncheon hitting the post or at least 2 good saves their keeper made? I also saw that we dominated play. It wasn't until they scored from one chance that was a lack of concentration from our defence that we started to not play as well as it looked like their confidence was even higher and ours must of been extremely low.

I saw the signs that happened before we scored our first goal. It wasn't ever going to be a case of a super sub it was coming down to our greater fitness. Oldham looked tired with 10 minutes of the first half left and it showed as we started to dominate again and their legs couldn't handle Lallana's extra skill as they fouled him with a minute left. There came the 1st goal and I knew that come the 70th minute they would be getting tired again and so this proved.

Oxlaide Chamberlain did make a massive inpact but I'm not so sure that he would of been able to run through their defence as easy as he did at the start of the game, they looked tired and it showed as more of our players were getting more room and space so much so that every time Lallana go on the ball he done at least one trick knowing that their players could not keep up.

Lets get it right we know that Oxlade Chamberlain is a great talent but we have also seen him play for too long in games and produce nothing much. Adkins has talked about having inpact players on the bench and that's exactly what he is at the moment.

Would people say that Puncheon was poor and too predictable if he had of scored, which he came very close to doing more than once.

qlrken05 added 19:42 - Oct 25

A Brilliant game to watch, i thought Nicky Adams played really well,its always great to see COG on the score sheet, and as for Gary Gary Gary Jones, Well he just gets better and better, Scott Wiseman and Joe Widdowson played exceptionally well again, when we get the passing going it is a dream to watch, Well done the Whole team, and Hilly & Flickers too.

qpr1962 added 17:08 - Oct 30

the strikers are misfiring to many draws so i think we need a top forward in the window .Do not think we are going to be in top 6 at the end of the season but we are still unbeaten

RBlock added 18:26 - Oct 30

Hhhhm, im not sure. Taarabt was starting to look better today than he has been in the last few draws. He linked up with Hogan a bit better and gave us a glimpse of his early season form that we so sorely miss. On another the note the ref today was absolutely atrocious, the standard of refeering in the championship on a whole is abismal.

Yorkshire_Dale added 18:38 - Oct 30

4 defeats in October,all by the odd goal to southern based teams and only solitary win against D&R.......are we getting a name as poor travellers?

Badly need to get a result on Tuesday,.........and then again on Friday.


HamptonR added 23:06 - Oct 30

Hulse wasn't as effective as Helguson, Carlisle won most of the aerial battles.
Ephraim was absent for most of the game and Smith looked very good when he came on.
The ref had a shocker, he allowed Burnley to waste time, hassle him and at times tell him what to do, perhaps he thought they were still in the premier league.

wessex_exile added 01:30 - Oct 31

A very brief report as I'm in my bed ready for the land of nod. Not a vintage performance, but one full of grit, application and determination. Bournemouth dominated possession but utterly lacked any cutting edge and failed to capitalise on their neat midfield triangles. We showed them how to do it, and as a result fully deserved the win. The fans were magnificent, the ref one of the worst I've seen, ever...

jfk added 12:08 - Oct 31

I thought Burnley looked very strong at the back, and we kept on trying the same long balls with not much variety and not much success - not helped by the ref giving a free kick to them whenever a QPR player jumped for the ball. Some good stuff from Taarabt, and a superb goal, but he vanished a bit in the 2nd half. Hulse didn't do well against the defence/ref, and Ephraim was invisible (but I think that was more to do with the style we were playing). Derry and the back four looked good again, and Kenny made an unbelievable double save. Still unbeaten, but need to start winning again

crazyface added 11:28 - Nov 1

An exciting game made even better by a ref who was completely clueless. We won because Burton were devoid of passion, even after getting a goal back. Ridiculous first goal, the second was a thumping free kick. Our "forwards" are useless. Thank god for Hamza, otherwise we would be staring at relegation again and maybe again soon unless this freaky run of results (wins) continues.

LostBoys added 03:35 - Nov 4

Very enjoyable all rund particularly Chamberlain

Yorkshire_Dale added 00:12 - Nov 6

Worst defeat in club's 100 year odd history!

No pride.....inept performance.Money back on Trades Description Act?

Chris Dunphy,if the Disney Channel offer to televise any more games tell em to do one!

"we don't do cup games"

I've had my say......I'm sick of football this week.Off to bed!

Cleedale added 08:11 - Nov 6

Must admit to feeling sick this morning.

OK - let's have a whinge - Dale should have had a penalty and FCUM basically cheated to get to the next round when the ref. was perfectly placed as the player kicking the ball out of Lillis' 2-hand grasp!! What a bad time for referee's decisions against Dale!

Definitely time to bring in some in-the-stands replay system as Football is getting crazy with incompetent and dross outcomes.

This really does have to be sorted!

PDIDDY added 08:48 - Nov 6


ROLLER63 added 15:05 - Nov 6

For once i cannot comment on this F--K UP of a game, but what i would say is that hilly has reached his peak with this club now he is at a loss on how to play teams that we call minnows lol JOKE !!!!

jdalec added 17:54 - Nov 6

Where to start?? Had to explain to my son who has yet only really experienced joy as a dale fan that there is far more pain to being a dale fan than there is happiness !! Last night proved that. A Night to Forget. Up until last night the jury was out so to speak on Elding, the jury has retrurned, he is not what we were hoping for , flat footed and no where near sharp enough to play at the level we want to be competing at. CO'G had a dissapointing night and until Akpa came on we couldn't get hold of the game. Kennedy and Jones were indifferent and Holness and Widdowson had bad games. That said FC UTD came and went for it, they were up for it and we weren't. I thought the stewarding was really poor, allowing 3 pitch invasions whilst we had an over zealous steward in the sandy jack booting up and down chastising anyone who wasn't stood to attention !!
Like I said a night to forget and erase from my memory

RBlock added 17:54 - Nov 6

Honestly, is Jaime Mackie human? the way he was running up and down the park for the full 90 was astounding! He was playing right back and chasing down their right back. His stamina and ability to keep goin will prove essential this season. What did people think of Orrs red? it was a two footed challenge but i didnt see him touch the man. Adel seems to be coming back into good and Derry was absolutely first class today!

qpr1962 added 17:54 - Nov 6

Good win shame orr got sent off .We like playing with ten man against reading and we are still unbeaten come on you Rssss

quickpassrotter added 18:25 - Nov 6

brilliant performance. we were class today and we worked so hard. adel was practically unplayable, Faurlin back to his best and Tommy smith made a big difference. Could have and should have been more than 3 even with our ten men. Referee Tanner was poor again, and we do seem to get them at Loftus Road. Must have really boosted our confidence that we played the way we did before and particularly after Orr's sending off.

Mattnme added 21:06 - Nov 6

It was one of those games where it was a real struggle to pick a motm because so many people contributed. In the end I have to give it to the lunatic that is Mackie. The boy does not stop running. He slaughtered their left back and there was even one moment in the second half where he had a one on one coming in from the left.

Mattnme added 21:09 - Nov 6

Plus he kept legs off the pitch. We would n't have got that result and might have even lost. It was back to watching Rangers of a month ago.

jfk added 21:09 - Nov 6

First half was a great game of football, and pretty even. Reading had alot of posession, but we just defend so well these days. All of the back four are so solid, and Derry in front of them gave as good a display today in that position as I can remember from anyone - and I've been coming for 35 years. Going forwards, we can just cut teams apart at times. Taraabt was sublime and Faurlin was pure class, and for all the Reading posession we looked much more likely to score - and should have (I really have to see that Hulse miss again before I can really figure out what happened). Definite penaltly and well worth one-up.

From where I was sat in the Loft, Orr's challenge didn't look bad. I thought the Reading guy meg'd him and ran straight through him and went down. I could understand the free-kick, but a red? Maybe from a different angle it looked worse. I did hear a rumour at half time that it was for foul and abusive language, but the red came out pretty quick for it to have been that.

Second half was just fantastic. At half time the talk was about who would Warnock take off to make room for Legs at right-back and try to hold on to the 1-0, but what a masterstroke leaving Mackie in there. The guy's a machine! Up and down the right flank tirelessly, and half way through the second half he even pops up in the inside left channel. Taraabt and Faurlin continued to run rings round them but the whole team, from front to back, and including Kenny put in such a shift to win the match it was incredible - especially to step up again and score another when Reading had pulled the goal back. Great to see Smith on the scoresheet, and well deserved

What a great atmosphere too. The crowd really responded to the way the team played - and the sending off probably helped from that point of view too

Just a brilliant afternoon out

French_Hoops added 21:10 - Nov 6

Back to winning ways after decent perfomances against good teams previously.
What pleases me most about today is the mentality glowing out of the side. Even with 10 men you could feel they wouldn't let this one slips up.
Clive, how exactly & who rates officially the referee & linesmen? The FA claims transparency but you never know how a ref has performed in their eyes...

jfk added 21:12 - Nov 6

Loved it when Kenny kept moving the goal kicks from one side of the 6-yard box to the other to kill time. One of things you hate when the other team do it, of course, but had to laugh

jfk added 21:13 - Nov 6

Nice goal for Reading. I can say that now.

Southcoast_R added 22:23 - Nov 6

Brilliant performance and Warnock got it completely right. Faurlin and Derry were superb but really the whole team deserves the accolades cos they were a real team, battling, covering and putting themselves behind the ball when Reading were in possession (who were niggly and nasty all afternoon). As for the ref well...... Credit to them all and Jamie Mackie you are superhuman!

SheffieldSteve added 00:22 - Nov 7

I can only add a big agreement to the above. The 'extra man' provided by the crowd certainly did happen today, Mackie was so fired up, and still geeing the crowd up even AFTER the match!
Not that I want us to have terrible refs every match, and players sent off, but it's the sort of thing that winds up Loftus Road, if only it could happen more often whilst we have 11 players on the pitch... We'd be invincible ;-)

gigiisourgod added 10:27 - Nov 7

A very proud day to be a superhoop.

AshteadR added 10:32 - Nov 7

Cracking game - we were the better team throughout. Great tactics from Warnock - I was convinced that Tarbs or Smith would be taken off at half time.

SomersetHoops added 16:04 - Nov 7

I was proud to be a QPR supporter on Saturday - the whole crowd of QPR supporters were sooo positive and gave it everything, especially after Bradley Orr was unfairly sent off. Both his feet were on the ground and all he did was to face up to the oncoming player - this should not have been a red card a doubtful yellow IMHO. As for Reading deserving a draw - in their dreams! It seemed their main tactic was to feign injury in an attempt to get our players sent off, unfortunately in the Bradley Orr case the ref. bought it. It was not just Taarabt who had a good game, Faurlin was superb so was Mackie, Derry & Conolly and I don't think we had a bad player on the pitch. Pat Ag looked very sharp when he came on, although I must defer to NW's judgement, perhaps he should be used a bit more.

I can't do a player rating because I'd probably give them all 9. We will meet stronger teams than Reading - Cardif on 27th for example, but on today's showing they can be beaten and hopefully will be by us.

pedrodale added 19:15 - Nov 7

Sunday evening, cant even bring myself to give the player ratings. Yesterday I took the grandkids early morning and got out of Rochdale for about 12hrs just couldnt face anyone, what a shocker

HangerOn added 20:09 - Nov 7

As others have said, it was a fantastic team effort yesterday and everyone deserves an award for producing our best performance of the season so far.

Special mention has to be made of Jamie Nackie, who filled in admirably at right back and of Shaun Derry, who was the epitome of the midfield general all game. On almost any other day, Alejandro Faurlin would have earned the man of the match award: he was everywhere and combined skill with grit.

However, yesterday was no ordinary day. Adel Taarabt was simply unplayable: his tricks and flicks would have been re-run endlessly had they been performed by Messi or Ronaldo. He was my man if the match.

Spot51 added 09:07 - Nov 8


qpr1962 added 22:23 - Nov 9

QPR saying is never say die still unbeaten come on you Rssss

Rodneylives added 19:26 - Nov 10

To save the match at the death after being reduced to ten men shows real spirit. Phew!
BTW, any news of our erstwhile captain Fitz Hall? He seems to have vanished off the face of the earth.

jpianezzola added 17:21 - Nov 13

Luciano Becchio Rocks. Simon Grayson is a genius. Go Leeds United

qpr1962 added 17:30 - Nov 13

well another draw .but still unbeaten come on you Rssss

jfk added 18:06 - Nov 13

Listened to a bit of it on the web site, but had to switch off coz I was too nervous. Really thought we would struggle, especially with the suspensions and injuries at the back, but that's a great result.

wessex_exile added 20:30 - Nov 13

Well that was an odd game - can't argue with the result, we were second best in most departments - can't even comment on two of the goals because I missed their first in the loo with my son, and ours (along with quite a few others) trying to beat the queue for a foot-long hotdog. Otherwise it was a U's that huffed and puffed but struggled to find a telling pass or good control at crucial moments. Swindon should have been 1 up early on with their one-on-one, but Williams did well, came out and stood up, and eventually pulled off a blinder. Should then have been 1-0 with their free-kick against the inside foot of the post, along the goal line and out for a goal kick on the other side (it was that close). But THEN, how did Odejayi miss his free header to put us 1-0 up. That rather set the pattern for the day - more or less soaking up lots of pressure, occasionally having a go on the break, but usually those rare chances stalling for want of a killer pass. By the end, it wasn't that bad a game, we had a better go second half, and could have nicked a point at the end, but it wouldn't have been the right result.

onedalefan added 20:37 - Nov 13

Pretty football doesn't win matches if there is no end product. We need a Dagnell or Le Fondre who knows where the goal is. The way things are going, we are going to be dragged into a religation fight.

LostBoys added 21:08 - Nov 13

I only listened on thev radio and it sounded dreadful

jdalec added 23:33 - Nov 13

totally agree, a really dissapointing day. Things started so optimistically for us , I thought we totally out played them in the first half, they looked like a set of pub players and were there for the taking. Second half was crap, the best thing to do next time we play in Sheffield is drop Joe Thompson off at the Meadowhall and tell him to be ready for 6. ''Premiership player in the making'', don't talk bollocks, the blokes about as much use as a bull with tits, and before anyone starts just remind me how many talnet scouts are watching him, i'll put you out of your misery NONE !!

SheffieldSteve added 08:56 - Nov 14

Have to say, we have nothing to worry about Forest this season, they were pretty poor, and playing for the draw, particularly towards the end of the match. We should have won though...

qpr1962 added 21:37 - Nov 15

Can you tell me why orr gets 3 match ban and matt gets a 1 match ban for straight red card

qpr1962 added 18:07 - Nov 20

good win back to the top come on you Rssssss

barryroch added 18:38 - Nov 20

A see saw match if ever there was one. Brilliant for the neutral but very nervy if you support Dale. Yet again another diabolical attendance. All the Dale players worked hard for the point gained after Swindon scored within 1 minute. Good performance and well deserved point,more of the same next week.

Yorkshire_Dale added 19:08 - Nov 20

Great game today with both teams contributing well.

The addition of Grant gave us a bit more up front and very,very cool with the goal.....well done fella.

Defense under severe pressure for periods.....our Midfield need more bite.How many times in 2nd half was the gippo Prutton allowed to waltz straight through our midfield to create chance after chance for Swindon???

We seemed scared to tackle him.

Still,happy with a point and I say again, a good game.


onedalefan added 19:32 - Nov 20

Thought Lillis was nervy throughout and reacted badly to the first minute shot. Holness and Dawson didn't have their usual confidence at the back. Missed Barry-Murphy in the middle although can't fault Jonah for workrate (a few wayward passes can be forgiven if you try) and deserved the goals. A couple of moments of good play by Thompson does not make an impressive display (official web site report) as still spends most of the time in his own world wondering why things are passing him by (Jonah, please advise him what effort is). Credit to O'Grady for his usual battling and hold up play and Grant could be the extra bit up front we need (Elding, are you watching).

jdalec added 20:02 - Nov 20

Agree with previous comments, Thompson once again AWOL for long periods of game couldn't quite get my head around the substitution bringing Grant (who was throwing his heart and soul into it) off and leaving Thompson on. Time to wake up Keith, Thompson is CRAP!!!

LostBoys added 22:43 - Nov 20

Very enjoyable afternoon only downside was we should have scored 8 goals

SheffieldSteve added 01:48 - Nov 21

Quite frankly, PNE were very poor, but we keep on not losing, and even winning very well today, including 2 cracking goals!

jfk added 10:23 - Nov 21

I never felt more like singing the blues, when rangers win, and chelsea - and cardiff - lose.... was going to add Swansea in there too but they just got away with it.

Looking forward to next weekend. U Rrrrs

plymhoop added 11:19 - Nov 21

even though we could have won by 6 or 7 i feel privileged to have witnessed tarabbts 2 goals today....kinda on a par with seeing sinclairs overhead against barnsley all those years ago.

memories are made of this.....

Charlie1 added 11:19 - Nov 21

PNE were awful but you have to beat what is infront of you. Tarby was superb. Was worried with Hall in the side but given he had a difficult afternoon with that fat lump of lard, thought he did well. Great stuff Rangers.

jpianezzola added 13:33 - Nov 21

Keep on fighting. Good point away. Go Leeds United

jpianezzola added 13:34 - Nov 21

Keep on fighting. Good point away. Go Leeds United

regjenkins added 23:35 - Nov 21

Need strengthening in some key areas, can't afford players to be off form in this leauge. Need to be ruthless all over the pitch, we are not here to make friends just to get the job done. That said another couple of seasons and things will be a bit different. U.T.D

crazyface added 08:37 - Nov 24

I have never ever seen a more inept tatical team selection than last night. Three centre halves holding hands, five across the middle, with Bolland playing on the right and Chalmers on the left. Reid was in the middle!? Bolland got sucked into his natural position of centre leaving a huge gap for Cheltenham to run into on their left side. Reid never got into the game at all. Draper was all over the place without Bolland by his side so we had nothing in the middle of the pitch. Hamza was left on the bench due to a twisted ankle apparently, but we were in such a mess he was brought on at half time. If he was fit enough for the bench he was fit enough to start. He didn't show any signs of injury whilst he was playing. Sinclair? Utter garbage. He runs as quick as a greyhound but greyhounds can't play football can they? Eh? Eh? Barnett worked his socks off but I'm afraid he missed a couple of sitters because he is not a natural goalscorer. We lost due to the fact Simoo made some very very bad tatical errors and showed us that he is not up to the job. Loads there due to the promotion and Simoo messed up big style. They won't be back. Another huge opportunity missed. Also I've vowed to miss the next home game if Sinclair is selected. I cannot watch such a pile of poo in my home teams shirt again. Just think of all the great Macc players who have worn the number 9 shirt in the past. It's a disgrace that he even gets on the pitch. Nope that's it for me, never ever again until Simmo goes or stops selecting Sinclair to start.

LostBoys added 09:56 - Nov 24

Missed chances again but another very good overall performance. A few still below their best - Lambert and Lallana particularly. The referee was one of the worst we have seen and also the lino who missed the Brighton offside by at least 5 yards - even the player himself stopped. Very enjoyable though.

onedalefan added 15:32 - Nov 25

Anyone know what the rant by Mr.Hill on BBC Radio Manchester yesterday was all about? If you missed it, BBC Iplayer the Breakfast show at 7.30 and 8.30.

qpr1962 added 17:46 - Nov 27

what a great win 5 points clear and another MOM by Adel taarabt come on you Rsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

NorwayRanger16 added 19:29 - Nov 27

Brilliant game! Watched it on TV and you could hear the fans right on top of the game, fantastic atmosphere!
Think we were the best team overall, good to see the heads not drop going 1-0 down. NW is just fantastic at man management and getting the players agression level perfect time and time again.
Have to say that Kenny and Derry are really growing on my, my new favourites in the absence of Rowlands.
Looking forward to the report and your views Clive.
You R'sssssss, onwards and upwards! :-)

HollowayRanger added 19:44 - Nov 27

A word for the ref did well kept his nerve and didnt listen to bellends moaning and moaning and moaning! :)

great result well done whole team but thought a few played below par walker faurlin mackie soooooooo even better to see us beat our near rivals!!!!!!

colu_chip added 01:03 - Nov 28

It may not of been how we thought the game should of gone but, a wins a win at the end of the day. We shouldn't get to down on the team, after all we still won, we still need a goal scorer, Mooney is quality if we can sign him, but we could still do with another one besides, get rid of Liam Henderson.
Perhaps if we got more fans at the games it would boost the team, whats happend to the fans the attendances seem to be getting less and less, the community stadium should be a formidable place for other teams to come to. We need to get more fans going to the games

Rs4life added 03:35 - Nov 28

Listening on 94.9. What a game! One foot in the prem lets keep it up!

AshteadR added 11:39 - Nov 28

Cracking game - excellent result

jdalec added 12:26 - Nov 28

Great second half performance thought we played really well and were unlucky not to take all 3 points. Why oh why is Joe Thompson starting in front of Matty Done and Akpa Akpro?? We have got to start with our STRONGEST eleven and that will never include JT !!!!
More of the same lads and it won't be long before we are back to winning ways.

jfk added 12:57 - Nov 28

Brilliant. Great game, great atmosphere, great result. Thought we invited them onto us a bit too much after we went ahead, but some good defending, good keeping, and a slice of luck on the penalty decision gave us the win we deserved.

Looking forward to the FA Cup draw this evening. Probably get Cardiff.

antoknee64 added 13:04 - Nov 28

What a great game,Mackie,Smith and Tarradt didnt have their best games but because of our solid defence and Derry & Faurlin Cardiff looked no threat to Kenny atall.
Connolly for me was my MOTM he showed matureity,calmness and class when the Midget and Boothroyd were trying every trick to get passed him.Even when Chopra came on nobody in defence panicked and took care of all their attacks.
Fantastic atmosphere and even being stuck in X-block was a pleasure,kept those Sheep-shaggers quite for most of the game,had a laugh when they scored and 2 15yr old boys took their shirts off in the Lower School end,one had is shirt off hes skinny frame in seconds and hes fat mate just got hes shirt off in time for the re-start,row of 6 girls in front of me were laughing their heads off at them,funny moment.
So proud to be QPR and sorry to all R-block mates for leaving you for one game.

RBlock added 19:07 - Nov 28

im not sure about a slice of luck, i believe we overcame various bad luck to get the result. Its true that Bothroyd should have had a penalty after Connolleys challenge, but early on Tarb's cross was blocked by a blatent hand ball. We were extremely unlucky not to get a 3 in the 90th, and had Clarke gone down as Adel would have im sure a penalty would have been given. Their goal was a clear offside call also. Cummmonnnn youuuu supeeeeeer

onedalefan added 20:26 - Nov 28

As much as I don't wish an injury on anyone, Thompson going off was the best thing to happen to us and suddenly we had 11 men on the pitch who realised that they could compete. Were you watching Mr.Hill, please give Matt Done a chance to show what he can do as he ran his socks off all match. Lets stop the pretty football, get at the opposition from the start. If we can keep Adams and Grant for longer, lets get the ball forward and with Jones supporting, the goals are going to come and with Dawson and Holness (the find of the season) the defense will look after itself.

Lazarus added 07:46 - Nov 29

Excellent result, but a few things stick in my mind:
Faurlin being outmuscled in midfield. He's a bit too small for the likes of Olofinjana.
Taarabt trying to go through the middle rather too often, and taking a (blocked) shot, rather than passing.
Bellamy splitting the defence a few times. He's a tw*t, but impressive on the day.
Cardiff's kick and run tactics - after Dave Jones saying during the week that's how the R's play, while his boys play on the floor.
The fantastic atmosphere. 'Shame it can't be like that for every match. The best team won!!!

jfk added 17:36 - Nov 29

Chances are, if they'd got the pen, Kenny would have saved it anyway


qpr1962 added 21:31 - Dec 10

bloody allfull but linesman whated put his glass on

qpr1962 added 22:02 - Dec 10

linesmans should gone to specsafes

qpr1962 added 22:05 - Dec 10

adel taaratt was at is best not he thinks he can win game on is own .watford came with game plan and play better and QPR lost

chapelbackrow added 18:57 - Dec 11

Before todays match one of the fans sites reported that Ricky Lambert would not be playing today ----- how right they were, unfortunately he was on the pitch!!!!!
He led the line well ---- the whole team managed to follow his example and didn't bother turning up.
It looked as if they were all suffering from the Christmas party season.
NA you need to kick a*se & get them into shape.

LostBoys added 20:35 - Dec 11

Dreadful and I did not find Davis play acting after the half time break very amusing - most keepers in the parks could have saved that mis hit scuffed shot.

winchesterbob added 11:27 - Dec 12

Dismal display from back to front....

devonranger added 21:51 - Dec 12

if rowly cant get on the pitch with derry off ,he ll be best off moving on ,dont want him to go but he must be better than walker in mid?

crazyface added 08:34 - Dec 13

MTFC stunned the home crowd by actually scoring a goal early doors, but were soon made to pay by a fairly innocuous Gillingham team who looked at one point that all they had to do to score was put the ball into the Macc penalty area. The blame for this shocking performance is Simmo's and no other. He is tactically inept and has players playing in wrong positions. Nsala playing at right back FFS. He should be in the centre of the defence so that Bench can play in midfield. Lowe could have filled in at either full back position. Draper? God knows where he was supposed to be playing. At one point I thought he was our striker! Vinni? Again god knows where he was playing, I don't think even he knew. Least said about Sinclair the better. Why isn't Wedgebury given a game? Butcher came on into the second half and then vanished into thin air. We have a little £1 bet on the actual score every week and by 3.19pm we were all out of it. Simmo should be replaced before I am sent to the nut house. We are in the position we are in due to a little run we had, and now we are on another. Three losses on the bounce is not the way to be going into the Xmas period. All this has been coming a long time and we will have to start looking at teams below us again instead of the play-offs, which is where we were only three weeks ago, WITHOUT Sinclair.
Sack Simmo NOW.

qpr1962 added 17:34 - Dec 18

get uses to losing because we need 20 goal striker in the window , remember we went to Doncaster last season and lost we did not win for 13 games .

Doughnut added 21:36 - Dec 18

Bitter weather at Elland Rd. and a bitter scorline. Didnt think our strikers posed any threat, especially in the second half and they seemed comfortable winners. Gorkss made a bit of a leggy mess, which let Gradel in for the first. Didn't dominate midfield in any way and the attack was a bit of a wet lettuce. It would appear that the rest of the Championship has sussed out how to play us. Paddy was motm for me, which says a lot about our performance.

I_Saw added 10:17 - Dec 19

Well we could have won. Had Pearson scored. Had Moore scored. Had we played the Second Half Team First. Had Bywater came rather then starting, stopping then being caught in no mans land for the second goal. Had we.....

All "Had We's" of course, all choices, continually making the wrong ones, after being lucky with Shefki Kuqi, we are now unlucky, rub of the green against us...

So Nigel says afterwards there's no one better at six foot three in the air than Luke Moore..... Why do I feel like a mushroom?

Perhaps Luke's a pilot, that might make sense!

Yesterday we lost because Long took his chances, rode his luck, we didn't. Long went down easily but then so does Kris Commons, you want your players to, you howl when the opposition do.... partisan passions.

Add a Tweetie- Pie referee who "Taut I Taw a Pussycat" in imaginaging free kicks for pushes and fouls that existed only in his mind. Not that he was biased he just thought he saw things that weren't there.

So we lost. Will we win next week? Will Pearson start? Will Davies be back? Will Luke Moore win a header?

One thing for sure we will all have a little groan with at least one element of the team selection come Doncaster....if the last few weeks are anything to go by.

SW17_RRR added 14:49 - Dec 19

We've come a hella a long way but still have some distance to go...........uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr''''ssssssssssssssssss! =) =0)

qpr1962 added 20:36 - Dec 20

i do not think QPR will not going up. In window need two defenders and 20 goal striker .The 2 goal let in against leeds was school boy stuffs very poor .But warnock plays this 4-3-2-1 is not working now go back to 4-4-2

mentalbl0ke added 16:36 - Dec 26


qpr1962 added 17:50 - Dec 26


antoknee64 added 13:46 - Dec 27

Ironic that Swans were the best team i seen play on our patch,at the start of the season we were playing passing football like they did yesturday,differance was that we were finishing our chances with Mackie,HH,Ephraime and Adel all chipping in.I still would like to see us play the ball from the back on occasions,look at what Kyle Walker did to them on a few occasions yesturday,the long ball from Paddy to HH is okay but not everytime,even so we were still by far the better team in defence and in-front of goal the score could of easily been 6 or 7.So im not complaining !!!!.

SomersetHoops added 14:46 - Dec 28

I'm in France; coming over here after watching the super game on boxing day so could only watch by jerky internet. For me MOM was Paddy Kenny who kept us in it in the first half where without two superb saves from him we could have been two down. Kyle Walker runs him a good second and I was glad to see Taarabt's excellence being better integrated into the team. From what I could see Matt Conolly and Ali Fourlin both had good games.

qpr1962 added 14:56 - Dec 28

good win at Coventry walker work is sock off

antoknee64 added 16:41 - Dec 28

Not our best performance as usual in front of the cameras,but we never looked like loosing,Kenny outstanding again,Gorkes & Connolly were solid,Derry & Faurlin looked tired,HH was amazing again holding up play but seems to have a problem scoring from open play.Adel quiet but a total threat and Kyle Walker worth every penny of 3 million,was great comming forward (and if it was anybody else but that prat Clarke) could of easily scored after creating a great chance at the end. Everthing crossed that we can extend Walkers contract.

gobbles added 18:37 - Dec 28

These ratings are so token. How does someone give Orr a higher mark than Clarke? Clarke I at least saw made a decent clearance - Orr I don't remember touching the ball

NorwayRanger16 added 20:56 - Dec 28

I struggle to separate Kenny and Walker in this one, but have to give it to Kenny. Without his saves we would have gone in at halftime trailing, and most likely lost the game.
Very un-QPR like we broke some barriers today:
1: QPR had lost the last 5 games played on the 28. of december.
2: First time Coventry lost two consecutive home games in about two years.
3: First away team to keep a clean sheet at the Ricoh Arena this season.
4: Won in front of the Sky cameras (practise actualy helps :-))

I set myself a target of 3 points from the games against Coventry and Norwich, it's better than two draws, meaning a point or three would be a real bonus at Carrow Road.

Going for the same result as New years day 1992, 1-4 and Mackie to get his first hat-trick, you R's!

NorwayRanger16 added 20:59 - Dec 28

I believe those facts to be right but have not checked them.

Maybe you could correct them if wrong Clive :-)

Rs4life added 08:33 - Dec 29

I thought that Ali Faurlin was class, Kenny was great as usual and Walkersuperb. Bring on Norwich!

chazranger added 09:12 - Dec 29

Things are great right now, I hate to put a downer on things but if we are unable to extend walkers deal (which is quite likely) and Hills ban is not uplifted..... we are gonna be in trouble for full backs for a couple of games>

ConnexIV added 22:05 - Dec 29

Put that on a DVD boys, lol :)

PVFC_78 added 16:30 - Dec 30

God we were poor. Cost me a fortune as well to get down to Kent on the train. Lets hope for better at Rotherham.

valiant added 11:15 - Jan 1

Does anybody elese agree that Gary Roberts has gone right off the boil?

SomersetHoops added 17:23 - Jan 1

I can't give any meaningful report on this game as I'm in France and could only hear the radio commentary, but I can comment on the team we put out. Derry has said his legs feel like lead during games, so why don't we give him a rest and let Rowly play. Why does NW not rate him - he has been good for us in this kind of game and could have added a bit of a spark that may have been missing. Mackie was hardly mentioned in the commentary and when he was it was in defence no wonder we didn't get anything from this game. If we have a squad? - this was the time to use it instead of trotting out the same tired legs. Of course I shouldn't be too critical of NW - It could be worse we could be where Cardiff are from being above us not long ago. I am only concerned that prejudice is excluding some players who could give a good performance if given the chance.

Dalenet added 17:23 - Jan 1

Goodness me. We don't half make it hard for ourselves. But a pleasing 3 points against a Tranmere team that were generally poor and got away with murder. Had we thrown that away I would question whether we were strong enough for Div 1, but I think we are.

jdalec added 20:01 - Jan 1

Quite a hot tempered affair. I think Tranmere are one of the poorest sides we have seen this season and we should have won by a greater margin, unfortunately we did our usual thing of we are 2-1 up everyone stay behind the ball lets defend deep and invite the opposition on to us. Got to get our killer instinct back. Jones was excellent which is just as well as Kennedy and Barry-Murphy are not pulling their weight.

jdalec added 20:01 - Jan 1

Quite a hot tempered affair. I think Tranmere are one of the poorest sides we have seen this season and we should have won by a greater margin, unfortunately we did our usual thing of we are 2-1 up everyone stay behind the ball lets defend deep and invite the opposition on to us. Got to get our killer instinct back. Jones was excellent which is just as well as Kennedy and Barry-Murphy are not pulling their weight.

qpr_ox added 23:10 - Jan 1

Helguson peppered with long balls against a 6ft+ defence was never going to work. We looked more attacking in the second half with a man less. At least we took the ball under control and passed it around. But Clarke, why oh why Warnock? He looks awful. Can't jump, can't pass, can't cross. He's been given a go, don't choose him again.

My biggest worry for 2011 is the absence of Taarabts. A bad challenge, a slip in training, or a trip down the stairs of the team coach, and we could do a Cardiff. Our team strategy is solely based around him.

However, get something from the game on Tuesday and we'll all forget about this problem until the next defeat.

qpr1962 added 02:50 - Jan 2

we can not win at Norwich for love or money .we better with 10 men than 11 .but Clarke was crap well i hope we got smith back for Bristol at home on Monday . give player from Norway a run out as well .but its only our 3 lost of the season

qpr1962 added 02:51 - Jan 2

we can not win at Norwich for love or money .we better with 10 men than 11 .but Clarke was crap well i hope we got smith back for Bristol at home on Monday . give player from Norway a run out as well .but its only our 3 lost of the season

harleymaxwell added 10:23 - Jan 2

well i said after the 2 defeats v watford and leeds when taraabt was subbed and it happened again here - he is the only man in the team that can turn a loss into a draw or a win , these players have to be on the pitch in losing situation - better off starting without him and bringing him on in some of these tricky away games after all we would have taken a nil nil

SomersetHoops added 12:43 - Jan 2

Lambert gets credit for changes forced upon him and was lucky being forced to include players that would not have been first choice, but performed very well against our tired and overworked team. I agree with haleymax that it would have been better to start without Taarabt and bring him on when he could have the most impact. I know the saying goes 'don't change a winning team', but when games come at three day intervals it is necessary to evaluate who has the energy for the next game and consider the whole squad. The one change we were forced to make was Leon Clark who didn't seem to have been an improvement. This would have been a good opportunity to test some of our underused squad members and other ways of playing, as looking at the stats our normal team and tactics left us short of the sparkle and energy to consistently take the game to Norwich. We are not yet good enough to pick a team without considering the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition.

antoknee64 added 13:10 - Jan 2

NW is a genious and i praise him for all hes done already,but for the life of me i dont understand this Leon Clarke obsesion thing,he was such a liability to us and when Norwich scored Hil put in a great block on the first shot then Clarke was no where nere their right back (who he should of been marking) and when he shot Clarke turned hes back,everytime he received a pass he played it back too Hill,rubbish.He maybe great in trainning but he just cant make the grade in our team,its a crying shame to see players like Rowlands,Ephraime even Orr left on the bench for the likes of Clarke.Also Norwich had the upper hand as they changed 7 outfield players who were clearly more fresh legged than some of our players,NW should of rotated the squad occasionaly during the Xmas hectic schedule.

qpr1962 added 17:26 - Jan 3

Two points drop orr very poor back pass and very poor marking for the bristol city second but 5 points clear .so the cup next weekend so can rest players for that game

jfk added 18:34 - Jan 3

We looked very good for periods - if a bit tired in places - and really should have been well ahead before the end. Hulse was ok as the target man for balls played forwards, but his finishing is apalling at the moment. I think the ref was going to send their defender off when he gave the penalty, but then realised it was Hulse he fouled so it couldn't be called a clear goalscoring opporutunity.

BromleyHoop added 19:27 - Jan 3

I thought Hill played really well as replacement for Connolly; he won everything in the air and Stead didn't really get a sniff. It was a shame for him that the one error he made all afternoon led to their first goal. I must admit I've got a bit of an issue with Hulse. He made some good headed flick ons but, for someone of 6'2 or 3' he doesn't get off the ground enough. He waits for the ball to come to him as opposed to Helgusson who really attacks the ball and wins far more in the air than he ought to. I can't help but think that if Helgusson was playing he'd have put one of the headed chances away.
Bristol hardly deserved to score one goal let alone two, we were by far the better side. Special mention to Paddy Kenny whose save from Cambell Ryce was outstanding.

billericaydicky added 20:01 - Jan 3

Agree with the comments about Hill, he had a great game until the bad error gave them their first goal. But for me Orr was the main culprit when he tried to be clever at the end and head the ball back to Kenny and gave the first corner away (which then lead to the 2nd corner and their equaliser). It should have been whacked into Ellerslie Rd.

Hulse worked hard, but couldn't hit a barn door at the moment. Taarabt was superb again and really put a shift in.

It certainly feels like a defeat and hopefully now we can bring a couple of players in and ship a few out.

jdalec added 20:01 - Jan 3

Well earned 3 points at Boundary park. Can anybody explain what Joe Thompson contributed against Tranmere to warrant a start today?? He did absolutely nothing for Dale today and it was a blessed relief when he was subbed. Time to start playing with 11 men Keith!!!

harleymaxwell added 23:48 - Jan 3

agree that Orr was at fault for the equalizer - Orr in fact had a poor game all round, crossing passing and distribution not good.

Never felt we would win the game as we looked shaky down the wings and large gaps often in midfield

as for the refs for all their tin god attitude how on earth can this one let Kenny where an all black kit which matches his own!! Its time these refs were assessed negatively for colour clashing with goalies

Take Taraabt out the team and we are very ordinary, NW could rue taking him off early in games we were losing, Watford Leeds Norwich - lets hope not

headhoops added 12:32 - Jan 4

Definately two points dropped.

My opinion: Kaspars needs a long term partner (with pace)
The midfield needs strengthening. Too often Ali and Derry are overwhelmed, they are a fantastic pairing - image scott parker/stephen ireland or a fully fit Rowly in there too? Yesterday we played 4 up front leaving big gaps in midfield - the same was true for Swansea - they strode through and shot at will - fortunately the words hit/cow/backside and Banjo applied. Plus we have Paddy - enjoyed his 'advice' given to Walker.

We have to sign Walker - he's been outstanding - I would also look at putting him in midfield.

Up front, Mackie and Heidar. Hulse is not as mobile and his finishing is appalling. He's 6ft 3ins tall and when he leaps he's 5ft 6ins.

Adel is, well Adel - ten minutes of sulking drives you mad then ten seconds of brilliance and its all forgotten. First on the teamsheet.

Go 4-3-1-2 with

Orr Connolly Kaspars Hill
Walker Ali Derry
Mackie Helguson

happy days.


PinnerPaul added 13:54 - Jan 4

Can't agree at all that this was "Same as Swansea" - BC had far less possession and were far less dangerous than Swansea.

My next door neighbour at LR yesterday agreed with me that Clint Hill won 127 headers and the one he mucked up they scored!

2nd goal agree was a comedy of errors staring with Gorkss miskick, followed by Kenny not either calling for the ball himself on telling Orr he had time, either way Orr should not have conceded the first corner. Mackie actually had a tocuh on the ball but allowed Campbell Rice the shot (WHAT! a save that was!) and then partly because Damion was up we had 5 big men to mark and weren't organised enough to do so. Shots stats are interesting we had 6 on target, as did BC but we had 14 off , they had none!

qpr1962 added 17:25 - Jan 8

who cares its only the fa cup

qpr1962 added 17:25 - Jan 8

who cares its only the fa cup

LostBoys added 10:35 - Jan 9

Great performance all round by the lads and Schneiderlin's midfield masterclass was one of the best I have seen anywhere.

winchesterbob added 11:54 - Jan 9

Morgan Schneiderlin's best game so far this season

qpr1962 added 12:48 - Jan 9

diouf needed s kicking out of football nasty bit of work

OldPedro added 12:55 - Jan 9

I was impressed with some of the delivery from Vaagan Moen and his great free kick at the end of the first half but worried by NW's comments about the number of injuries we've now got especially Jamie Mackie.

And where was Martin Rowlands? Would have thought he would have got some game time

LostBoys added 03:59 - Jan 12

Wow - I would have loved to have been there and tried very hard to manipulate my trip north this week

ourkid1984 added 23:23 - Jan 12

Very good performance and very hard to give a man of the match. Dickson, Chaplow, Lambert, Lallana and Guly all had very good performances.

All of the subs played their part, looking forward to Notts County now.

I would say the only disapointment was the lack of Saints fans that turned up even it being a Tuesday.

qpr1962 added 17:26 - Jan 15

two points drop but draw at burnley where we always lose at

barryroch added 18:00 - Jan 15

The only winner today was the weather.I suppose 1-1 was a fair result although you could,nt play passing football in the conditions. Hope it dries out for Tuesday. Again another poor attendance

jdalec added 19:25 - Jan 15

Should the game of been played?? I think it was just playable although certian areas of the pitch were saturated and Hilly's concern for the long term effects on the pitch are justified. As far as a football match , why when we are in a situation were we are 1-1 do we pull EVERY man deep to defend corners, free kicks etc ??? We never leave a single player in the centre circle and guess what? Thats right if and when we do clear it the ball comes straight back. Basic football. At least we weren't shot shy today. 3 points against managerless Bournemouth please.

valiant added 22:07 - Jan 15

Jake Speight? WTF!!! It was Justin Richards who scored!

LostBoys added 11:53 - Jan 16

All over them but wasteful finishing and a dreadful standard of crosses and passes into the box

channonite added 17:26 - Jan 16

Slightly frustrating day. We, not for the first time, couldn't work out how to unlock the opposition. Enjoyable watching the battle of wits. County played well and could have nicked the game at the death. These are the types of game we have been losing up until recently, but it was still two points lost that we could regret.

We missed Lallana and the injury to Chaplow upset us more than a bit. We can ill afford to lose Chamberlain if Lallana is out for any length of time.


onedalefan added 19:51 - Jan 16

Keith, the ref said it was playable so play to the conditions. As much as I like good football, if it needed hitting long, do it. There was too much 'pretty football' at the back when it wasn't possible and the players should have been told this. Fair play to Orient who also appeared to want to play decent football and normally this would have been ideal for us but they adapted better. I agree with the comment above, why do we bring everyone back for a corner (Dickinson on the post, O'Grady in the area) with no outlet when we clear. All in all, a fair result.

eusebio added 08:35 - Jan 17


kirbys added 16:43 - Jan 17

Like most I wanted to see the match on, but after 15 mins or so began to doubt the merit of playing through puddles. As said above it did not suit our fast passing game - not orient who also played not booted the ball. So no winners all round. Felt sorry for the groundstaff trying to mop up the main stand side with the mobile squeejee's, mission impossible!.
Worse still we picked up a cople of injuries to two players who were handling the conditions better than some in Adams and Kennedy. Hope they are not too serious.

kirbys added 16:51 - Jan 17

ERROR IN MY VIEW ABOVE. Of course it was Josh thompson who was injused after 15 mins.

jdalec added 11:17 - Jan 19

Scrappy game, will take a point from it still unbeaten in 2011. Thought O'Grady looked jaded, Dickinson still to ignite?? Think its time to admit that Thompson is just not good enough, need to start with 11 men not 10 !!!!! Goodall had another excellent performance but for Lillis excellent save in 2nd half he would of been man of match.

trickytree1984 added 15:16 - Jan 22

Great game. Forest looked bright and positive. McGugan was not his normal self but Moussi was brilliat all game, Savage couldnt touch him. Tyson was also excellent.

On the dervy side, Commons, Savage, Leacock and moxey were all poor

Meerkat_Ram added 15:42 - Jan 22

Enough is enough! Derby are a disgace! How will the Directors talk their way put of this result. If Nigel does not have any good players to add to the team at this stage then he has not done the job he was emplyed to do

PVFC_78 added 18:14 - Jan 22

Gareth Owen getting sent off was a big turning point, but apart from Justin Richards hitting the post we really didn't trouble their keeper at all. Yet another defeat.

durham_exile added 23:49 - Jan 22

Well I still haven't seen Colchester win at the Galpharm but they came mighty close today.

A point was fully deserved but we could have had more.
Kayode Odejayi was within a whisker on two occasions of scorin g the winner and looked strong and certainly worth a start at the Withdean on Tuesday.

As you would expect Huddersfield were under pressure to atone for the debacle at Brunton Park in the JPT and were fiirng on all cylinders early doors. Colchester's defence were more than equal to the threat and although Williams had saves to make they failed to put the U's under sustained pressure.

Ben Coker in only his second game looks assured and shows a confidence in his play that has already made Tierney redundant.

Heath and Rio are forming a strong partnership and Lee Beevers (Mr versatile) performed very well and once he begun to tire made way for John White.

In midfield, Andy Bond didn't have one of his strongest days but could have scored in the first half. David Perkins was once again a terrier (no pun intended) and won many duels that he had no right to win.

Ashley Vincent unfortunately tires but shows that hsi pace can unsettle defences.

Mooney works tirelessly and covers every blade of grass (on what was a heavy pitch) but is lacking confidence at present having failed to score recently.

Woody was in and out of the game and didn't get the chance to take any trademark freekicks.

The captain is struggling at present and I would like to see Lloyd James play in his place from the start.

The Colchester faithful were largely quiet today as the Pink Link stand reverberated to the Huddersfield faithful who were noisy for 80 minutes out of the 90.

Prat of the day - Huddersfield Town manager who did his best to imitate Mancini of Man City complete with scarf - he never achieved it and his constant moaning and berating players and officials was tiresome in the extreme.

Disappointment - the league table never lies except when we have played three games less than many of our rivals. When the 46 games have been played we will comfortably be in one of the top six positions.

Now we want Wilson and O'Toole back and fit and quick.

Up the U's

GRUMPYRAM added 08:54 - Jan 23

Another poor showing, this time in a typical local derby. We seemed to have no plan other than to either hump the ball up to Porter (who is clearly not up for the job) or rely on a lucky bounce in one of Bueno's dribbles. Several players were well off the pace and the side is crying out for investment from the Yanks, not just lower league players and loan signings. I know confidence is low at the moment, not only with the players, but also with the crowd many of whom arrived expecting a wupping. There are three poorer teams than us in this league so I do not forsee relegation as a problem, but I do not think there will be any improvement in our league position come May. I fear there will then be a mass exodus of season ticket holders for next year. Whilst I do not have much faith in Nigel and his coaching staff, to replace him would use up a lot of cash (which, unexplainedly, we appear to have none of) and I cannot see a replacement out there who is realistically going to come to a club. I believe the answer is 100% down to the yanks to abandon whatever their plan is and start injecting some cash in for decent players. Ben Davies, especially in the circumstances, was our only player to come out with credit for us, whilst the defence in general was not too bad against a pacy forward line.

HollowayRanger added 16:59 - Jan 23

Good match end to end credit coventry for not parking the bus,Taarabt MOTM as usual ,where would we be without him,that said routledge made a massive difference really put in a shift some great crosses fantastic first touch for goal and pace! pace we have been missing big time,Miller very good as well won hearders that helga lost and but for a great save would have had a goal as well.

Things are looking good again!

qpr1962 added 17:11 - Jan 23

Good win and our first double in 3 season ,Routledge play very well so 5 points clear come U Rsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

qpr1962 added 17:11 - Jan 23

Good win and our first double in 3 season ,Routledge play very well so 5 points clear come U Rsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

French_Hoops added 17:12 - Jan 23

Coventry is indeed a team at the image of their manager: petty and dirty...

bloberts added 19:53 - Jan 23

was at the game have to say i didn't think it was good as everyone was saying...
i thought we got a bit sucked into there game of hoofing it which only worked when miller came on
Coventry were poor as i expected and unfortunatly there only good player seemed to be ''cough'' Marlon King
Both new signings look quality taarabts goal was superb, as was Routledge's
referee was truly horrendous unfortunatly
strange choice by sky to put both coventry games live on sky while neither the swansea, cardiff or norwich game on

putneyhoops added 22:56 - Jan 23

freddie eastwood missed a sitter at 0/1 had he scored it would of turned out a different result maybe, we cant go on wasting so many chances helguson and hulse just dont cut it and forget leon clarke he is poor

paulsmith56 added 23:20 - Jan 23

i agree but why did he leave him on the bench at the Yeovil Town game after his brilliant performance,??????????????

chazranger added 07:51 - Jan 24

QPR1962.... You mention its ur first double in 3 years, We done the double agaainst Barnsley last season. I reckon we could get a few doubles under our belt this year. Great to get back to winning ways, thought we looked sharp again!

eusebio added 08:37 - Jan 24


crazyface added 10:42 - Jan 24

As I expected it turn out to be a relegation dogfight type of game. Barnet were awful and shouldn't be even in this league. Unless Paul Fairclough pulls another miracle off they will go down. We should have won comfortably but for some shocking finishing. Barnett could even hit the target after having the ball rolled invitingly into his stride just inside the penalty area and Sinclair also missed the target when bursting though a collander Barnet defence at the end. The bast player on the pitch was Issac Reid who tried his best to provide our "strikers" with enough opportunities to score that they might actally get one in. Awful game.

SomersetHoops added 18:01 - Jan 24

I was a bit under the weather so unusualy for a weekend home game took the lazy way by watching this game on sky. I did write an earlier report, but was not on top form so lost it. Anyway, it was great to see how Wayne Routledge slotted straight into the team and scored a super goal from a superb pass by AT. They gave Wayne MOM on tv, but I think it was a close call between Derry and AT for me with WR a close third. Its interesting how you get a different perspective on tv and I could see the superb work Derry does and a super shot which deserved a goal - only a top class save by Westwood saved it.
Ish Miller looked good, sharp and drew another Westwood class save. He looks the most like a 'proper striker' that we've had since Paul Furlong. HH has been looking as if he is carrying an injury and Hulse has been about as sharp as a bannana, so we need Miller to stay fit and sharp and lead the line. I'm very pleased we've got Routledge for all the reasons we agree on, but he is not Jamie Mackie and we should not expect him to track back as Mackie did to the detriment of his goalscoring in my opinion. This means particularly Gorks and Conolly need to stay 'on station' more because there is no Makie to cover their errors - glaring in the case of the Marlon King goal. I could have bet on King getting that goal and the only way to have prevented was if I had put £20 on him to score first - in which case he probably would have scored last. Even if his goal had won the game I would still not want King at LR and the fans gave him an appropriate reception. I don't go into many games expecting a win, but I did for this one and all credit to Coventry for a great performance - other teams are going to find them tough to beat if they continue to perform like they did on Sunday

qpr1962 added 18:40 - Jan 29

Bore draw nothing to say .Only Adel Taaradt thoughting he DUMPY out of he PRAM on the pitch

CanadaRanger added 19:13 - Jan 29

Has the paint finished drying yet?

chazranger added 00:45 - Feb 2

Faurlin was different class tonight!! Stand out player

bridgem added 08:58 - Feb 2

Another sad evening, poor tactics, poor team and thinking about Division 1. Sick of played a lone striker at home and Porter well no more comment.
No surprise we failed again, cannot keep a clean sheet in fact we need two for a draw these days, see Chris Riggott has no club surely he would add experience and some class, oh sorry he may want £100 per week so he will not be coming

HantsR added 09:57 - Feb 2

The first half was frustrating as Portsmouth came clearly focused on stifling our attack, mainly by giving the likes of Taarabt and Routledge no room to play. This led to a less attractive approach all round and few quality passing movements. Kitson beat Connolly to most headers and Miller, after initially shining, was mainly subdued. Many clearances were sliced or otherwise mis-timed and this even included a wild kick by Kenny although Orr is the one that stands most in mind. Derry wasn't as effective as usual and Ephraim was typically lightweightand naive when unable to use his pace. In the midst of all this, Faurlin worked hard to gain posesssion and try some decent distribution - his left-foot shot was probably the best of the first half. The game turned in the second half when Taarabt got a bit more of the ball and started to alternately tease the opposition and frustrate our supporters. Once, beating 3 then turning left and spurning the obvious ball right to Hogan, gnashings of teeth could be heard. Shortly after that, a bit more selfishness when most of us were on the point of metaphorically throttling him culminated in smart snap shot that may have surprised Ashdown who let it slip from his grasp and into the net. Whether it was Pompey hanging heads or simply realising that they now had to chase the game - it opened up and made for a much better game. Taarabt's free kicks looked well-paced and threatening but I wish he had let Faurlin try his left foot again rather than Tarb's lame rihgt foot shot over the bar. However, a subsequent corner was deservedly headed home by Clint Hill. Pompey could have had at least two goals but decided to shoot higgh and wide; when they managed to get a shot on target, Kenny showed amazing agility to tip several efforts over when I was in the numb anticipatory state said to be experienced by quarry species when the predator is about to deliver the coup de grace. A hard-won victory and I guess this is the pattern that opposition teams will adopt when our attack can be devastating when given the chance.

billericaydicky added 11:38 - Feb 2

I agree that Faurlin was outstanding tonight, but I'd give MoM to Clint Hill. He threw himself into challenges and epitomises the never say die attitude that Warnock likes to have in his players. And he scored as well. If we ever need to swop things around at the back he can play at centre half with Chimbonda at left back.

headhoops added 11:45 - Feb 2

Faurlin was excellent, Kenny once again playing his part. Taarabt is Taarabt and we love him. Who else would have the vision to beat three players, have a team mate completly unmarked and in on goal - only to look up realise it was Ephraim and decide it wasn't worth putting him through. He (Ephraim) would have just turned back and played to ball to Orr.

Miller is looking better with each game, whilst Hulse appears to be afflicted with first touchitus and goalscorers block.

Most visitors from now on will play like Pompey with a back 5 and 4 in midfield - we have got to get used to it.

toemasher added 17:24 - Feb 2

Agree with most comments but feel I have to give Hogan his due. I think he had a terrific game and worked hard especially with it being a return to form for him. Loved Cotterills comments, ha ha ha, long may they play better than us!

qpr1962 added 22:15 - Feb 4

was good win have to work for it

qpr1962 added 22:17 - Feb 4

Qpr likes playing with ten men against reading .

cmbann added 12:51 - Feb 5

Very impressed with the fitness of Faurlin Derry and Routledge.
Faurlins passing was faultless.
Qpr was a little unfortunate with the last man issue and i think Hogan deserved the red.Good team effort which showed a lot of character.Kenny made good saves but he would be expected to make those saves.
Taraabt is starting to know when to release the ball to his team members - a big club will come in for him so we must accept his presence as short term only.
The only negatives was Hogans lack of discipline and at times Bradleys passing was poor.

However, the link up play was good and the defending was excellent.The fitness coach should be given a bonus this week because Reading look like the team with ten men.

SheffieldSteve added 14:13 - Feb 5

Agree that Faurlin was the 'man of the match', can see why on tv they gave it to Routledge, the goal (so shallow ;-).
The team played very well overall, still don't understand why Hulse is having problems settling in, missed a good chance to score with a header early on. I never felt we would lose the game from the start, though.
Great to have another 3 points, and the double over the fake hoops, with only 10 men for over 50% of each match. U Rs!!

themodfather added 15:43 - Feb 5

big big win
now we can move on full of confidence!
dust off those nerves, this is real and happening!!

NorwayRanger16 added 15:54 - Feb 5

Fantastic feeling last night! Ever so proud of our beloved team.
Agree Faurlin was brilliant, but i'm backing Sky for the MOM. Routledge deserves it, the goal of course tipping it in his favour, which by no means was an easy one, well taken and credit to Faurlin for a perfectly weighted pass. But what really impressed me and why i believe he deserved it the most was his tracking back and the cover he gave Orr, together they had McAnuff under controll throughout.

Lets hope that we get some results going our way before Forest next sunday :-)

jfk added 19:42 - Feb 5

Fantastic result. I thought Hill had a good game too, especially after being booked so early on. Great to see the team going for the win at 10-man (again). Faurlin was excellent, and it's a real boost to have Taarbs and Routledge giving us options up front. If Hulse could only remember how to score, we'd be laughing even more than we are now.

Doughnut added 21:13 - Feb 5

10 men...away win......doesn't come much better than that . Proud of em!

Adelaidehoops added 03:21 - Feb 6

Great to see Routledge & Taraabt linking well that will even get better. I must miss something with Hulse, Cant believe he plays in front of Ishmael .

LostBoys added 06:08 - Feb 6

We did not play well and defensively I have seen better from a pub team. We have got to get this sorted out as everyone around us keeps winning - home or away

Lazarus added 08:48 - Feb 7

I'm hoping not to sound too much like a stuck record, but the ref was truly useless. He missed so many pushes, etc., as well as giving several free kicks in the second half that neither side were expecting. I had the misfortune to sit with the Reading fans, and was thoroughly irritated by their constant braying for free kicks and bookings as their men once again hit the deck under strong - but not dirty - challenges. It was the same last year, and the same at Loftus Road. It is a tactic they seem to employ against the R's, knowing that it is their team's only chance of beating us. Such a well deserved result!! :-)

pnc4eva1 added 17:08 - Feb 9

Rather a poor first half with little to remember apart from Dale having two good attempts compared to Rovers one. The rest was pretty forgettable.

The second half was better but neither team appeared to threaten too much until the first goal and the sending off. Dale then allowed Rover's best player too much time on the ball.

The management did change the formation and go 442 to a greater effect. This resulted in Dale scoring two goals in injury time. The first was heavily contested by the player stood on the line who insisted that Akpro (guilty of a bad miss earlier) was offside. as Rovers attempted to equalise they were ripped to shreads by Done who finished well

jdalec added 19:16 - Feb 9

About time we put 3 past somebody. Can't understand why Matty done hasn't featured more this season?? He can make things happen and has pace with or without the ball. Lack lustre performance from Kennedy & Barry Murphy, Akpa miss was horrendous. Wiseman was excellent as was Dawson.
Bring on Sheff Weds for some much deserved revenge!!!

LostBoys added 18:53 - Feb 12

Dreadful but its three points. Passing and crossing particularly from Harding were worse than you see in the parks

jdalec added 19:43 - Feb 12

Revenge is a dish best eaten cold. Best performance of this year no doubt about it. The eleven we played with after Done came on (altering the game) is without doubt our most exciting and strongest line up. Done, Atkinson, Adams, Holness, Dawson, Wiseman all exciting young players who I believe may just take us to within snatching distance of a play off place HEAVEN!!! We are still in Hillcroft heaven

barryroch added 20:26 - Feb 12

BEST result so far of this amazing season. The only thing that spoiled it was everything to do with the opposition. USELESS manager..... USELESS fans...... USELESS players. I hope we bill them for the damage they caused.

eusebio added 10:02 - Feb 13

A good 3 points added to the 4 away makes for a good weeks work.

winchesterbob added 11:29 - Feb 13

Just for the player ratings if nothing else, although Dickson was in the original team list announced at around 2pm that was later ammended to Jaidi who in fact did play at centre back.

I think the sending off had an adverse effect on Saints as Carlisle switched from a less open game and just tried to hit us on the break.

The balance down the left was disrupted a bit and affected, Harding, Chaplow and Lallana with the the new man N'Gussen in the side, but he looks a decent player and when he settles in looks like a good signing.

It looks like more sides are sticking a couple of defender on Alex O-C and he could do with a rest from the starting line up for a few games if only to save him from some of the battering he got yesterday.

Forte looks lightening quick and if he can control the ball and get crosses into the box will be a good addition

Main thing was three more points..COYR

qlrken05 added 14:35 - Feb 13

Absolutley brilliant report Col. the Best ever football I have seen a Dale team play, walking back to my car after the match I was chatting with about 3 Wednesday supporters who all said the best team won and WE showed them how to play good attractive football, as a TEAM.
Come on the Dale

qpr1962 added 15:28 - Feb 13

Two points drop 12 draw of season you think if won 6 of them games we would be out of sight are this draw going bit as on the bum i hope not

jfk added 16:39 - Feb 13

Disappointing. Great goal from Smith and then a man up, only to give away a cheap free kick and let in a spawny deflected goal.

A few good runs from Miller second half, and a few individual moments of skill from others, but we didn't really look like scoring. I think we missed Smith.

Forest defended well with 10, and had the pace up front to still be a threat, so got to give them credit, but still feeling flat.

I did have a bet on a sending off though. Clattenburg. Nuff said.

headhoops added 16:49 - Feb 13

Top man today was Faurlin, great goal from Smith, pure raw strength from Miller and the usual no prisoners from Derry. Watch the match again and see how much ground Ali covers, how many headers he wins, really hope his substitution isn't a longer term problem.

A mate joked, why didn't Hulse pull his hamstring, my son replied, you usually have to run to do that. Hmmm

onedalefan added 18:55 - Feb 13

As usual, when an opposition don't put 10 behind the ball (and they didn't, they just didn't know what they were doing!) and we are allowed to play, we prove what a good footballing team we are. How often does an enforced change allow someone to shine, Matt Done justified the MOTM award. The only worry I have is that performances like this highlight our players (and management team) to everyone else as mentioned on the football league show.

wilbutpiefan added 17:42 - Feb 14

Only just found the site - I wondered where you had gone to ! Great to have access again to your match reports - still superb.
Why should we worry now ? Relegation - don't think so.
Promotion - how would we manage in the Championship? Nice problem to have.
All credit to Hillcroft from their determination and hard work everything else flows from them as a result.
The real Wednesday fans were shocked but why don't the Police change their tactics ? You cannot put men into a completely full stand and allocated seating might help break up the plonkers who want to cause trouble.
As for Southampton I'll bet they are not looking forward to Saturdays trip, maybe they should forget it and just put our 3 points in the post .......

cmbann added 16:41 - Feb 15

Initially things were going well - wonder goal then the sending off .Then we had a silly error with a free kick given and rightfully so.A very fortunate goal then follows -Paddy can't save those more chance in winning the lottery.Then Tommy suffered his Hamstring we then in my view didn't create much.
Taraabt and Faurlin two of our creative players were tightly marked which left space for Derry and Miller.Although Miller was useful i think he would have been better down the middle replacing Rob Hulse who lacks confidence.Taraabt was sulking and Wayne was subdued.It seemed to be the Reading game in reverse ,we didn't know how to exploit the extra man!

Forest deserved their point and Billy Davies won the Manager points - Neil probably learnt a lot from this game though .
Anyway they didn't lose to a very confident Forest team but the players were obviously dissappointed given the circumstances.

qpr1962 added 17:06 - Feb 19

Another 2 points drop not good enough .The strikers are not getting there act together

qpr1962 added 17:06 - Feb 19

Another 2 points drop not good enough .The strikers are not getting there act together

QPRVancouver added 17:57 - Feb 19

This was a big test of whether we can really make this championship our own. Where are the goalscorers? Is the plan to draw ourselves into the Premier League? Come on R's lets get back to the goalscoring we had in the early part of the season

valiant added 18:22 - Feb 19

Much more like it from Vale, a decent performance except for the usual panic stations in the last five minutes. Gannon has seen the light and played Griff and Roberts in midfield. Geohaghan still doesn't look good enough, just slow and sluggish, but he was nowhere near as bad as he was against Northampton.

newgolddream added 18:41 - Feb 19

Another couple of points dropped. Could be out of sight at this stage of the season. Big game v Ipswich on Tuesday and a repeat of this wouldn't be good enough against our in-form visitors. Come on u R's.

NorthfieldsR added 00:11 - Feb 20

Yes, Come on You Rs indeed!

I can't believe the negativity around Hulse, the panic and the nervousness. OK the goals aren't going in like they did 4 months ago but look where we are and NW has still not had his first anniversary!
For God's sake enjoy and relax...otherwise the nerves pass on to the team.

May be the old Rs would buckle under the expectation. Tonight the bookies have us, at worst at 3/10 for promotion..they rarely get it wrong and this is NW's Rs. Enjoy and get off the back of any of our players.

themodfather added 01:15 - Feb 20

still the 5 pts clear....pne were always gonna give it a go
we hit the bar to miss going 2-0 up and adel had a good chance late on.
another game chlaked off
5 clear with 14 to play, the others are playing catch up and stealing pts off each other.

franciso added 12:48 - Feb 20

Another draw,we should be winning these games especially when the chasing pack are closing in on us when we should be out of sight by now.I fear if we are knocked off our perch we wont get back on top again as our recent form is not the form of champions.It makes Tuesday's game against Ipswich all the more important now and we MUST get 3 points and not ANOTHER draw.Come on U R'ss lets show them we deserve to be top of the league.

qpr1962 added 22:43 - Feb 22

QPR need it to win tonight .need 25 points win the league

qpr_ox added 08:52 - Feb 23

When we win, this part of the site goes extremely silent - can't do Clive's advertising revenue any good!

Loved the result last night, but almost loved it even more when the second goal went in for Preston. An away draw now looks pretty good against them.

Of course, the BBC site leads with the Cardiff result. God forbid they begin to support their local team!

billericaydicky added 09:36 - Feb 23

Well done Fitz Hall who threw himself in front of shots and was an excellent calming influence at the back. Top marks also for big Danny and Clint Hill. A game of 2 halves as they say and a valuable 3 points. 6 more wins to go...

headhoops added 09:42 - Feb 23

Wasnt pretty, especially the first half, Warnock must have told them at half time, only one winner once we got going. Helguson is fantastic in the air but we have to stop the route one stuff everytime.
Paddy was as solid as ever, Shittu was and always will be SOLID, Clint Hill just shaded it for me as MOTM - ultra competitive and got that important first goal.
Pity about the late goals against Forest, Norwich & Leeds. LOL.

franciso added 11:29 - Feb 23

We got out of jail last night as Ipswich were all over us in the first half and we couldn't get the ball.We had loads of corners before we got that vital first goal but wasted them.With all the big men we've got we should be scoring more goals from corners.Delighted with the win as the chasing pack were closing in on us and I couldn't face another draw.Upwards and onwards now and lets hope for a result against Middlesboro'.

jfk added 11:50 - Feb 23

Wow. Great result, and the only downside on the evening - I thought - was Forest's late winner. Only found out reading the comments here that Preston went back and equalised. Fantastic.


bstokesaint added 12:47 - Feb 23

Yet another chance missed to put some pressure on Bournemouth, Huddersfield and Peterborough. And yet another win for Brighton at the top. It's not a disasterous result, but yet again proves that Brighton's more direct style works better at this level. That said if we can win our games in hand and go up in second, then maybe our game will suit better in the Championship. Bring on our bogey team..

LostBoys added 17:27 - Feb 23

Sounded very poor on the radio. I am concerned about our loss of real form at a time when Brighton just keep rolling on. We can just about recover the 10 point gap but we have to do better than this even on a quagmire. I am also worried about certain players producing consistently poor performances.

winchesterbob added 19:29 - Feb 23

Can't comment on 'certain players' as I was listening to Dazzling Dave Merrington and crew on the radio.... but it is a concern we are not scoring more and perhaps a more direct approach might suit the muddy fields of the north. Still lets hope we can beat the bogey on the lush green of St Mary's this Saturday. COYR

newgolddream added 21:54 - Feb 23

Thrilled with the 3 points, clean sheet and a long awaited home win over Ipswich. Fair play to Warnock who had the courage to drop both our centre halves and great to see Dan The Man back in the first XI. Clint Hill is an example of what's been missing at this club for a long time. Only 13 cup finals remaining as we strive to win this championship and return to the top tier of English football. U R's.

PietKB added 16:06 - Feb 26

Gutless performace today. Need to support the defence out!
Move swiftly on.

qpr1962 added 19:18 - Feb 26

its was good to see Buzsaky start a game and Helguson get two goals would be nice he took the pen for hes hat trick but we all no what Taarabt like . But great win at Middlebro

pnc4eva1 added 09:03 - Feb 27

should have taken a book to read for the first half.

Second half was better but it wasn't hard to improve on the first half.

Still another point to safety and possibly in leap frogging Oldham

themodfather added 11:13 - Feb 27

big win...another clean sheet..12 to go, still clear top
another game chalked off.....smiles all around!
the 1st may have been deflected but the 2nd was quality, great cross form wayne and heidar buried it and is our centre forward.
adel hammered home his pen to seal a good win. derry has been excellent and the fans have started to chant his name.
about 1000 qpr there....

LostBoys added 01:09 - Mar 2

what a joke apart from the fact that everybody who played won (except Charlton) could not hit a barn door

qpr1962 added 17:26 - Mar 5

Qpr did not play very well but who cares Win a win Good goal by Miller happy Birthday

NorwayRanger16 added 18:16 - Mar 5

Yes, absolutely massiv win! In time of writing this it's half time in Cardiff and 0-0. Finally a round where our nearest rivals slip up :-)

Goes to show how important it is to have quality on the bench, cause let me tell you something, Hulse would not have shrugged of Bamba and slottet home like Miller did.

It's Miller time! Happy birthday son, you've earned it.

lee3lions added 18:21 - Mar 5

Just looking at the Leicester team line-up above. First, Matty Fryatt scored the winner today at Forest, FOR HULL!
Jay Spearing has been back at Liverpool since the end of LAST season!
Stephen Clemence hasn't played for Leicester in over two years and has actually retired!!!
Bamba & Bruma played as centre backs today, and are not even listed, same for Waghorn who came off the bench late on.
Where on earth did this team list come from?

French_Hoops added 20:21 - Mar 5

Who cares lee? We're here to rate the QPR players.
Go to your own home page if you want to rate yours (assuming Leicester has its own LFW page) and as far as I'm concerned, you can put our 1985 line-up if you like.

themodfather added 11:38 - Mar 6

leics played well, it was a good game and we won, despite maybe ,them the better chances
however i felt we stayed with it and were patient..miller and smith should've been on earlier but the 1-0 win was crucial as results went our way.

SomersetHoops added 15:17 - Mar 6

For me Paddy Kenney and Wayne Routledge share MOM for this one. Paddy's save from the lob was world class and got loads of fans on their feet applauding and Wayne was outstanding in his terrier like defending and despite being one of the shortest players on the pitch was often seen heading the ball to safety. In the case of Paddy without three good saves and Wayne's pass to Miller we would not have won this game.

Leicester were as good as I expected them to be and bossed large parts of this game. Our performance in holding them off was superb although like most I agree Mat Conolly looked below par. This performance was even better when considering large numbers of the players had been unable to train due to illness.

It was noticeable that Taarabt was suffering from blind side shirt tugging and ankle taps every time he got near the ball often not enough to give a free kick for but enough to put him off the best of his play. Bruma was particularly good at this and had a good game resulting in the AT threat being just about nullified. Adel would benefit from powering through these niggles a bit more, rather than appealing to refs for free kicks that don't often get given. This why Miller was such an inspired substitution as the two defenders on him tried it on just outside the box, but he powered through and scored.

I would like to see Ali Faulin given some of the free kicks as often I think AT gets wound up so much before he takes them that they go completely wrong as happened at least once in this game.

It was a great game of football despite having only one goal and I think right up to ten minutes to go either side and their supporters would have been happy with a draw, so this was a very good win. I don't agree with those who say this was not a good performance from QPR, our attackers spent a great deal of time supporting the defence which made it difficult for the free flowing football some say is more attractive to watch. This was two sides evenly matched, at the top of their game almost cancelling each other out and for us to get 3 points from it is superb.


stevohoops added 18:38 - Mar 6

Qpr seemed like they were not at their best,but in truth they grinded out a result against top quality opposition,who have quality and power throughout.
It got more tense as the game went on,they passed well,with Yakubu in particular a constant threat.
But the Rs were constantly snapping at their heels,with Faurlin showing he is not just a flair player,but really can get stuck in as well,he was as superb as ever,just not from his usual passing game.
Yes i would love to have seen us pass Leicester off the pitch,
which we are capable of,but all credit to Leicester for not letting us do that.
Yes,I was screaming at Warnock to get Miller on,for some power of our own! Thought he left it too late,but credit to the great man again,he didn't!!
Great game with a great goal for the birthday boy Miller,to round off three crucial points for the Superhoopsa!!

qpr1962 added 22:39 - Mar 8

Millwall did their Homework on QPR they marked Tarrabt out of the game and the same with Routledge we had nothing up front with just Helguson i think warnock never plays 4-4-2 .well done to Millwall

qpr1962 added 22:45 - Mar 8

Warnock did not get this match right Helguson had no support up front ok we are 7pst clear at the moment .ithink 20pst to go up out of 30pst

jfk added 23:00 - Mar 8

Well, you have to lose some time, and Swansea and Cardiff only got a point between them. Good win for Norwich at Leicester, but we're still 7 clear so the night hasn't undone all the good work from Saturday. Really need to do the job against Palace on Saturday though.

LostBoys added 09:42 - Mar 9

Some excellent football in parts and some of the worst passing I have seen from certain Saints players. Thank goodness for Barney, Lallana and Chamberlain.

SomersetHoops added 09:58 - Mar 9

Another game where I'm reduced to looking at the live text updates on my phone in between badminton games. Just when I was beginning to think a 0-0 wouldn't be too bad, they scored with a penalty shortly after. I think the game on Saturday took a lot out of them and its probably that which led to loss of concentration by our defenders. Gorks lack of pace probably meant he was never going to get on the ball over the top once it had passed him and we were probably asking too much of Danny to play 90 minutes in two matches in 3 days after just coming back in. I probably shouldn't comment when I didn't actually see this game, but we are lucky not to have been the only ones in at the top to lose points. We need to be on top form on Saturday for the visit of a resurgent Palace where we will need all three points to keep our distance from the pretenders to our crown.

jdalec added 10:50 - Mar 9

Thought we played some good stuff at times, It is becomming clear that Liam Dickinson is NOT the real deal!!!!! Used more as a traget man during this game the bloke does not look sharp enough for me?? Pilkington injury looked horrendous and i wish the bloke all the best in his recovery. Onwards and upwards now, time to put 2 defeats behind us and give Exeter a good hiding on Saturday. UP THE DALE!!!!

mr_qpr added 13:16 - Mar 9

Team didn't play well and Millwall probably deserved it but all of that is insignificant when you consider the Millwall fans behaviour and how away fans are treated. How can this club continue to be allowed to play in the football league? How many police were on duty at the stadium and London Bridge, who pays for them, who allows the home fans to practically tear down the gate behind which the away supporter are caged in, who allows these people to throw anything to hand at the away supporters, who allows objects to be thrown at substitutes warming up, who allows the home fans in each corner to behave like animals and constantly taunt and abuse opposition players and supporters and stand throughout the match, who allows the ground to still be open after reports of bottle and coin throwing at the previous two games? All the quotes about a small minority and all the good work the club has done is absolute b******s. You can go to almost any other ground in the country and not have to put up with this - why are they allowed to constantly get away with it and are probably taking a large chunk of their policing costs out of the my council tax to pay for it all.

QPRFish added 15:38 - Mar 9

And who allows the QPR fans to "coin" liam trotter when playin up to the camera man behind the goal after scoring the pen? Oh & seein as i was very close to what could've been a potentially nasty incident directly after the game, who allows the rangers fans to throw said missiles back only for them to be returned with interest?? I only point this out as a matter of balance you understand....

themodfather added 15:56 - Mar 9

were we too lightweight with adel,buzza and wayne?
the ref allowed adel to be flattened with no action.
maybe starting with miller, pvm,chimbonda may have beefed us up until the 2nd half then unleash the pace/skills of adel and co??

we had a lot of possession but rarely looked like scoring.
not a disaster as still 7 clear and just 10 to go.

brady added 20:31 - Mar 9

Another good performance, we now need Barry Murphy and Will Atkinson to come to the party and put in the same effort as Jones and Kennedy in midfield, Chris O Grady was class all night. we looked more threatening when Akpa Akpro came on, Hope he starts on Sat, Liam Dickinson struggled last night but still worked hard I think he just needs a goal.

qlrken05 added 22:25 - Mar 9

I just want to say a Big Big Thank you to Keith Hill for taking us into league 1 and allowing the supporters of Rochdale AFC to go to places like the Galpharm Stadium, "which is a premier league ground"and watch our team play some Brilliant football, even though we lost on the night, it was fantastic to watch our MIGHTY Dale play on such a big stage. I really do hope the Huddersfield player who was carried off has a rapid recovery. lets get right behind our team, & lets stuff Exeter on Saturday as well as cheating Notts County next Tuesday.

qpr1962 added 18:06 - Mar 12


barryroch added 18:22 - Mar 12

4 4 2

French_Hoops added 18:36 - Mar 12

If Derry isn't MOM then there's truly something wrong! He was once more immense today.
Kenny is a class apart (although he didn't have much to do today) and Taarabt is indeed our talisman. But could he do what does if he hadn't Derry & Faurlin behind him?

LostBoys added 18:55 - Mar 12

I could not get a ticket but it sounded a bit ropey to start with but well on top afterwards. You cannot complain about winning 3 1 away at a side above us in the league but I do get tirec of hearing the defence hoofiong it straight to the opposition players in midfield - cant we turn defence into attack or at least hold the ball for a period. Good stuff otherwise

Yorkshire_Dale added 19:56 - Mar 12

No such thing as "bankers " in League 1.......but if we are to establish ourselves in this League we do need to be beating the likes of Exeter......I think we all had this down as a game to get something out of......just hope we don't trip up like last season and just stagger over the line at the last gasp.

Come on Dale.......winnng ways on Tuesday,pretty please!

jdalec added 20:19 - Mar 12

We've all had that feeling on bonfire night haven't we, you know the one where you buy what you think is a really good rocket that will thrill beyond all expectations?? Then comes the big moment, you light it and guess what?? Thats right it coughs, spits and farts and then falls over. Well that just about sums up Dickinson in a Dale shirt, thought he had perhaps the best performance I have seen him have but lets be honest it isn't going to happen, let him find his 15th club or whatever number he is up to now. Second half was appalling and thats being mild, best end it there before things begin to go downhill language wise.

onedalefan added 20:40 - Mar 12

The opposition are going to let us pass it around all day if it's pretty football but constantly going backwards. We are missing a Dagnell or Le Fondre who can 'buzz' around and disturb the defence. Can't rely on Jonah bursting forward all the time. They showed today that sometimes direct and quick is the way to go. Why are we playing wingers who then play in the middle and players who can hold it up out on the wing?

billericaydicky added 21:13 - Mar 12

Derry was excellent as was Faurlin, Taarabt back on form, but I have to mention Fitz Hall who I thought was outstanding today - the clearance when he was running back and stretched a leg out saved us a goal in my opinion.

jo_qpr63 added 00:36 - Mar 13

I thought all the team played well, for me taarabt was the standout, top class. Totally agree about fitz halls draw. Thought our fans were a bit quite but then i was sitting in x block and had palace fans in my earhole throughout the game. Their support was full on but let themselves down by throwing bottles onto pitch..mugs. Good to see the teams around us drop points. C'mon u Rrrs

wombleR added 11:57 - Mar 13

Have to say I thought Derry was excellent. Quietly efficient but always in the right place and taking the right option. He even quelled the Palace bottle lobbers.

SomersetHoops added 12:05 - Mar 13

I was really proud to be a QPR supporter on Saturday the fans gave the team almost continuous support and it was as good as I have ever heard with the possible exception of the best games of the pre-all-seater times when we could get a lot more people in the ground. After the well discussed problems I hope Ali Faurlin appreciated the particular support he got from every corner of the ground.

I agree Shaun Derry was superb I would also say Faurlin, Kenny, Taarabt, Helguson and Orr all had very good games.

As far as I could see we were, for once, better than the scoreline suggested and if Fitz Hall had been more decisive and hoofed the ball into touch, when he had the chance, for their goal we would have kept another clean sheet. Hall looked as if he was frightened of injury if he went into a tackle that made him look as if he was playing with a yellow and second warning from the ref. If Derry had been where Hall was he would have have gone in, taken the ball and hoofed it away and Dery's judgement calls in each situation is what makes him such a good player. We could easily have scored 4 in this game and I wish we had as it would have helped my nerves at the end.

I think it was very inconsistent of Mr Atkinson to book Taarabt for kicking the ball away after the whistle, when CP did worse without a card. I actually think Taarabt's intent was to deliberately bounce it off the hoarding to the point where the kick needed to be taken, which he did ,so I can't really see it wasted any time.

French_Hoops added 20:42 - Mar 13

Somerset, I don’t always agree with your views but on this one, I’m almost on the same page as you are.
I agree that Hall looked passive on Palace’s goal (and seeing it again on tv confirms that). He could and should have done better.
Derry is 1 booking away from a 2 games suspension (which would be a huge blow for us) but that doesn’t stop him doing cleverly his job.
The atmosphere was absolutely fantastic indeed! I sit in block B, near to the opposite fans and everybody went bonkers especially when they started throwing bottles.
And yes, Hall stretched leg was great to see but 18000+ people (included everybody on the pitch) were probably amazed it turned out so well... Proof is that he tried a similar save a few minutes later and it was an awful one, resulting into an evitable corner (where everybody hoped it wouldn’t pan out to be another Bristol City goal, just a few minutes from the final whistle).
He is always stretching his body to the edge (to which his body obviously doesn’t react too well as he is out for 2 weeks every 3 games) and that denotes of his relative inability of properly reading the game and placing himself to a position where he wouldn’t have to on the edge almost every time.
As for Taarbs card, yes CP did the same and got away with it with a quiet word from an otherwise impeccable referee but Taarbs was unlucky to do it too later on. And I could bet my house that he knew what he was doing as there was just enough time between the whistle and the moment he hit the ball. It’s not for him or any Rangers player anyway to bring the ball to the point where it should be taken but Palace’s players responsibility. He did try to hit it on target. Classic example of time-wasting. Thus yellow card. And he didn’t complain about it either.

derbyhoop added 08:45 - Mar 14

I thought we dominated from the time we scored our first through to the end. Their only effort on goal was the equaliser. I'm surprised the possession stats only show 55/45 to us and the only disappointment was that, instead of putting the game to bed, we were trying to showboat. At 2-1 that smacks of an unjustified arrogance.
Both Derry and Faurlin were superb with the former shading my MOM vote.
And with Swansea, Cardiff, Forest and Leeds all slipping, it's difficult to see how we can avoid one of the 2 automatic places (subject to the FA charges, of course).

YouRs added 11:42 - Mar 14

Yeah I give it to Derry. Epitomised when 30 secs from end of game he smashed the ball into the paddocks to break up Palace's last attempt to get something from the game.

jo_qpr63 added 23:20 - Mar 14

I want to sit next to somerset and french hoops, its a party next to them and everyone's invited!

barryroch added 22:32 - Mar 15

3 points was the highlight, Good goal x Dawson, Abysmal attendance !!!!!!!!

Yorkshire_Dale added 23:29 - Mar 15

Great result tonight.....knew we had it in the bag,felt it in my water this morning.

Very poor attendance.

Oh,did I mention that I don't like Ince or Notts County?

French_Hoops added 16:59 - Mar 16

Don't worry Jo: Somerset & I might disagree on a few details but in the end all that matters is QPR!

jo_qpr63 added 21:48 - Mar 16

Not worried fella , hav'nt enjoyed supporting QPR this much for a while, and i remember watching the likes of man u and liverpool on the terrace's.Looking forward to next 4 home games in the bundle especially the golden ticket, you know the one...the one where we lift the trophy!!. C'mon u Rrrs

qpr1962 added 19:52 - Mar 19

its was first goal at the keepmoat and first win at keepmoat first 3pst at keepmoat so Come on U Rsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

barryroch added 19:48 - Mar 31

They deserve a FULL house on Saturday !!!!!!!!

jdalec added 19:09 - Apr 2

One of the best games of the season I thought. Brighton showed why they are on top of the table however they also showed what a physical and dirty side they can be. Never missed an opportunity to maul a Dale player and as for Poyet, he is without doubt the Sammy Macllroy of league 1, he never stopped moaning and berating the officials. Referee had a shocker and thats putting it mildly, he might be ok reffing a game tomorrow in the sunday league!! Good point gained, still in with a play off chance??? UP THE DALE

pnc4eva1 added 21:00 - Apr 2

how many penalties did the referee miss

pedrodale added 20:18 - Apr 3

Dont think the ref took one

qpr1962 added 22:24 - Apr 4

It was very sorry Sheffield Utd team QPR out class Sheffield Utd from start to finishs Wayne tommy alejandro was class all game Come on U Rssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

jfk added 09:01 - Apr 5

And now you're going to believe us... the Rs are going up! I finally allowed myself to sing it last night (well, I did sing it once before when we were 1-0 up against Forest. D'oh!). Always a bit wary after a 2 week break, but 3-0 is a proper win. Very happy.

headhoops added 09:34 - Apr 5

You can only beat what's in front of you and that we did without moving through too many gears. Some slack defending at times would have got punished by better opposition but we were always in control.

Derry & Faurlin were superb in midfield but for me the front three were exceptional in their movement and link up play. Smith, Routledge and Heidar were far too good. Heidar especially, made both goals for Wayne, almost the third and time and time again, won the ball in the air and ground and set up attack after attack. Terrific cut back for Big Pat who showed why he's a sub at the moment.

Three wins to get, bring on the Iron.

qpr_ox added 14:54 - Apr 5

Helguson. Man of the Match.

legod7 added 11:21 - Apr 6

Why is our new signing Dale Stephens called John O'Shea in the player ratings for the second game in a row

eusebio added 13:37 - Apr 6

You think that is wrong check out the charlton side.....Bally Smart !!!!

qpr1962 added 17:30 - Apr 9


patred added 18:31 - Apr 9

KELVIN DAVIS..a magnificent display 10/10

Jayman66 added 20:23 - Apr 9

On another day things could have been so different. Perhaps City used up all their finishing last match. For all the credit given to DeVries for his 2 double saves they weren't exactly the hardest saves to make. Holt and Korey especially should have stretched him a bit more and really shoukld have scored. This happens and it's 2-2 and Priskin never gets a chance.

That would have been a more appropriate score. Both sides obviously had quality but Swansea happened to have the tiny bit extra on the day. Once 2 up they could just defend, waste time and frustrate City.

I would have liked to have seen Pacheco try his luck with the free kicik early in the second half. When Boroni got his it reminded me of the youtube vids of Dani doing much the same.

So a rare defeat but still a lot of quality on show. With QPR losing this was our chance to make the move on 1st but more importantly we're still the team in 2nd place and 1 more game is gone. We were in exactly the same position a few weeks ago but now we've fewer games to go so just keep going guys. OTBC

themodfather added 16:34 - Apr 10

wayne is on one, could make it 2-0 and game over...goalie saves and we know the rest...
not a disaster but we seemed over run at the back...we do need full backs.
where was heidar? how bad is adel's injury?
why did buzza not start for adel?

very keen stewards seemed keen to repel any qpr "fun" ...if the army or un used these stewards maybe there's no war!

qpr1962 added 10:26 - Apr 11

Back four whet a sleep one person i point out in back four was Bradley Orr he was crap he was skin alive .its true without Taaratbt we are nothing .i would like Warnock play 4-4-2 with hulse and millier up front now and again

barryroch added 22:36 - Apr 12

The BEST game of the season by a country mile. Everyone gets 10/10 WELL DONE (shame the crowd was not there to cheer them on)

regjenkins added 23:10 - Apr 12

Nicky Adams performance was outstanding tonight amongst team players that were collectivly outstanding. Well Done DALE... crowd did their bit to help.

qpr1962 added 00:19 - Apr 13


gjc104 added 12:39 - Apr 13

Wasnt pretty, was hard work to watch also, but won the game which is the most important thing right now!

SilverDale added 13:00 - Apr 13

Wake me up when the dream comes to an end - and I'll still be a very happy man.
What a great season and the games and team performamces just get better.
Give everyone a 10, and TK a 10+.
When will the Rochdale public realise what a team and high standard of football is there for them to support at Spotland

AshteadR added 13:07 - Apr 13

Great result, not a great performance - we gave the ball away so often i lost count....

themodfather added 14:36 - Apr 13

the ref would happily have let adel get 3 broken legs, endure surgery without medication and then book him!!
very poor.
how i hoped qpr would get that 2nd..then kick em back!
big win, with big away support....

jdalec added 11:51 - Apr 14

Agree with all above comments, what a shame the people of Rochdale and surrounding areas are not getting behind this fantastic era, they'd sooner sit at home with a Man United shirt on watching Sky TV (Sad bastards)
Keep it up Dale, we are in dreamland

LostBoys added 18:17 - Apr 16

We have trouble dealing with teams set up as 4 5 1 but we should still have had a hatful but we could not hit a barn door and some of the crosses were dire. But its three points and we needed them with everyone else winning

ingham46 added 09:13 - Apr 17

I thought that Grayson made a few mistakes in his line up Howson is not a left sided player as he showed in the Playoff Final v Donny. He persists with O'Brien who clearly has problems talking to his keeper and the other defenders. But why leave Bechio on the bench, Somma is ok off the bench but no more he has no pyhsical presence.Killa by name but not by nature why does he play when BB is clearly a better midfielder. All in all a poor afternoon's performance and a few players seem 2b not bothered about reaching the Premier League maybe they know they are not good enough which on this showing they clearly aren't. A defeat next Friday and we will loose 6th spot. I'm not annoyed because I never expected to be in the top 6 but we need a few players in next season if we hope to reach the Premiership

sidsaint added 12:46 - Apr 17

Lets hope class will tell in the run in. Do Prado's goal was brilliant as was his ball control skills throughout the game. Running at players and taking them on can be just as good a tactic as numerous crosses.

Lets also hope Adam is back soon.

qpr1962 added 22:06 - Apr 18

Derby came with game plan and work did not let QPR play

NorwayRanger16 added 23:05 - Apr 18

Had this down as 0-0 actually, the optimist in me went for two scorecast's of 1-0 and either Derry or Connolly as the scorer. With those unlikely scorers you see what my expectations where like.

Crap game but one more point accumulated, in the end it's not so bad.
MOM Connolly 8.

But i have to say Derby's tactics were poor and of the dark days.

Gang of thugs disguised as a fotball team is more like it. And with a poor official apointed for the game it just went from bad to worse. I thought DD first half was ok with the exception of him doing nothing to protect Taarabt, you could clearly see the kid was anxious every time the ball came his way. In the end of the game i couldn't believe how Brayford, Ayala or Davies where still out there. Mark of 3 from me, and thats being generous.

It will be interesting to see how the team and staff approach the Cardiff game both mentally and tactical. A defeat in Wales would really test the nerves of both players and fans in the remaining rounds.

Steve_T added 00:26 - Apr 19

NorwayRanger16, are you Arsene Wenger in disguise?

OldOneEye added 01:00 - Apr 19

For the second time this season, the old boy, Robbie Savage, trussed, parcelled and finally gift-wrapped Abel Taarabt before sticking him in his back pocket.

It wasn't the greatest of games, but boy, did Derby battle, and they thoroughly deserved their point. One poster seems to think that three Derby players should have been sent off. For what?

In my book, a foul on the pathetic Wayne Routledge isn't actually an offence but an act of kindness.

Even Colin in his post-match interview had to give grudging acknowledgement and tacit approval to Nigel Clough's tactics. Well played, Derby - no surrender!

Steve_T added 01:33 - Apr 19

Patricia Routledge you mean.

NorwayRanger16 added 09:38 - Apr 19

Steve T, thanks for pointing out the obvious, i'm actually a bit embarrased that i sounded like Arsene Whinger :-)

I fully support any team to go out and try to get the best result possible by any means necessary. Had Derby approached this game the same way Sheff Utd did they wouldn't have anything to show for their efforts, and in the position Derby are in who could blame them.
Hell, we have been scrapping for narrow 1-0 wins on the road all season ourselves!

OldOneEye, not that i'm hoping for red cards, just thought a proper ref (Darren Deadman is not a proper ref) should have come down a little harder on several occasions.
First Ayala, 30 seconds before his two footed tackle (which alone is a red card offense) when the ref played the advantage should have had a yellow card. 2 yellow = 1 red.
Re Brayford, idiotic behavior when pushing Gorkss in the back resulting in him hitting the camera, could have caused serious injury, straight red.
Davies, nothing spesific, just repetitive fouling throughout the game. I agree that a red for him would have been harsh.
QPR should have had two stone wall yellow themselves for cynical fouls in the second half (Faurlin and Hill).

I don't begrugde you the point gained, well deserved after a battling display, QPR didn't do enough to deserve a win imo.

Warnock has based his career on the same tactics, of course he can't say anything else :-)

OldOneEye added 13:54 - Apr 19

Bias is a wonderful thing - neither of us can be really relied on for an impartial viewpoint, so here's mine....

Regarding Brayford's shove - it was stupid, but take it up with Sky TV or QPR's own 'Health and Safety' people. Just because the camera is there changes nothing. When Kris Commons was shoved off the pitch at Crawley earlier on this season, he ended up over a four foot wall and into the seats. It's the foul that counts - not the consequences. Send someone off for a shove and you will end up with 2-a-side.

Ayala's challenge was not a two-footed challenge - well, not at the same time anyway. It was a lunge worthy of a booking, sure, but the second foot came in scissors-like afterwards. Neither foot made any sort of contact with the player, and it was neither 'studs showing' nor feet in the air. I've just watched it again.

Colin calling for Davies to be sent off is quite baffling when Davies was trying to get out of the way and Paddy Kenny was the one following through after his clearance. His little dig about Pride Park ('The Baseball Ground or wherever they play') just shows what happens when you mix idiots and microphones.

All the best for the rest of the season - let's hope that the FA aren't silly over the Fourlin thing.

themodfather added 16:28 - Apr 19

derby seem to be a bogey side for us at qpr, ok it's a pt to the total required
which i have long said 85pts will send a team up ( 83 may do it now if ipswich beat norwich)
savage again tied up adel but he still got in a moment of magic that produced a wonder chip and a great save from their goalie.
we will need to up our game v cardiff.
not a disaster...

headhoops added 17:08 - Apr 19

For Derby their only problem was which bus to take on the way home - they came for a point and got it. Let's face it next season if we came away from Anfield, Old T, Emirates and The Lane with a 0-0 minimum, happy days?

Can still think of 23 managers who would swop with Colin.

cmbann added 11:08 - Apr 21

this was not an enjoyable game to watch as derby spoiled successfully and deserved the draw.Qpr showed signs that the performance was being affected by the accumulation fatigue effect.Fresh legs are needed to get them over the line.Routledge was effective until he got booked.
Team performance was not of champions except the keeper who i believe is the best keeper in all the leagues.
I predict more fatigue affected games if the same team is chosen in the matches to come.
Defence was well drilled and a clean sheet for Paddy was the positives.

NorwayRanger16 added 15:42 - Apr 23

Have your say. What can you say?

Taarabt's to good for you, Taarabt's to good for you!

Yeah, that's it :-)

AshteadR added 16:41 - Apr 23

much improved in the 2nd half - a great point which was very nearly 3

LostBoys added 19:36 - Apr 23

Well done the lads I thought it was all over with the second half misses. Well done to the lucky fans who managed to get a ticket and go. Roll on Monday

DeanoMD added 19:56 - Apr 23

Tough game, defended like wallies in first half but i still think we were better side overall, expected more from Cardiff actually think they are quite an average side and if we were on top form we would have won easily. That said well happy with the point, a lot more so than Mr Miserable Jones who was obviously watching a different game. Second half we looked good value and should have nicked it at the end, Helguson misses a sitter no surprise there really. Support from the R's fans was awesome today, at times they were outsinging the home lot who were mainly just hurling abuse all game. Well done guys great result and the right one.

qpr1962 added 22:59 - Apr 23

Cardiff was better side in first half 3 great goals second half QPR was better side and great goal by taarabt and could of nick at the end overall One point was fair

Spot51 added 07:21 - Apr 24

I know sod all about the game beyond the result and the scorers - and the fact Brighton and their dago manager have no class.

But I have recorded the FL show and will enjoy watching it this morning.

HMHB added 08:58 - Apr 24

Still running around the garden , the wife is shaking her head.

qpr1962 added 17:41 - Apr 25

we would won league long ago we have draw to many games this season

kilburn added 17:51 - Apr 25

In true QPR fashion, although albeit mathematically promoted (assuming no points deduction), this was a very frustrating game to listen through. All kinds of chances to put the game away, but once again Helguson & later Agyemang were just not able to take advantage of gilt edged scoring opportunities. In the Premier League we will definitely need proven strikers who can get this job done. In the build up to their goal our defence sounded all over the place.

Rickster added 20:03 - Apr 25

I do not know where you have got John Bostock (was on loan from Spurs, not anymore), Daniel Cousin (disappeared at the beginning of the season somewhere), Daniel Ayala ( was on loan from Liverpool before Xmas now on loan at Derby), Rowan Vine (was on loan before Xmas for a month, he soon disappeared),Peter Halmosi (went back to his mother country to play), Ian Ashbee sold to Preston in January. A much accurate player addition would be Matty Fryatt, James Chester, Jack Hobbs, Jay Simpson, Cory Evans, James Harper and not forgetting David AMOO! In the Premier League you will get battered and Neil Warnock will still not be getting any Xmas cards from Stan Ternent!

newgolddream added 20:51 - Apr 25

Shades of 1976 when a 3-2 Norwich win denied us the championship trophy. Won't happen this time as we will surely get a single point in our final 2 matches to win the title. Could do without the FA hearing on tuesday week although it's looking like a hefty fine rather than a points deduction. Let's finish the job ion Saturday next in Vicarage Road .

Lazarus added 06:29 - Apr 26

Why oh why did we not put this to bed when we had the chance? We were totally dominant in the first half, but we seemed to lack the hunger and killer instinct, and were happy to outplay Hull without creating chances. Adel is brilliant, but it is so frustrating watching build up play that repeatedly ends with him "fannying around", rather than seeing the ball being passed to someone else less flamboyant but perhaps more focussed on getting the ball into the net in a straightforward manner. He's a terriffic talent, but not every attack has to go through him, surely?

dixiedean added 08:52 - Apr 26

I can't workout why Aggy has jumped above Miller in the pecking order. Compare Aggy's attempted lob with Miller's finish v Leics for instance. No doubt who I'd rather have in the team / bench. Is he injured or just out of favour? By the way Rickster, presume you're a Hull fan so you'd know all about getting battered in the prem.

HollowayRanger added 10:30 - Apr 26

millers gone loans over!

so its fat pat or hulse!

personally id have neither and play buszaky instead

Spot51 added 13:35 - Apr 26

Ref made this game a lot easier by giving the pen and sending matey off. Once SRL scored it we were always going to win.

I'm not convinced Guly was offside in the first half either. Anyone have a definitive view?

Hartlepool were well organised and the two banks of four (which remained after the sending off) proved a tough barricade. Took two dead-ball situations to undo them but it doesn't matter how you get 'em so long as you get 'em.

Fonte was superb. Connolly looked classy. Adam showed a few flashes but is not back to his best. Kelvin kept another clean sheet.

NorwayRanger16 added 17:32 - Apr 30

Yeeeeeeeeeeees! What a feeling, could'nt control my emotions as the whistle went. UN-BE-LIEV-ABLE!!!!

Credit to everyone involved :-)

toemasher added 17:50 - Apr 30

What an incredible season! Thank you all you Rangers. The parks of Shepherds Bush are full of kids in blue and white it

LostBoys added 19:20 - Apr 30

Sounded good on the radio even if we went off the boil a bit in the second half. Roll on Plymouth where I did manage to get 2 tickets

qpr1962 added 20:06 - Apr 30

watford play there part in this game once they go to 18 yards area nothing qpr did not play very well but goals count we are qpr we are qpr O yes well done to cerny and clean sheet

plymhoop added 11:15 - May 1

are we allowed to vote 10 for every player????


MelakaRanger added 11:34 - May 1

Like many here I have waited a long long time (too long) for us to come back to our winning ways. At last a team to rival the one I watched from the terraces in the mid 70s!

Now some 18 hrs later the smile is still on my face. Sweet...........

And for heavens sake the board must stick with Warnock for next year.


newgolddream added 15:44 - May 7

Champions at last. Great to get our hands on that famous trophy. Well done Neil and the lads. Roll on next season.

ingham46 added 19:58 - May 7

Leeds just left it 2 late to push on to claim the 6th place our overall form deserved. Earlier the F L gave QPR a really nasty slap on the wrist with a couple of fines, after Leeds gave them a guard of honour they went ahead on 40 seconds when Kasper spilt a shot 2 gift them the lead. After a poor 1st 20 Leeds produced some good football resulting in Max grabbing a equaliser on 37 when he met a beauty of a thru ball from Nayls. 2nd half Leeds continued to boss possession and went ahead thru McCormack on 68 a lead they held to the end. Brilliant spoiling their party let's just hope it's us this time next year. M O T 4ever

jo_qpr63 added 21:40 - May 7

Ha ha, ingham , as if we give a monkeys about the score today. we're 2-1 down ,who gives a f***,we're QPR and we're goin up!!

NorwayRanger16 added 23:28 - May 7

Ingham are you for real? Congrats on the victory but i wouldn't read to much into it if i where you :-) Would we put Danny Shittu on as a forward replacing our only forward on the field, when we had other attacking options on the bench in search of a goal? Think not. It was just a nice and fun sending off for Danny as i don't think he will follow us up to the premiership. Same goes for Ramage. Just a little disapointed that Hogan was left on the bench as he really deserved to be out there today, would probably have scored as well.

MOM was an easy call today, man of the moment Ali Faurlin.

Se ya'all in the Premiership come august, and to Leeds, enjoy the w..kership for many years to come :-)


qpr1962 added 01:44 - May 8

this what i have waite for 15 years ups and down could not care leeds winning QPR have best team in Championsnips i think FA was not going to take that away from the fans

legod7 added 11:16 - May 8

Come on Nick where is your report on this game.
Obviously there was nothing negative for you to report,otherwise you would have done it already.
It was a very polished performance to end the season on a high

winchesterbob added 11:26 - May 8

Jose Fonte was immense in this convincing end of season win. Not only did he take care of his own assignment he covered for the lethargic Jaidi and the somewhat tardy Dixon whose poor position and individual error led to Walsall’s conciliation goal.
Saints had a very bright start and when we were two up inside half an hour it looked like we were in for a hat-full but Walsall never quite gave up and it was a relief when Harding came on to give a bit of surety to the left side of defence. Schneiderlin was a welcome return to the midfield, where he had an excellent game and the icing on the cake.... Oxlade-Chamberlain comes on and scores................
I’m pleased Wasall managed to hang on to league one............ I’m delighted Saints are on their way back up the divisions and can’t wait for next season to begin....Bring on the mob from down the road...
Well done to all the players, to Nigel Adkins and his staff, to all the unmentioned backroom staff, and to the stewards who on occasions have tougher job than is necessary. Thank you to Mr Cortese and Markus Liebherr to whom we shall forever be indebted..

upthedale added 14:12 - May 8

Scott Hogan?

ColDale added 15:24 - May 8

dunno what's happened there

billericaydicky added 21:35 - May 8

Spoiling our party ingham? Did it look like it?

What is funny is Leeds beating us yesterday and it means nothing to you in terms of the play offs and nothing in terms of us getting the trophy.

I think your party was cancelled.


Lazarus added 13:32 - May 9

It's a shame that we took our foot off the gas after half an hour, but understandable under the circumstances. Leeds still needed an awful deflection to win, and I hope their fans don't read anything into this result. Although a good side for the Championship, tLeeds have a long way to go to be as good as most of the teams above them this year.

Rangers are deserved champions. Let's hope West Ham stay up and Reading get promoted, so that we have a good number of "local" matches to attend next season.

geraldo added 18:59 - Aug 6

Pretty poor show - much of the blame must go to SE for playing a keeper who was a stranger to the side until Monday and it looked like it. Kean's first half performance was dire, he dropped every cross and let the first goal thru his hands - I would have subbed him at half time.All through the game we never defended balls into the box and a lot of that must go down to the defence having no confidence in the keeper.
SE's tactics were poor and why only one substitution when we were losing??
The Chairman needs to spend some money on at least one decent striker or I fear the worst. Shef Wed won at a canter but they were a very ordinary side............

squidofdespair added 21:54 - Aug 6

Riveting stuff watching the scores come in on the BBC website. But that's what you get for being on holiday. Upside of missing the opening game is this place is rammed with lay-dees.

DJI added 09:53 - Aug 7

Nick, I though Paul Wotton had moved to Yeovil and Puncheon was in the reserves? And I don't remember Forte playing either?!

overtonboy added 10:01 - Aug 7

Still can't get the smile off my face and voice has given out after an excellent day. A natural pessimist, I was hoping for a good performance but fearing the reverse score. The first openning day win I have seen since the early 80's (missed the West Ham and Coventry wins). All my 14 inbreed toes crossed for more of the same :)

Elad6 added 11:10 - Aug 7

Very harsh on Kean.The lad only dropped one actual cross and got fingertips to divert 2 or 3 others away. As for letting it through his hands it was a powerful header he managed to get a hand to, just unable to divert away. No chance with the second volley either. He also made 2 decent saves first half and was totally composed 2nd half. You're right about the defence, we need at least one centre half with power and height to combat all the high balls you get in L1 football. If we had just one then maybe Jones wouldn't have been a danger and menace all game.

bigprawn added 11:10 - Aug 7

Have to agree with a lot of what geraldo says. Sheff Wed didn't seem to be any great shakes as a team but then again Megson isn't renowned for putting together pure footballing teams. They were big and functional with only Prutton able to pass a ball with any great skill.

We looked narrow in my opinion, to crowded in midfield and Akpa Akpro isolated up front. He isn't a target man. We need to be playing the ball behind the back 4 for him to run onto, use that electrifying pace. O'Grady you can hit with the ball but not Jean-Louis.

Thought Tutte did well, need Nicky Adams to step up to the mark this year too.

At the end of the day though we weren't quite good enough. It's a game of inches and if Grimes shot hadn't come back off the upright with Nicky Weaver rooted to the spot it may have been a different story. Never mind, no=one ever got relegated on the forst day of the season. There are always reasons to be optimistic.

durham_exile added 12:10 - Aug 7

An inspired all round performance from the U’s deservedly produced the league one result of the day.

The faithful were in good voice throughout and 242 often outsung the library like surroundings of Deepdale.

Clearly the plaudits will be for the goalscorers and once again the U’s have started with a great win to rival the 6-3 at Saltergate and 3-0 at Hillsborough.

I was particularly impressed with Matt Heath who played the best game for the U’s that I have watched.
But there were so many positives – Cousins after an initial fumble was resolute and stood firm.
Brian Wilson delivered another solid performance. Magnus was colossal and Michael Rose looks a sure fire winner – his free kick will be worth checking out on the highlights shows.
Formation was clearly 4-5-1 but Kayode Odejayi received plenty of support from Hendo and Woody.

John Joe O’Toole ran the midfield and looks better each game. The captain also produced a terrier like midfield performance.
The bench included Rio, Gilly, James, Coker and White – no Goalkeeper.

On the negative side I do wish that Vincent would not fade away in the second half as he often does fitness perhaps or temperament, I don’t know.

I listened to BBC Lancashire sitting in the car park after the game and Phil Brown was scathing of his defence likening them to sunday league players. Now make no mistake the suggestion was once again that Preston played badly to allow the U’s to prevail.

The fact is that Colchester deserved to win and with a little more fortune in front of goal could have scored six with a hattrick for Hendo.


brunof added 05:58 - Aug 8

negatives,Didnt create much,looked disjointed,
positives,showed good football in bursts,looked fit.
obviously missing dawsons long range passing,we were much more direct than last season,too direct 1st half,my view is that it may take 6,7 games for the group to form mini partnerships together,and more importantly for the new mngmt team to shape the team,we need to keep hold of c ogrady...

SaintNick added 10:54 - Aug 8

sorry about the problems on here its being sorted.

qpr1962 added 16:59 - Aug 13


qpr1962 added 16:59 - Aug 13


HollowayRanger added 18:20 - Aug 13

Did we expect anything less?

dyer injured shock!
hill red card shock!
QPR beat 0-4 shock

not really championship players miss premiership dont ,felt sorry for warnock and players they cant be faulted for trying and we edged the first half but second half we just never got going ,taarabt dissapeard faulin chased shadows defence over run and that against a average premiership team ,just dont get the board they spend dosh to get us up ,but expect us to survive against the big boys with peanuts,dont like the shirts look like zebra crossings dont like the booing but how else can we let the fat one know how we feel ,no sponsor will touch us no one will buy us price must have fallen somewhat after today surely?
reo cokker motm for me a freebie we could have got!!!! but didnt try/wouldnt pay wages ! typical

Daniel added 18:37 - Aug 13

2 points lost rather than 1 point gained. The U's really should have capitalised of such a dominant first half. Wycombe were worthy of their goal in the second half, even if it did come from the penalty spot, whether it was a penalty is debatable, I didn't get that good a view.

Tactically John Ward got it spot on first half, but when Vincent went off and Gillespie game on, the formation should have changed or Gillespie should have played behind Odejayi. Instead Gillespie played on the wing with Wordsworth in the middle.

Rob23 added 00:07 - Aug 14

First half nothing between the teams, if anything we shaded it. Only a 1 in 100 shot from Cahill and we conceded at the worst possible time. Then a stupid own goal and deflection killed the game. I think we gave up after that. It's a dreadful result but I don't think we were/are as bad as the result. The only hope is that now teams might underestimate us. IMO Connolly and Gorkks should be nailed on as the centre half partnership and I can't believe it isn't.

Also I like the jerseys!!! Am I the only one?

MelakaRanger added 07:00 - Aug 14

As 6000 miles away I have only just watched the match. It really was "Men against Boys". Bolton were agressive and free with their fouls. We did not seem to be able to deal with such a strong team. Also whenever we had the ball, Kenny just hoofed it up the field and most every time we lost possession. No one shone, no one caused a threat to Bolton.
As for Dyer - well that was a surprise - NOT
Without 3 or 4 more quality players coming on board and FAST we had better get used to such scorelines.
Its a real shame that we have such uncaring owners. Hopefully that will change in the coming few days.
But as always - Come on your Rsssssss - Things can only get better from now on:)

Harbour added 09:06 - Aug 14

First half ok held our own
second half not in it
new boys dyer injury what a surprise thought Gabbidon did ok first half - not convinced about bothroyd might get better
DJ needs ball to feet
sorry but i think when we go behind the crowd ours have to try and lift the team not sit in silence Briatorre needs to spend or expect the verbals he got and deserved lets hope we get a few signings and things improve.....thought derry did ok seemed to be giving 100% as usual Come on Urs

pnc4eva1 added 11:55 - Aug 14

Huddersfield were the better of the teams playing some very attractive and penetrating football.

Dale showed good spirit to fight back twice.

An enjoyable game and good value entertainment

richranger added 17:07 - Aug 14

I thought we were unlucky not to be ahead in the first half. Before their goal Bolton hadn't threatened at all. Kevin Davies was his usual fouling self. As Warnock said in his post match interview, Davies was penalised 7 times, mainly for pushing, but didn't get booked - exactly when does foul play become persistent??

Their first goal was right out of the blue - a great strike by Cahill - but was given all the time in the world to steady himself and pick his spot. Where was the challenge on him??

The timing of the goal seemed to hit us badly and we never really recovered.

The second half saw Bolton come much more in to it - and they looked far stronger and fitter than us - something I'm surprised to see against us. OK, they may be physically bigger - but lots of our players seemed to be running on empty only after about an hour of the game. Did all the chaos of recent days affect their training?

The second goal was really soft and a real killer. After that heads went down. I don't think the anti-Briotore chants helped either.

Hill getting sent off was just plain stupid.

Was some encouraging signs in the first half - but second half was a mare. We need 3-4 new players at least (including a left and right back before the Everton game) if we are to be competitive at this level.


rontheranger added 17:33 - Aug 14

I personally think we well over achieved last season and this game was simply an example of how poor (Esp defensively) we really are...
No idea why Warnock thinks we can play 4-2-3-1 in this league.
One of the biggest difference between the championship and premiership is teams are clinical, 1 chance 1 goal (E.G Gary Cahill's goal).
We're gonna seriously struggle this year and unless we get a good set of full backs (Sorry but Hill and Orr are not premiership class) and a Taarabt learns how to work hard for the team.
We cannot afford Taarabt in this league we need Workhorses!
Wonder how long its gonna take until:
1) Taarabt is dropped
2) We go 4-4-2 (DJ and Boothroyd upfront)
3) We are outside south African road calling for Briatores head!

Either way, we need to get behind the players and support them and the manager 110%

When Dyer got injured the atmosphere died and the players seemed to loose their fight.

If its one season we're here lets not let anyone stop us singing our hearts out!

Spanishhoops added 21:19 - Aug 14

Unlucky with a couple of the goals - great strike by Cahill - can't do anything about that sort of strike. Horrible own goal by Gabbidon and nasty deflection for the third. But what was horrible to see was how much space we let them have through the middle and in the final third. Reo Coker had so much time and space - watch West Brom today and although they lost they squeezed the defence and got men behind the ball which made life much harder for Man utd..
I was impressed by Derry but he can't keep pace for the whole 90 mins and Faurlin looked a little lightweight, too easily pushed off the ball.
Positives - Bothroyd looks quality already and until we went behind we looked much the better side. Got to play like that for the full 90 in this league though.

Lets just hope this serves as a wake up call to the FB and BE that we need a couple of quality players if we're not going to get carved apart by better teams than Bolton this year.

Come On You RRRRRsssssss

Daniel added 22:57 - Aug 16

A fair result against a tidy side who are sitting top of the league for a reason. Unfortunately mistakes from Rose gave them both of their goals and despite having a lot of possession the U’s simply failed to create chances in the box or break down Charlton in the final third.

New loan signing Michail Antonio looked good in the first half, but went missing in the second. Once he was subbed off United lost their pace in attack. Mark Cousins was MOTM keeping the score at 0-2.

LostBoys added 23:53 - Aug 16

Fantastic stuff I wish I could have been there

simmo400 added 06:38 - Aug 17

Well done Saints for standing strong after there comeback. Keep that up and were a top 6 finish easy.

saintgus added 10:46 - Aug 17

Great performance , we had to dig in again 2nd half.Must mention Morgan who I thought was also brilliant when he came on at a time when we were under the cosh. The chip through for the 4th goal was sublime

qpr1962 added 17:39 - Aug 20

What a win after last week players out with the flu well done to all the team

newgolddream added 18:36 - Aug 20

A fantastic win and a great boost for the new regime. We have been excellent away from home in recent times apart from the Scunthorpe debacle. Let gets back on track at The Bush with a thumping win on Tuesday night. U R's.

Yorkshire_Dale added 18:39 - Aug 20

Hands up anyone who gave Trottman or that Referee any more than a 1

Unfortunately,you cannot give any less!

idiots....both of em!

Doughnut added 19:35 - Aug 20

Good God...never a dull moment supporting the R's

YorkshR added 19:44 - Aug 20

Great performance by Rangers against a lacklustre Everton team. Apart from one free kick which Paddy was nowhere near to, Everton never really threatened our goal. Smith took his chance well and Derry was terrific in midfield.

Ahead of any marquee signings, this was a great confidence boost for the club, let's hope we can keep the momentum going at Wigan.

geraldo added 22:51 - Aug 20

Certainly a very soft pen and Trotman has only himself to blame for two needless yellow cards.
What is worrying is how we can dominate for almost 30 mins and not score.Also I think that SE might be out of his depth, he doesn't seem capable of changing anything and to substitute your best striker with a defender when you are two down is just bizarre
Unless we make significant improvements to the squad I fear the worst ( 4 games in which we concede two goals in 3 of the games and only score in 1 tells it's own story)

MelakaRanger added 23:48 - Aug 20

One word. Sweet

Dale_Iain added 13:20 - Aug 21

Geraldo in 'being a negative tw@t' shocker...

saintwonston added 15:37 - Aug 21

I am surprised one of the knockers has not suggested giving ratings for Nick's comments!!
Keep up the good work Nick.
I thought NA got subs spot on as I felt Hammond was tiring and AL was not as creative as usual.
A good result at the end of the day.In previous years we would have lost the game after giving the ball away so many times unecessarily as we did yesterday.
My only cooment on Seabourne is that he tends to play the ball up in the air when bringing it out of defence instead of a pass on the ground.

But remember the sign of a good team is one that wins when not playing at their best.


jdalec added 20:05 - Aug 21

Widdowson did not look comfortable when asked to push up the field, i'm not singling him out. Grimes goes AWOL too often, Tutte- good player but getting shoved about too easily. We need to get some teeth up front and start taking our chances. I think it will come but God I hope its soon!!

qpr1962 added 22:15 - Aug 23

Pile off crap well done to Rochdale came with a game plan and won

bishom added 23:25 - Aug 23

Load of rubbish. Established squad players treated it as a run out, but the real worry is that players looking to make the final 25 man squad didn't seem to give a shit except from Harryman when he came on. Just reinforces our lack of depth in the squad. The game lacked pace, desire and passion. Very disappointing.

BasingstokeR added 01:15 - Aug 24

For me it summed the match up that when we had in the 2nd half maybe our closest attempt on goal, instead of cheers - knowing laughs came from most quarters as it just wouldn't go in the net

G_Dale added 17:18 - Aug 27

Load of crap. Widdowson was our best and only attacking threat and he is our left back

jannersaint added 17:43 - Aug 27

Who does the stats above? goal on 48 would be a second half goal! Was Seaborne as bad as it sounded on radio solent? Really need someone a bit more solid I think. Fox and De Ridder seemed to make a difference.

Phil26 added 21:08 - Aug 27

The honeymoon's over now, I'm tired of turning the other cheek and having a stiff upper lip! Hill's gone and we have to deal with it! Players raving to come to Rochdale for Steve Eyre... Shall we start putting some basics together before we start to be fed what we are used to for so long? It really is no wonder that the crowds stay away! What are the players doing individually to make them sharper and better than the opposition? I don't care if the excuse is we are only a 1st division outfit, even that sounds strange! It matters not.. If you want to be the best, you have to work hard and better than anyone else. PPPPP, proper preparation prevents poor performance! I am so disappointed after giving my total support to Steve Eyre. It quite simply isn't good enough. Anyone can talk up a strategy, delivering it is the key to success surely?

jdalec added 21:25 - Aug 27

It won't be long before some long hard questions will have to be asked of Steve Eyre, we simply cannot wait forever. We have gone from playing like a champoinship team in the waiting to a bunch of sunday league cloggers!!

Chaddite added 22:16 - Aug 27

Mark O'BRIEN 6
Craig BRYSON 7
James BAILEY 6
Steve DAVIES 4
Jamie WARD 4
Lee Croft 6
Theo Robinson 6

The big difference between the 2 sides was Charlie Austin,someone who knew how to put the ball in the net!!

Phil26 added 22:16 - Aug 27

Well pissed off! Hey, kick the ball, pass, no,
pass, for f**** sake. Tackle, no, tackle, for f**** sake. Keep it then make an intelligent decision, no, keep it then make an intelligent decision, for f**** sake, etc., etc. What more can we ask?

LostBoys added 00:42 - Aug 28

I could only listen on the radio and I have just watched the highlights. We looked poor first have and Seaborne and Richardson looked like spectators with Guly awful. My only complaint about Lallana is that sometimes you have to put your foot through the ball and go for power.

LostBoys added 00:44 - Aug 28

Soprry I forgot their third goal was just a shove by Bamba. I do not know how the ref and linesman missed it.

Yorkshire_Dale added 01:02 - Aug 28

Steve says on Beeb "we need a bit of quality in both penalty areas".....I say we need much more than a bit,Stevo!

We were chasing shadows today against a mediocre but hardworking Pools outfit who last season we would have dicked well and truly.

We cannot distribute from the back...Holness & Pim,you know what I mean. Grimes may as well not be up front for the very poor service he receives,talk about scraps! Our subs were very very poor,no options.Well done Tutte for not giving up.

The only good thing today was donkey Trotman was nowhere near the starting 11.....

....come on Steve & Co, shake em up,and quickly!


ElvaRam added 07:13 - Aug 28

Aerial Hoof it Ball to Little Men was a waste of time. We were far better playing, good on the ground passing ball.
It was Open Day on our Left Side of defence, Kilbane constantly was skinned. Still many positives and well done our half time subs.. They ran their socks off !
Got soaked walking to the car park ! lol

MelakaRanger added 08:11 - Aug 28

Agyemang needs to be sent to the Knackers Yard. It was embarassing to watch him attempt to perform. For the Love of God never let him wear a QPR shirt again.

geraldo added 08:21 - Aug 28

I was not in favour of SE's appointment and was slagged off for saying so.
I am struggling to see what he has brought to the club and even the pre match warm ups seem so lacking compared to last year - maybe this is why we concede so many early goals?
Our central defence has looked weak all season but yesterday I thought we were totally over run in midfield with Tutte spending most of his time in the back four - SE's answer was to take off JK who is far and away our best player at closing down.
The team look like a bunch of strangers with half from the KH days and half SE's mates from the City Academy - unless we buy some quality rather than pick up cast offs then we are heading back to the days of Lg 2 strugglers and crowds under 2000.
The only bright note is that JLAA is twice the player he was last season..............

pnc4eva1 added 09:07 - Aug 28

We need to play with more grit.

Too weak and easily rolled ovber but it will come

qpr1962 added 11:29 - Aug 28

Hit bar 3 times I think qpr going right way with this new players in we will get better

Harbour added 14:15 - Aug 28

unlucky not to get a point. defence an issue....and up front

kirbys added 15:36 - Aug 28

One thing became apparent yesterday - we are a little off the mark in the essential central defence area, where despite the usual biting tackling of Holness we suffered from an almost total lack of ball winning headers in the air, distribution which lacked so much quality it was putting pressure straight back on the side. Up front Akpro is having to work so hard to create something and the lay offs were going no where as Grimes seems to always be running in the opposite direction to his partner ( it is early days to be sure and this may come good in time).
In midfield it was just hard work as Hartlepool moved the ball around quickly and effectively - too effectively as too often tackles were not made or able to be made.
It is early days and on the positives Steve and the staff have plenty of material to analyse and work on - which I am sure they will. We did make more chances than in previous matches and that's progress. I believe the side will be disappointed with that result and will bounce back next Saturday.

Phil26 added 22:09 - Aug 28

Geraldo, you make a fair comment....I'm still hoping you are proved wrong, as I'm sure you are, but for this to happen the men being paid need to stand up and be counted! Analysis is fine, execution is another matter.

geraldo added 08:29 - Aug 29

I don't understand kirbys comment about analysis - we have lost a lot of football matches ( remember Wrexham and Crewe as well as the 3 league games) and we need some action.
Does our management team watch the players we get in on loan our just pick from sort of list of who is available - their record to date is pretty poor.
Phil my concern about SE is that coaching at academy level is a million miles away from managing in a tough league like Lg 1 where the physical side of the game is so key.

Phil26 added 22:19 - Aug 29

I was excited in having a possible link to a Premiership set up. As we know here at Rochdale, there has always been a small group of loyal fans, and a lot of that small fan base is the result of constant poor football over many years, which quite simply people apart from the genuine fans, will not pay to watch, and who can blame them? We have the opportunity to keep away from division 4, arrrgh!

SheffieldSteve added 09:22 - Aug 30

Agree MelakaRanger, but Agyemang certainly did put pressure on the Wigan defence in the first half, but why HE wasn't taken off second half, I don't know, others must have had injury or fitness problems... Also, and I do like him, Smith couldn't make a pass in the second half, he should have been subbed too...
One of those matches where things didn't go our way, like the Bolton match, the score doesn't reflect the match, but we have to get on with it, still 35 matches, and we're looking like making signings++

geraldo added 14:10 - Aug 30

I came to Rochdale in 1974 and have watched dale since about 1980 so have seen lots of dross as you have.
I can see that the link to city is an exciting one but to date it hasn't produced anything.
We need to bring in some real experience if we are to stay in this lge - but I am concerned that SE is only interested in young players.
His treatment of JK who is one of our best players sums this up for me.Note that SE consistently scores 2/3 on this forum......

MelakaRanger added 00:35 - Sep 3

25 man squad announced - NO Agyemang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

geraldo added 11:32 - Sep 4

Yet another nail in SE's coffin - he clearly isn't up to the job and is tactically naive.Why go with 3 upfront in a game we couldn't afford to lose?
I don't think SE knows how to win football matches - he is obviously very gifted in coaching and developing young talent but League football is about getting results, not about weaving pretty patterns in midfield.
I expressed this view on his appointment and was called all the names under the sun with "negative" being the kindest.
The real faults lie with Dunphy for appointing someone with no experience and KH for leaving the team in such a mess.
Unfortunately SE and the supporters will be the biggest losers...

14bowlers added 12:27 - Sep 4

whilst I wish SE all the best, I do feel we need someone with more experience in what is close to being a championship league.There is a massive difference between the junior league at Man City , and the blood and thrust of a very hard Div. one. By all means give him a chance of league football, but instead of bringing in City kids and favourites, lets spend a few bob on an experienced ex manager to help and guide him.UP THE DALE.

Phil26 added 13:50 - Sep 4

I now see your point Geraldo. I suppose the job of an academy chief in a large organisation is to eventually produce a player or two out of hundreds. If that is achieved then he has been successful. Sadly we obviously haven't got that facility or money to through at it in the hope of producing something. We need action now, to say I'm frustrated is an understatement! Also in any well run team, the players have to chip in and make sure they are the best in their league. If that means talking to others to get us out of this mess then please let them think deeply. Surely if things aren't right on the pitch as you are playing a game then surely they should want to change things! The problem is after a fluke result at QPR they seem to have patted themselves on the back, Season over! Well it may be if things don't change quickly!

geraldo added 14:02 - Sep 4

Thanks Phil - I think the obsession with ex City players is working against us as there are so many other players we should be looking at.
jason Kennedy must be pig sick after being the first player to be subbed every week - he is arguably amongst our best 2/3 players and yet SE treats him like dirt whilst the likes of Grimes ( lazy) and Tutte ( too weak) play the full 90 every week.
I understand that SE was told there was money to spend but obviously he couldn't find an ex City player to buy...............
There could be mayhem at Bury if we lose next week.
What a waste of all the good work of the last 4 years.

Phil26 added 15:01 - Sep 4


geraldo added 01:39 - Sep 11


I have been one of SE's biggest critics but he certainly got it right today.What looked like 3 strikers was actually a very fluid 4 4 2 that worked a dream.
We haven't had a header on target so far but here we score two and hit the bar with another,
Perhaps he could have brought JK on earlier and then we perhaps wouldn't have conceded the second but all in all a master class from SE - roll on Tues.......

olympicdale added 02:37 - Sep 11

must have missed Ryan lowe playing ;)

Pops2 added 06:49 - Sep 11

Nah, just cack

debbiesfella added 11:19 - Sep 11

Whats this Ryan Lowe playing and not scoring !!!

qpr1962 added 23:09 - Sep 12


baldyhoop added 23:33 - Sep 12

Thought Shaun derry and Ali faurlin were immense tonight. SWP is a class act, full backs were solid, Adel magic, Barton behaved etc. We looked the dogs rather than a club going to the dogs. We need goals but that will come. Two points dropped but hope and optimism abound

MelakaRanger added 00:47 - Sep 13

Yes we should have won this and Jays finishing was poor. But what a difference to Bolton! next time DJ should start and not Jay.

This was a team of men against men!

We will play worse than this and win many games.

Sean W-P was brilliant.

Onwards and upwards. This team is a team to be reckoned with

fakekerby added 08:49 - Sep 13

Jay a donkey?

qpr1962 You are either a WUM or just an idiot.

BlackCrowe added 13:37 - Sep 13

What fakekerby said.

MedwayR added 18:39 - Sep 13

Top performance, full of optimism.

Boothroyd missed chances but his all-round game & hold-up play was spot-on. The midfield was superb, defence solid, full-backs were very good & looked to attack at every opportunity. MOTM for me was Luke Young.

antoknee64 added 18:46 - Sep 13

Great performance all round the team,praise to JayB held up play and passed off superb,difficult to be everywhere setting up attacks and finishing! where was our Adel and JoeyB when the ball was flashed across the box.
All in all great result considering Newcastles results so far.
Bring on Wolves (to the slaughter).

jobley added 19:12 - Sep 13

Just like to echo those that could see the positives of Jay B - I thought he was great. Disappointed he didn't score, his approach to the game was spot on. His finishing will improve, start.... soon. A team as creative as we have well he will definitely start finishing soon.

What do you think of the comments about Traore? Warnock will toughen him up and make him a better player. I reckon less pressure by not playing at home and not infront of the cameras will see us get a result against Wolves. Great to feel optimistic!

AshteadR added 19:47 - Sep 13

What a great game and superb team performance considering we had 5 debutants. Everyone played their part, including Kenny who made a fabulous save in the first half. Can't wait for Saturday.

jfk added 20:19 - Sep 13

Alot of talk in the press about the new boys and Taarbs - not suprisingly, and they did play well - but I thought Derry and Faurlin had great games too. Great to see them doing it in the Prem.

Northernr added 22:17 - Sep 13

Fakerby - it's a little of both I feel.

onlyrinmoray added 15:03 - Sep 16

Ali Faurlin was brilliant MOM for me. Great to be optimistic but as ever with QPR I was expecting that late Ryan Taylor free kick to go in, after all the chances we missed
I watched the game in Jersey whilst on holiday, as usual from my experience of watching QPR in pubs, there were 4 of us in the bar. One guy at the bar, my missus reading a book, and the barmaid cleaning up. Not exactly a great atmosphere !

qpr1962 added 17:33 - Sep 17

What a win qpr new look team are play well

jdalec added 19:38 - Sep 17

I thought we played really well especially in the 2nd half. If we can keep playing like that I believe we will keep our league one status. We are starting to gel as a team now and the future looks a lot brighter since our day out in Bury. Whilst we lack a bit of height up front I think the combination of Ball, Grimes and Tutte combined with the older heads of Jonah and kennedy we are looking good. Fear not the futures bright, the futures Eyre !!!!!

bamburger added 21:13 - Sep 17

The team never really took control of the game today despite two late goals. The forwards looked pretty sharp at times, with grimes and ball linking up well. Defensively though, we looked all over the place, with the big boot in evidence far too often. The link up play from defence through midfield and on was conspicuous by its absence.

BasingstokeR added 21:33 - Sep 17

Similar performance to the Newcastle game, but with goals!

MelakaRanger added 00:04 - Sep 18

Best game so far, though Wolves were very poor indeed. The first 30 mins were magic but I did feel we turned off the gas a bit as the game went on.

But what a sweet victory and we have real hope now for a decent season.

Thank you Tony F!

Come on your Rs!

ingham46 added 04:26 - Sep 18

Another game where we Played poorly but still won. Paddy ain't the player he was b4 his injury and although redeemed by hus penalty save Andy Lonnergan distribution was shocking.
What bothered the fans most was the lack of spark in midfield with both Clayton and Howson being over shadowed by the returning Kilkenny. Nunez has skill but he ain't a Gradel and although Keogh tried if chances come along like Saturday he needs 2 finish them. A poor show b4 the scum game

timcocking added 05:42 - Sep 18

Simply magnificent performance. We butchered Wolves. Disappointed with the ref/linesmen; blatant violent fouls from several Wolves players went unpunished all game long, with Rangers picking up bookings for dissent! Ridiculous.

SheffieldSteve added 08:44 - Sep 18

Crackling performance! Wasn't a poor individual performance among the team, just a lot of very good performances :-)
Traore is showing he can attack as well as defend, was the horror of the Arse v Manure match to do with the zonal system they play? Or because he was playing with worse defenders there than at QPR now? Who knows? What I do know is, that he, along with the rest of the newer signings, have been welcome signings of quality players at a modest price!
The defence is looking solid, and the midfield is looking electric all the way up to the opposing box. Don't want to single out anyone really, as they all played excellently... but Faurlin - Barton - SWP, and Adel for the first half, were scintillating!
Things are looking bright, things are looking Rangers :-D

pebbles added 10:58 - Sep 18

Seems like the keeper is the whipping boy for a defence without an aggressive header of the ball or a strong tackler.After watching the goals again it seems its free shots almost every week and from every angle.Perhaps the manager's role should include encouragment rather than subtle put downs as directed at Trottman,when he was harshley judged to have given a penelty away.He always seems to be ranting on the touchline at certain players.

kirbys added 17:48 - Sep 18

Was a good match for the neutral but in truth Dale were up against promotion candidates who always had enough in reserve to keep Dale in check.
Charlton exploited their height advantage all over the pitch and we lost possession too many times to be able to pressurise. Dale did have a shout having clawed back a two goal deficit through guts and endevour rather than guile and skill and for a few minutes the composed Charlton back four were beginning to get rattled.
Credit to Dale for taking it to them in the final stages but tired legs and the lack of a ball winner in the air - with the exception of a bullet header from Grimes - told in the end.
But we won't meet such opposition every week and can score goals - but that soft centre and airial defficiency mean we will have trouble stopping goals against.

walshy15a added 18:46 - Sep 18

When your own fans are booing you in the first half the writing was on the wall for Wolves,we can only improve with performances of this calibre,we played some sweet football,and our fans singing"Premier League your avin a larf"sumed things up,we`re staying up have no worries on that score !

AshteadR added 20:27 - Sep 18

Another top performance, but with the goals this time. Never really looked in trouble - could have won by more

bigprawn added 20:57 - Sep 18

Have to agree with Bamburger and Pebbles. Defensively, in the centre at least, we look frail. Fullbacks look good, especially Darby who looks quality!! Holness seems to be missing Dawson, although I think he is our best centre half at the moment. I'm yet to see Balkestein break into a sprint, far too casual for my tastes and I think Trotman needs to settle and just accept that he's a centre half at a lower league club and isn't playing in the Champions League. I may be being a bit harsh there so apologies. I think the keeper will be fine, you can see Dave Lucas on the sidelines talking to him throughout the match, giving him advice. Sadly this doesn't help with decision making in the game and this is where a keeper makes his name. Yes, from my angle he should have taken the cross that lead to the 3rd goal but he also made a couple of really good saves. He'll save us more points than he'll cost us at the end of the season.

All in all, decent performance against a decent side (not as good as Huddersfield this year or Brighton last year in my opinion) and they'll probably go up. We'll be ok.

Up the Dale!!

QPRski added 22:20 - Sep 18

Pace, solid defence, creativity, attacking flair, excellent team work plus brillance from SWP, Taarabt and Faurlin.

A repeat of the Newcatle game ; minus the lapse loosing of the ball and a plus of goals scored!

A true joy to watch!
A true away destruction of a weak Wolves performance?
...or did we nor let them play??

Yorkshire_Dale added 20:26 - Sep 21

So,that's one cup we are out of,beaten by the lowest placed league club left in....great.

If we give away sloppy corners,we should learn how to defend them.

Every Manager in League 1 will know about a soft defence and relish playing us at the moment......action please Mr Eyre.

jdalec added 13:48 - Sep 24

would have had a dream fixture against Man Utd at Spotland. Typical Rochdale!!!!

LostBoys added 19:49 - Sep 24

I only listened on the radio and saw the goals on Sky but were the Lambert and lallana misses as bad as they sounded. You will not win any league missing headers from 6 yards.

a12ranger added 13:18 - Sep 25

The U's bounced back with a Clean Sheet after conceeding 3 at Sheffield Utd the week before. U's started brightly and were playing some neat football around the back. Antonio made problems for Walsalls back four and it wasnt long before the u's put some shots to test former U's Loanie Jimmy Walker. Walsall had 3 ex Colchester Players in there team. including Lee Beevers and Ryan Jarvis. Colchester looked the better of the two teams and looked like they would score first. But when Antonio burst through on goal it was Butler who bought down the speedy winger, the ref looked like he wasnt going to give it but with assistance from the linesman on that side pointed to the spot, which then resulted in Butler seeing a red card flashed at him. Wordsworth stepped up and slotted home for his 6th goal of the season. After this Walsall never looked like scoring and just sat with all 10 players behind the ball. U's passing looked quality but only because they were under no preasure until entering walsalls final 3rd. Antonio was creating chances and Odejayi had 3 really good chances to score, 1 a header from 3 yards which he put over, a 1 on 1 saved well by Jimmy Walker down to his left and then a bullet header from 7 yards from a Wordsworth corner that could have only been reactions from the Walsall shot stopper Jimmy Walker. When Odejayi was withdrawn, Matt Heath played the final 5 minutes up front with Antonio and Duguid beside him. The Colchester back four were solid and Williams first league appearence resulted in a deserved clean sheet. Williams showed confidence through the game, and will now be competing for Mark Cousins number 1 jersey. Even though the u's thought out a comfortable 1-0 win there were a hints of boo's around the ground, but the u's will take 3pts against a team thatat back and made it hard for Colchester to play there football.
Colchester Gazette Star Player : Wordsworth

qpr1962 added 18:48 - Sep 25

The ref was a total ass wipe never a pen qpr should had two pens I think when Campbell is far better player than that donkey jay

quickpassrotter added 21:30 - Sep 25

Actually, I thought hat Both ran the line well, particularly in the first half. He held it up well, and brought others into play. Difficult job if we are just going to play with just the lone striker. HH did show him how it's done when he came on, I admit. Wish we could turn the clock back 10 years on HH, but then again he would not have that experience then.He knows how to get the fouls around the box, as witnessed today. Villa played the referee well. Amazing that not one of their players did not receive a second yellow for all their continuous fouls. I thought that we would see a performance like that from him. At least he is persistent - a woeful referee every week in the EPL.

HamptonR added 22:28 - Sep 25

Match of the Day 2.

Cleverly edited to make Aston Villa the better team, and the ref was one decision away from being perfect?

NorthfieldsR added 23:51 - Sep 25 thoughts exactly on MOD2!

Do we have to be so negative about Bothroyd? It's all so reminiscent of how a significant minority treated Paul Furlong for a long time...he holds the line well and the goals will come...don't crucify him

cranieboy added 12:58 - Sep 26

Bothroyd does well but because he comes wide so much we need one of the supporting cast to be busting a gut to get to the edge of the six yard box for a cross.

simmo400 added 13:20 - Sep 26

Totally agree with LostBoys. Need to practice heading before Cardiff game. Disgrace missing the whole goal from 7 yards or so. 2 points chucked away on chances made. COYR

sidsaint added 21:05 - Sep 29

I think its great that we have someone like Nich who can stimulate Saints fans. We are all passionate about our club and everyone has favourites and those that we don't rate. I think its obvious that we should have bought a quality defender and striker. They were available and if the press are to be believed NA's choices were quality but we missed out probably because of poor negotiations. We're doing well and play good football but need more options and a couple more quality players if we want to gain automatic promotion.

LostBoys added 18:42 - Oct 1

Not at our best with quite a few misplaced passes and overhit crosses and some missed chances but whenever we got into gear we were very good.

LostBoys added 18:45 - Oct 1

I forgot I was very pleased for Lee Holmes and his goal. It might only have been a cameo performance but the goal will do him the world of good confidence wise

Yorkshire_Dale added 23:56 - Oct 1

Great start to the month.....well done Dale.

Need to get something on Tuesday night as well, and we are then really on the up!

winchesterbob added 10:33 - Oct 2

First half was fairly even and we were lacking a bit of confidence until we got the pen, which was a very good spot by the ref. and huge credit to Ricky for getting into the right place to force the error. After the opening goal Saints imposed themselves on the game more and more. Second half Watford were spent and it was all Saints and to be fair 4 - 0 might be seen as scant reward because it could have been 8 - 0 with Lallana and Chaplow both being unlucky not to add to the score line. They won't come much easier that Watford who lacked any heart or endeavour.

Go on have a look! who's top of the Championship?


qpr1962 added 17:00 - Oct 2

What pile off crap how mush we paid this over rated players

eghamranger added 18:36 - Oct 2

money back please! no one played well and Bothroyd, hall and orr were a total disgrace!

smegma added 20:38 - Oct 2

Hall has always been a disgrace. The likes of Orr and Bothroyd only stoopedto his level. But WHY OH WHY did we make so many changes when only Connolly/Traore were unavailable ? Surely Young should've been at right back ? And this one upfront has not worked, FULL STOP. Can we try 442 please. Sacrifice one of the 5 midfielders and see how we cope because Fulham never got out of 1st gear and still the score flattered us.

RBLOCKPAT added 00:25 - Oct 3

The Rangers fans were magnificent throughout the game, the players weren't and we have a problem. Neil has to change the formation, Taraabt is wasted playing safe one twos on the left of midfield he is our best finisher and he is getting nowhere near the box. Barton todayl went missing inthe first half and I am still waiting for him to show me why there has been so much hype about him I would rather have Buzsaky. Joey Barton looks very average and he has got to pull his finger out quickly! Hall Orr and Bothroyd look very Championship and just not good enough. What made my afternoon was seeing the return of Jamie Mackie the one man that wants to die for the Rs and I cannot wait to see him team up with DJ Campbell against Blackburn.

MelakaRanger added 04:21 - Oct 3

You cannot deny we were bloody awful. Not one single player played well. This is the team - albeit with a couple of changes that should have beaten Newcastle and The Villa. This performance was worse than the Bolton game. To a man everyone had a nightmare.
But lets not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Maybe its what we needed as a reality check, especially as many people have recently been talking of a top ten finish. No way Jose! We will still do well to be 5th from bottom and that is all I am expecting.

Our attack force was non existant - as it has been most every game. Once we get to the 18yd line we have no idea what to do. We need more replacements come January and by the summer, assuming we survive, it should be bye bye to most every player from last year. They did us proud then but the truth is that most of them will never ever be of Premiership standard.
Bothroyd was as usual, useless ! The past few matches he seems to lumber about like a guy who is 5 stone overweight and has just had a big Sunday lunch. He is not the man we need in attack. What a difference the Fulham attacking players were! Time now to sideline him and play DJ & Mackie.

Now is not the time to panic. Now is the time to learn and correct. The next 4 games must bring at least 7 points and no more 'thrashings' like yesterday. Otherwise it just might be the time to panic!


themodfather added 17:54 - Oct 3

from kick off it all went wrong!
stats show we had nearly as many shots on/off target and corners but what matters is GOALS,we had none, they had 6 and it could've been more....with rivals in mind, this is the worst result in the club's history!
i felt fulham were fitter,faster,stronger and wanted it more...
no ref to blame here...cheerio fitz and bothroyd.

onedalefan added 23:00 - Oct 4

Apart from actually winning, was that a practise match? Just seemed to prove that we have no squad depth and even when not playing at what seemed half speed, we can't do the basics in defence when needed.

geraldo added 17:50 - Oct 15

Don't understand what SE has against JK - to play Barnes-Homer was inexplicable, he was a passenger for the whole time he was on the pitch.
Today showed just what a thin squad we have- this should have been 3 points even against 11 men, The Chairman needs to get his cheque book out or we will continue to struggle

newgolddream added 19:12 - Oct 15

Paddy Kenny, Man of The Match against Blackburn. Sez it all.

SaintNick50 added 21:06 - Oct 15

If you ignore the goal (which you can't) this was a pretty good performace. After Derby's goal Saints had almost total possession and I don't think Derby had a onother shot on goal in the first half. Chaplow an able substitute for the injured Lallana. Man of the match was Rickie apart from the goal his strength and control up front was brillliant. A special mention for Kelvin, his distribution this game was superb and he was even successful with some crosses. And the goal another defensive error?!

hoops58 added 22:13 - Oct 15

Wrong selection + wrong formation + wrong tactics = wrong result, officials made it worse with their decisions.

Yorkshire_Dale added 23:26 - Oct 15

We were very poor today,and very very very lucky to get anything from a match against a mediocre team......the FG's gave us some space today!

Please, please Stevo, send Homer back "darn sarf" as soon as possible,we are a piss poor club and cannot afford to pay players for doing sweet fa!

Needs doing and you know it!

RBLOCKPAT added 00:11 - Oct 16

I agree hoops 58 when are we going to shrug off this championship mentality, it just won't wash, we looked a league or two below in quality today and seemed to be devoid of any composure or confidence and it was more dissapointing to me than the performance against Fulham. Derry and Faurlin keep getting caught out running for a tackle facing their own goal and losing out, Barton sits too deep and looks like he stiil wishes he was at Newcastle, he has hardly been an inspiration on the pitch so far and I wont even say what I think of our central defenders. I am just watching the game between Norwich and Swansea and the approach to the game from Norwich playing wide men and always have bodies in the box, 44 bloody 2 when are we going to give it a try for more than ten minutes, we have the players, Mackie and Bothroyd in front of Taraabt (who was pathetic when he came on) or Smith Faurlin Barton and SWP, come on we have got to start testing keepers, Robinson who was clearly carrying a strain, had bugger all to do and that just isnt good enough at home. Just seen the end of MOD and our game was a complete afterthought, how embarrassing. Next Sunday OMG, I think I will go to church in the morning.

MelakaRanger added 00:38 - Oct 16

Blackburn were so awful and QPR matched them on every front. Had we played Fulham again this week we would have lost 6 nil again. On this performance the coming few weeks will bring some more high scoring losses.

Barton was worthless - he has yet to show any leadership. Adel was useless. Derry was poor. The tactics were all wrong too. There are no excuses any more.

Our set pieces - well we dont have any set pieces - were of schoolboy standard. And our passing game was more often a few passes and then hoofing the ball upfield and losing posession.

Mackies return was the one good point from the game.

I agree we are still playing with a Championship mentality and unless we improve dramatically thats where we will be next year. Warnock seems to have lost the plot. Maybe he is a great Championship manager but he is proving to be an awful Premiership manager.

The January transfer window will have to bring in quite a few new players and unless things improve fast I suspect that it will be a new manager making the signing.

On todays performance by both manager and players , we are in trouble.


geraldo added 01:12 - Oct 16

SE needs to get a grip on what management is about - it's not about playing your mates ( Tutte and Benali) it's about playing your best players and today it was crying out for JK or BBM. When you are playing 10 men you need players who can hold the ball and pass it.
I am still not convinced about SE ( and looking at his scores on this forum I am not alone) - he still seems tactically naive.......

Fan123 added 01:15 - Oct 16

I didn't watch game... nervous wreck. Simply said.

Mackie is back. That is good news.

Support DJ Campbell recovery, everyone's please.

MelakaRanger added 02:42 - Oct 16

One more thought

Where the hell has that team (spirit/tactics/desire) that played for us against Newcastle gone? It would have beaten Fulham and Blackburn!

Also I just saw Warnock on Sky Sports and when asked about the lack of home wins, especially with our upcoming home fixtures, his reply was that with the upcoming games it might be a good few matches yet before we win at home. Not what I want our manager to be saying...............

AshteadR added 12:54 - Oct 16

Not good enough. Short of confidence and too many long hopeful balls. Not adventurous enough at home - don't get enough players in the box. Although that could be because we're holding back trying to cover for One Size - truly shocking!

LostBoys added 13:38 - Oct 16

enjoyable game - played them off the park as conceded by the Derby fans in the pub after the game. I thought Guly was the problem first half - involved in everything but his final pass shocking. Good weekend away

SomersetHoops added 13:42 - Oct 16

We should have been able to expect our first home win from this game; instead we had a disappointing performance and a result that is not good enough. The stats for passes completed must be horrendous and we generated nothing from the middle. Our players seemed to just want to hoof the ball as soon as they got it without looking up and waiting for the receiving player to get into position. While this may be acceptable for defenders under pressure it not good enough from our centre midfield.

The hoofing of long balls forward from deep midfield when there are no opponents threatening the player on the ball is the wrong choice and Barton was guilty of this most of the game. His pasing conversion rate must have been very poor and I feel unless he can improve his creativity he is the wrong player in this position. I would have replaced him with Buzsaky at half time and brought on Taarabt at the same time. The only player we had prepared to carry the ball prior to the too late changes were SWP and Mackie and they were heavily attended by opponents and left with few options except HH who had a fairly good game. Even Derry gave the ball away too often in this game and He and Faurlin's interpassing accross the pitch does not lead to anything unless they can make an eventual pass to someone with creative ability. Faurlin played quite well, Derry was under par. HH had a good game and Paddy saved us a couple of times and Luke Young looked good. Warnock seems to blame Fitz Hall for the goal, but he is playing with an injury so he can't take all the blame. If we still had Gorkss and if Perone was good enough to play perhaps our defence would be stronger. I'm beginning to wonder if our team and manager are up to the job of keeping us up and fear we should check if our scoreboard can handle double digit opponents scores next Sunday unless both tactics and performance improve.

jdalec added 15:55 - Oct 16

Worst performance of season (at home anyway) Agree that the sooner someone gives Homer Simpson a list of train times back to Luton the better (Total waste of space) Should have commanded game once they went down to 10 men. Only one real shot on goal in 2nd half and that was jonah's goal (not sure who his post goal rant was aimed at?) It will be interesting to see the outcome of next Saturdays fixture when the team with the lowest goal tally entertain the team with arguably the leagues most dodgy defence!!!

derbyhoop added 19:52 - Oct 16

No really poor performances. Just far too many average or below average ones.
My one positive from yesterday is that I'm certain we'll finish above Blackburn. We can play a lot better, I don't think they can play better than they did yesterday.

onedalefan added 20:25 - Oct 16

It was the first time I have just been totally fed up at a home game. We didn't play as a team and certainly didn't appear to want to play for the manager. Tutte is not a player who can take hold of midfield like JK or BBM which what was needed after the sending off. We miss Widdowson more than I expected and need some-one who can command the back, now realise how good Dawson was in leading Holness last year. I agree that B-H should be shown the door and if SE is to stay, he needs to be banging on the chairmans door to be able to bring in a better class of player (who doesn't have to have City connections!!).

LostBoys added 09:18 - Oct 19

Great stuff - should have had more goals and buried them but top of the league by 5 points. Bring on Reading

mheaney added 20:51 - Oct 22

Hi. How on earth can one expect to win when Derby dont have a striker!!!!!!!! A cheap owner who wont even spend a few pennies on a striker,seems to be the problem!

geraldo added 21:14 - Oct 22

yet another fiasco with SE in charge - we concede 3 to the bottom of the league!!

We start with 3 strikers and again no place for JK or BBM - when will he learn ( never is my thought so he must go, and soon)

geraldo added 21:14 - Oct 22

yet another fiasco with SE in charge - we concede 3 to the bottom of the league!!

We start with 3 strikers and again no place for JK or BBM - when will he learn ( never is my thought so he must go, and soon)

LostBoys added 16:26 - Oct 23

Very poor performance with some individual shockers but in the end we could have pinched it with enough chances.

NorwayRanger16 added 19:30 - Oct 23

Couldn't wish for a better win! This beats beating the scum 3-0 11 v 11 LOL

Anton Ferdinand with maybe THE best centre half performance by a QPR centre back, a 10'er today.

Glad to finally get that monkey off our back (home win)!

YOU R's!

MelakaRanger added 01:50 - Oct 24

I guess you could knock 99% of us down with a feather.

Luckily we only played the 9 man Chelsea team for 45 mins as if it had been 90 mins we would have lost for sure

BUT we beat them. Fair and square. They thought we would be a push over and played accordingly. We wern't. It was a pleasure to watch Chelsea get frustrated and earn all their yellows.

But how the hell do we beat Chelsea and fail to beat the likes of Blackburn? Oh yes this is QPR:)

9 games - 12 points.
36 games - 48 points? If so we survive!

AshteadR added 09:32 - Oct 24

Typical Rangers - expect the unexpected! Superb win, but talk about do it the hard way in the 2nd half - nerves, what nerves!!

SheffieldSteve added 10:33 - Oct 24

Agree, NorwayRanger, Ferdinand is becoming a legend already!

dixiedean added 11:07 - Oct 24

their first defeat against a newly promoted side in 64 games apparently. That's why the likes of Terry & Cole were shown up as the graceless gutter rats that they are.NW has copped a lot of flak lately for " not being a prem manager" but the tactics were spot on regardless of the red cards.The only negative was Adle showing yet again that he doesn't give a stuff about the team, only about himself. Time to sell in Jan window me thinks.

HamptonR added 11:35 - Oct 24

An amazing game, an incredible result and a very valuable three points.

The work rate was awesome and the tatics good.
My nerves were shredded and my throat is ripped to bits.

BTW the ref wasn't our twelfth man, the crowd was!!!

newgolddream added 11:59 - Oct 24

Fantastic win 4 the R's. Great 2 c Clint Hill back from his loan spell. Three huge points and a first win in West London since April. This game emphasised what spoiled overpaid brats Terry, Cole, Lampard and Drogba really are. John Terry tried to referee the match all by himself. Mind u no tears this time unlike when he missed that penalty in Moscow. Big games ahead for QPR but as I said b4 the bigger the better.

Harbour added 12:16 - Oct 24

Great team performance. We deserved victories against Newcastle and Aston Villa and did not get them yesterday we got the result we deserved. They thought just turning up would win the game but the boys fought for victory and got it. Talk about bad losers I thought the abuse they gave the ref was a disgrace.

We must fight like this in all Home Games and we will be OK


jobley added 12:49 - Oct 24

So what do we think about Adel - I am begining to wonder if we would get anywhere near the 12mil offered by PSG and also if he is even worth 6 mil? I mean the boy has quality but he is being found out now in the prem and he is not causing opposition huge problems. Ok, great ball to put SWP through on Sunday and a few other good passes, otherwise very average. Also, this mentality of his, what coach wants that? What team mate wants that? I was pleased Heidar and co put him in his place on Sunday. I just can't understand why he can't see the wrong in his actions and tantrums - i'd personally be embarrassed. Passion is one thing but selfishness is another.

Moan aside, great three points. Ok, we would have probably lost 11 vs 11 Chelesea let themselves down badly. We show grit, determination and adaptability.

Roll on Spurs....

HollowayRanger added 12:52 - Oct 24

loved the way we stood up to them derry v fatboy,smith v terry our boys didnt bottle it ,sure they only had 9 men but we were STILL winning when 11 v 11

credit all the defenders but anton the motm

SomersetHoops added 12:56 - Oct 24

I delayed my French trip for this game and expected a poor result. So a victory against Chelsea was even more sweet than usual. I was impressed with our team in the first half and how we took it to Chelsea drawing fouls and eventually a penalty. It was clear that Chelsea were just trying to stifle the game with some tackling and tactics which did them no credit.

From the position we were in I was disappointed with the way the team were sent out for the second half and how they performed after the break. We vwere too reliant on Paddy keeping us on top than we should have been against 9 men. I don't remember us winning any corners and our shots on or off goal tally against the depleted opposition and our possession was not good enough.

We were lucky not to have had this game reduced to a draw. In my opinion we should have used thge situation to get Bothroyd in the goals or has Warnock got a downer on him now as he seems to have with Buzsaky. From what I saw second half Warnock was very lucky we didn't concede.

Doughnut added 16:03 - Oct 24

Never a dull moment with the R's! Very ,very important 3 points where none was expected. Congratulations well in order. The second half though is not to be repeated.

geraldo added 16:37 - Oct 26

the first half was the worst I can remember since the grim days of Steve Parkin.
Good to see a proper keeper who commands his box - can't see Keane getting back in...........
SE must realise that he needs JK to protect the back line.

suttonsaint added 17:59 - Oct 26

I thought Martin was commanding all night,they were very wary of Cork's ability and backed off him all night so although i'm a fan of his i thought he could have done a little more.Lots of industry early on but no end product for most of the evening.Forte was static,cumbersome and looked every inch a league 1 plodder who lead the line with all the enthusiasm of a teenager on a family holiday.Our support was exceptional again and there was an almost lighthearted feeling amongst the away throng which made for,apart from the result,a thoroughly enjoyable evening.(and it only took me 40 minutes to get back to leafy Sutton).

jdalec added 20:04 - Oct 26

Agree with geraldo that Lucas is far more vocal and has a presence that JK does not. Terrible performance again, this score was a let off as far as I'm concerned. We looking over our shoulder now, dark days ahead??

Phil26 added 22:56 - Oct 26

I wasn't there, but can see it minute by minute, in my mind, in detail!!! Frustration abound.... And... I hear the calls of get behind the team, support and shut up, that's what we're here for.... Why oh why why don't the players support us for a change? Go somewhere please
and practice the basics of your profession and have some pride, not necessarily in yourselves, but for the hundreds of supporters who do have pride!

geraldo added 00:48 - Oct 27

Well said phil - we lacked the basics like passing to a blue shirt.
What SE seems to forget is that these players are getting paid a decent wage ( more than the average supporter) and they ought to be able to perform the basics of their job
Don't think that SE will be here post Xmas......................

Elad6 added 11:03 - Oct 27

Chesterfield should have won by 4. Lucas was fortunate (and played well) that poor finishing meant he only conceeded one via a deflection.

Nobody would then be talking about boxes being commanded and presence - Lucas would have been unfairly criticised, just as Kean has been. As it was, Lucas did ok, just as Kean has done, just as Edwards did. Our keepers have been fine.

On the other hand our defenders have been poor all season and our general defending embarrassing, gifting goals that no keeper would stand a chance with.

Actually, same as our home 'support'. Poor and embarrassing all season.

Phil26 added 14:01 - Oct 27

It's an age old problem Elad. Start the season poor, at some stage they'll put a run together, then a crowd of 3,500 will turn up and then the players in front of the 'new' support will put in a shambles of a performance, back to square one, sadly it's always been thus! I

jdalec added 18:31 - Oct 29

Anyone believing SE can keep us in this league is now deluding themselves. We are going down faster than the Titanic. Time to make way Steve.

LostBoys added 19:47 - Oct 29

Very very good and a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. Excellent football and as good as last Saturday was awful.

geraldo added 20:14 - Oct 29

I have never wanted SE from day 1 - but what a pity that we have wasted 3 months to prove what a complete waste of time he has been.
This week saw us play 3 teams below us and what happened - one point ( very lucky) out of nine.
Today we played better than Tues but we still conceded our average 2 goals per game and will soon be bottom.
One bright note Jordan looked a class act - why didn't he start???

ashes added 21:08 - Oct 29

Eyre says that Jordan was good and will start in future! Why has he constantly persisted with the same poor defence especially Trotman? He said that that Lucas was ill and acknowledged Kean hasn't taken his chances. Surely lucas has to be the number one choice from now on. Completely puzzled why he took Darby off, he at least looked good on the wing.
Too early for Eyre to go yet, I just want him to learn and to get the players playing with some fight.
Why have they banned bringing chips in? Do they think that we wiil throw them at the opposing fans? The way we are playing I think that the opposition would be the last place that they would go!

onedalefan added 22:24 - Oct 29

Sad to see the optimism of the last few years slipping away. Does SE just pick names at random and hope they can work out what to do because he still doesn't seem to know the team he wants. Pity about Lucas's illness as Kean has shown he can't command his area and it's needed when the defence can't do the basics. Tutte is too lightweight for a battle in midfield. Have said it before, we need a genuine target man up because a long ball in the air to 2 small forwards doesn't work. The only pluses, Jordan immediately seemed to have a confidence about him and Jonah still has the drive after 500 games that others could try and copy.

Yorkshire_Dale added 23:35 - Oct 29

Another shambolic display against poor opposition.....Stevvo said we would be unbeaten in (He also said Aldershot were crap in the Carling Cup).......times up surely???

Many fans said last Saturday that we should wait till tonight and then review how we stood, we are 2 appalling performances later and we are well worse off,7 days later.

Clueless.....and a team of clowns with no team spirit.

Do the honourable thing and go now Stevvo!

winchesterbob added 01:10 - Oct 30

Agree with Lostboys, a splendid football, and I thought Mr Chaplow, in particular, was a very fine exponent of the game. The rest of the Saints team were pretty bleedin’ good as well!

winchesterbob added 01:12 - Oct 30

*a splended game of football* even!

simmo400 added 03:30 - Oct 30

Saints played them off the park. Chplow excellent. Nuff said

jdalec added 08:47 - Oct 30

Think we all seem to agree, the general consensus that Eyre's days are numbered? Agree with most of the comments - Keane is no way our first choice keeper (Lucas is), Jordan looks class lets use his ability, Why was Darby brought off? the only decent player Eyre has brought in???
We can't dilly and dally any longer, we aren't looking over our shoulder any more we are well and truly in the shit with teams like MK Dons and Preston on the horizon.

MelakaRanger added 02:34 - Oct 31

First half we were headless chickens. Second half much better but Spurs were so much quicker, fitter than us and their passing was vastly superior to us.

Paddy in goal saved us from another 6 goal defeat.

Bothroyd scored but he still looks so lumbering and awkward. Mackie never stopped hassling and was full of energy.

Adel just proved agian he is either A) not good enough against premiership opposition or B) doesnt want to play for QPR . Either way we were a better team without him. Maybe we should play 3 up front next week without Adel again?

Worrying times ahead as another defeat stares us in the face next weekend. So we need to win at least 2 of the following 3 games - ideally draw at Stoke and beat Norwich and WBA - or we will be perilously close to the bottom.

Kylegraham added 02:56 - Oct 31

A performance which was good both defensively and offensively with one exception, a glaring error by Darren O'Dea allowing the visitors their one real chance in the game. Darren O'Dea claims it was dizziness but this downright foolish error is something that can be expected of such a poor defender. With the exception of O'Brien, all of Leed's other centre backs are more capable than O'Dea.
Everything good seemed to come through the ever creative Adam Clayton and our midfield was good throughout. McCormack was unfortunate today but worked his socks off which is all you can ask. Snodgrass was caught offside one too many times but had a decent game. Rachubka just does not look confident or reassured at all and the sooner Lonergan returns the better.
Becchio looked short of match fitness when he came on for the also decent Keogh. Sam added something a bit more direct when he came on for Pugh late on and his crossing looked consistently threatening. We miss have Nunez to come off the bench in this kind of game though.
Two players that I was impressed by today were Tom Lees and Paul Connolly. I felt that Connolly did an excellent job getting forward and making the overlapping run behind Snodgrass and was solid defensively also. His crossing proved a real threat. Tom Lees was as dominant aerially as you'll see and if we get him a good partner our defensive issues will be behind us.

headhoops added 08:43 - Oct 31

A game of two halves. Warnocks tactical changes at half time made for a far more balanced second half, Taarabt was awful, he looked unfit, overawed by the opposition and couldnt make a basic 5 yard pass. Derry had one of his less effective days as spuds passing through midfiled was slick and quick.

Kenny was excellent as we have come to expect and Young had a decent game - for me I thought Heidar was exceptional first half - he won virtually everything in the air, just a pity that no one was close enough to pick up his touches when they did second half Bothroyd scored.

If we play like we did second half no problems, easier 3 teams worse than us, like the first half we will be well and truly in the mix to drop.

Not many people will go to spuds and get a result,apart from Man City.....D'oh!


RBlock added 09:22 - Oct 31

I disagree Melaka, i though Bothroyd was great and made a lot of difference. His movement is better than Heidar's, and yes Heidar won nearly every ball in the 1st half but he flicked on, and we weren't playing that type of football. When Jay came on and was able to hold the ball up as opposed to knocking it on, we improved vastly.
I think spurs play some of the best football you will see in the league when they are knocking it around like that, but im impressed with the character we showed in the 2nd half.
I dont think Anton put a foot wrong all game. Mackies energy was fantastic and when it comes to Adel, the more we can get in January the better... When one player brings down the performance of the whole team you cant play him. He needs the freedom to run at people and to shoot like he was last season. He is passing to often and when he does its lacking, he has linked up with SWP and Joey superbly at times but on the whole its really disappointing.

14bowlers added 09:24 - Oct 31

I thought from day one that bringing a manager out of academy football into the hard league of div. one was dodgy to say the least, but was prepared to back the boards decision and give it a go.I have watched Rochdale now for 55 years, and I must admit that the last few matches have been as bad as I have seen for a long time. I am sorry to say that now is the time to arrest this situation quickly, please do not let all the hard work of the past few years go to waste . We have to get an experianced manager in place , before we get into deeper shit . We cannot be playing in div 2 next year, fearing we shall lose more supporters than we have allready.

R_in_Sweden added 10:04 - Oct 31

I have to agree with RBlock on Bothroyd, I thought that he did well when coming on, can't see the "lumbering" myself I thought that we'd shipped that out to Millwall's sub's bench.

I still think that Taarabt has too much talent to write off just yet, let's see what happens if/when he scores a goal to boost his confidence a bit. It wouldn't surprise me if his head's been filled with all sorts of crap from agents who want their cut, "friends" or whoever. His brain must be like scrambled eggs at the moment.

themodfather added 14:25 - Oct 31

as warnock said, we probably showed them too much respect 1st half..and bale is a top player on top form...
2nd half we really had a go and got back to 2-1 and most thought, "maybe" but their 3rd was quality and killed us off.
no fulham collapse and i felt we did ok.
spurs are a good team, whether it hurts to admit or not...given space and time, awesome. hope we get into man city OR ELSE!

LostBoys added 09:25 - Nov 2

3 points is 3 points but there were some terrbible performances particularly the full backs

HollowayRanger added 21:24 - Nov 5

cracking game we so deserved a draw ,but in end their class told we made a few mistakes and got punished their finishing was leathal while we missed a few ,biggest difference in the teams was the benches they had a 2nd team of stars on the bench we only had punchen smith as attacking options

NorthfieldsR added 22:29 - Nov 5

Time for the impatient short termers to get off Bothroyd's back methinks. Cracking team performance against a team that didn't bottle and look like champions elect. All turned up today...great stuff despite missing out on a a worthy draw.

sexton added 22:43 - Nov 5

Fantastic game. I kept expecting City to come out and shred us but they never did. Faurlin was fantastic.

MelakaRanger added 23:06 - Nov 5

Best team performance of the year. Amazing stuff. Finally NW had the formation and tactics that will take us on and upwards. Lets hope we play like this over the coming games against 'lesser' teams. If we do then 7 points form the next 3 games should be very achievable.
I am very proud of the lads, well done everyone!

walshy15a added 00:35 - Nov 6

We`re getting there, proud as !!!!

themodfather added 13:15 - Nov 6

faurlin had one of his best games ever for qpr.
so many good performances, one bad pass from traore and we were punished but overall i feel qpr have learnt a lot about the prem lge in recent games and have found their level.
a very good team effort, good support and a feel good all round, despite a loss.

SheffieldSteve added 14:38 - Nov 6

Very good team performance, pundits say Man cIty didn't play well, but that was a lot to do with the QPR team performance. Faurlin and HH had cracking matches, no-one really bad from the starting 11. Looking good!!

AshteadR added 19:53 - Nov 6

Very unlucky not to get a point. A very balanced team selection. The top teams really punish any weaknesses though! Great game and great atmosphere nevertheless

Harbour added 09:27 - Nov 7

Fantastic match draw would have been right result but we showed we are a PL team. Great to see the whole team playing for each other. felt sorry for traore he had a great game other than one pass. Went home happy dispite result.

Liked the match report was talking to loads of Man City fans after most coming up to me and saying best team they have played this year. Just got to reproduce this performance against the West Broms Stokes and Norwichs and we will be ok.

jdalec added 20:11 - Nov 12

Bradford are a very poor side which only goes to show how poor we are! Dale dominated first half but no end product as has been the case all season. Second half the usual panic set in, the defence looked more and more unsettled and eventually, yes you've guessed it we invited a player into our half gave him loads of room and bang he lauched an awesome shot into the top corner (one of the goals of the first round I'm sure).
Time to make way Steve, it's not working and we really have lost all hope now.

Yorkshire_Dale added 00:19 - Nov 13

...and so we have bowed out of a 2nd Cup run in a week and surrendered a great income stream to some low down League 2 outfit who could n't buy a win a few days ago themselves.......we really are the pits,thanks Stevvo!

Your position is truly unsustainable and for your own dignity please go now and not hold our piss poor club to ransome.

You know it's a poison chalice here.

I'm off to kick Razz's cat!


geraldo added 00:54 - Nov 13

first half we played like Barca, second half like Staylebridge Celtic so what happened at half time....????
If you look at the ratings on here then most of the players did OK so why did we lose? Altho I don't think that today was SE's fault there is something very wrong at the club that can only be sorted out by a change in the management team.
What amazes me is that I have learnt that SE was given a 3 year contract ( why/) and we can't afford to get rid of him...............

alex_roch39 added 23:10 - Nov 14

It looks like we really are in trouble. Eyre has caused irrepairable damage, so even if we sacked him, we'd still have to put up with the current squad untill january and by that time we'll be rock bottom with a slim chance of staying up.

ATBeaumont added 17:28 - Nov 19

Great result and sone excellent football and goals, only one football team on the pitch, Gerrry should hang his head in shame. Very lucky with the pen, makes up for the one against Villa.


LancsBushRs added 19:08 - Nov 19

back now... that was gooooood!

NorwayRanger16 added 19:57 - Nov 19

NW got his tactics and team selection spot on. Drafting in Clint Hill to defend the set pieces better and moving Traore to left midfield which caused Wilkinson all sorts of problems with his pace. Every player stood up to be counted today, subs included, but have to give special credit to HH.

MelakaRanger added 22:40 - Nov 19

Gritty performance against a gritty team. Helguson was supurb.

Again the team proved to far better without Taarrabt . He is not missed and will not be missed once sold in January

A repeat performance next week will bring another 3 points.



newgolddream added 23:51 - Nov 19

Great performance from the R's. Ironic that we would have taken Crouch back to W12 in the summer for a small fortune with HH on our own doorstep and looking surplus to requirements. The man is unmarkable on this form. Two winnable games on the horizon.

pnc4eva1 added 08:35 - Nov 20

A solid display by Dale that involved battling and some good approach play. Bergkamp made Grimes look more mobile and interested. Bunn was a problem throughout the game. The defence looked more solid.

Jones missed a penalty and Mellor missed an open goal for Preston. The referee actually booked a Preston player for diving and was correct in his decision.

LostBoys added 10:35 - Nov 20

As usual Poyet only set out to attack on the break and stifled us first half but there was only going to be one winner. The referee is just not worth discussing as you can recruit better in the parks locally. I want to single out the Richardson cross for the first goal - dummies to cross on his right switches to his left and then takes all the defenders out to reach Ricky at the far post - excellent.

RBLOCKPAT added 11:42 - Nov 20

Fantastic result outfought Stoke bully boys and our new system works a treat when every player fights for each other. I stupidly thought that we might get some credit on MOD but the Three Stooges were having none of it not even a mention! Well its time for us to beat the team that cost us the Championship in '76 next week and we will. Come on u rrrrrs!

AshteadR added 19:48 - Nov 20

Another great away day. Got a bit of luck with the penalty shouts, but still worth the win.

Good to see you in Mabels Tavern after the game Clive.

newgolddream added 00:21 - Nov 21

Agree with u RBLOCKPAT bout Three Stooges on MOTD. Dreadful programme and rarely watch it. Invested in the QPR Player and really enjoyed the commentary match yesterday and now looking forward to the highlights. I'm watchin the promoted teams with interest and would love to beat Norwich next week. We should finish above the Canaries and Swansea with all 3 stayin up.

SaintNick50 added 18:45 - Nov 26

For the first time this season we did not impose ourselves on the oposition. All credit to Bristol City they played really well and were in our faces all the time and gave us no space. We tried to play our passing game but many of the flicks and holding play just didn't come off. Chaplow suffered an injury in the first half and had to substituted by Schneiderlin. Both City goals I thought had an element of fortune but unsually we created few chances. Even the inclusion of Steeeeeve De Ridder (for Guly) and Barney (for Hammond) didn't do the trick. Is this just a blip? I will let you know at 9.00pm on Tuesday night!

jdalec added 19:19 - Nov 26

Grimes is one lazy little git, came out of the same mould as Liam Dickinson and only at Dale for the same reason....the money! Get shut and lets get people who are interested in.

philS32 added 20:17 - Nov 26

I never usually question Simons judgement but taking off both Ross and Luciano who are our recognised strikers when we are 2 1 down and we needed the best possible attacking chance to score was madness. Our home form is poor not any where good enough to get promoted and what the he'll is it with first half do our players only think they have t turn up for the second half ? When you put on that White shirt your heart should burst with pride boys I hate to say it but your letting the White shirt down

geraldo added 01:24 - Nov 27

Thought we were unlucky today very poor decision on the penalty.
Cannot understand why SE persevered with Berghamp who did nothing and did not win anything in the air.
We have lots of forwards but nobody with a real goal instinct.
I am not a fan of SE and feel we are doomed unless something changes ................................

LostBoys added 09:23 - Nov 27


onedalefan added 10:57 - Nov 27

Was Grimes on the pitch, never saw him? Bergkamp needs to be told that he can jump for a high ball, not just barge into the opposition and give away a free kick. Barry-Murphy doesn't have the pace to cover as a full back. Holness can't pass properly. The whole team appears to be lacking confidence and who does that stem from, the manager.

newgolddream added 13:28 - Nov 27

QPR deserved better on the day. Our record in this fixture is poor and would love to beat the Canaries at the Bush next year. One win at home is not good enough and we need three points against West Brom on Saturday. Injuries not helping either.

jobley added 15:12 - Nov 27

Where is Taarabt and who the feck does he think he is if he is fit and well enough to play? He obviously can't cut the mustard in the prem and as a result will play in the French league - well done Adel really pushing yourself there.

antoknee64 added 15:25 - Nov 27

The poorest I've seen us 1st half,really looked like we missed Barton and Faurlin covering the whole pitch with Derry constantly giving the ball away.Never thought that a centre-mid player would be required in Jan but now I'm not sure,if we loose Faurlin we are doomed.Everything crossed that Bassong or Bamba sign in Jan as well as Defoe.
Great atmosphere yesterday out singing the home end.couldnt see us scoring twice and saw their 2nd commimg a mile off.can't believe Kenny out for a month.

kirbys added 09:56 - Nov 28

Clearly this is a work in progress team and Dale fans know this. We were up against a workmanlike well organised side with few weaknesses and yet not an unbeatable side. On another day we would have beaten them by a safe margin on the first half display alone.
I still think progress is happening and we will pick up enough points to escape the drop.

LostBoys added 10:15 - Nov 30

Unimpressive performance but a win is a win.

patred added 17:14 - Dec 3

poor tactics...poor selection


BasingstokeR added 21:53 - Dec 3

Barton you should have put that away mate! :(

newgolddream added 22:46 - Dec 3

Disappointin result. Second would have clinched it. Well done Heidar. Will have to spend in January. Is anyone interested in Cup draw 2morrow? Would love to end our miserable record with a good draw and of course a win next month.

NorwayRanger16 added 01:51 - Dec 4

Thoroughly disapointed with just a point, but thats the name of the game if you don't take your chances. WBA should never been in the game at that point, gutted.

MelakaRanger added 02:56 - Dec 4

Brilliant game. On the attack from the off and Helguson is our on form man.

Unlucky to not win and win well but its the same old story. We are that close to being a really good mid table team but whats stoppinbg us is that we cant seem to convert our chances.

Still, we may get a point or two from the next two games, if only we convert our chances into some goals

winchesterbob added 08:59 - Dec 4

It was more than a bit grim, Guly is an attacking midfielder, he doesn't lead the line well nor does he hold the ball well. Fox should spend the week practising corners as his delivery was woeful. Someone needs to get a grip of free kicks because without RL it was headless chicken time, and bringing on Holmes didn't work as it looked like he and Richardson were in a three legged race from the amount of time they spent tripping over each other. There is always going to be a disaster match I hope we have got it out of the way now and get back to winning away as well as at home but if RL is going to be out for a while NA has some work to do.

MickB added 09:56 - Dec 4

Am I alone in thinking that Barton's contribution so far has been massively overrated? He isn't creating much, isn't bossing the midfield and has given away several freekicks in nasty positions on the edge of the area. Yet one newspaper referred to his performance yesterday as 'inspirational'. It looked pedestrian to me with Faurlin once again a more energetic and effective performer. Both could do with a extra bit of acceleration.

LostBoys added 10:06 - Dec 4

For the first time this season I was not at an away game and could not listen on the radio as I was at a function. Reading the reports we were dreadful again. Even if the they play well you cannot keep loing to bottom 3 sides and hope to win the league. West Ham losing is no consolation.

birminghamsaint added 14:10 - Dec 4

Agree with Winchesterbob. Guly and Fox were poor today and Richardson was anonymous. Saints controlled the game but there was no penetration and we did not look like scoring. Schneiderlin seemed to be playing further forward than usual , and I just coulden't understand why, when we had Barnard on the bench. De Ridder seems to be gaining in fitness but we weren't playing to his strengths either. This game reminded me of Walsall away last year, when the opposition again had only 1 decent chance and scored from it. We definately need a plan B for when Rickie Lambert is not available.

LostBoys added 12:39 - Dec 5

I could not go and could not listen on the radio due to a function on saturday but reading the reports of how dire we were all players seem to be overmarked.

LostBoys added 12:42 - Dec 5

I meant to add after this performance and Hammond's was the worst it appears he is quoted in the Echo as saying he is not worried about our away form He may not be but I know quite a few thousand who are. i could not attend Donny or Coventry but did Derby and Reading and it seems things are getting worse. His form seems to be the most suspect at the moment followed by Guly.

BasingstokeR added 21:17 - Dec 10

We basically need to learn how to retain the ball more consistently, we can do it but every few games have one like today where the ball looks like a wet bar of soap. Even though HH wasn't in the squad today; I would've stayed at 442, the 5man midfield is something we played for Adel - if he's not playing I don't think we should carry on playing it.

MelakaRanger added 23:01 - Dec 10

To lose only 1 - nil is a far better result than I expected. But our few dead balls - corners/free kicks were their usual ineffective rubbish. We must improve here and fast.

Good to see DJ back.

Now lets surprise everyone and beat Man U next Saturday.


geraldo added 23:20 - Dec 10

Looking at the stats we were absolutely hammered so where do we go from here?
We have conceded 40 goals in 20 games so we start every match 2 nil down so how can we expect to win?
The more I hear about how little SE had to do with the real City academy the more I think that he sold our Chairman a dummy at his interview.
I can see us losing to Yeovil next Sat and then he must surely go......

hoops58 added 21:12 - Dec 11

Poor upfront without Helguson, Bothroyd unable to hold up play, wins very few in the air and didn't look interested when he lost the ball!
DJ looked fresh, hopefully him and Heider together on Sunday.
Agree with BasingstokeR 5 man midfield just did not work, looked like they weren't sure who was picking up who.
Would have been more than 1-0 if not for Cerny.

off2div1 added 14:08 - Dec 12

Why does everyone give Nicky Adams good marks week in week out he had a shocker cant cross or keep the ball play Tutte or some one else.

geraldo added 01:44 - Dec 18

I thought we did ok today except we did not score and if you look at the stats with 68% possession then you wonder why we did not score!!
Unfortunately a lot of our play was at the back and we have to stop passing back to the likes of Holness who dont have a clue what to do with the ball...
The truth is unless something changes dramatically we are going down- I almost wished we had lost then SE would surely have been sacked

MelakaRanger added 00:12 - Dec 19

Just awful.

The defence was over whelmed and the attack (as usual) made chances and (as usual) couldnt take a single one of them. That is unforgivable at this level.

SWP is a winger who needs the ball out on the wing and to run with it. Every ball he got he immediately knocked it back to another player. Either play him as a winger and to his strengths or dont play him at all. He was like a headless chicken for the first 30 mins
Barton needs the riot act read to him. He was awful and so far isnt the player he thinks he is! And what was that free kick right on the edge of the penalty area that he casually knocked to a Man U player. That summed up his contribution!
Bothroyd has never impressed me and again was far too casual and shows that he is not Premiership quality.

Dead balls and set pieces are another major weak spot for QPR. Every one was wasted. We have not improved in this area at all since day 1 of the season.

At least Adel played a bit like his old self.

Warnocks tactics once again were lacking. As I have said before, he is a great Championship manager but a very poor Premiership manager

We really must get 6 points from the next two games or else we are in big trouble.

If we survive the season then the summer must bring big changes - players and management.

NorthfieldsR added 00:44 - Dec 19

Now looks like the 8 days pre transfer deadline was not enough time for NW and TF to rectify the abysmal situation left by the permatanned tosser. We're starting to limp towards January and the need to buy genuine Prem players. God knows where we will be in the table when the door opens.

The home support was poor. Perhaps playing at 12 noon and not being tanked up prior played a part. Certainly no supportive atmosphere and no animosity a la Chelsea to put off the mollycoddled celebrities.For God's sake it's less than two years since Paul Hart played keep ball with four full backs to hold on for a miserable win. People have such short memories.

All players to my mind put their best effort in but were simply outclassed. Shrek played a blinder bar one or two stray passes much as I'm loathe to say it.

J Barton was the exception. He was abysmal. He should stop listening to the w--ky band he likes and listen to something more motivating! What was unforgiveable was the lack of ball received by AT who was looking sharp. Barton as captain might not like AT, but he should at least make sure he gets the ball when he's on song. he looked the only route to any possible comeback.

In Warnock we should still trust...and without the cameras on Wednesday night perhaps AT might finally step up to the Premiership plate . He has nothing to fear of the professional example set him by Barton in this game.

MelakaRanger added 04:10 - Dec 19

I really think Warnock is the best manager we have had since Gordon Jago and Dave Sexton. He has done wonders for the team. But I also think he is like Derry.

Both were instrumental and key to us gaining promotion but both are not quite good enough to cut the mustard, now we are there.

For QPR to survive and improve within the Premiership then we will need a proven Premiership standard manager for 2012/13 onwards, just like we will need some proven Premiership players and not has beens like Dyer or wannabes like Bothroyd.

AshteadR added 10:11 - Dec 19

We were always going to be 2nd best in this game, but what really frustrated was the way we contributed to our own downfall. We gave the ball away far too cheaply (Barton particularly) and once again, didnt take our chances. Cerny kept the score respectable.

NorwayRanger16 added 13:45 - Dec 19

That early goal didn't help...! But have to say Rooney' the best player we have been up against, better than both Silva and Suarez that both where brilliant. His hold up play, movement and vision was something to behold. The gulf in class from what we've been used to for years is there for everyone to see. That said, this is not the games we should be looking to win, and a lot of what i've seen from Bolton, Wolves, B'burn etc. says that we're in with a good chance of staying up.

On to the players then. Both Barton and Faurlin we're miles away from being competetive enough. Faurlin' poorest performance since the promotion, so many missed passes he should hold his head in shame. He had several like Bartons pass for Carricks goal, only luck that none led to a goal against. And while we're on Carricks goal, how on earth can we let him run a good 60 yards unchallenged??? and let's not get started on Cerny contribution on the goal, should have been a easy save (that apart Cerny had another blinder).

Watching Boothroyd play is massively underwhelming, can not for the love of god see what he brings to the team that neither DJ or Taarabt can do.

Credit should go to Mackie who tormented Evra for 45 mins and Connolly who played well in the circumstances.

LostBoys added 17:34 - Dec 19

Another below par performance against a very mediocre Pompey

newgolddream added 23:23 - Dec 21

Disappointing result after a spirited second half performance. Need to be winning games against the Sunderlands of this division and certainly not losing at home (again). One win in 12 matches since our Sky win over Sheffield Utd and that was playing with two extra men. Some poor decisions on the line tonight and am wonderin is NW up to the task of the Premier League. Would love to see him succeed after prevoius failures but will have to deliver sooner rather than later. The transfer window can't come soon enough for our struggling Hoops.

MelakaRanger added 00:44 - Dec 22

Having just watched the game on TV I am sorry to say that the team is just not the same as it was 2 months ago. Despite the comeback to 2-2, the spirit, the belief we can win, its just not there anymore.

Warnock can no longer use the excuses of the past 3 months - new players, unlucky, silly mistakes etc.

The sad truth is that he is out of his depth in the Premiership. The limit to his abilities is the Championship - where he is very good indeed. The Premiership exceeds his capabilities.

The transfer window could bring another set of Warnock hopefuls who just dont perform. Like Bothroyd, Puncheon, Dyer, Wright Phillips and even Barton is not performing anywhere near the expected levels. The only two decent signings were Young and Ferdinand. We dont need more duff signings that we will be saddled with for 2 or 3 years.

Tony F has some difficult decisons to make over the coming days. If the next 3 games do not bring at least 5 points, then this should bring a close to the tenure of NW. A couple more losses and we will be is big big trouble!


NorwayRanger16 added 00:48 - Dec 22

If Taarabt starts on the bench next game then thats a sackable offense!
He should have started tonight as well after his positive cameo against Man Utd. Great to see him back to his best, if he stays and keep on playing like this then he'll be our best "signing" this january.
Great and well deserved goal for Mackie but overall, like SWP it's just to much hit and miss for my liking.
Great comeback but overall S'land deserved their win.

Nov77 added 01:07 - Dec 22

It's actually one win in thirteen, if you count the home league cup loss this season.
Couldn't believe the team when I heard it, smacked of cowardice.
Other than HH the two players most likely to grab us a goal are Adel and DJ so why are they sitting on the bench?
Handed the initiative to Sunderland.
Warnock picked a team not to lose rather than a team to win.

MelakaRanger added 01:47 - Dec 22

Yes Nov 77. Warnock is losing the plot, in fact he might have lost it!

Once again he has used the excuse of the other team getting 'out of prison'.

His Gaffer report on the QPR web site really sounds like a man with no ideas. He has only himself to blame. He seems to think the transfer window will cure all our ills. It might help to strengthen the squad a little but is he able to coach and motivate the team better than he has done over the past 10 games? I think not.

Tony F is asking us to 'keep the faith'. I AM TRYING! But even the faithful must question their leaders when they are not performing as leaders should.

Trouble is, if NW goes, who the heck is good enough and available to step in?

Big changes needed in attitude, tactics, team spirit & players performance. Changes that must take place before the next match

No boos please, just cheers for the next 3 games. The team needs our support.


Doughnut added 08:45 - Dec 22

Very, very disappointing result. I fully understand the need to not hype up matches but this, along with the Bolton, Wigan, Newcastle and West Brom matches, was one we needed and could have got 3 points from. Yet again...what a waste!
Prime objective must be to stop the opposition scoring, so we must strengthen the defence, which was weak at the start of the season and is still weak now.

AshteadR added 09:59 - Dec 22

So, so, disappointing. We set up with a formation not to lose, but were carved open far too easily. We look slow defensively and devoid of attacking ideas - apart from HH. We really need to be more positive at home and go for the win. We looked much better with Barton out of the middle when Taarbs came on.

And then, after all the hard work to get ourselves back in the game, we seemed to sit back and invite them on. You can't defend from corners (although there's were much better than ours) like we did and expect to win! Poor performance and pi55 poor result at home - again!

hoops58 added 21:29 - Dec 22

Not which was worse, NW team selection and tactics (again) or substitute Ref Attwells decisions!
Games we should win, we play poor and lose, games we expect to lose we play well and mostly lose!
Defense all over the place, opposition getting free headers again and again.
Midfield slow going forward, never pushing up or closing down.
Wide men, well Traore best crosser of the ball.
Forward (yes only one!) can only do so much on his own.
Can't see January transfers making much difference with NW talking of 3 or 4 loan signings.

LostBoys added 18:08 - Dec 26

Good performance even if we did not hit our best form.

JTLUFC added 19:37 - Dec 27

This report and the anti Leeds nonense is both one-sided and absolute nonsense. 'Normal service resumed' ? You need to read up on your history fella - we have a very good record against you and as you will know if your a facts man, you've rarely won at Elland Road, where you've had many high scoring pastings and I've been to the BB ground and your Ikea ground and seen Leeds spank you many times...remember 5-0 in the late 90's at PP? Sweet. Quite simply and like a few other non desrcript teams, you've had a decent run against us recently as you play us at our lowest ebb really. I mean, even dross like Southampton and Cardiff have done well against us recently...basically, one of Leeds worst teams in their history is when you seem to do it. Parity will be restored in time and Derby, niot even the biggest club in the East Midlands, will be once again also rans. See the BBC Sport website preview before the game? It was something like 46-24 in Leeds favour on wins.

As for yesterday, if it wasn't for Fielding it would've been a comfortable win. End of the day, promotion or not, we'll finish above you again snd thanks for turning up - We're not Famous Anymore.


NorwayRanger16 added 10:55 - Dec 28

Very important point in the sense that Swansea didn't get three. As I see it as imperative that we have Swansea behind us when may come in order to stay up.
Adel MOM for me, just hope this is him wanting to play for us and not just improving his performances for the sake of a transfer come January.

GY_QPR added 12:11 - Dec 28

Solid performance without pulling up any trees, it was a bit easier for the back 4 when you only have 1 forward to mark. second half was 100% better than the first when we hustled swansea more and gave them less time on the ball. Thought a draw was a fair result as their goal should have been disallowed for handball but then they should have had a late penalty. we just need to get some positive results and with the run of fixtures after the arsenal game then there are some good opportunities.

themodfather added 15:49 - Dec 28

we played very well..poor ref
faurlin had some space for once and this is another good result on the road

MelakaRanger added 22:50 - Dec 31

Poor, lazy passing was rife - yet again - and cost us a point. Set pieces - again - were diabolical.

Bothroyd, again, was weak and useless.

We looked dangerous in the 2nd half once Young started going forward. But we gifted Arsenal so often and paid the price.

I fear the worse come Tuesday.


snanker added 06:35 - Jan 1

Only managed to view & suffer some brief highlights ("low lights) but that was enough ! Mounting frustration in evidence on the pitch today despite creating some half chances and now to emphasize for all you pedantic R's the Canary game IS a must win ! January sales here we come !

RBLOCKPAT added 07:05 - Jan 1

Its no good I cant sleep I just keep wondering when our players are actually going to show the world that they are good players and not pretending be. Time to get tough we have too many fairies in Wonderland, watching some of our players sauntering around yesterday put me on a downer for New Years Eve. Sorry but I dont want to see Jay Bothroyd wearing our beloved hooped shirt anymore he has had his chance and is just not worthy. I dont want us play a packed midfield and one up front anymore we havent got the quality to make it work, as we are losing games hand over fist I thought that Neil would have realised that, our defence gets opened up at will anyway so we might as well go 433 or 442 and have a bloody good go, its all going against the attacking principles that Neil Warnock bestowed at the start of the season. I can only think of two games this season where we had a real go, Wolves and Man City, all the rest has been a midfield tippy tappy and no end product which is only a recipe for a return to the hell of the Championship. Our coaching needs to change its got to be much bolder and much strickter on players who are supposed to put a small ball in a a very big net and do it regularly in return for a great deal of money and that when they run to a pitch they are going to give us the fans 110% commitment and desire and not the 60% I watched today. Dont show clubs like Arsenal, Utd, Liverpool etc so much respect they really are not that good, there are a few quality players in this league but as Blackburn proved today if you go at them you will have a chance. The players need to change the attitude they have and most importantly BELIEVE in themselves and maybe Neil thats down to you me old Richmond cocker!

qlrken05 added 10:10 - Jan 1

An Excellent start for CB and do you notice, we have zero bookings

winchesterbob added 10:21 - Jan 1

Mother said there would be days like this!!

We do need to start keeping clean sheets on a consistant basis, we didn't deserve any more than a point, as City stuck to their plan, but with some poor goalkeeping and a lack of finishing at the other end, we got none.

Yorkshire_Dale added 17:18 - Jan 2

Well done,fans and management!

Steve Eyre really left us in the sh* we need to kick on and get some well deserved points.

Sod his compensation.

jdalec added 17:20 - Jan 2

That was 200% better than the performances under Eyre. A lot more positive all round, we defended well and with confidence (Holden had a great game) and we went forward with pace and aggression. Thought we deserved all 3 points, frustrating when we had the ball in the net twice in 2nd half and neither were given (Ref had a nightmare) Hope we continue into the new year with this renewed gussto!!

LostBoys added 17:22 - Jan 2

As you have been saying Nick the wheels have been coming off the bus for some weeks. I could only listen on the radio but it appears likely that the Lallana 'goal' crossed then line and lambert was blatantly pushed in the box and should have had a peno but missed easy chances and poor second half tactics coupled with a threadbare bench have done for us. We are hanging on to top place by the skin of our teeth. At least four signings needed in my opinion.

pnc4eva1 added 18:27 - Jan 2

Dale were far more impressive. Preston went ahead after the linesman failed to spot a player yards offside in the build up. This resulted in Prsston sending over a cross from a throw in and dale conceded.

Under Eyre there have been too many times when we have conceded in the first twenty minutes and got no points. However, dale appear to developing a little more steel about their attitude.

Bogdanovic scored a desrved equaliser after ir appeared dale would draw a blank after many wasted chances.

The second half continued the way the first had ended, with dale on top. Then started the referee's disaster show. First of all he disallowed Holden's header. This was for climbing and Holden did appear to use the Preston defender as a ladder. However the second goal was disallowed for a foul on the keeper. This was surreal as Bogdanovic jumped to head on and the keeper ran into him. It was either a penalty for a foul on Bogdanovic or should have been allowed to stand.

The next weird decsion was the JK booking. A fifty fifty challenge saw JK win the ball and then get clattered. The free kick went to Preston and JK was booked.

To be fair to the referee his officials didn't help him

newgolddream added 23:27 - Jan 2

Worst team in division at moment and we r falling behind the top 15 at an alarming rate. Unlucky today but it was still another defeat at W12. Mk Dons next and we need a win 2 lift the spirits. Of course it will be said the cup doesn't count but Itook absolutely no pleasure in being hammered in recent years by Port Vale and Rochdale albeit in the Carling Cup. Come on U R's.

geraldo added 23:58 - Jan 2

Great to have a real centre forward again and bizarre to think he is being labelled " Barnes Homer" prob our worst ever player!!

Unfortunately I think Bogdanovic will prove too expensive to sign as I believe he is potentially better than COG - certainly he heads better and is much more mobile.
We stlll need to convert more chances and unfortunately Ball looks to have completely run out of steam.I think we need to win at least 8 of the remaining games which looks a big ask....

MelakaRanger added 05:56 - Jan 3

Indeed we may well be one of the worst teams in the divison but with our players we really shouldn't be! I truely believe we have underperformed big time - hence my previous comments about NW

Still at least for the last hour we showed some guts and determination for once. Thats a great improvement over past performances. But even with 11 men Norwich were as good if not better than us.
Also, at last, the performances of SWP and AT were back up to scratch. So there were some positives to take from the match.

Bartons sending off was a disgrace. The Norwich player should be banned for 3 matches for conning the ref. But Barton should never had put himself in the position in the first place.

To be honest I hope we lose next week so that we can concentrate 100% on survival. I know it will be yet another loss for the team and I woill take no pleasure in that but I do not want us to do a 'Birmingham'. Survival is the only game in town, anything else is a distraction.


dixiedean added 09:58 - Jan 3

""Joey Barton in red card controversy." Now there's a headline we never thought we'd see. I wish.... Am I the only one not surprised ? If he did what he did while playing for someone else we'd be baying for his blood and saying typical Barton. When he starts performing consistently well on the pitch ( not just on his PC) then I'll cut him some slack,but until then he remains a liability. Yes, the ref was a muppet, which was obvious before the red card,but even more reason to be sensible and not give him the opportunity.Not as bad as Walton was for Wolves though....

snanker added 10:05 - Jan 3

Gutted to say the least but that loss had all the ingredients of a typical QPR performance of late. Deja vu, undermanned against an average Norwich side ! Barton, the good the bad and the Joey ! "Really" does he fancy he's in a Bunuel movie out there ? He was always going to come of second best in the tete-a-tete with Johnson because he is Barton whether innocent or not. What a mug ! Norwich worked it well. I can't fault the heads down bum up effort after the sending off but the Canary goal before half time was piss poor to concede & why Pilkington (left footer) was given so much time and space is perplexing to say the least given how close to the half we were ! We concede too many goals in crucial pressure periods of games.Paddy wasn't even close and you gotta question if he should get the nod in goal if he is not 100%. What worries me is that we are playing with NO luck ( great free kick by Taarabt turned onto the post ) a sure sign of a relegation candidate and the space Morrison had at the top of the six yard box when he scored the winner was...criminal given how hard we had grafted. Mind you we looked knackered for all that effort. SWP and Taarabt appeared the only one's likely and poor old Ale F. was going up and down on the spot. Its looking a bit Dyer (sic) at the moment to be sure and who knows were the next point is gonna come from ? Things can turn around but we need that crucial bit of luck me thinks.

newgolddream added 11:23 - Jan 3

Did you say do a 'Birmingham', MelakaRanger ? The way we are playing at the moment that would be very tempting?? Next couple of months will define our season with a very difficult run of fixtures to end the campaign.

HamptonR added 12:32 - Jan 3

QPR were unlucky yesterday but got luckier in the second half when they worked harder.
Jamie Mackie is 100% but is the end product there?
His recent two goals suggest that it could be but I really do have my doubts.
What is more frustrating is other players who do have the quality but do not always seem to give 100%
One thing I am certain of is that the ref yesterday was very poor, way before the sending off he was giving stupid silly fouls and letting Grant Holt decide what he should do next.
He gave a free kick for the foul on Barton but then ignored that, sent Barton off and ignored the incident that made him stop the game.
He showed how pathetic he was when toward the end of the first half the ball went in the upper loft and straight down the exit, Grant Holt started jumping up and down so the ref told Paddy Kenny to hurry up!

newgolddream added 17:52 - Jan 7

A result for QPR and just reward for the excellent away following. Keepin my fingers crossed for Faurlin. Lookin 4ward for to the 4th round draw. Pity the replay isn't next week as it would be in the good old days.

geraldo added 18:22 - Jan 7

What a shocker - losing to a team that has lost it's last 9 home games.
Looking at the stats we had 4 shots and no corners so the bubble looks to have burst!!

MelakaRanger added 01:30 - Jan 8

Why oh why did Warnock play Faurlin?

I truly hope Alis injury is not as bad as first thought. If it is, we are screwed.

Didnt Warnock learn from last year? Obviously not!

Like I have said before he has lost the plot completely. He is totally out of his depth in the Premiership.


Ranger78 added 09:01 - Jan 8

There can be no excuses for yesterday's result, it was an embarrassing disgrace!!!

Our best possible team should have been selected from the start and we should have done a number in an inferior side early enough to sub and rest our best players!!

Instead we allowed our already fragile confidence get worse, yet again get forced into panic subs to try and desperately save the game and get our top player injured because he is tired and trying too hard!

We need confidence badly and yesterday was the best time to do that. Our next game is away to a team who jus battered Utd!

There can be no excuses for yesterday and I'm afraid it had to go down as bad management

MelakaRanger added 10:29 - Jan 8

Ranger78 I agree and yet disagree

We should not have played any of the first team. This was a chance for those on the cusp of the first team to go out and impress. To show the manager if they were hungry for a place in the Premiership team or just happy to keep drawing their wages and not performing. They should have been hungry with a LARGE H. Based on what happend last year, our 'star' players should have been rested. To an extent Warnock did this but why did he play Faurlin - probably our most consistent player this year? Win lose or draw it just didnt matter. What matters is next week and the few weeks after that.

Instead we had a miss-mash. I have not seen the match but having read many reports it seems we were poor. And to cap it all, thanks to Warnocks bad decision in playing Faurlin, we could potentially lose Ali for the rest of the season. Even if the injury is not as bad as first thought , the fact that we risked him is inexcusable.

If Ali's injury is as bad as reported (and I pray it is not) this may well be the final nail in NWs coffin.


HamptonR added 17:50 - Jan 8

Faurlin being injured has nothing to do with Warnock losing the plot or being out of his depth.
Judging by your previous posts any injury to any player would be due to Warnock losing the plot.

Didn't he learn from last year? - Come on, it happens!

Luckily we are still in the hat and we have just rawn Chelsea (should we win the replay)!!

HamptonR added 17:52 - Jan 8

Faurlin being injured has nothing to do with Warnock losing the plot or being out of his depth.
Judging by your previous posts any injury to any player would be due to Warnock losing the plot.

Didn't he learn from last year? - Come on, it happens!

Luckily we are still in the hat and we have just rawn Chelsea (should we win the replay)!!

Bornhoop added 18:59 - Jan 8

I was at the game and found myself rather embarrassed by our performance. Towards the end of the game we joined in with mk fans in singing "premier league your having a laugh" bad display for the "travelling" away fans. I attend most home games for the r's and was ashamed of our display. Let's just hope we win replay so we can face the blue scum. You can stick the blue flag up your a#%e..

Bornhoop added 18:59 - Jan 8

I was at the game and found myself rather embarrassed by our performance. Towards the end of the game we joined in with mk fans in singing "premier league your having a laugh" bad display for the "travelling" away fans. I attend most home games for the r's and was ashamed of our display. Let's just hope we win replay so we can face the blue scum. You can stick the blue flag up your a#%e..

kirbys added 19:52 - Jan 8

Huge disappointment to the travelling support. We were well beaten in many ways and in my view were lucky to come away only two goals against.
The line up did not seem to work for us today. Bog on the left, Ormerod central sometimed switching with Ball who played high up in support. It seemed to make it difficult for us to get it out of defence and was constantly being broken down on the wings.
Give credit to a rejuvinated Harlepool who were really up for it and played at a higher tempo than us on this occasion.
No doubt Beechy has a great deal to ponder after this match.

newgolddream added 20:06 - Jan 8

Just heard the news about Neil Warnock and sorry to see the big man go. However it was inevitable following our dreadful run of results and heres hoping that the board can bring in the right man to rescue our season. I see QPR have Chelsea in round four of the cup if we can manage to overcome MK in the replay. Any news on Ali Faurlin???

collinge1 added 17:25 - Jan 10

Hi,I was at the game last night nd I have ben supporting Leeds for 30 years.First the support was FANTASTIC even though ESPN may not have liked it.I have memories of Leeds in their heyday but I have to say last night showed the Gulf between Leeds now and the Prem.The players effort was exellent and the stand out players in order were White,Lees O:Dea,Pugh,Clayton,Townsend nd then the rest.I do not understand why MacCorrmack didnt start and I am puzzled at the way Larry chops and changes the team.In my opinion its a case of what do I do next???? I thank him for what he has done but ask is he a his limit??????

pedrodale added 17:20 - Jan 14

Lost before we'd started so gave them all a zero

probbo added 13:46 - Jan 16

For the first 20 minutes things looked quite promising but the Derry challenge on Cabaye seemed to act as a wake up call for Newcastle and their fans. Prior to that they could barely string two passed together. Luke Young at fault for the Best goal perhaps, but he took it well to be fair.

Bothroyd's miss in the second half was that of a player clearly lacking confidence in front of goal.

Given the chances we created, a draw would not have flattered us but i'm sure thats been said a few times this season. We desperately need to start scoring some goals. Next seven games will define our season. Come on u R's!

newgolddream added 14:33 - Jan 16

Another defeat for QPR and relegation on the horizon if we don't return handsomely in the run-up to the Man U game next April. Encouraging performance yesterday but poor finishing as usual undid all our good work. Cup game tomorrow night and we need a win to lift morale for the big tests ahead. Chelsea in the next round is a huge incentive and the Dons game is live on ITV 4.

RBLOCKPAT added 17:09 - Jan 16

I thought we looked much more comfortable playing 442 its what we should have kept with all season our missed chances reflected the lack of confidence and we missed Faurlin, however the commitment was there Mackie and Bothroyd were excellent and Bothroyd who I didnt want back in the team, actually looked a player and I think that the discipline that Mark Hughes will bring and him having been a top top striker will help our forwards start producing SWP just needs that ruthless streak back because he has more chances than anyone and just strokes the ball instead of banging it and hopefully Hughes will rekindle things for him. We did enough to win and we are not that far away, everyone is going crazy over Swansea but we should have beaten them at the Liberty and we are not that far away and to all the cynics and critcs of TF and MH that I have seen written in the last couple of articles here, just get behind them both I am really excited about Mark Hughes being here, yes I loved Neil Warnock like everybody else but in a way I am glad he went when he did because I would have hated for the crowd to turn on him and there were signs that some were.

BeauRanger added 22:33 - Jan 16

Good enough start as you might expect under a new Manager & looked more compact in the 4-4-2. All seemed to change after the Cabaye foul & always difficult to come back after going a goal behind. Better defending but still not enough of a goal threat & creativity going forward.

Apparently MH only won 2 of his first 18 games at Fulham....gulp!

Harbour added 12:23 - Jan 18

Players looked lacking in confidence. Buz and Macheda did ok. Attacking we lacked composure SWP should have done better. At the back and midfield weak , missed AF AT and JB. Signings needed asap having said that great we got a result and kept a clean sheet for first time in months..

spencer added 13:41 - Jan 18

I nearly fell asleep watching this game....should have watched Holby City instead.At least I was indoors...back to normal on Saturday V Wigan..I can't just nod off

probbo added 13:53 - Jan 18

It was like watching a League 1 match until the last 10 minutes or so but all that aside, it is a win, the losing streak has been snapped and for that we should all be grateful.

It's funny how things go sometimes - has Ibehre not missed that sitter i'm not sure the R's would have levelled. Gabbidon pre match said that a win could kick start Ranger's season, and he scores his first competitive goal in six years. On such things fortunes can turn, so lets hope with a couple of decent signings we can get some sort of a run going.

And well played MK Dons too - it was clear to see which team was more comfortable with the ball and they will deservedly feel aggrieved they didn't get something out of those two matches.

francisbowles added 14:19 - Jan 18

We are suckers to the counter attack, I believe we lack pace in the centre of midfield even when Faurlin was fit. Need to buy somone with pace or, if we can't find the right player for this position, play more of a diamond with someone holding in front of the defence.

BigWilly added 14:32 - Jan 18

Brilliant decision, pure luck, or both? We howled when Hughes subbed Akos (our most effective player) after his superb free kick, and just as he was setting up the corner. Where's the logic there we cried, idiotic, stupid, etc? At least let him take the corner. SWP strolls over to take the kick instead....on Danny's head...goal. What do we know? If he hadn't made the substitution at exactly that moment, we wouldn't have scored. Genius. On such moments seasons are turned. Let's hope his decision making/intuition/luck persists. URRRRRRR's

themodfather added 20:35 - Jan 18

it's a win...if ugly or undeserved, whatever...a win
at home, at last.
the cup can be a distraction but after a decade+ of losses, we now meet the "enemy", our rivals, a home
let the ticket scramble begin.

BeauRanger added 21:31 - Jan 18

We can't complain as a win in the cup makes a nice change....but I was sitting there last night watching the game thinking how is this team going to get another 25+ points needed to stay in the Premiership...?

geraldo added 17:06 - Jan 21

Hammered by a team that was below us - I don't know what Beech tells the players but with 3 strikers on the pitch we manage 1 shot on target. I thought SE was bad ...................
We obviously need a new manager quickly but it would appear that it won't be Coleman.

jo_qpr63 added 20:00 - Jan 21

You beauty!!. I luv em all! up up up the league we go!

newgolddream added 20:45 - Jan 21

Magic win from the R's and 3 goals as well. Thrilled for Buz 2day as he turned back the clock with a masterful display. 2 wins in 4 days and both at W12 after a desperate run. Well done to all concerned.

MelakaRanger added 23:27 - Jan 21

The green shoots of recovery have finally sprung to life.

SWP was much better, maybe he is about to shine?

Barton was poor I thought and continues not to impress.

Kenny had little to so but when he had to do something, he did nothing and a goal was scored.

Buz was supurb and hopefully will now be a first choice for the midfield.

Better teams than Wigan would have punished us but all said its 3 points in the bag! Well done to the team.

Now for another 4 or 5 wins from the next 6 games!

MelakaRanger added 05:01 - Jan 22

A worrying fact given by the ESPN commentator on my coverage. QPR have 40 players on their books at the moment. 40!

Hopefully we can get shot of loads of this 'baggage' come the summer

AshteadR added 09:14 - Jan 22

A wobbly start but pretty good thereafter

BasingstokeR added 09:50 - Jan 22

We need to hope things to start clicking a bit more in our build up play, and someone starts gambling around Helguson's hold up play. As those three goals aren't replicable in most games. BUT a win is so good for the confidence.

budaranger added 09:59 - Jan 22

God we needed that! The first five minutes were pretty nerve wracking, but got it together afterwards...still a few hairy moments defensively and seeing SWP on the left and having to cut inside the whole time is frustrating - but the result is all that matters

BeauRanger added 12:36 - Jan 22

what a relief...

All seemed to be invigorated after the slow start & SWP looked much more positive in taking players on, DJ looked more mobile than Bothroyd although not much better in front of goal. Can Buzsaky get fit for enough the whole 90 minutes & consistently perform at the that level? Will make it interesting when Taarabt comes back?

Very good goals & a bit harsh to criticise PK on their free kick I thought??

DorsetR added 13:36 - Jan 22

Encouraging signs, several players starting to play for their places under the new manager. Some with a point to prove maybe , Buzz in particular must seem like a new signing. MoM for two games says a lot for him. Thought Jamie played well too,never stopped running and chasing the ball down.Just needs to improve his finishing :) Tommy Smith seemed to be playing left back when he first came on, thank god he pushed up front and got the well deserved goal.

Sam_Hoops1 added 01:16 - Jan 23

Much better all round I think. But why am I reading match reports from the likes of the Guardian and the Metro etc that give Barton a rating of 7/10. He was by far the worst player on the pitch. He gave the ball away more times than I care to count and his only real contribution was to get a yellow card for a poor tackle. For all his stupid tweets stating that he plays best when people are against him, he hasn't backed this up with performances on the pitch. The geordies must be laughing their heads off that we've taken his inflated ego and pay-packet off them. He really needs to buck his ideas up. His rant at Warnock was uncalled for, unprofessional and idiotic, and he did nothing to win the fans over on Saturday in my opinion. He must start performing like he claims he can 'cus so far he's been nothing but a disappointment and a waste of time/money. I feel Buz's great performance covered up Barton's poor performance but against better teams this will be exposed. The sooner Taarabt gets back the better. All in all though, a pleasing and well-deserved 3 points. Bring on the Chel-scum.

quickpassrotter added 17:31 - Jan 23

Lots of different pov's re Barton's performance. I thought that at best he was average on Saturday, which is nowhere near good enough. Buzz was outstanding - hope that Hughes now gives him a good run as his confidence will increase even greater - not much choice in midfield anyway, so good on you Buzz. Tarbs likely to come in for Jamie when back from Africa. Love Jamie dearly but his first touch is terrible. Let's hope for some new signings this week.

quickpassrotter added 17: