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Oxford Away
at 13:08 27 Nov 2018

It seems the forum has gone a bit quiet on this one with the excitement of the FA Cup approaching. How we all feeling about it?

Think their home form is pretty good at the minute and it's a bit of a commute on what promises to be a cold, wet Tuesday night. Surely it's got all the makings of a scrappy 1 nil away win? :-)
Stick or Twist
at 17:28 16 Aug 2018

What's everyone's thoughts on the line up for Saturday? A team that won at Burton but failed against Peterborough has been pushed by a good performance in the cup with several players coming into the side.

----McGahey MJ Delaney

However being away we may play with someone alongside Perkins.
Matty Lund
at 13:50 3 Aug 2018

Signed for Scunny. There's one player that we won't have to worry about on Saturday.
Next season's fixtures
at 18:50 21 Jun 2018

Just because we haven't got enough threads on next season's fixtures
at 23:22 6 Feb 2018

All this talk on here about Tottenham Hotspur and the pitch invasion adds up to one thing Newport County in the next round, it'll be just our luck.
Still after two more recruits
at 18:59 29 Jan 2018

Let's have a break from talking about pitches. A story on the OS today says Hill would like two more players one on loan and one permanent. What positions do we think we're after?

There's been quite a few changes already and I'm struggling to see the big picture squad wise. Where are we short and where do we need to strengthen.

First thought for me is another central midfielder. Someone comfortable on the ball and helps us retain possession. And then maybe a Striker?
What's needed....
at 12:15 24 Jan 2018

Purely on the beach issues as the off the beach issues are getting a little boring at the moment and hopefully some of the topics will be at least mentioned in the report from the meeting with the Dale Trust.

So here goes.....

Just completed a few very complex mathematical calculations and so far this season we have averaged 0.84 points per game. In order to get to the magic 50 points of hopeful guaranteed safety we need to average 1.4 points a game for the remaining games.

I now have a headache for several reasons the first being the maths the second being the mountain of improvement that's needed in order to reach that magic number. So I went to try and find some reassurance.....

Keith's win % with us is about 43% which would give us about 26 points add a couple of draws in there and we get to the 50 points.

It's only maths but it helps show all is not lost after all. If we have an average Keith Hill half season that should be good enough to stay up. If we have a better than average Keith Hill season we'll be well clear.

Up the Dale
Match thread Lincoln
at 19:23 9 Jan 2018

All anyone really cares about is what is the record for difference between oldest and youngest person in the team and do we break it if BBM comes on while Adshead is on the pitch 😂

[Post edited 9 Jan 19:27]
Team v Stoke
at 19:55 21 Aug 2017

It's pointless guessing Hill but what would your team be against Stoke?

I'd be tempted to be a little experimental and play a young team for the experience similar to Forest a few seasons ago but lets put our strongest back four on.

Rafferty McGahey McNulty Bunney
Cannon Kitchen
Morley Allen Hendo


Presuming Camps and Lillis are injured or not fully fit. If Hill thinks Adshead is ready I'd play him instead of Allen. Done and Bunney play to get minutes under their belts.
[Post edited 21 Aug 2017 20:22]
at 13:10 25 Jul 2017

Just seen this I wonder if we are also one of the interested parties, if we are I'm guessing we won't be offering as much money but you never know.
Youth team iFollow interview
at 21:42 6 Jul 2017

Just listened to the interview with Chris Brown. I didn't realise but this year's intake of first year scholars have purely come from the academy. That's great news and shows that the academy is working.

Also mentions some of the 2nd year's have gone to Tenerife along with academy player Adshead. All positive.
Tenerife Training Camp Thread
at 17:18 27 Jun 2017

Hoping we'll get the same coverage as usual with someone going out there to report. Anyway here's a thread to discuss the goings on.

What we know so far. There won't be any trialists and the only youth player to go that we know of will be Danny Adshead who is 15 and not old enough for a scholarship yet. I should imagine there will be some of the youth team go as well but maybe not.
Proposed rule changes
at 11:24 18 Jun 2017

Not a fan of reduced Half's to 30 minutes and stopping the clock when it goes out of play. The main problem with time wasting at the moment isn't so much the loss of time but the slowing down of play and this rule would effectively make taking your time when the ball goes out of play acceptable.

at 12:32 2 Jun 2017

Is it just me or does this no longer work to access this site?
International Call Ups
at 13:01 15 May 2017

Just seen the story that both Lund and Camps have been called up. Great news for them individually but could add more stress to our squad if Lund stays and Camps becomes a regular call up. I know it sounds a little silly as Dale don't really do international players as they usually are beyond our finances but if possible would it be worth investing in another international to potentially allow us to postpone matches?
at 09:22 23 Apr 2017

Do we know where he is? Such an influential goalscorer when he's been fit and I thought he was getting back with a few sub appearances but seems to have disappeared again without any talk of injury, or have I missed something?

He would have been the perfect replacement for Calvin yesterday!
Lund the elephant in the room
at 11:47 14 Apr 2017

Not seen it mentioned much what we all thinking has he played his last game? I'm thinking the same could be said about Donal maybe?
More off field sadness
at 16:30 13 Apr 2017

Great touch at the end of the statement. So sad.
Season Ticket Voucher
at 20:08 20 Mar 2017

So all you season ticket holders with vouchers what are we all thinking?

I'm not really too bothered about VIP dining but at the same time if we reach the 2000 mark that's already a big saving on my adult main stand ticket so I wouldn't be too bothered about claiming it. However it seems a waste. I'd much rather be able to put it towards some sort of fund to help with the season tickets in some way. Maybe all voucher donations could go towards reducing the cost of 17 - 21 yr old tickets or something? Just thinking aloud. Thoughts?
Euro 2016 Money
at 12:46 2 Feb 2017

Does anyone know how we managed to benefit from this?

I can only think of Matty Lund? But did he feature in any way with any of the qualifiers? I thought he only got back involved after the tournament.

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