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New Shares Allotted
at 17:15 15 Dec 2021

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EFL 3pm Blackout
at 21:15 2 Dec 2021

Just read the Trust Newsletter brilliant as always. Thought this could be a good discussion point.

In favour of the 3pm Blackout – 36.8%
Against the 3pm Blackout – 63.2%

What are people's reasonings? I would have thought we'd be in favour because of the amount of Football that could be available on TV at the same time as our matches along with the potential for this to open the doors for the Premier League to do the same. Feel like we struggle to get fans as it is without all football matches available in the comfort of your own home.

You could argue that there could be more TV money available for us. And we could monetise our own matches but I'm not sure really why it'd be a good thing. What am I missing? What is the consensus?
Open Training Session Day
at 16:39 27 Oct 2021

Seems like another great initiative by the club during half term. I really hope it's supported and there's a decent turn out.


Shocking BBC article.
at 20:10 12 Oct 2021

In case you've not seen it. Good on the DaleTrust jumping on it.
Another new board member
at 13:39 23 Sep 2021

Anyone know anything about them?
All a board...
at 17:04 13 Sep 2021


2 more on board. Great news!
Stephen Dooley
at 17:11 12 Sep 2021

Think he deserves his own thread. Since he's been at the club he's always been a nearly player. Showing glimpses but never being confident and consistent enough to hold down a place in the first team.

This season with the drop to League 2 and the change to central midfield he's been brilliant and has a great relationship going with Morley.

I never want to see him on the wing again! Keep it up Dooley
Price of Football latest Podcast
at 11:17 2 Sep 2021


Not seen this posted yet but if anyone hasn't it's a great listen and well done to Col you come across great as always. Let's hope this keeps the media attention up and serves as a good message to other clubs.
Harrogate Away (League) Match Thread
at 13:35 7 Aug 2021

To all you lucky fans with tickets have a great away day today we've waited long enough and with everything going on off the pitch win, lose or draw have a belting day!

For those of us not lucky enough here's a Match Thread.

Up the Dale Not for Sale
Keeper incoming...
at 17:40 5 Aug 2021

Another player with a small amount of appearances for his age.
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Aidy White Signs
at 14:01 5 Aug 2021

Could be a good added but of experience if we can keep him fit. Looking at his appearances he had a few years of little football. But got plenty of games last year.

Scrap that I don't think he did get plenty of games. Looks like he's never really recovered since his injury at Leeds. Think this will be the lowest level he's played at.
[Post edited 5 Aug 2021 14:08]
Fans Forum with the Dale Trust - Wednesday 4th at 7pm
at 14:02 23 Jul 2021

Great idea and brilliant that it'll be streamed again. Not sure it'll be as eventful as the last one though

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Signings and Transfers
at 13:42 23 Jul 2021

Anyone else getting concerned about the lack of signings? Two weeks tomorrow we start. As it stands we barely have a starting eleven and the back 4 is the real sticking point. I'm thinking it might be another season where we'll start badly due to lack of a squad and spend the season playing catch up.
Has anyone emailed the club recently?
at 18:24 6 Jun 2021

I've tried to email the club this weekend but I'm struggling I first tried Siobhan.mcilhenney@rochdaleafc.co.uk as I thought that was the most appropriate I then noticed today that I had an auto reply from Gmail to inform me that the address either does not exist or isn't set up for recieving email. I thought it was a bit strange but with the changes in the community trust recently maybe they've been changed and the website not updated. So I went on to forward the email to the standard email address so they could direct it at the right person. This address is the admin@rochdaleafc.co.uk and I'm very surprised to see the exact same mail delivery response to say it doesn't exist.

Have I missed something? Has anyone else tried to email the club recently?

My question isn't urgent and also the answer might not quite be known yet until closer to the season tickets release or season starting hence the use of email rather than phoning.

Hopefully it's just a minor tech issue but with everything going on recently I can't help but be suspicious.
[Post edited 6 Jun 2021 20:22]
Rafferty Quick Fire Questions
at 17:43 27 May 2021


We get a mention or two. Also interesting to see BBM as one of his answers.
Season Tickets
at 10:40 21 May 2021

Suppose this is one of the next big topics we'll be discussing over the next few weeks. I think the last update we got was that we were waiting to know for certain what the situation will be for next season. We can't be far off that now really.

Do we think we're waiting for the outcomes of June 1st before making any commercial decisions?

As it stands I have the feeling the club are budgeting like last season on the assumption we'll have no fans. Potentially edging their bets and keeping the budget the same in the hope we'll get some crowds and that covers the drop in finances due to the relegation. Cash flow through this close season could be a concern.

What are we predicting for the prices? I'll go with price freeze and they'll be the same as pre-covid when we were in League 1.
Joe Thompson #RIPDrePhoenix
at 11:31 16 May 2021

Horrendous news thoughts with the Thompson family. They've been through so much!
New Training Ground
at 09:38 11 May 2021

Just an idea.

Pointless Match Thread
at 11:57 9 May 2021

Just in case anyone else is watching.

Think we've seen the last of Baah.
[Post edited 9 May 2021 11:58]
Kit Launch Thread
at 08:39 2 Apr 2021

Can't see another thread for this so here it is.

We wait in hope that we won't be disappointed. 😂
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