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Dunphy and a new CEO or the status quo.
at 01:28 5 Dec 2019

Someone recently suggested on the forum that Dunphy would consider coming back as Chairman if the current regime were gone. In an effort to gauge support from this forum..

Dunphy and a new CEO or the status quo.

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Hill and Flitcroft
at 23:59 1 Oct 2019

What kind of reception did they receive.
Half and half scarf.
at 22:43 26 Sep 2019

Did you buy one? Im not a fan of them although I have one from the playoff final v Stockport hidden in the bottom of a drawer somewhere however I would have one maybe even wear it v United and a mug with score on it.
Rochdale song with some Dale content.
at 04:30 14 Sep 2019

I just stumbled on this song never heard it until a few minutes ago but it has evoked such strong feeling both bitter and sweet. I know Spotland road I walked it or traveled it for some 20 odd years to school to church to work, to go to the pubs Bowling Green, Victoria and Golden Ball and when missing the last bus home and of course to watch the Dale. As a boy I played in Heally Dell on Spotland Rec the moors Caldershaw and Lanehead. listening to this song gave me a lump in my throat it made me nostalgic misty eyed and more than a little emotional. Im steeped in Rochdale I identify with the town its a large part of who I am it's sounds and smells its culture its humour and character. When I left in 1978 I brought with me sounds the Town hall clock chimes St Chads church bells, its smells of pipe tobacco and liniment from Spotland, Lenny Barn and Firgrove and I brought many many memories with me. It saddens me when people knock it and what has happened to the town since I left. My children were born in Birch Hill, my grandson who was born here 20 odd years after I left states on his Facebook page that he is from Rochdale. We are planning a visit next year just the two of us at his request he wants to visit the town he has heard so much about, it will my first return visit since leaving in 78. Yesterday I caught up and chatted with some old friends first on Facebook and then Messenger friends I lost contact with almost 50 yrs ago it was like yesterday an instant connection happy yet tinged with sadness to hear that some old friends are no longer with us. It kinda makes squabbling on a message board whether it be politics or just a different opinion silly when we have so much in common.

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at 22:32 13 Sep 2019

Why English managers don't get the top job? lack of language skills.

Sir Geoffrey
at 18:52 10 Sep 2019

Sir Geoffrey Boycott I like him almost as much as I dislike the interviewer who trying to be smart and ambush him was completely out of order and no match for Sir Geoffrey of Yorkshire.
old story still funny
at 00:20 8 Sep 2019

Roy Keane
at 03:18 6 Sep 2019

another video worth a watch.

No subject
at 18:12 5 Sep 2019

Amazing story amazing man.
at 04:13 3 Sep 2019

I stumbled on this by chance it's lengthy at 1:17:47 but it's well worth a watch... Craig Johnstone ex liverpool FC. He retired at 27 at his peak and never played football again.

rewind to start.
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The winners and losers
at 03:01 30 Aug 2019

I'm trying to determined who the winners are in the demise of Bury?

HM Customs and excise. NO
The town of Bury and wider community. NO
Sundry Creditors. NO
Bury football club. NO
Bury supporters. NO
Rochdale football club. NO
Rochdale Supporters. NO... although you might wonder reading the other thread.
The other 22 div1 clubs. NO
Division 1 in general. NO
Football in general. NO
The Football League, NO
The Game itself. NO
Tradition/History. NO

Did anybody win?

Stewie Day did. he trousered some cash both personally and for his other business's
Steve Dale will no doubt make a quid out of the carcass. Will he put anything back in? what do you think?

Have lessons been learned? NO it will happen again and again, has anybody emerged with any credit NO certainly not the EFL not fit for purpose is an apt description. Just what has been achieved by expelling Bury from the EFL? actually nothing has been achieved. The EFL have expelled Bury but not Bolton but will readmit Bury in a few years under another name containing the name Bury it mightb take a few years but it will happen. Could it have been done differently? of course it could, suspending Bury for the remainder of this season would have made far more sense than expulsion giving all interested parties enough time to unravel the mess to see if a solution could be found. The EFL have made a right pigs ear of this by setting a false deadline after deadline after deadline when the only deadline needed would be before the start next season say June 30th. Division one is now a complete shambles more so because of the Bolton fiasco that might see a resurgent Bolton take points off Rochdale or any other team that may cost them a relegation or promotion. Bury and Bolton should have received the same penalty suspension for the rest of this season. Bolton were allowed to start the season with kids and Bury weren't? only the clowns at the EFL know why.
at 05:47 23 Aug 2019

He's not a full quid is he so leave him alone, obviously he's not all there, the lights are on but nobody is home, one sandwich short of a picnic, the lift doesn't go to the top floor, the wheel is spinning but the hampster has fooked off. The EFL must have a clause on here about kids welfare when playing against adults or summat.
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The world loves a trier
at 23:05 31 Jul 2019

Best bit is this....

"What a time to be alive," said David Childs, while SteveSeagull wrote: "Well done, it's like the man on the moon, you always know where you are or were when Fort William won."
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Prediction Logged by at 08:19:20
Tranmere Rovers v Rochdale prediction logged
at 00:36 29 Jul 2019

Uncanny lyrics... spooky.

We're leaving together,
But still it's farewell
And maybe we'll come back
To earth, who can tell?
I guess there is no one to blame <---- now that Stewie has done a runner.
We're leaving ground leaving ground <---- Gigg lane
Will things ever be the same again?
It's the final countdown
The final countdown
[Post edited 29 Jul 1:25]
BBM speak
at 22:07 18 Jul 2019

Ive just watched Lieghanne interview BBM post Hudderfield match on youtube it reminded me of this interview.

Bury and Bolton minus -12
at 21:21 18 Jul 2019

Should be an interesting match when Bury and Bolton first clash with both teams on minus 12 points one for the record books.
Stick that in yer pipe India
at 15:01 10 Jul 2019

That is all.
Building bridges and improving this forum.
at 22:46 3 Jun 2019

As the Bury fiasco draws to its inevitable close there is a tremendous opportunity before us but we need to act fast before its too late. The scramble for bums on seats has never been as fierce. We are surrounded geographically by other clubs desperate for new fans, the emergence of a potential giant in Salford fc means we slip further and further down the pecking order. Come august there will be 2 to 3 thousand disenfranchised Bury fans looking for a new club to support. Now is not the time to Gloat publicly at least, rather now is the time for building bridges across Heywood. We need to show compassion to win their hearts and minds, laughing at them should only be done in private. The first step as a sign of goodwill should be the immediate reinstatement of PDIDDY on here, get him on board and the rest will follow. The potential to double our gates is obvious to a visionary like me so what I propose is a two pronged strategy that will benefit both the club and this forum.

A/ bring back PDIDDY.
B/ get rid of the clique.

I might get James to run a poll on it.
[Post edited 3 Jun 23:38]
at 23:26 31 May 2019

Next season will be our 6th consecutive season in Division 1 we have had 3 relative successful years with a tilt at the play offs, the last 2 seasons we were successful in avoiding relegation, I view that as success. I personally would accept another season of honest graft where maintaining or league status would be another successful season. Younger fans might not be happy with that but us older followers brought up on meager rewards are more inclined to accept a battle to stay in Division 1 is far better than a battle to stay in the football league. The primary goal come August will be 50/52 points It would be a bonus to be on that figure with games to play the last two seasons have been far too stressful for anybody's liking so for me a comfortable mid table finish without any last game drama will be another success.
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