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Stevenage 1 v 2 Plymouth Argyle
SkyBet League Two
Saturday, 25th January 2020 Kick-off 15:00
MelakaRanger added 01:38 - Dec 31
This was a "team" that wouldn't even be able to compete at mid Championship level

This just isn't a team

Harry has been asked to do an impossible job with a club that has been destroyed by the actions of its previous manager

I know we should 'never say die' and the manager should try to get the non / under performers to perform. But most of them refuse to and so he will not be able to.

Mark Hughes' 10 months in charge have set the club back 3 years, as that's how long I think it will take to build the team back up and gain promotion again

But I expect Tony F to have a last throw of the dice in the window. I only hope that for every one that comes in, at least one goes out. Otherwise we will go bankrupt! Why? Well Tony F may be a rich man but he's not that rich and his wealth has limits!

In 50 years of supporting QPR I have seen inept players, overpaid players, under performing players and players who couldn't give a monkeys. But never have I seen so many of these at the same time, in the same squad.

The table never lies and we are by far the worst team. January and July must be times for massive clear outs and the start of a gradual rebuilding exercise


highlandbill added 09:15 - Dec 31
Oh dear! I go to each game hoping to see the spark of revival and go home with my heart in my boots.
Our performance was so so poor, Rednapp is clearly having difficulty with this disfunctionable bunch of players. God knows what the dressing room is like but on-field they just dont want to know about each other. SWP & Cisse were terrible! As usual only Mackie,Hill,Nelsen & Mbia (+Derry when he came on) were remotely interested in playing with some pride if not skill.
It has to be admitted that Suarez (who I loathe) was on fire. He is the best player I have seen all season.His desire is something to behold. Even in the 2nd half when the rest of Liverpool were just strolling around he was hassling and buzzing about as if they needed more goals to win.A top top class player,pity he is an arsehole. On the latter subject we have quite a few of those among our supporters. Do "fans" really think it will improve matters to slag of their own team with "ironic" chants? It really pisses me of when frustration is expressed in a way which is bound to add to the teams lack of effort/morale.
Harry is still talking us up, admirable but I fear he must feel like the rest of us...totally gutted.

shooters47 added 10:39 - Dec 31
Highland Bill, agree with most points but could you tell me how the so called "fans" should react?

qprninja added 10:43 - Dec 31
Upsettingly bad performance yesterday, our Championship winning side would have given liverpool a tougher game than that, the lack of effort and application is shocking. You could tell by the demeanour of the players as they stood waiting to kick off that they weren't up for it, Cisse was utterly disinterested all game. I cannot stand the petulant miserable look on rob greens face as he sulks on the bench. Looking down the squad list it's hard to pick many players that I'd want to keep and the ones that I do want to keep are from the championship team . Not since the days of Ray Harford have we had so many mediocre players on undeservedly long contracts, now we can't get rid of them. I'm worried about the clubs plans for January as well, rednapp talks about not spending if it's not worth it, I just hope the paper talk of 20m being spent is just talk. Here's hoping for some miraculous work by Harry in the transfer window because with this current lot we're knackered.

probbo added 11:13 - Dec 31
Harry was remarkably upbeat about our prospects after the game and credit to him for staying so positive after that display - but unless he can get a couple of inspired loan signings in the transfer window, its all looking very bleak for the R's. Chelsea and Spurs up next - doesn't get any easier!

Good point above Meleka about one in one out - I just can't abide the prospect of having any more overpaid losers bloating the squad.

francisbowles added 11:24 - Dec 31
Better to say nothing than some of the comments/songs? that were heard yesterday. I am frustrated like everyone else but it lacks dignity and doesn't help those who are trying.

ozranger added 11:29 - Dec 31
Not wanting to labour over any of the points already made here, there are some other interesting items that should be mentioned, if not gleaned from this match. First off, the ref was very poor, and that is basically hidden by our own pathetic display. I only counted three hand balls he chose to ignore and numerous other incidents where I felt he was wrong. Secondly, Granero was probably put on by HR as his last chance, which he, of course, blew. He could be one of the first to go and certainly there will be teams interested in him. There will be a loss to the club (remember he came in on £9m). Thirdly was the SWP situation. My guess, but I cannot read HR's mind, is that he really did not know what to do with this fool, or for that matter, who to replace him with. There cannot be any other answer as to why he was still on the park until the 80th minute. While the team itself was abjectly horrendous, SWP more than epitomised the state of the season and the self-nutmeg was the perfect exclamation point.

Yes, I too read of the potential £20m. Personally I would rather go looking for some youngsters and commence rebuilding. While I see everyone is praising HR, I will restate my belief that he is not the right man and that when he arrived it was too late - the team was already poisoned and any real chance of survival was pretty well extinguished. I really wonder if HR will want to manage in the Championship for a couple of seasons while we rebuild back to the Premiership?

cranieboy added 11:38 - Dec 31
It was all very embarrasing, esp' mbia`s theatrics. Traeore was left very exposed and Liverpool didn't have too difficult a pass under no pressure to find the spare man. It improved with Derry coming on, at least he got on the ball and moved it on simply and kept possession, though he did get caught a couple of times, at least he was there. Nobody,in the first half, except Tarabbt wanted the ball and almost all ran away from the play instead of coming into it, leaving each player on the ball to try and run with it and then lose it. Add to that some very bad decision making with killer/final balls and we had very little to get us out of our seats.

R_in_Sweden added 12:03 - Dec 31
I think some fans have adapted a Life of Brian - "always look on the bright side of life" stance. We were crucified in the first half yesterday. I personally cannot blame people for being ironic with their chants, maybe it's the only way to make the penny drop for some of these intellectually limited, overpaid, spoilt losers.

Would love to see some energetic, talented, heart-on-sleeve players moving around Taarabt.

Harry's post match optimism belies our predicament, either he's a great actor or he's got something up his sleeve or maybe it's hallucinatory drugs in his system.

hoops123 added 12:10 - Dec 31
That's really, for me, the straw that broke the camels back. We need to strip out those clearly not up for it and replace them with those that give a damn. Agree with ninja, Green's expression is one of total disinterest. I would suspect he gets perverse satisfaction with every goal Cesar concedes. SWP put effort in yesterday, but simply isn't capable of skinning players the way he could 5 years ago. Not good enough. Love Makie's work rate, but he simply hasn't got the class or guile that we need. Championship player. Bring in DJ for Pete's sake?!!

Change the formation. New centre halve to accompany Hill and Nelson (preferably Dawson) and play two wing backs. M'bia,Diakite and Granero/Faurlin in the centre.

Tarrabt too much of a luxury. Waiting every game for him to make the difference is killing us. His shooting lacks venom, hence a piss poor conversion rate. At some point he will come good, but we simply can't afford to continue waiting. We are not solid enough with him playing IMO.

SWP, Tarrabt, Green, Ferdinand, Mackie, Cisse need replacing but for different reasons. We know who we want at the club going forward and those that quite frankly.....we don't.

The cause is all but lost, let''s not throw good money after bad. Take a breath and face reality. if we are to get relegated, let's put ourselves in a position to build again without carrying excess dead wood.

Out of all of this, TF will not abandon us, but he needs some seriously good advise from someone with a head on their shoulders. Perhaps you should give him a call Clive, you talk more sense than most.

Thanks for sticking with it Clive, it is much appreciated by all. Regardless of what the next 12 months brings, I will continue to support our plight. We all's what makes us what we are. Urrrssss.

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