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Should Southampton Sell Jannik Vestergaard This Summer
at 14:39:41

I think Vestergaard is by far our best CB. Badnarek is too easily hustled out of things and has a tendency to wander off. Vester is trying to cover an out-of-position Badnarek and mark his own man - thus it appears as though he's the one out of position! Salisu will be good, I think most people accept that, but needs the experience of playing regularly in the right place. The problem we have there is that both he and Vester are primarilt left-footed! Badnarek becomes the backup; get a couple of mill for Stephens.
We need a ready-made LB - a 12 month loan deal with ManU? - and a decent backup. We need backup for KWP.
I agree with those that say we need a defensive coach.
I'd put Forster in goal - stop this silly chopping and changing - and let defence and keeper get used to the continuity.
We don't need a DM. JWP, Romeu, Diallo (another who is going to be good) and Jankie should surely be enough.
Stuey as a right-sided No 10 with Walcott as backup (Why did we sign him?) But we need a left-sided winger. Redmond should be moved on; would Djenepo improve his consistency if played more regularly? Tella needs game-time. DON'T GET MINAMINO!!!!
Ings/Adams is a good partnership but Ings' injuries mean we need cover. Or get rid and bring in 2 for the money? Or bring on Nlundlu with Obafemi moved on and 1 brought in.
I don't agree with those doom-mongers who predict certain struggles. We have a good side as shown early last season. We were hit badly without the size or quality of the squad to step up which is what Ralph is working on.
If Gao sells I hope it goes to a decent purchaser - not asset strippers like DeGrossa! If he doesn't then OK, he has done nothing wrong, the club is moving along. And, crucially, he takes nothing out the club
Southampton At Liverpool The Verdict
at 14:33:15

And as I finished my comment Portsmouth missed out on a playoff place. Aaaaaahhh:-(
Southampton At Liverpool The Verdict
at 14:28:14

Good performance generally but disagree with Ralph's selection again.
Walcott should go, offers so little. Good idea for the early cross to Adams but had no pace on the ball and gave the keeper time to come out. A hard hit cross, Adams meets it first time and bang, into my cousin's garden down Anfield road!!
Redmond looked lively first half but as is so often the case no end product. Why in second half given the ball with lots of space ahead does he meander along before passing back. He should be going at the defence.
Whilst Armstrong looks good alongside JWP I'd prefer to see him further forward. Start Diallo with JWP (he IS premier standard); needs to start, not as a late sub chasing a game.
Salisu looked so good when starting and should be on for Stephens till we get a LB in the summer!! HHhhmmm?!
Do we give up on Adams? As mentioned by others he has had his chance (and the chances!) but where are the goals we all hoped for?
FF had a good game. Could he have come for the cross to Mane? Subjective opinions from non-goalkeepers say yes. Not so sure. KWP was out of position and finished behind instead of on front of Mane and blocking his run.
I would sell:- Stephens; Redmond; McCarthy; Long (with a very big thank you) If JanV does go we will have JanB and Sally as CB. If he stays I'd play with 3 CBs with KWP as a roaming wing back/RB with Sally moving across to LB when defending as a back 4
But we also need goals. If Ings stays he is going to be in and out of the side as his injuries aren't going to vanish.
My team next year would be:
FF in goal with a new one in to replace McCarthy; the aforementioned back 3/4; JWP and Diallo; Armstrong roaming rightside/centre MF with Tella on the left; Ings/A Newbie and Adams up front.
Ings/A Newbie can score; Armstrong can score; Diallo will score; Tella and Adams need to score.
If we had the money........let's not go there!!
Ralph Hasenhuttl Planning At Least Another Three Years At Southampton
at 13:26:52

I won't complain. RH is learning all the time and is certainly starting to impress compared to some not-so-dearly departed others of recent times. An FA Cup win would look good on his resumee and we can look forward to European football next season as well as qualifying by right in the Prem!
In my 62nd year as a fan I've had many such dreams! Some will come true soon. Surely! Won't they? Pleeeaaase!
Southampton V Burnley The Verdict
at 18:11:53

Redmond and Walcott too easily lose or give the ball away for my liking but produced a delightful touch each for goal 3. Shame we have to protect Stuey as he is a great influence and I would prefer others to be subbed at crucial times. Was Ralph resting Che after his successful international spell?
Ings looked sharp, Diallo is improving all the time, JanV looked v good, JanB got bullied a bit (penalty for his shirt pull? - cancelled out the foul on KWP b4 their penalty) FF looking like our No1 No1, JWP was JWP.
A word to Dyche: his penalty call for handball against Bertie - the ball has to actually touch the arm/hand! As it did against his defender in the first half but we weren't whinging.
Good game overall, even when we were 2 down. Just keep up the standards and put more chances away
Danny Ings Wants Game Time Not Bench Time Next Season
at 12:51:49

Ings' injuries seem to be mounting! If we get a decent offer - £30million +? - I'd sell, get a cheap, regular scorer in to support Adam's and look around for a future, long-term prospect.
Kane's ankles seem a problem too. If Adams becomes a regular scorer we might be worrying about losing him.
Ward Prowse Nets Winner For England
at 00:12:33

"I Would" obviously a Pompey saddo!
Southampton V Brighton The Verdict
at 12:07:24

I'm surprised at the continued adoration of JWP. At best he's a bit-above-average midfielder and, at worst, rubbish. Lately, apart from free kicks and corners, he has been rubbish. And even the fks and cs are drying up leaving him a liability. He slows down the play then gives up, passing backwards. I've never been his greatest fan and of late, sadly, he is playing to my low expectations. We lack a real captain. We are short of class. Diallo will surely become a very decent midfielder, JVest is improving and becoming vital, (why don't we put him up front when chasing a game?) Stuey has been off lately, KWP didn't have his best game, JBad has become suicidal, Bertie was poor, Minimino was somewhere, his name was on the sheet! Tella was wasted and almost ignored as was Che. Even our goal was seasoned with a big sprinkling of luck.
And what do we do to liven things? Bring on Redmond!! Well, it provides plenty of laughs.
Play like yesterday and we won't beat our neighbours in the cup. Nor anyone else on the PL. The only good thing to come out of this will be cheaper season tickets in the Championship
Southampton At Sheffield United The Verdict
at 18:47:35

As I said last evening "funny ole game"! After what seems eons we won but I wasn't my usual ebullient self. More an acceptance of job done; and a long time from going 2 up!
Highlights were Tella, Adams and Armstrong, defence did what was needed, and the commentator admitted to being in awe of FF! Diallo and KWP looked a tad rusty, unsurprisingly, but didn't go all out crazy to overcome errors. It was certainly more like early season. Possession, chances, some iffy moments at the back, goal scoring iffy up front.
Why do people talk about Redmond as if he is good? In his years in the PL he had 1 good season, 2 yrs ago. Get rid, along with a few others, bring in experienced, reliable seniors to guide the youngsters. We've seen the type - Romeu has become one!
We need 2 LBs - heir presumptive to Bertie and cover.
Cover at RB
A striker in the mould of Grazziano as alternative to Tella/Adams strike partnership.
With Stuey on the right, Djenepo on the left as AMs and maybe some cover, we have 3 good DMs, 3 good CBs.
Get rid:- Redmond, Stephens, Ings.
Keep, perhaps, Minamino as AM backup.
Don't keep Walcott.

Southampton Injury Crisis Worsens With Romeu Out For The Season
at 16:14:37

Romeu, Romeu, wherefore art thou Romeu??
As I recall it was a foul on our best (only?) player, waved on by the referee but called back when Oriol lost possession as Elland Road fell in.
I'm not going to try predict the team for Monday but will bet on Walcott not playing. For one thing he was useless in his last couple of games; plus - he's an Everton player on loan so can't play. Some bets are just so darned easy!
Might watch the first few minutes but think the Simpsons will be funnier!!! Just!!!
Southampton At Leeds United The Preview
at 14:10:23

All this talk of playing into our hands, gifting us space and goals. You think their manager hasn't worked that out for himself?
Bielsa is just going to let us do what we like, run riot, score a hatful and concede none!!
Or maybe, just maybe, he has some tactics of his own........!
Saints Can Now Get Back To Winning Ways And Make This A Good Season
at 14:35:21

Well....who would like to be a Newcastle United supporter? Everything points to them being a top 6 side - large ground, massive support.....and they're big claim for glory this season? They beat us!!!
Be grateful for what we have. As I said a few days ago...we could be 2 or 3 divisions lower, points deducted and on the brink of liquidation rather than a moderately successful mid-table PL team.
Southampton V Chelsea The Verdict
at 13:47:27

3rd game on MotD but Saints not mentioned once in the post-game review!! Those tackles deserved some kind of comment. Both were worse than the one that saw Djenepo red carded. And most certainly worse than Bertie's that Friday.
Get Armstrong back on the right in place of Redmond (1 successful pass in 8 months!!) and keep Mini on the left - he can score
We now have the makings of a very decent back 3/5 with quality in our CBs and KWP and Bertie as wing backs. 3 decent defensive MFs in MoDi, Romeo and JWP. Attacking MFs/No10s in the aforementioned Stuey and Mini along with Mousey.
Anyone have a striker or two to spare?? Swap you a Redmond and a Stephens
Will Ralph Change Saints Formation Against Chelsea !
at 10:51:32

That is practically the lineup I proposed last week before the Wolves PL game!
Look and learn!!! LoL 🤣
Difficult Times For Saints ! But Not Disastrous
at 13:29:21

A simple question: would you rather be moderately successful in the PL with Goa or facing bankruptcy, relegation and points deduction due to financial profligacy in the third or fourth tier as we were not so long back?
Difficult Times For Saints ! But Not Disastrous
at 13:22:28

Recalling (even with fading memory!!) games against Merthyr Tydfil and such in Third Division South I find even a difficult top division season a bonus! All those years as a lower-division side until 1965/66....spending 2 or 3 thousand pounds on a player and being accused of wastefulness, and having a negative outlook for selling our best players!!!
Nothing new in the world folks. Heck, we even had our pandemic back in '57. And before that we had rationing!!
Be thankful for what you have. And support your clab
Southampton V Wolverhampton Wanderers The Verdict
at 14:33:40

After the "that" Friday night game the keeper gets dropped and shipped out. After the "second" result the keeper continues in goal and continues shopping.
Totally agree with Colburn about Redmond; offers nothing. Oh, and Nick, the offside was not against Minamino, it was given against Redmond when the ball ran through after the foul on Armstrong!
As much as we rave against VAR costing us we still have the problem of football matches having a 2nd half. Ralf has to take some blame here. It is too much of a recurrence to be blithely ignored as seems the case. Often we need subs on earlier but Ralf's choices when the do happen often seem strange. Our best player (SA) was taken off Sunday but that was probably down to protection and Minamino was poor (tired?) and KWP was enforced. Otherwise it would likely have been 80 mins before a change which is the usual Plan B by which time the game is gone. We need players to raise their game early 2nd half before capable replacements arrive for an all out push over the final 30 mins to victory.
Dream on!!
Southampton V Wolves Line Up's Announced
at 11:41:31

Forster should be in imo. Redmond?? Get rid.
Saints Will Play... All The FA Cup Quarter Final Details Here
at 20:06:28

How can anyone give more than a 1 to Redmond?? He has been totally useless in last 2 games. Can't pass, can't tackle, can't beat an opponent, can't shoot.
I was trying to work out why he doesn't get substituted. I believe Ralph keeps him on to distract the opposition. While they are laughing someone else can score.
Armstrong excellent as usual; Salisu nervy but did his job as did rest of defence; Tella quick of foot and mind; Forster to start Sunday.
Southampton At Wolverhampton Wanderers Team News
at 16:43:17

Djenepo and Redmond? There goes any chance of silverware this season unless Stuey and Ings link up
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