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at 23:18 18 Sep 2019

I found it almost unwatchable not so long ago but it's improved so much. I like most of the presenters now. Emily Maitlis, Kirsty Wark, Emma Barnett. Mark Urban was really great tonight I thought.
Blue-Eyed Soul - Songs
at 14:39 5 Sep 2019

I was reading something earlier and the term Blue-Eyed Soul was used. I’d never heard of this before and was interested to learn that the term is used to describe Soul music made by white people.

I’ll kick off with this one. Please add more if you feel so inclined.

Elvin Bishop - Fooled around and fell in love.

at 21:41 28 Apr 2019

2 of us will be there

Anybody else going lol!
The I've never seen a bad photo of Dave Thomas thread
at 00:00 15 Mar 2019

The footballer that is. Not the bloke (or one of his cronies) who robs me of a fiver at most matches.

[Post edited 15 Mar 0:04]
2019 Music
at 23:29 30 Jan 2019

Brian. You've had your chance!

White Denim, the most prolific band on the planet. The Alan Shearer of the music world. Scored a billion goals but what did he ever actually do? I've found much of their recent offerings a bit meh but quite like this one. Trash rock. Scrunch it up and throw it away.

The match that mattered most
at 01:38 9 Sep 2018

Never seen this before. Love it u rrrs!

Mobile Phone Buying Advice
at 12:51 6 Sep 2018

My Moto G is finally giving up the ghost after 3 years solid service. I’ve been with O2 for about 8 years, now on a rolling £18ish monthly contract and been very happy with their service, etc. Previously with Orange who I didn’t like so much.

Now looking for a new phone. I bought my last phone direct from Motorola and been happy with it. Does everything I need. Text/email/calls/light internet browsing/Whatsapp/good camera/good file storage. I’d definately consider another Motorola but they’ve since been bought out by Lenovo who I’ve not heard great things about.

Finding it all a bit mind boggling. I’m not interested in iPhones or other high-end premium ‘Flagship’ phones, something along the lines of what I have will be fine. i.e. reliable and will last me a few years. If I have to go the contract route I’d rather 24 months max with around 1-2gig data. No more than £30 a month but preferably less, as all these extra life costs are starting to eat into my beer budget (£35 absolute limit for the right deal). There’s no panic, my old phone still works but will need replacing soon.

Any recommendations?
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