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The disconnect
at 17:19 15 Apr 2017

A week before the play-off final at Wembly, I came down with sciatica.
Never had it before or since.
My doctor asked me if I was worried about anyrhing. When I told her, she laughed.

This time I zoned out a while ago. I'm numb to it all.
It doesn't really matter, not in the great sceme of things.

The sale of the club killed a lot of the fan in me.
I've renewed my ST. Irrespective of any division we play in, I'll be there, but more as a dead fan walking.

See you remaining customers in DIv 2 next season.

The Trust Website
at 13:25 14 Apr 2017

Why is there no facility for a forum, so that fans can ask questions and air opinions?
Worst Players ever as voted by fans for 442
at 15:51 24 Mar 2017

Lists all the clubs, but p20 for us - Aiden Newhouse.
Totally agree. Watched him in "his prime".
Terrible, terrible player.
Everton in for Siggy in the summer
at 11:59 11 Mar 2017

for £25M-£30M apparently.

It's only the Express mind, but nevertheless, the will be clubs after him in the close season after the season he's had (and he kept us up last year).

Assuming we stay up, it'll be interesting to see which way the club jumps.
I say fùck profit, we need to stop selling our best players just because we make money on the deal.
PC need to build a team around our "spine" - Fab, Mawson, Siggy Llorente - and have a bit of ambition for a change.
If you caught Gylfi in bed with your missus.....................................
at 14:44 6 Feb 2017

......................................................................what would you make him for breakfast?
We turned down £30M+!
at 08:20 2 Feb 2017

Excellent. We turned down £30M+ for Gylfi from the Chinese league.

Will be a drop in the ocean if he keeps us up.
And if he doesn't, he won't want to play in the Prem so we'll get a shedload in the summer.

Didn't think we had the sense to turn down a big offer. Huw Jenkins will be in a mood for months.

Paul Clement would probably have walked if we'd got rid.

We really do need to plan for his possible move tho - he;s worth his weight in gold. Kept us up last season, doing fantastically this season.

Don't tell the Resurrection. He'll probably think we should have taken the money.
at 10:45 1 Feb 2017

Someone itk was telling me this morning that the players are in awe of Makalele.
Our defence looks totally different than from 4 games ago.
How many times did you see Fernandez last night coming out of defence (not defense - I'm not American) with the ball at his feet? He never did that under Coach Bob or Guido. And we're organised, even though we haven't got the best quality in the back four. Makalele's deffo getting the best out of what we've got.

Claude may well turn out to be Clement's best bit of business this season.
On MOTD last night............................
at 12:44 22 Jan 2017

Those 4 scousers sitting in the front row of the Swans section.
Every time we scored the cameras turned to the Jacks going apeshit, whilst these 4 numpties sat motionless in the front with all the madness going on around them.

Funny as fùck.

And to all you travelling Jacks yesterday , take a bow boys and girls.

Oops, sorry Daz, just seen your thread.

[Post edited 22 Jan 12:47]
at 18:06 30 Dec 2016

Twins separated at birth -

They've got the same name (almost)
They look the same
They weigh the sane
Never seen in the same place together (unless using magic mirrors)

Coincidence? I think not.
Netenyahu and the recent UN vote
at 19:23 28 Dec 2016

Can somebody please explain why Netenyahu has called the recent UN vote on settlements

(a) biased and
(b) shameful?

Why would the vote be biased and why would it be shameful? I don't get it.

Personally, I don't understand why Israel doesn't give back the land it illegally occupies. Does that make me anti-Semitic?
Wouldn't that make everybody a bit more likely to get on with each other?

I know this is gonna be unpopular but.....................
at 09:39 28 Dec 2016

....................................................Chris Coleman? No thanks.
The Trust's gone (even more) quiet
at 11:29 19 Dec 2016

Anything, guys?
Minutes from the AGM? If the minutes are on your website then I apologise but I can't see them.

Anything else? Even if it's just to say that all will be revealed ina a few weeks? Nothing?

Anything from the new SDM (or some other combination of 3 capital letters)? No "Hello, this is what I did in the Trust's name this month"?
Tidy read
at 14:19 6 Dec 2016

I know Sky provide the money, but they do need to be reigned in -
Palace looking to sign......
at 12:32 3 Dec 2016

..........................................Allardyce if they lose today and get rid of Pardew.

So that's two black eyes for us - Allardyce no longer available (I can't believe I'm desperate enough to want him here) and Palace climbing to safety when Fayt Sam's sorted them out.

Happy days.
C'mon the Trust, mun. What the feck are you ....
at 17:18 6 Nov 2016

.....waiting for?

We're obviously relegated so nothing you do will adversley affect the team.
So why not push the nuclear button now? What have we got to lose.

I love the fact that the club has a Trust, and I love the fact that the Trust are die-hard fans that will give so much of their time to the cause.

But the club's been bought and sold behind the Trusts' back and a manager has been sacked and replaced behind the Trust's back.

What else is stopping you from taking legal action against the old board?
Dear Bob
at 03:51 1 Nov 2016

When you were first appointed we were all pretty much underwhelmed, but prepared to give you a chance. After all, what choice did we have?

I studiously avoided watching or reading anything you said when you came here because I wasn't interested in you talking the talk.

i wanted to judge you on 5 games, starting after the Arsenal game. I know that's no time at all, but time is what we haven't got.

I'm still not judging you - we may win on Sunday and step on from there.
But so far that's 1 out of 6.
That's not going to do it for us, is it Bob?
Are you really sure that you have the nous for this level?

Tick tock Bob.
Back page of today's EP
at 09:44 6 Oct 2016

Levein - sorry butt, but you're the one who's been judging people by accents.
To all our new American fans
at 11:29 4 Oct 2016

There's a few points that you need to be aware of -

1. It's not soccer, it's football

2. All Americans are yanks, whatever part of the US you live.

3. The hostility to our new owners - these yanks couldn't care less about Swansea, they couldn't even care less about football. They only care about profit. And every penny that the slimeballs pocket is a penny less that could have been spent on strengthening the team. And although they've bought the club they've not invested a penny in the club.

4. The hostility towards Bucket Bob - we've got a manager that would never even have been on any other club's radar. If he wasn't a yank he would never have been considered here either. He may work out, but we don't know that yet. What we do know is that many excellent European managers have been ignored/excluded from any shortlist simply because they weren't american enough.

So as far as I'm concerned, you can stick your old glory up your arse (sorry, ass).
[Post edited 4 Oct 11:36]
Klinsman makes it a shortlist of 3 now
at 08:49 30 Sep 2016

At least he's better than the other 2.

But it's still very very pants.
Well did I have a pleasant
at 11:05 22 Sep 2016

surprise last night. Went along expecting to see the same old shower of shit, and there were Swans players actually passing to each other and even on occasion keeping possesion. Why oh why can't we play like that every week?

And van der Hoorn! Class. Not a ball-playing CB unfortunately, and hoofs the ball away all the time to the opposition, but that can be trained out of hin.

How about a back four of Amat, vdH, Mawson, Fernandez? (cos our LB, RB aren't very good)?
Wouls defo be a step up from our present back 4.

And we didn't set out to not lose! If we play like that for the rest of the season, we'll be more than fine.
Not all perfect, obviously. Still takes us half an hour to get the ball from defence to attack, and Gylfi comes on and gets put on the wing!

But all in all very easy on the eye compared to the dross we've had to watch so far this season. Totally different team.

Btw, tthat 19 year old (no 75) for Citeh!!! We just saw a world class player in the making.
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