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Leon Britton is now on Radio 5
at 20:04 23 Jun 2017

Leon Britton is currently on the Jason Mohammad show on Radio 5. I guess it will be on the BBC catch up facility.

Click here to listen to it:
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Football League players who should be on Premier League radars
at 16:55 22 Jun 2017

Out of that list of players, Joe Worrall (Notts Forest) looks interesting - a central defender who is good enough to captain an England side.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for fans' comments.
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Premier league scouting set-ups
at 10:51 18 Jun 2017

Just basic information about each club's scouting team. Here's the paragraph about Swansea:

"David Leadbeater is the head of recruitment and chief scout. Having arrived in 2010, he oversees a department that has enjoyed considerable success, although some of the club’s transfer dealings came under scrutiny in more recent times, before Swansea regained their touch in the January window, when Martin Olsson, Tom Carroll and Jordan Ayew made a positive impact. Leadbeater, who is credited with spotting Alfie Mawson playing for Barnsley, works closely with Tim Henderson, who looks after recruitment analysis. Swansea have five part-time scouts who cover Europe as well as the UK, with Brian Flynn, the former Wales international, the most senior. They also employ two part-time non-league scouts, one in the north and one in the south. "
Election result: Stats, Maps and Charts
at 16:01 9 Jun 2017

I think these are interesting, and shouldn't be overlooked in the General Election thread.
US Media attacked for 'insulting' London bombing coverage
at 17:21 5 Jun 2017

The bit that really annoyed me was a CNN reporter giving a broadcast saying how "quiet" London was because the people were intimidated by the bombing - she was reporting from the City of London business district on a Sunday morning - it's always like that there on a Sunday f*ing morning especially as all the pubs in that part of town are closed!
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Table: Our FA Cup form in the Premier League
at 17:49 2 Jun 2017

I hope that this works (2 pages). This compares our FA Cup form while we've been in the Premier League with all of the other clubs who have been in the Premier League during that period plus Brighton and Huddersfield.

For a full list of results, go to

Any thoughts?
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BBC Breakfast is from Wales this morning
at 07:43 30 May 2017

There are various Wales-related stories on BBC1 Breakfast this morning.

These include at 8:20 a report from Gower on the election there.

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This summer's transfer strategy
at 14:42 18 May 2017

See Paul Clement's comments:

Therefore it appears that, although it may not work, they are attempting to:

(1) Keep Gylfi and Llorente

(2) Bring back Bartley and Gomis to see if they can work with the squad and can step up to the Premier League with better training and tactics

(3) Work with the youngsters (including Mawson) and bring more of them into the team - Clement is experienced at coaching younger players

(4) Make no more than 2 or 3 big signings, if that.

All of which means that the owners wouldn't have to splash out a big amount of cash.

Speaking personally, I'd be OK with this. We do have a capable squad of players that have been mismanaged terribly but may still finish only 1 point below last season. If this means that we're aiming to be a safe mid-table team that could put together a decent run in one of the Cups, then that sounds OK to me.
Team spirit
at 12:35 15 May 2017

From today's Guardian. Did anyone know this?

Significantly, all senior players either injured or not included in the squad who won at Sunderland travelled to Wearside independently, booked their own hotel and surprised Clement by arriving at the Stadium of Light to cheer on Swansea.
When to get the free tickets
at 14:07 7 May 2017

Season ticket holders and Jack Army members can apply from Monday 10 a.m. to Tuesday 6 p.m., then everyone else can apply. £3 booking fee still applies. Max of two tickets per person. Fans who have already bought tickets will get refunds.

This is a great gesture from the players but it should be the club doing this rather than them - I hope they get a discount for bulk buying, because 3,000 tickets x £30 = £90,000. I still doubt that we'll get 3,000 going there but it's a terrific thing for them to have done.
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You're rich if you earn £70,000 a year
at 00:08 22 Apr 2017

That's according to the Labour Party anyway. Apparently that puts you in the top 5 per cent of wage earners in this country. Sounds right to me but people on Radio 5 have been whinging that they get that and are just average. Struggling in fact. Any thoughts?
Why doesn't Labour veto this?
at 17:49 18 Apr 2017

If Labour thinks that they are going to lose a lot of MPs then why don't they simply not agree to a General Election being held?

My default position is that it's because Corbyn is an idiot but there must be something else that I'm missing.

When Nicola Sturgeon called for another Scottish Referendum Theresa May immediately slapped her down by refusing it, because May thought that she might lose it, which was the correct thing to do, so why doesn't Corbyn do the same. (Turkeys don't have to vote for Christmas.)

And how can the Conservatives pass a law saying that we have 5-year fixed-term Parliaments, and then ignore it at the first opportunity.

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Sincerely, good luck Cardiff. I hope you qualify for the Europa
at 20:53 13 Apr 2017
Got a Grand National tip?
at 17:26 4 Apr 2017

Hope one of you is a horse-racing expert as I'm certainly not. Can anyone recommend a horse that will be about 25 to 1, or 33 to 1 that is fairly certain to finish the race even if it's a long way back?

I have a 9-year old nephew whose birthday is on that day so I'd like to include a betting slip with the birthday card.

Premier League Calculator
at 20:59 29 Mar 2017

There's something fishy about this.

When I predicted the results (which included a win against Middlesbrough), we finished 17th and weren't relegated.

But when I let the Calculator predict all of the results (i.e. you don't tick/check the Swansea box at stage 2), we finished 18th and were relegated.

Which proves:
(1) It's going to be a very tight finish.
(2) The computer is anti-Welsh.
Red Arrows coming to Swansea 1 & 2 July
at 17:21 21 Mar 2017

The Red Arrows have been confirmed for the Wales Air Show on the weekend of 1 and 2 July: they always put on a fantastic show.
Stan Bowles Alzheimers
at 11:39 8 Mar 2017

100% Alzheimers at the age of 68, thank god that he's got a loving daughter.
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Best food in Swansea Market?
at 22:11 3 Mar 2017

What would you recommend before going to the match? I'm happy with anything but someone mentioned pies?
Valentine's Day cartoon
at 13:49 14 Feb 2017

Update: I get the first Wenger cartoon, but I don't understand the last one.
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Palace fans are still talking about us
at 04:16 14 Feb 2017
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