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Diane Abott comment in the Times
at 10:21 22 May 2017

She would be hanging off a lamppost in many countries for this.

Yesterday the Sunday Times reported that Miss Abbott told a pro-Republican journal in 1984 that Ireland 'is our struggle – every defeat of the British state is a victory.'

FAO Darran
at 22:39 21 May 2017

You fcking liar
Routledge and Dyer - over ?
at 18:45 21 May 2017

My personal opinion is both need replacing.
Rangel I'm certain will progress to coaching, he is intelligent enough. He needs to step down as well.
But Leon ? He has another season and we all know it.
Scum ?
at 18:06 21 May 2017
Where are all the posters ?
at 21:05 16 May 2017

Who said let's wait till we know where we will be before a protest ?
Well, seemingly that's all cleared up, what's the problem now ?
Quims like Andrew seem to think all is rosey in the garden.
Away support issue
at 20:09 15 May 2017

There is one.
Every club gets a nailing now and again.
But tonight sums it up, Watford are what ?
30 miles from the bridge, and couldn't sell half their tickets.

Trying to ridicule us for taking 500 to Sunderland last season is now put in to perspective.
As was the 107 Cardiff took to boro.
Let's not forget
at 17:28 15 May 2017

Most of this lot either.

Credit where it is due.
Let's not skirt round the issue
at 13:42 15 May 2017

I'm wearing a skirt to work tomorrow.
Darran to start the walk on the pitch protest
at 11:51 15 May 2017

Am I hearing right that you and the disabled sections will be first on to the pitch this Sunday ?
BBC save of the season
at 22:58 14 May 2017

Nothing from Fab. Deary me.

And the viewers result is tonight ?
Will there be no saves next Sunday ?
The army moves north !
at 10:34 12 May 2017

It would be nice to have some updates on here as the glamorous jack army manoeuvre north for the game near Newcastle. If you can - upload some pics as well 👍
Sunderland fans ....
at 01:54 12 May 2017

I forgot how fcking vile and racist some of these cnts are, never been a favourite of mine. Seriously reading through Hull City's message board recently they are pretty intelligent and well informed and leave all the racist shit out of it. However this lot of losers are so bitter you can smell the inbreds disgusting rhetoric.

Mind you with intelligence levels like the guy who pretended to be the Yorkshire ripper I'm not surprised !

Horrible club, horrible fans, fck off to the championship.
Up there with Leicester and QPR as complete tw@ts.
I hope we bury the fckrs now.
It's tragic, it what was she thinking !
at 23:48 8 May 2017
Would you like a bit of BITTER with that ?
at 23:41 8 May 2017
You know the face to pull when you have salt with your tequila, AKA The Canton smile 😂

That bloke Tandy only shops cheaply.
[Post edited 8 May 23:45]
BBC Wales news tonight.
at 22:33 7 May 2017

Mentioned the Swans and then Newport but not one mention of Cardiff, I would have thought theey would have been the main headline after winning today, but not even a mention.

I wonder who the weekend sports desk manager was 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Just goes to show the content is biased dependent on who makes the final decision.

Nice one 👍
Could all be done and dusted next weekend.
at 23:25 6 May 2017

Palace win.
Swans win.


Now then ....
Evening Post paid a visit by Tommy Robinson
at 22:12 30 Apr 2017

I bet one or two on here know a few in this video.
What a cowardly newspaper.

Fetch the noose ?
at 00:59 30 Apr 2017

Tit lopper surgeon.

Is he up there with those who should be hanging off a decent bit of rope ?
Real v Barca commentator quotes *updated till FT*
at 20:53 23 Apr 2017

Great game, watching it on the sportsmania link, fcking co commentator sounds exactly like Sid the dead darts commentator. Hilarious.

Shouts everything.

Quote - That shot was as soft as a mothers kiss .....
He rises like a salmon from a fresh summers stream. .....

I will add more as they come along 😂

This atmosphere would deafen a bat ....
That miss would make an onion cry ....
He has the touch of an anvil.
That was a bucket full of knuckles header.
That ref talks like Charlie Browns school teacher.
Ronaldo was as sloppy as a soup sandwich with that finish.
Navas makes his six yard box an octopus's garden.
He has kaleidoscopic eyes.
Majesterial strike off the planet charts.
Puts the defender on his back like a turtle.
The shot was as elusive as a moonbeam.
Beautiful honey dew of a touch.
Ronaldo Screaming his verbals like Mussolini on his balcony.
Centipedes must fantasise about having just one left foot like Messi.
The defence is stretched out like spandex.
He arrives like a ghost out of a big Scottish bog !
Both defences working like a one eyed cat guarding three mouse holes.
Messi, drop a taranchula in to his shorts and he still remains cool.
In fact he is as cool as the seeds from a cucumber.

Real 2 Barca 3
Messi injury time winner.

Superb game.

This is him, Ray Hudson. Quality.
[Post edited 23 Apr 21:40]
Happy St George's Day VOTE BEARDY
at 15:18 23 Apr 2017

With so much happening this weekend it has clearly been forgotten so may I take it upon myself to wish everyone a happy St George's Day.

Turkish born George had. Turkish father and Palestinian mother. A reflection of the multi cultural embrace England throws its arms around. He was so all encompassing he was killed by the Romans.

And as a footnote beardy fckr from the labour party has decided to bribe the population with a day off as a public holiday if they are voted in. How does that work on a Sunday then ? And would our Welsh nationalist friends accept it as a day off or work twice as hard ?
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