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Happy St George's Day VOTE BEARDY
at 15:18 23 Apr 2017

With so much happening this weekend it has clearly been forgotten so may I take it upon myself to wish everyone a happy St George's Day.

Turkish born George had. Turkish father and Palestinian mother. A reflection of the multi cultural embrace England throws its arms around. He was so all encompassing he was killed by the Romans.

And as a footnote beardy fckr from the labour party has decided to bribe the population with a day off as a public holiday if they are voted in. How does that work on a Sunday then ? And would our Welsh nationalist friends accept it as a day off or work twice as hard ?
Llorente ? Up there with Latchford ?
at 23:54 22 Apr 2017

I neve saw Bob, but I think he is the closest thing we have had at the top table along with Llorente.
For me Llorente is the finest striker number nine we have had in my Swansea history.
For the old boys on here - Does he compare ?

PS - No need to mention of Michu, he was just a jewel. And a midfielder.
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AntiFa routed in the USA
at 09:40 20 Apr 2017

Not sure if many have been following the middle class children of the USA forming pathetic AntiFa groups and attacking supporters of anything that isn't what they want.
Well after numerous events where they have outnumbered what they perceive as the opposition they have been dealt a blow. Not in my name, this isn't AntiFa. This is middle class America having a gap year and getting a good kicking.

And those who have signed up to the alt right here and in the USA in recent years here is their 'face' in response to the rioting and AntiFa getting a good hiding.

Real Madrid 6 Bayern 3
at 22:10 18 Apr 2017

Bayern leaking like a gangbanged fanny.
In the interests of equality please replace fanny with anus.
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Landon Donovan
at 21:56 18 Apr 2017

What's the deal with this cnt.
I assume the trust are aware of his brief and salary.
Zola does the right thing.
at 18:05 17 Apr 2017

Any Clement comparisons ?
North Korea go 442
at 00:26 16 Apr 2017

So America uses other countries to fight their wars
at 22:41 14 Apr 2017

Like Israel.
As an example and the USA finance other countries to do their bidding.

Isn't it odd now that they have a variety of armoury within shooting distance of N.Korea that China has been relatively quiet, well at least not saying fck off Trump. And this after China and the US have very recently had dialogue.

Anyone else get the feeling the Chinese have said, you Crack on, we can't get too involved, but N.Korea needs a thumping. We won't do anything, be our guest.
Driving a car
at 22:32 14 Apr 2017

Hardly a fcking sport.
Nothing from tomorrow but it's still on.
at 11:14 14 Apr 2017

We rarely get much at Watford, in fact I can't see us doing much against them at Vicarage Road. Anything we do get is a bonus as it's decisive games away at Sunderland, home to Stoke and WBA that will dictate the clubs premier league future.

The home game v Everton is not a must win unless we falter v Stoke.
The away game at Man Utd is a given loss. Again anything extra is a real bonus.

Watford L
Stoke W
Man Utd L
Everton D
Sunderland W

38 points. That's the deal as I see it. Nothing more.
Whether it's enough or not won't be known until full time on the last game of the season.
Fcking frightening.

This is Hull City's run in.

15 Apr - Premier League
Stoke City
Hull City

22 Apr - Premier League
Hull City

29 Apr - Premier League
Hull City

6 May - Premier League
Hull City

14 May - Premier League
Crystal Palace
Hull City

Tottenham Home
Last game of the season.

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The unwashed down the road
at 11:46 13 Apr 2017

So, didn't they do well ?

[Post edited 13 Apr 11:47]
Chopsy do Gooders ....
at 22:06 10 Apr 2017

Hark at this mouthy bint on here.
She is he epitome of why we as a world are in the shit.

I'm sick of these people.
[Post edited 10 Apr 22:06]
Would fat greedy Allardyce have got us out the shit ?
at 20:49 10 Apr 2017

With this squad ?
Come on the Arse !
at 19:56 10 Apr 2017

Spray your balls about boys.
We need some favours.
[Post edited 10 Apr 19:58]
Swansea City players, a message.
at 16:57 8 Apr 2017

Leave yours here.
Here is mine.
I'm appalled that any of you have the gall to pick up any wages at all after today's performance, it was our Rochdale, not that any of you fckrs know anything about that.
Greedy fcking senseless morons. Inept, no passion no desire and no right to wear our clubs shirt.
I really fcking hate them right now.
Is this fcking bonkers ?
at 00:40 7 Apr 2017
Nordvelt thank god he didn't come on.
at 21:23 6 Apr 2017

And that Fabianski stood his ground.
If those three would have gone in with Nordvelt in goal he would be hung from the lampposts of every street in Swansea. Mussolini would have been a holiday snap.
Thank fck he didn't come on. Honestly it would have destroyed him.
I blame Darran
at 21:06 6 Apr 2017

Clement is in bits not knowing what to do having read his rantings.
Breakdown of offenders
at 11:44 3 Apr 2017

As we are very good these days at breaking down ethnicity, etc of offenders for all crimes I would be interested to know if anyone has a handle on child sex offenders in Britain and their predominant make up.
Trump v North Korea
at 03:29 3 Apr 2017

As many of you know I wisely predicted the victory for Trump some two years ago on this very website. Mainly because I felt a few weeks of his lunacy would cheer me up a bit. However he is now starting to turn his gaze to North Korea, and as we all know a bit of a spat abroad always cheers the locals and keeps them onside.

As he is a fcking nutcase he has also decided to have a pop at China as well for not keeping the Koreans in check. Now, I reckon China could duff up the yanks quite easily and I do like the Swan on Orchard atreet as well as an example of my impartiality. However, it is becoming clear to me that he is a megalomaniac and is clearly itching to destroy the world during his time in office.

I do predict a war during his time as president I think it's inevitable, and may well be as bad as it gets. But why oh fcking why do these American chaps keep wanting to police the world when they can't police their own country.

My grandmother used to say to me regularly it ' will all end in tears' and I never took any notice of her, then one day I was run over by a coal lorry and shit myself ( I was 5 ) I'm not sure what my point is but Donald Trump, what a cnt ! Will he really force the wild swan in Orchard st to close ? I mean after all we always weigh in with the yanks, it could make them staying open impossible.

I'm very concerned.

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