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Lee Clark Interview 13:47 - May 21 with 1387 viewsBringBackTheRedRoom

‘Where there is harmony, may we bring discord. Where there is truth, may we bring error. Where there is faith, may we bring doubt. And where there is hope, may we bring despair’


Lee Clark Interview on 14:33 - May 21 with 1364 viewssteve_g

Who was this then?

Clark’s plans included trying to coax back a recent Blackpool hero to spearhead a promotion campaign in League One

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Lee Clark Interview on 14:39 - May 21 with 1362 viewsseasider13

Probably Big Ben Burgess,

No man is rich enough to buy back his past.


Lee Clark Interview on 15:57 - May 21 with 1331 viewsArchibaldKnox

Please do not criticise BBB like that. He had his place in that glorious season of 2009-10. In the latter half often on the bench, it must be said. But he was an integral part of one of the best teams we have seen for decades.

I must say that LC has done us all a real service in that interview. While what he has said is largely public knowledge, it is important that the ex-manager states the reasons that put such obstacles in his way preventing him from doing his job. And it all comes back to Koko. How he will hire anyone else decent, whether manager, players, coaches, or kitman is a mystery.

My guess? David Vaughan, perhaps ?
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Lee Clark Interview on 16:09 - May 21 with 1310 viewsbasilrobbiereborn

I think you make a fair point there AK. But there is a wider point ; some people are insisting that every manager we appoint whilst the Oystons remain in situ should get the same sort of hostile treatment from the supporters. As I said in an article the other week, that way lies complete anarchy and removes all hope of us getting back to some normality.

I think that sort of attitude will lead to the appointment of someone who the owners hope will appease the more militant supporters. Which is not actually a sensible way of planning for a better future. I know people find it hard to compartmentalise their feelings, but I do think that we should all try.

Icon? It's all Rio Ferdinand's fault.
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Lee Clark Interview on 16:09 - May 21 with 1309 viewsCurryman

' We lost a kit man and he wasn’t replaced. There were issues with player registrations, travel, accommodation. It is just about getting things done in a proper manner. There always seemed to be something happening that could be prevented, something that would create a negative. As a football manager, they were things I didn’t expect to have to deal with.'

It seems some things never change.

How NOT to run a football club.

Love Blackpool, not the O's
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