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QPR Women 22:49 - May 22 with 2246 viewsE17hoop

What's happening here then?

Current team continuing under a different name?

It's always noisiest at the shallow end
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QPR Women on 02:06 - May 23 with 2128 viewsBoston

Dunno, but I think the same things happening at Millwall.

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QPR Women on 07:41 - May 23 with 1991 viewsNorthernr

Looks like a cost thing at first glance. Off load a loss making women's team that struggles on the pitch, run girls and womens teams as part of the charitable arm of the club.

Always a bit suspicious of a press release that lands at 9pm at night. If they were proud of what they were doing/if it was a good thing...

QPR Women on 07:51 - May 23 with 1982 viewsElHoop

Could the shift be in some way FFP related?

QPR Women on 08:07 - May 23 with 1954 viewsNorthernr

99.9% certain women's football is one of the exemptions.

QPR Women on 08:13 - May 23 with 1943 viewsElHoop

Oh Ok, fair enough. I was just thinking that putting it into community might take it off the payroll or at least make it slightly easier to identify as not being 'normal' wages etc. Maybe they just want to show as much as possible as community spend with the new stadium proposals flying around at the moment.

QPR Women on 01:56 - May 25 with 1445 viewsBoston

Big fan of women’s movement, especially from behind.

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QPR Women on 10:25 - May 25 with 1349 viewsstevec

The men’s side are affectionately known as Charity Park Rangers, perhaps this is the way round FFP.

QPR Women on 16:12 - Jun 4 with 1044 viewsPinnerPaul

I read it that club are giving up the 'top' team - currently play in level 3 of Women's football - in the hope that by starting a team based on current 'reserve' side and backed up by an Under 21 team - they will eventually produce a better 1st team.

For as long as I have been officiating on the women's 1st team they have always finished bottom or 2nd bottom and often only saved from relegation by a league 'restructure' - ie teams not getting promoted/relegated.

It must be hugely loss making as the gate money doesn't even cover the match officials'' fees (which are NOT huge!)
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