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OO1 06:06 - Apr 26 with 236 viewsbwildered

Location - Florence Park Green Room .

McG to GKC- What happened last Monday ?
GKC to McG - Keeper had a moment , all part and parcel in the game boss.
McG to GKC- Moment , it was hardly a thunderball into the near post .
GKC to McG - DId have his head on his hands longer than the ball !
McG to GKC - What have you coaching them ?
GKC to McG - Told them all to study the top keepers and catch flying burgers .
McG to GKC -So that's what happened .
GKC to McG - Unfortunately he got the De Gea and Amir Khan files .
McG to GKC - Got a suspension now, so you will have to play .
GKC to McG - Unavailable boss, got a knee injury .
McG to GKC - How did you get that ?
GKC to McG - Kicking , now was it ball or something else .
McG to GKC - Where are those boys ?
GKC to McG - Will get them off play stations boss .
McG to GKC - What else have they been doing ?
GKC to McG - Applying for Blue Peter ?

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