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Made in Colchester spoken word soundtrack 19:16 - Feb 14 with 1014 viewsSparkfilmsTV

Thanks to everyone who has endured 'Tigers at Layer Road'.

It can't possibly be to everyones's taste.

Please bare with me as l need to put this in one verse at a time.

Starts with this -

In the tenth month
Nineteen 'O seven
The wind it blew
And the skies were leaden
With dubined boots
And rolled up sleeves
They ran on to the pitch
Through the mud and leaves
The soldier boys
Of The Kings Royal Rifles
Beardmore, Mansfield, Young and Brooks
Ladies and gentlemen
Boys and girls
Here starts the glory of Layer Road

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Made in Colchester spoken word soundtrack (n/t) on 19:17 - Feb 14 with 633 viewsSparkfilmsTV

Made in Colchester spoken word soundtrack on 19:24 - Feb 14 with 629 viewsSparkfilmsTV

Second verse -

In the year of nineteen 'O nine
The KRR gave leave to the town
And the Oyster boys moved to the ground
They built a long tiered covered stand
The 8th Hussars sent their finest band
Colchester Town played with heart and flair
There were great victories and silverware
Then came the horror of The First World War
Seven good men would play soccer no more
The football field was used for drill
The dressing room was quiet and still
Gone the laughter, gone the banter
Gone the smiles of Lee and Tranter
Made in Colchester spoken word soundtrack on 19:29 - Feb 14 with 625 viewsSparkfilmsTV

Third verse -

When the war was over
The sun shone through
The Oyster's returned to start anew
A railway carriage for a changing room
A lone tin bath set in the gloom
Finchley, Aylesbury and Brentwood came
In The Spartan League we played the game
Then the old town were no more
A new kid on the block was born
To be known as THE MIGHTY U'S
Made in Colchester spoken word soundtrack on 19:35 - Feb 14 with 624 viewsSparkfilmsTV

Barraclough and Cheyne wore the stripes
Pritchard and Crisp in the blue and white
Keeper Dunn played 'The Post Horn Gallop'
His team mates ran out to take up the challenge
Tunbridge Wells and Folkestone came
Dartford and Guildford in the Layer Road rain
The Southern League was won
But soon another war had come
The club's property packed away
Players bade farewell and boarded trains
Made in Colchester spoken word soundtrack on 19:39 - Feb 14 with 620 viewsSparkfilmsTV

After the darkness came the light
Charles Clark gave his vision one night
This little club could be movers and shakers
Nothing and no one would stand in our way
Our aim is true
For we are known as THE MIGHTY U'S
For we are destined to capture the hearts
Of every man woman and child
Everyone will know our story
Everyone will share our glory
Made in Colchester spoken word soundtrack on 19:45 - Feb 14 with 619 viewsSparkfilmsTV

And like a dream it did unfold
On the Wembley march in days of old
Banbury, Chelmsford and Wrexham slain
Could the U's do it once again?
Huddersfield with all their might
The First Division boys we'll fight
Over each blade of grass and with every breath
With every tackle we will not relent
Harry Fosker beard and all
Our umbrella man did heed the call
Come on boy's let's live the dream
For we're THE MIGHTY U'S
A wonder team
Made in Colchester spoken word soundtrack on 19:53 - Feb 14 with 615 viewsSparkfilmsTV

Ted Fenton rallied the troops
'Come on boy's we've got them rattled
The spirit is with us let's win the battle'
Digger Kettle lit the fuse
He ran and ran for the whites and blues
From the deepest darkness of Dunkirk
Our wounded hero went to work
When Bob Curry hit the net
For our War Dead a distant light was lit
At the final whistle they did rejoice
Men and women girls and boys
Down from trees and roofs of stands
Arm in arm hand in hand
Yelling singing tears of joy
Everyone a hero Fenton's boys
Bearryman and Turner carried shoulder high
Hillman and Cater the never say die
Allen, Brown, Cutting and Wright
Celebrated into the night
Made in Colchester spoken word soundtrack on 19:56 - Feb 14 with 614 viewsSparkfilmsTV

Onwards and upwards
The ultimate dream
A place in the league for our wonder team
Keeble, Elder, Church and McKim
Peter Wright out on the wing
Plant, McCurley, Stewart and Dale
Stan Foxall running into a gale
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Made in Colchester spoken word soundtrack on 19:59 - Feb 14 with 612 viewsSparkfilmsTV

The Gunners came in fifty nine
Goal ace Groves was leading the line
Tommy the doc and Kelsey in goal
Legends all from days of old
Sixteen thousand packed into the ground
Langman and Evans the toast of the town
Made in Colchester spoken word soundtrack on 20:03 - Feb 14 with 611 viewsSparkfilmsTV

Benny Fenton leader of men
Would run through the wall and back again
With twinkling eyes and twinkling feet
Sammy McLeod the comet streak
Bobby Hunt and Martyn King
Knocking home chances from either wing
Halcyon days wonderous nights
Billy Stark under the lights
Made in Colchester spoken word soundtrack on 20:06 - Feb 14 with 610 viewsSparkfilmsTV

Then came sadness and deep sorrow
The Millar bairn robbed of tomorrow
The blue and whites how they did stand
With heads bowed low and black arm bands
And all around the crowd stood still
Then broken by the whistle shrill
Our players they did start the game
Poor Tommy would not play again
Made in Colchester spoken word soundtrack on 20:14 - Feb 14 with 608 viewsSparkfilmsTV

Came the savage winter of sixty three
The hallowed turf we would not see
For eighty days and eighty nights
The green green grass was covered white
The frost and the fog and the ice had come
Above an eerie silence hung
The clock hands frozen at 3pm
No Les Oakes or his band of men
A foxes lonely footprints on the terrace
Missing in action McCrohan and Harris
Then eventually the thaw did come
Onto the pitch John Fowler would run

( Intermission and dog feeding ).

It's interesting returning to this after 16 years, quite emotional as l wanted to record moments that sometimes we need reminding of.
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Made in Colchester spoken word soundtrack on 20:30 - Feb 14 with 602 viewsSparkfilmsTV

Gallant Bideford rode in from the west
Derek Trevis and his team to test
And throughout it all
Images glimpses the scent and the sound
A blue and white mist swirling around
Men smoking Woodbines beneath the rust
The lineament and the diamonds in the dust
The Military bands
The turnstiles and the stands
The rosettes and the rattles
United in the heat of battle
Made in Colchester spoken word soundtrack on 20:34 - Feb 14 with 601 viewsSparkfilmsTV

The good people of Shrub End, Mile End,
Monkwick and Lexden
Factory workers from Paxman's
Woods and The Lathe
Council buses carried the good and the brave
Children from Alderman Blaxill
And Wilson Marriage
St Helena and East Ward
We come as one
We come in the good name
Made in Colchester spoken word soundtrack on 20:40 - Feb 14 with 599 viewsSparkfilmsTV

Little Whisky our four legged fan
Onto the pitch in the stripes he ran
Dribbling the ball into the net
Taffy Richard's special pet
Michael Twiddle and Les Oakes
Blue blood ran through them both
Through the wind and through the rain
Denim Phil will always remain
Long after Layer Road has gone
The spirit of our fans lives on
Made in Colchester spoken word soundtrack on 20:45 - Feb 14 with 594 viewsSparkfilmsTV

Into the Roman walls they came
Stars of Albion to play the game
When Stratton scored the crowd they roared
Above the stands the seagulls soared
In Hythe Marshes the wildfowl stirred
In terraced houses the cats they purred

( I remember writing this in my kitchen while l was waiting for the kettle to boil, and l distinctly recall the seagulls flying above Layer Road when that goal went in. Strange how some moments stay with us forever ).
Made in Colchester spoken word soundtrack on 20:49 - Feb 14 with 592 viewsSparkfilmsTV

From the White Palace
Came a short cropped man
A pioneer with a master plan
To send a shockwave around the globe
The cream of Europe
Eclipsed at Layer Road
Simmons, Lewis, Hall and Mahon
Crawford, Gibbs, Smith and Cram
Gilchrist, Garvey and Kurila the names
Forever etched in a Hall of Fame
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Made in Colchester spoken word soundtrack on 20:56 - Feb 14 with 580 viewsSparkfilmsTV

The bald eagle would take the reigns
From the lowlands Svarc and Froggatt came
Walker and Packer through the Watford Gap
Foley and Leslie on the attack
Our fans, our diehard fans
Gathered under pylons
At the back of stands
Gazing out into the mist
Cheering each turn and every twist
With ripples of delight
Some Grimsby full back
A rabbit in the floodlights
Chasing shadows
Made in Colchester spoken word soundtrack on 21:00 - Feb 14 with 574 viewsSparkfilmsTV

Then the rainbow, the glorious rainbow
When Garwood struck at the eleventh hour
Our fans dancing on the dug outs
Our players falling in the centre circle
In the cauldron of noise and excitement
For this is LAYER ROAD
A place that never let us down
The heartbeat of our town
Made in Colchester spoken word soundtrack on 21:04 - Feb 14 with 573 viewsSparkfilmsTV

And so to the eighties
Through the turnstiles they did diminish
Each season end too low the finish
But football, it's only a game
For there came
The tragic loss of JOHN LYONS

( Was with a former team mate of John Lyons a few months ago and after all these year's he was still moved to tears when recalling this ).
Made in Colchester spoken word soundtrack on 21:08 - Feb 14 with 572 viewsSparkfilmsTV

The tall bearded one arrived
With promises of new horizons
But how we struggled to survive
Enter Jock to save our lives
Our gallant side once proud and mighty
The basement club in nineteen ninety
After 40 years we bade farewell
The fifth of May the day we fell
Burnley came to seal our fate
Less than three thousand was the gate
Made in Colchester spoken word soundtrack on 21:11 - Feb 14 with 571 viewsSparkfilmsTV

In The Conference we would play
Fisher, Welling and Merthyr came
The team they played with heart and vigour
Yates and Walsh they pulled the trigger
Many a minnow shot down in the lights
United all to take up the fight
Marmon and Daniel's tried to lay the ghost
But Barnet pipped us at the post
Made in Colchester spoken word soundtrack on 21:18 - Feb 14 with 570 viewsSparkfilmsTV

Another season we did embark
English and McGavin would grace the park
Our players they did give their all
BIG ROY he led the battle call!
Our pride restored the Wembley Towers
That glorious day on the second of May
Our hat trick hero from the USA
The Conference title had been won
Onto the pitch our fans would run
Made in Colchester spoken word soundtrack on 21:22 - Feb 14 with 568 viewsSparkfilmsTV

Through the nineties our heads held high
Wignall returned to lead the side
But when McDonough left something died
A bigger heart you would never find
But our players they did raise their game
In ninety eight promotion came
And then a very special star

( Intermission including hot bath ).
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Made in Colchester spoken word soundtrack on 09:05 - Feb 15 with 520 viewsSparkfilmsTV

Then from Reading shone a bright new son
The talisman Phil Parkinson
Born to lead us to new heights
Halford and Danns shone in the lights
Baldwin, Brown, Izzet, White
Big Chris with all his might
Our spiritual leader heart on sleeve
Doogie inspired us gave us reason to believe
That anything is possible
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