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Financial Fair Play - Wrexham? 17:31 - Mar 28 with 484 viewsnoah4x4


Gate revenues probably exceed wages meeting that criteria, but If Director Loans are not permissible, how come Wrexham owe £8M+?

Financial Fair Play - Wrexham? on 18:21 - Mar 28 with 458 viewsTheOldOakTree

I think things are still the same as they have been for a while. FFP and P&S or whatever it is called, only apply to the Prem and Championship. L1 and L2 are covered by Salary Cost Management Protocol (SMCP).

I believe that in L2 the SCMP limits spending on player wages to 55% of club Turnover. There are no restrictions in the SCMP on the amount a club can spend on transfer fees or other non-wage spending. I’m not aware of any restrictions in the National League (Where Wrexham were when many of the figures were taken).

As far as I am aware, whilst loans may not be OK in the Prem and Cham, in L2 Directors loans are OK as long as they are not spent to prop up players wages.

The article refers to their wage bill but doesn’t say if it just players wages. If they are like the U’s and have around 1001 coaches, analysts, coach analysts and analytic coaches, then it would be feasible that only 75% of their wage bill is spent on players.

£9M debt sounds a bit better than the latest accounts published closer to home where there is now around £33M dept. Unlike other years, there doesn’t appear to be figures for the amount the club is being stiffed for interest on the loans.
Financial Fair Play - Wrexham? on 18:46 - Mar 28 with 436 viewsTheOldOakTree

Wrexham were awarded Category Four status for their academy in the 2023/24 season.

So that's not that much different to the old youth set up we had in the good old days when we were successful.
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