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U's v Hartlepool postponed due to covid
at 11:46 17 Dec 2021

When over 30% of EFL players won't get jabbed, is this announcement surprising? Utter disgrace that so many footballers are acting irresponsibly.

Black Lives Matter? What about ALL lives matter during this pandemic? It is the responsibility of all players to show leadership and get jabbed to help protect others, even if they don't care a shi5 about their own health.

Hope they get their wages deducted for screwing up our weekend and the travel plans of Hartlepool fans that probably have non-refundable train tickets. Indeed, sack them if they won't get jabbed as they will kill lower league football if more matches are postponed. Vaccination should be mandatory, as in NHS and in Europe.

Ipswich sack Cook
at 00:06 5 Dec 2021

No surprise, but will they appoint McGreal?

Perhaps the ultimate irony?
Sudbury Live!
at 19:12 5 Nov 2021

U's side to face AFC Sudbury is George, Tchamadeu, Eastman, Chambers, Clampin, Wiredu, Skuse, Chilvers, Dobra, Jasper, Sears (two changes)

Just settled down on sofa, beers on hand. Let’s go you mighty U’s!

Recording my second team (Villa). It’s going to be a long night of footie on the box.
When will Cowling listen?
at 15:59 2 Oct 2021

0-2 down HT.
Abysmal half, utterly outplayed.
Ipswich rejects too old/slow.
Zero forward line.
Crowd chanting for Tom Eastman.
No fans bar
No Hotshots
Lowest League Two U’s crowd that I recall.
No catering in East Stand.
HT Queues abysmal in South Stand.
No shuttle buses
Awful match day experience.
Humes, De Souza and Waddington - OUT!

at 22:04 7 Sep 2021

How did we lose that?

We looked great H1, then Judge and Sears come on to change the game and blunt our attack. Then having made three early subs, we are soon down to ten men as Beadle limps off. One effective attack by the league one side and they score.

Dobra looked awesome and has to play instead of Sears. But we are still missing a striker.
Live Streaming - confusion?
at 07:28 13 Aug 2021

Just received my (seasons pass) invitation for my Northampton ticket. It suggests that if I decline for covid reasons the game will be live streamed for my benefit, which is contrary to EFL guidance. I am now confused. Has the ticketing office not changed the 2020/21 system or can I actually view live on the Internet? Could others living distant and unable to travel buy a match pass then decline it?

I can't attend the match, but if sat at cricket waiting for the rain to stop.......

It could only happen on my watch
at 19:45 26 Apr 2021

I was video scoring and live streaming Saturday's Chelmsford v Colchester Dukes Cup game when this happened....


Android tablet problems?
at 17:32 1 Feb 2021

For some reason, my Android tablet has ceased updating posts from the U'sual.

I can see Mick's Happy League post for week 22 on my I-Phone in its browser . I can see this post on my Windows PC in Firefox or Edge. But not on my Android.

I suspect there might be a browser compatibility issue with Android?

Mick originally only posted skeleton details as he had a problem. So I am flagging this so that Android users don't fail to post and to enable Daniel to investigate.

BBC fake footie news
at 08:25 27 Jan 2021

Did anybody else spot the blunder on BBC TV local news at 7.32am this morning?

It reported in a caption (and verbally) last night's result as Cambridge United 2 -1 Salford (which was a previous result from 3rd November). Then 7 minutes later, I noticed a report on the BBC website that correctly confirmed last night's outcome was Salford P - P Cambrdge due to a frozen pitch with Gary Neville agreeing to refund Cambridge travel expenses. Rubbing my eyes, I re-wound my Sky Box back to confirm that it had been misreported on TV. Yes, alongside Stevenage 0 - 0 Colchester and the Southend defeat to Bradford was the incorrect Salford/Cambridge outcome

I bet there is a bit of confusion in the bookies!

Good job it wasn't a Happy League Fixture!

In the 8.32 local broadcast no mention of any Football results.

Wonder if we can keep this thread alive with folk reporting other like blunders.
[Post edited 27 Jan 2021 8:36]
Leeds 1971 and 2021
at 15:01 10 Jan 2021

50th anniversary of the U’s triumph soon, but it looks like Crawley are giving the overpaid prima-donnas another bloody nose. Well done Division Two!
Oh Anthony Joshua
at 00:08 13 Dec 2020

I was at Wembley for Povetkin. At Madison Square Garden NYC for the Ruiz disappointment. Could not get tickets for Ruiz II or Pulev.

But tonight, in overcoming the resilient Bulgarian, Joshua proved he is the greatest heavyweight these shores have ever produced. Bring on Tyson Fury! I actually think Fury's young cousin is a bigger threat after watching him tonight. Imagine the finesse of Joshua versus Fury.

Please let me have tickets, even if this takes place in Timbuktu.

Arise Sir Anthony Joshua!

Grimsby - Ticket news.
at 15:07 30 Nov 2020

I have just received information from the club that Season Pass holders will soon get an email inviting them to either accept or decline their match day ticket.

If they accept, they must confirm that they are not suffering from Covid-19 (etc) and agree to accept the special terms and conditions of admission.

If they decline, they will be entitled to a free (£10) I-Follow pass and a refund of the excess paid as has been normal this season (e.g. £0.18 if a senior citizen and about £4 if younger).

I think this is eminently sensible given that many loyal fans that have committed to season passes are still deemed to be in a Covid-19 vulnerable category. It means they can watch the match on I-Follow without the health risk and not be blocking a seat for somebody wanting in person admission.

Well done Colchester United for thinking this through. My guess is that a surprising number of the 540 existing SP holders might decline hence permitting more than 460 to gain admission. Then when it moves to 2,000, the club will have a better idea of how many tickets they can sell without needing ballots etc.

[Post edited 30 Nov 2020 15:08]
Sam Walker
at 12:52 21 Nov 2020

Watching Gerkens blunder last night and Bournmouth v Reading today has caused me to enquire after fan's favourite Sam Walker who made 155 appearance between the sticks for the U's.

Sam signed a three year contract on 25th July 2018 with Reading and looked destined for Championship fame. But....

Season 2018-19 made 7 league appearances
2019-20 made 0 appearances (but 5 in cups)
2020-21 made 0 appearances (not even on the bench today)

Still only 29. I suppose he will be well paid until next July for doing nothing, but what a waste of a talent. Might he be on our watch list for when out of contract?
[Post edited 21 Nov 2020 12:53]
I Follow Codes - where to find them..
at 15:45 20 Oct 2020

If you are a season pass holder you will have been emailed a pass code for home games. I didn't use mine for the last home match as I was watching with some other season ticket holding friends, but not so tonight given the indoor meeting prohibition.

I deleted the original email expecting that I would get emailed a new code each home match. When I didn't receive one for tonight I phoned the ticket office = shut!

I doubt if I will be alone. Trying to "chat" with the I-Follow help facility was another blind alley. I managed to track somebody down at the stadium and can report that if you log into the Colchester United ticket hub you will see the your personal IFollow code alongside the relevant match.

I thought this information was worth sharing to save other folk having to chase information that really ought to be on the club website (e.g. where to find your code if you don't get an email).

New signing
at 14:12 10 Oct 2020

Went a bit under the radar this one. Appears when you are digging around the club website trying to find today’s stream rather than a link directly under News.


Age 21, former England under 17. Three years with Man Utd, then heads to Europe, then “contract terminated by mutual consent” before joining Col U. Sounds like a bad boy to me or is he a Macauley Bonne that has to go backwards to advance? But seemingly known to DeSouza.
[Post edited 10 Oct 2020 14:13]
Jacko goes to Gill, but is it downhill for the U’s?
at 18:28 31 Jul 2020

Ryan Jackson rejoins Gillingham.

Suspect he wanted more wages and a step up the divisions.

Who can blame him.

Open grounds to spectators?
at 13:18 14 Jul 2020

If the wearing of masks in shops is mandatory, and pubs are open, why not.....

1. Sell every other seat/row to create social distancing
2. Stay seated, 100% enforced.
3. Masks mandatory.

It is possible to cheer and sing through a mask.

Outside the Premier Division and Championship most clubs would not need to restrict attendances. At the Jobserve, we could have two in every three seats unoccupied.

County cricket is due to start on 1st August and presumably this will be its plan. County Cricket Clubs can't survive financially without turnstile revenue.
The night football died
at 21:29 13 Jul 2020

Wycombe in the Championship?

Oxford 75% possession
Oxford 13 shots Wycombe 4
First goal lucky.
Ball out of play before Wycombe given penalty?
Player offside before Wycombe penalty?
Should have had VAR!
Wycombe horrible hoof-ball.
The best side lost
Sad day.
Wheels come off for Danny Cowley?
at 14:34 28 Jun 2020

The man with the Midas Touch at Lincoln joined ailing Huddersfield in September 2019 and a six match run gave him Championship Manager of the Month in October. Today, Huddersfield are on the brink of relegation.

If he gets sacked, I'd give him a chance at the Jobserve Stadium, given that he knows the route to Division Two promotion, which I fear our current manager, that I have fervently backed for 202 games, sadly lacks. At least Cowley shows some attacking intent.
Cardboard cut out fans?
at 11:08 3 Jun 2020

OK, who intends investing £25?

Would prefer the sex doll option employed in Korea (if I can keep it), but if Cardboard motivates the players towards promotion, I'm in.
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