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Iconic QPR Photos
at 13:19 13 Jan 2020

Saw a thread similar to this on twitter and got me thinking, what are your favourite/iconic QPR photos

I'll always love this one, not sure why...

And this one isn't to bad either

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Charlie Austin about to move for..... £4m
at 14:14 8 Aug 2019

Which is astonishing as all I've ever read on here is that he was worth far more than that
Hugill medical
at 11:24 27 Jul 2019

According to Dave Mc

Encouraged by this as they’ve wanted him for 18 months so very obviously a Penrice signing.
Good piece on state of the Championship
at 10:12 25 Jul 2019
Every Championship Player out of contract this summer
at 09:58 10 Apr 2019

There's the ability to pick up some decent players here (and I don't mean Mile Jedinak and Darren Fletcher)

Seeing as we need a RB, a CB, a LB, and 2 ST there's players out there we couldn't bring in who perhaps wouldn't break the bank

Moses Odubajo, Yoan Barbe, Jonas Knudsen, Kieran Lee, Gary Hooper, Nick Powell
Derby County beat FFP
at 14:33 2 Apr 2019

They made a massive profit because they sold their stadium to their chairman.

So there's nothing to stop QPR selling LR to Tune Group for an over inflated fee, becoming tenants and then using the money to invest back into the club
Next manager?
at 12:04 1 Apr 2019

OK then, sensible discussion as to who you actually want as the next man in.

None of this David Wagner crap as lets be honest... he aint coming!
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Song for Eze
at 14:09 7 Aug 2018

Put this in the Eze thread but thought I'd give it it's own.

Bene humming this to myself all summer and didn't think to put it up here as pre arranged singing is all very Man U/Liverpool/Chelsea/Fulham isn't it.

But sod it, in light of the new contract would be good to get this going round Loftus Road on Saturday

Adapting the Liverpool Allez Allez Allez song....

We've all had some heroes, Stan Bowles and Rodney Marsh
Taarabt for just one season, left players on their arse
Sir Les and Kevin Gallen, Wilkins and Wegerle
Now we've found the next Messiah and he didn't cost a thing
Eberechi Eze, Eberechi Eze, Eberechi Eze, Eberechi Eze

Here's the tune btw

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Re-devloping Loftus Road
at 13:06 16 Apr 2018

Just saw the rendering for the new stand at Crystal Palace

Is there no way we could ever do this at LR? Could we not knock down the SA Road stand and start again?
What do YOU want as a fan?
at 13:14 29 Oct 2016

Thought I'd do a little survey as am intrigued as to what fans want the club to be.


1 - In one sentence what would you like the club to be

2 - Which current club do you see achieving what you want

3 - What manager do you believe can achieve this

I'll start

1 - A well run upper mid table Championship club with the odd foray into the PL every few years

2 - Burnley

3 - Would love to say JFH, but am starting to waiver in my belief. Ideally, Ainsworth but would be happy with Jackett
Jimmy in the brown stuff
at 21:30 28 Sep 2016

How many times are QPR about to be mentioned by Telegraph
at 22:27 27 Sep 2016

I reckon our little old club is about to have its name dragged through the mud by their latest expose
Trying to debunk some moan myths
at 10:39 14 Sep 2016

Right need to get some things off my chest re the doom mongers on here and the constant arguments they trot out every time we don't win 3/4-0

1) 'We should play 2 up top' - This is a very simple one... Cherry is the best player at the club. The team is built around him. You cannot play Cherry in his best position (behind the striker) and then play a further two up top. You would then have 2 strikers, an attacking midfielder and two wingers. No defensive midfielder in the world can cope with that. 'But Leicester played 2 up top' I hear you cry. They sort of did, Okazaki played behind Vardy as opposed to alongside him, they also had Kante in midfield who happens to be the best DM in the world right now. Look at Leicester's form without him to see how they are struggling.

2) We should play 442 - Having dealt with Leicester above, name me a successful side playing 442? In order to play that you need two central midfielders who can do everything and two out and out wingers who can do everything. We don't have those players. The last time we played 442 was at home to Fulham who absolutely dicked us. The formation is essentially dead in the modern game

3) JFH should go - Without getting too much into it I look at the improved performances of Polter, Luongo, Shodipo and Smithies that tell me the man knows how to develop a player. Let him work with his squad. Evidence is literally in front of our eyes that he can improve players. Sylla, Borysiuk, Yeni, Bidwell all players that should benefit from time at the club.
That said, his in game management has been poor at times and it's something he needs to work on. Last night at 2-0 he should have moved a man onto Shelvey to wrestle some control back

4) Warnock is the answer - I mean, c'mon. The man lost 6-0 at Fulham lest we forget. Also since he left QPR his only success has been keeping Rotherham up (which was superb). He's failed at Leeds & Palace quite spectacularly. Also, we know he can't cut it in the Prem so what happens when we are near the play offs? Do we sack him and bring someone else in?

5) Washington is League 1 standard - I actually like CW. He works hard and looks OK to me. We spent £2m on him less than a year ago, we can't just write that off. Keep working on him and the goals will come. He's developed very quickly so far, let's help him get up to standard

6) We should play Sandro - I mean, jesus christ. I assume the people suggesting this are the sort that let their girlfriend cheat on them with an array of other men but still give them lifts round to their nan's because their cheating whore promised them a whiff of pussy if they did. Have some self respect. Why Sandro? Is he good? when has he ever played well for QPR? He's currently unfit, fat and unmotivated. he's also worse than Henry... yep, worse than karl henry. Remember in the Prem when Henry was superb in the DM role for us? When has Sandro ever reached those levels? He has never played well for this club. DO NOT SODDING PLAY HIM

7) Onouha is a crap captain - Let's have a suggestion for who else should be our skipper? It's a young squad and Onouha is the most experienced. Just because he doesn't shout all day every day doesn't mean he isn't a leader. he's no Alan McDonald, but perhaps he is the most respected player in the dressing room and therefore an obvious choice of captain?

8) Chris Ramsey being at the club is terrible - He's, by all accounts, a great coach. He does bugger all with the first team. his presence there really doesn't matter and is just a pointless argument that does nobody any good.

It isn't perfect, and last night was horrendous. I'm not all happy clappy by any stretch of the imagination. However some people need to get a grip.
Thought fans were great last night, stuck with the team far longer than they had any right to
Man on Shelvey?
at 22:17 13 Sep 2016

Seems pointless to say now, but where was the forward (either Chery or Washington) picking up Shelvey?

Newcastle knew that Henry and Cousins would snap at anything near them so just bypassed them. Should have dropped one of the forward men in to man mark the bald bastard.

Ah well. Shite night, stiflingly hot and had a crap meal pre game
Squad taking shape
at 18:21 13 Jul 2016

Squad looking stronger and stronger I think

GK - Ingram/Smithies
RB - Furlong/Perch
LB - Robinson/Bidwell
CB - Lynch/Hall/Caulker/Onouha
CM - Henry/Borysiuk/Luongo/Cousins
AM - Chery/Gladwin/El Khayati
WM - Petrasso
ST - Polter/Washington/Mackie/JET

Fairly obvious that we need to bring in 2 wingers and perhaps a striker, but it's a very well balanced squad at the moment
2 Tickets for Euro 2016 QF in Lille to sell
at 20:43 22 Jun 2016

Bought 2 tickets hoping to see England, but now they aren't in that side of the draw am looking to move them on.
If you know anyone who may want them then let me know, will give you my email and take from there.

Clive, feel free to move this to another thread if needs be, don't want to clutter up the MB!
Future not looking bright for QPR
at 21:11 12 Jun 2016

A Newcastle Fans take on The Championship
at 21:06 10 May 2016

This is pretty funny and spot on
Smithies maybe off as well
at 14:43 9 May 2016

Edit with a second tweet

[Post edited 9 May 2016 15:27]
Hi Res QPR images for wall art
at 11:22 28 Feb 2016

A favour to ask

Have just moved into a new house and have been given carte blanche by the wife to put whatever I want up in my office.
Anyone got any recommendations of good prints or images that I can use?

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