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Bravo Braintree
at 17:43 6 May 2024

That's an achievement, terrific effort.
The compliments of the season
at 08:06 24 Dec 2021

To you all, very much better times next year I hope.
Keep well and open a good bottle!

Up the U's
The Chairman is real
at 12:16 18 Dec 2020

Once more a decent report from Mr Cowling. He has managed a dark time with many a twinkle and I am glad of his presence. He also shows himself to be a real and ordinary grown-up who attempts to connect with as many of us as possible. We /I may not always be in accord with everything but as our guardian as such he does a very good job.
Help for the FA!!!
at 12:17 31 Mar 2020

Firstly best wishes to all on here, stay fit and well and out of the way of the 'hidden foe'.

It snowed here yesterday - the télé said for the first time since 1946 so it must still be winter and that got me thinking of the season's end for the U's.

The FA decision to cancel all non lgs below the National Lg [which is a non league into which other leagues feed, thus the decision is incongruous and challengeable to say the least] makes me cross. I feel for Sth Liverpool FC, Truro City, South Shields, Jersey & of course the U's' next manager Wayne Brown's Maldon & Tiptree - all denied their promotions.

So I have tried to get the FA out of the latest hole they've caused and assume no football will be played before September 1st.

Here goes my blueprint!!!

# Retract last week's decision
# Play all EFL & Non Lgs to a proper conclusion by October half-term incl P/Offs.
# Sat-Tue-Thurs-Sat games to be encouraged. [I remember in 2005 wet weather and the Southern Lg's refusal to extend the season meant that Tiverton played 5 home games in 7 days W3 D1 L1 [0-3 to Stamford] I went to all five, so did the usual 350 folk, ....people WILL go]
# Freeze the 2019-2020 FACup & FLT - no finals.
# At season's end allow a 3 week break for club secretaries and the new fixtures [U's will now be in Lg 1]
# 2020-21 season to begin mid November.
# NO FA Vase, FA Trophy, FLT, Lg Cup or FA Cup
# Distribute proportion of the prize funds to clubs below step 2 - say £2000 each.
# Allow the old-fashioned County Cups so that team managers have competitive opportunities in addition to league and U23 games.
# Promote within the fixture list four separate weeks when clubs play Sat-Tue-Thur-Sat. This equates to 16 games, thus, more than a third of the season achieved in just 4 weeks.
# Add two Tuesday games to January's fixtures.
# Re-instate the 'old' Easter Programme of Good Friday, Easter Sat & Easter Monday games 3 in 4 days. They used to do it, they still could.
# No Transfer window. May induce a bit more club loyalty and will allow clubs to sell/acquire within Fair Play rules to allow for extra injuries etc.
# Season to end at 30 April 2021 with two weeks only allowed for P/Offs as in all non lgs already. This out of respect for cricket which will not have been played in 2020.
Whitsun now reserved exclusively for cricket.
# Extend summer break and start new 2021-22 season [U's now in Championship, Ipswich in Lg 2] in early Sept, again out of respect for cricket but also to allow extra recovery time.
# Re-introduce Cups but FA to reserve the right to stagger this OR to learn from the previous compacted year and to make informed decisions [eg cancel FLT, introduce Thursday games]
# Re introduce transfer system and window.
# Durham Exile to host Friday night preview programme on TV with weekly guest from another club who previews his club's game according to Durham's format. Airs at 10pm
# I don't give a fig about the PL BUT....................use a huge proportion of their ridiculous income across UK/Europe to re-invest in European countries' health systems post Covid19. The quality of Prem Lg football won't alter but the progression between leagues will be much more healthy and the money won't feel so ugly if it is righting the wrongs of the now much denuded health services all over. Apologies to anyone who is a Ferrari dealer obviously.

So there we have it. Got the FA off the hook, promoted the U's and avoided looking at the weather out of the window!

Again, stay in and stay OK.
As George Harrison said 'All things must pass'

at 15:55 7 Dec 2019

Two even sides, visitors have made far fewer errors but playing five across the back it is difficult for the U's to make much progress. Comley and Poku excellent with Comley fully deserving a goal in the 44th minutes. Salford awkward on the break.
Extra pressure from us before half time was beginning to bear fruit. Defence looking reasonable but we have no centre forward so when we do get behind them crosses are unproductive. Pell doing his best, error strewn as usual, probably need Lapslie on to win more of the ball. Senior less destructive today, Poku has a goal in him.
Draw would be no surprise from two mid table teams.
at 10:48 21 Jun 2019

Probably my usual ineptitude but the fixture list drop down shows an incomplete list!
Mind you, the official site has no list for anyone to download. The official site is actually rather poor.
That Christmastime again!
at 15:22 20 Dec 2015

See what I did there with the username Wessex!!?

Firstly, the compliments of the season to the fine folk on this illustrious and honest messageboard. May your stockings be full and the beer never empty. Three occasional points would be nice too. And in 2016 here's to a calmer more unselfish world.

Well after twelve weeks away sans telephone or computer connection what has happened? It's like last season, the season before it, oh and the season before that all over again. When I put the cat and the lady in the Kangoo we'd won 4 running, now we are bottom and I see we appear to have erm......defensive frailties and no manager. What's gone on?
No...........don't bother, you are all at the games and so I will as ever await your wisdom rather than peddle anything from here.

So..without a manager one of the best defenders I've seen in a U's shirt in 50 years didn't want the job. There's summat not right. I support Mr Cowling and appreciate all his love for our club. I felt last year - and posted the same - that he may have got it wrong with Mr. Humes. His previous job and that of manager were never conspecific and did not transpose - ask Portsmouth, they did the same and had the same result with Afford. However, I'm a rarity in feeling that TH did well Durham, saved us with the Preston result and what I watched was prettier football. I wish him well, maybe in his old role. He did not deserve the abuse he copped either - shame on us. I will support the new man and remain grateful to RC.

I'm not someone who wants to say that a dip into Div 4 will be good for us - it won't.....look at Yeovil. I'm with you again here Durham, we need a manager now to get us out of the mess and once more to keep us in this precious place, so hard earned in the 90s.

And what about over here?
Well, thank you all for your good wishes earlier - this move was a scary thing for me to do. OK I've no mortgage any more and a house with an acre but it's not Essex or even a bit of blighty.

It's 20 degrees today, although there was a day's snow in October when we got here. I'm fed up with the power cuts [most weeks] and have been told by the Wolves fan who's building me my 6th studio that where electricity is concerned France is a 3rd world country. I can believe it. we are connected to a phone line I am beginning to see the potential of somewhere where a beer is around £1.25 and a [good] coffee can be served to you for 85p. Diesel has just gone down to 66p a litre. The Beaujolais Nouveau you were drinking last month is excellent this year and costs me £1.53 a bottle. The people are gentle and kindly so long as you have a go at their lingo and are infinitely preferable to some of the expats I've bumped into. Nothing is too much trouble as long as you don't expect anything from anyone between 12 and 2.30! I'm miles from anywhere mind, the nearest bar [which serves 4 courses with wine at lunchtimes for €13 or about £9] and shops are 5 miles away on twisty roads where the occasional Renault 4 lurches at you in an attempt to get you into a ditch. As a birdwatcher who writes for Birdwatching magazine I don't like the hunt much at weekends but am getting used to it. The Limousin is very beautiful and the autumn colours breathtaking - we have them in Essex of course, but it was the enormity of this big big land which made them memorable. No Essex coast scenery which I miss, indeed, no sea for 150 miles!

And the football locally Pete - you asked a while ago?
Well, EF Aubusson FC look decent, are step 4 standard [AFC Sudbury] with excellent facilities and floodlights but for heaven's sake all home games ko at 8pm on a Sunday! No way. So I like the look of a little side at step 6 [West Bergholt level, Div 1 Ridgeons say] called US Felletin FC, nice stand, good welcome, they ko at 3pm in blue and white stripes. I'll give them a go first.

I'm hoping that now I am back to absorb the wisdom of this esteemed board once again - I cannot comment on performance as I cannot see it - that we'll now go on another 4 game winning run. That might give us a fighting chance eh Durham?

I wish the new chap every success and hope to God he knows about defence and motivation so that the confidence rises.

I repeat my very best to you all................

the artist formerly known as:- Somersetbarside, Alderney CUFC & IsleofWightexile......

Up the U's and those who who are in this with em.

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