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QPR recovery continues with rare away win - Report
at 23:01:51

Agree that we played some nice passing football at times. Amazing what a bit of pace and confidence up front can do. We repeatedly played good through balls inside the full back for a striker to run on to. Haven't seen us doing that since Burton away last season.
Easily the best I've seen us play this season but then again the other matches I've been to were Preston, West Brom and Bristol City!

re: Bolton's goal, yes the keeper should've had it. But the wall was preposterous. The player on the far left of the wall (from our view behind) left a huge gap in the wall for the Bolton player to aim through. All of the wall jumped up when the kick was taken. Another player deliberately lay down on the floor to stop the low shot but still somehow failed to stop the low shot! It was some serious next level Keystone Cops shit.

re: the chants, I'm all for a bit of gallows humour and as a fan based 200 miles from W12 who mainly only goes to away games I understand the frustration. But "how sh1t must you be, we're drawing away" before we've even kicked off?!? Come on now, that's not what I call "support"
15 minutes in we got "stand up if you love Rangers" followed inevitably by "sit down if you're a boring cvnt" directed at our own fans. This was followed by the far more insulting "sit down if you're a Chelsea fan"
We can do better than that.
Terry exposed on QPR’s Free and Eze night – Report
at 22:25:17

What a fantastic report, especially all the stuff about that racist tw@t.
re: Freeman not playing, I don't think him being dropped to the bench had anything to do with his recent form or some random tinkering that people like to accuse Holloway of.
He was on 10 bookings, and if he'd got 1 more he would've faced a 2 game suspension.
QPR lose narrow contest at Hillsborough - Report
at 11:03:01

Both teams looked liked mid-table Championship teams.
The difference was that we kept possession and passed the ball around well without really threatening them that often. When they had possession they had a bit more of a cutting edge. That was because they had Bannan who has the ability to play a telling pass and also because their wide players were more effective than ours.
As usual a proportion of the away support more interested in trying to provoke stewards and have a moan at various QPR players.
The usual defence for this is that a lot of those blokes are our most loyal supporters who go to every match home and away (true) so therefore they can say/sing what they like (also true unfortunately).
I don't really understand this. Why do they think the current team / manager are so awful? We've had many many far worse squads than the current lot.

Magilton's QPR score 12 in a week - History
at 15:58:17

That little spell in 2009 was exciting and we looked quote good under Magilton before the headbutts started flying.
There were little hints of our attacking threat a few months before that too under Sousa. I remember a midweek away match in the freezing pissingdown rain at Blackpool where we won 3-0. Routledge, Ephraim, Cook and Helguson all looked very dangerous. I think we still had Blackstock at that time as well. I remember coming out of that match and thinking we were going to storm up the table but it didn't really pan out that way!
Rowan Vine from the halfway line - History
at 17:10:08

loved that Vine goal so much. It was one of those games where our 1-0 lead looked very dodgy and you felt like it was only a matter of time until they equalised (see also away at Wrexham when McLeod got sent off a few years earlier)
For some reason I've always found it a bit annoying when the opposition keeper goes up for a corner and it was so wonderful to see a keeper being punished for it.
But even though Vine was, as you say, an excellent Championship player before his injury, as he was running towards us I remember thinking "he's gonna f**k it up, he's gonna f**k it up, he's definitely gonna f**k it up"
The joy when he scored and secured the win is one of those precious memories that keep us going to games like midweek away at Burnley.
The People vs Gianni Paladini
at 11:29:09

Guilty - divided the fanbase, connived and plotted, stitched up Ian Holloway, nearly cost us promotion with his underhand dealing and then his utter ineptitude in trying to cover his tracks about said underhand dealing.

Having said that, I think he did mean well at times and it would be wrong to say that he didn't care at all about QPR. and it's notable that most people, ex-players, ex-managers seem to be fairly kind in their words about him.

But on the many times I saw him in various Shepherds Bush boozers, I argued with him a few times but I never once shook his hand and I still would refuse to do so today. All round dodgy geezer, above all the Faurlin transfer and how it nearly (and in all fairness probably should have!) cost us promotion.
Life through the serving hatch – LFW Awaydays
at 11:22:25

When I go shopping I usually have my ipod on and I take the earphones off whenever I'm buying anything because that's the polite thing to do. But I make an exception for WH Smiths, keep the headphones on and just shake my head a lot in response to whatever silly questions they're asking me that I can't hear.
The Francis v Allen baby spat – history
at 21:21:55

great report as always.
that picture of Derry at the top looks like he's dancing Gangnam style.
Alan McDonald: 1963 – 2012
at 23:03:54

thanks Clive and Paul for saying everything much better than I could.
still can't believe it really.
RIP Macca.
QPR hope to avoid more self destruction as Everton visit – full match preview
at 09:45:14

Fantastic stuff again Clive. If the players were as good at their jobs as you we'd easily be safe by now.
Renewed needle in long running West London feud – history
at 11:56:18

that 4-2 game, what a day that was. The day Les really arrived as a QPR player. And Falco's best goals (he had a knack of scoring spectacular ones!)
I've had a quick look for highlights on Youtube but can't find anything.
Anyone out there a bit more clued up than I am who might be able to find it.
Festive period ideal opportunity for Warnock to practise what he preaches – match preview
at 13:14:27

Snidey poorly spelt one liners you say? Witingam your a plonker.

Helguson inspired QPR heap misery on dire Stoke – full match report
at 23:53:03

great report as usual Clive.
I thought Ferdinand played really well and won loads of headers and should be up there with Faurlin and Traore on 8 out of 10.
No arguments with HH for man of the match though.
Blackburn visit evokes memory of past controversy – history
at 10:52:24

favourite Barker goal was at home against Everton. I think it was quite early in the season (possibly around 1991, Gerry's 1st season as manager?) and QPR had been playing pretty well but not really getting the results we deserved. We'd had a few games where we'd been leading but then we'd let the opposition come back. An undeserved late equaliser away at Arsenal for example. Dennis Bailey was scoring for us but nobody else was getting amongst the goals.
Anyway, we played Everton at home and we went 2-0 up. But then they got a goal back and the rest of the match the crowd were very nervous because Everton kept on attacking and the QPR fans were thinking "oh no here we go again".
Anyway, in the last minute Barker scored an absolute belter to make it 3-1 and the celebrations were fantastic. Relief, joy, exhiliration. One of those goals where you hug total strangers.
Blackburn visit evokes memory of past controversy – history
at 12:01:04

Good piece as usual Clive.
I always thought that Barker's nickname of Mavis was because he looked like Les "the funnier one died" Dennis.
Back in them days, the citizens of our great nation had their appetite for Saturday night prime-time entertainment satiated by a man wearing a wig and saying "I don't really know" in an effeminate voice.
Traore can satisfy QPR’s need for speed
at 23:10:05

whoever it was in the comments who said he wasn't any good at Portsmouth: I've just had my mate staying for a few days, he's a Pompey season ticket holder and he says he was great for them both defending and attacking.
25 years on the QPR roller coaster – Wembley, Francis and that night v Arsenal
at 15:01:28

was in the Lower Loft behind the goal for that Arsenal match and that Sinton goal is one of my all time favourite QPR memories. We all went absolutely crazy for that goal. Great great days indeed.
My memory for particular games is all a bit blurred all these years later but didn't we beat Arsenal in the League around about the same time as well. Didn't Sinton score again in that one?
This Week – Black Wednesday, part three
at 00:55:29

Paladini must go! The man is a fking idiot.
Rams make Rangers wait after stalemate – full match report
at 21:11:13

Nice one Clive. I knew I could rely on you to see through Savage's delusional egomaniac bullshit and agree with my reading of the game that it wasn't Savage that prevented us from scoring. Savage spent most of the night chasing shadows, chasing the ref and dishing out verbals like a teenage girl in a playground.
It was other Derby players that nullified us as well as our own unwillingness to stick to plan A (i.e. give our skilful players the ball and let them do the damage).

Gone in 60 seconds, Taarabt stuns Tykes – full match report
at 15:01:19

Super stuff as always Clive.
Love the paragraph about the ref. As I said on the forum yesterday, worst officials we've had all season.
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