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McNulty interview
at 19:31 1 Jul 2024

Part 1 of 3:
Keeper signs
at 17:04 21 Mar 2024

Worth noting it’s until the end of the season so we mustn’t have any issues around completing our fixtures.

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Trust update - meeting with the chairman
at 16:56 4 Mar 2024
Scarborough shirt sales
at 19:16 26 Feb 2024

Call it an average of £40 a shirt looking at the prices and although it’s not obviously all profit, that’s £100k coming in. For a National League North side.

Wonder what our shirt sales are? Wonder why we don’t know? Wonder whether it’s too late to worry about?
Eight Game Ticket Bundle on sale
at 15:12 7 Feb 2024

Hopefully there will be a reasonable take up of the offer, it’ll be interesting to hear the results of whether those who attended the Fylde game buy any.
Dale fans
at 14:53 3 Feb 2024

The efforts of the Trust and other fans to raise money before today’s game needs real recognition, tremendous work put in by all involved.

On top of that, the commitment and support shown by so many who were chucking money into buckets etc whilst showing so much interest and concern in their club illustrates how special our fanbase is.

Deserving of total respect. Nothing else.
Trust meeting with the board report
at 20:44 29 Jan 2024

Thanks to the Trust for the comprehensive minutes.

Fans Forum rescheduled.
at 13:18 12 Jan 2024

It will now take place five weeks later than previously agreed.

It’s worth noting the part about a commitment to the schedule agreed last year ( from last June: )

Since September:

Thursday 28th September 2023
Focus Group - Volunteer Army
TOOK PLACE ON 5/10/23.

Thursday 26th October 2023
Club Board/Staff Reps & Dale Trust - meeting three

Thursday 30th November 2023
Focus Group - 24/25 playing kit, merchandise, etc

Thursday 21st December 2023
Club Board/Staff Reps & Dale Trust - meeting four

Thursday 25th January 2024
Fans Forum

Thursday 29th February 2024
Club Board/Staff Reps & Dale Trust - meeting five

So is the Trust meeting with the board now on 25/1 “meeting four” or “meeting five”?

Is waiting almost seven weeks (from today) to hold a Fans Forum going to benefit the club and its supporters, especially in light of the excellent work by the Trust recently to raise funds?
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3 ex-Dale in the Bolton team tonight.
at 19:34 10 Jan 2024

Joel Coleman, Aaron Morley and Luke Matheson start in the EFL Trophy last 16 at Accrington.
Kidderminster post-match thread
at 17:58 6 Jan 2024

A great win. Solid at the back, made the most of our limited opportunities with so little options available to the manager at the moment.

Max Taylor deserves a mention, he’s come back in and played well.

Well done to McNulty and his team. We can ask for little more.
After match thread: York. Our football club
at 18:55 16 Dec 2023

Firstly, credit to the players and the staff for getting a point when we have so few players available at present. We can break down the tactics, style of play and other such things for forever, but we’re in the top half with about 14/15 first teamers available.

The biggest issue is the overall state of the club and where we stand. The lack of clarity around this and the way we waste weeks and months as supporters continue to seek answers on what the situation is and what we can do to help is, quite obviously, unacceptable.

It’s extremely disappointing that, despite an obvious commitment from many fans and constant requests for that clarity, we now need to focus on this week’s AGM to try and move forward. The time that has been wasted could prove critical, far too many let it pass, however we hope that there’s still some light at the end of what seems a very long tunnel of uncertainty and apathy.
[Post edited 16 Dec 2023 19:00]
Dagenham & Redbridge match thread
at 14:23 25 Nov 2023

No Mitchell. He did get a knock late in the game on Tuesday, so guess it could be that. He’s a real miss.
Aldershot match thread
at 14:50 18 Nov 2023

White socks.
Dale Trust AGM, Saturday 11am, Dale Bar
at 20:18 15 Nov 2023

A reminder that the Trust AGM takes place this Saturday and how important it is for members to attend if they possibly can. The current uncertainty that exists around the direction of the club was highlighted at a recent fans meeting with the Trust, with the following being provided so far as answers to some questions raised:

Saturday not only allows supporters to take part in the Trust AGM, but raise any further questions or issues you believe could be discussed at the Trust’s twice postponed meeting with the club which is scheduled for Thursday 23rd November.

Recent weeks have been real opportunities for fans and the Trust to play an important part at a crucial point in the club’s history. Saturday is another. We cannot waste it.
[Post edited 15 Nov 2023 20:23]
No cup run money / Dale Trust supporters meeting
at 17:17 14 Oct 2023

With a potentially crucial revenue stream now not able to be exploited, planning for possible future scenarios takes on even more importance as time continues to tick by. For reference, again, supporters showed real interest at the fans meeting with the Trust on the 25th August in looking at what role we can all play, and a further meeting was requested that evening with it being stressed how important it was to not let too much time pass - before the Halifax and Barnet games were two suggestions (the 2nd and 16th of September).

Last Sunday the following was posted on this messageboard:
Specific details about the opportunities for volunteers are due to be released by the end of this week.

On the other subjects raised in this thread it is crucial the fans meeting the Trust have planned is confirmed as soon as possible. The lack of clarity around our current situation is becoming an obvious problem.
The importance of this fans meeting was established in the Trust newsletter released at the start of October:

<<“ We have a fans meeting planned for later this month. It is currently booked in for the morning of the Oldham game. However, given the issues that we faced when we held a meeting ahead of the Bromley game, we are looking at what will be the best way of hosting that event. It is important that such a meeting is held ahead of our meeting with the Directors a few days later, but with a larger crowd expected for this game, it may be counter productive. We will update members sooner rather than later with respect to this.”>>

So, since that post on the 8th and then noting that the newsletter came out at the start of the month, has anyone heard anything about the already scheduled fans meeting? Especially as we were expecting to hear “sooner rather than later”. Or any updates from the volunteer meeting for that matter.

Results should never impact delaying achievable work on the future of the football club, whether it’s when we were winning, or even today. But everyone knows how going out of the cup will be a definite financial blow.
[Post edited 14 Oct 2023 17:19]
Hereford match thread - BBC radio commentary
at 15:30 14 Oct 2023
Maidenhead away match thread.
at 15:38 7 Oct 2023

Winning 1-0, Mitchell again.

Six goals for the no.9 so far and it is the first week in October.

Great to see Rodney back involved.

[Post edited 7 Oct 2023 15:48]
Volunteer Army focus group meeting
at 11:08 23 Sep 2023

Meant to be next Thursday? Does anyone have any details of where this will take place or whether fans have been approached to register interest? Can’t see anything on the Trust site and not spotted anything on the club site, but may have missed it on there.

When you consider the amount of work done by supporters and the Trust back in April/May, and for a club that has been open about the financial limitations at present, following up in agreed actions that could actually help this situation is vital.

If only to ensure we aren’t demoralising a supporter base that is all too used to such lip service.

From the Trust Newsletter at the start of September:

<<“Volunteer Army meeting

The Club will be holding a meeting on Thursday 28th September with regard to the much talked about Volunteer Army. We are currently working on a few things in preparation for this, and we are in talks with the Club regarding the format for this, whether to host a face to face meeting or to host it via Zoom. We will get details of this within the next few days.

We will follow this up with a report of the meeting within a couple of days of the meeting with next steps.”>>

This was agreed with the club back in June:

After our relegation at Stockport the club stated they would be “working tirelessly” towards “reengaging our fantastic supporters”.

Hopefully, it’s something we’ve all missed and someone has details of how fans can attend the meeting planned for next Thursday.

[Post edited 23 Sep 2023 11:10]
Sandy Lane support
at 22:01 16 Sep 2023

Whether it’s the Overcoaters/Sandy Lane singers/whoever, there is a real improvement this season with the antisocial nonsense having ceased completely. Credit to all, it’s made games more enjoyable, even if a mildly successful team helps too.
1993/94 shirt on sale tomorrow
at 19:51 15 Sep 2023

This is an excellent idea. There’s a lot of value in recreating shirts if they’re priced right and O’Neills are able to work with us it’s got real potential.
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