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And so to the Ipswich game...
at 10:04 3 Nov 2019

There's a dense fog hanging around the COA this morning

Ipswich had a free day yesterday (thanks bury) and will be looking to reassert their leadership of the division. Will we be able to prevent them? Much might depend on Ollie recovering from the knock that saw him subbed, though he tried to run it off, so there's some hope. (Sometimes its the hope that kills you.)

Some desperately needed clarity on Tuesday, whatever the result
Congrats to SA
at 11:12 2 Nov 2019

Just as we did a job on NZ last week, SA did a job on us today

They were too strong in key areas, particularly the scrum, which forced us out of our gameplan and into errors and penalties conceded. In the end, it wasn't even close

We possibly peaked too soon. Not sure why Ben Youngs wasn't taken off at half time, even for the late addition Spencer - Youngs was all over the place both with his passing and decision making

Overall though, credit where its due - they were just too good for us on the day, but "on the day" is all that matters
Dale games: Top Ten
at 14:40 26 Sep 2019

Last night's game isn't in doubt about making the list. In chronological order, and with the only proviso that we remained undefeated at the end of full time, followed by a feeling of euphoria and pride:

3-0h v Southend, 1969
2-1h v Coventry, 1971
7-2a v Stockport, 2007
2-1h v Darlington, 2008
3-0a v Bradford C, 2009
1-0h v Northampton, 2010
2-0a v Southampton, 2010
2-2h v Spurs, 2018
1-0h v Charlton, 2018
1-1a v Man Utd, 2019

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The new goalkick law
at 09:16 16 Sep 2019

The change to the goalkick law has very quickly led to a situation where one of the very basics of football, not conceding goals, seems to have gone out the window in favour of players taking it as a matter of honour that they're good enough to receive the ball under severe pressure and not simply clear it. They're not, and it's not the new law itself that's the problem

It's not just Dale of course. Both Man City and Arsenal conceded entirely unnecessary goals over the weekend from a goalkick being played to defenders in the penalty area or just outside and immediately losing it. In the case of City, it's cost them points which already puts them at a real disadvantage against their nearest title rivals even at this stage of the season. How much longer will this stupidity continue?

Playing the ball from the defensive third and gradually building an attack isn't the issue. The analysis posted a couple of days ago about RND and how creating an attacking platform by patient passing between defenders and then midfielders/widemen in space showed how effective it can be when done well. It's the immediate pressure on defenders/goalkeeper from a goalkick that's the problem, and it's got to stop

Football at it's simplest is about creating opportunities to score and denying opportunities to the opposition. The way the new goalkick law is being deployed is an aberration which creates opportunities for the opposition - the antithesis of sport itself
Tonight's team
at 12:32 13 Aug 2019

Will BBM make a few changes to the starting line-up from the first two games of the season, or will he fall foul of the (mooted) requirement to play his "best available team"?

I'm expecting a few changes

I'd like to see Magloire in action and Done replace Dooley at the very minimum. Also, if Rathbone was "touch and go" for last Saturday, he might be ready for tonight
Bigger scheme of things
at 14:52 7 Aug 2019

For anyone interested in where we are in the bigger scheme of things, this is worth reading - and the video near the end is worth watching for the 3D mapping. Watch out for the three thin coloured arrows, which precisely pinpoint the COA

Word play welcome

at 10:25 6 Aug 2019

NHS cuts? A snip at £20,000

The need for medical negligence payouts should be circumscribed
Phew! It's a scorcher - Official
at 17:02 25 Jul 2019

Record high of 32.7C, or 90.9F

[Post edited 25 Jul 17:06]
at 18:58 23 Jul 2019

Just keep playing this today. It's one of those days

And one of the greatest guitar solos of all time at the end

[Post edited 23 Jul 19:08]
Drink it dry
at 17:22 9 Jul 2019

Totally random this

Anyone else been to the Bowland Brewery beer hall in Clitheroe?

I'm there at the minute, and on Monday/Tuesdays they have a Drink It Dry promotion where their guest ales are due for changing and they sell off the end of barrels at half price plus half price burgers. We're going for the Thai Burgers. I'll be pissed in a bit, so just thought i'd post whilst still capable


End of
Glastonbury 2019
at 19:48 29 Jun 2019

just watching the Johnny Marr set on BBC4

Some great songs i've not heard before, plus a few well-known from the back catalogue

He's still got it
Women's World Cup
at 12:02 12 Jun 2019

Might be passing many people by but i've started watching, with the England v Scotland game. The skill levels have certainly improved and some of the passing & moving (trying hard to avoid euphemisms here) is on a par with the men's game. Certainly, more entertaining than watching the England performances in the Nations Cup

One talking point that's emerged is the US 13-0 trouncing of Thailand. Some commentators are calling it "disrespectful" that the US really went to town right up to the final whistle. I beg to differ. It's a competitive game in the World Cup - why should any sports team ease up (apart from saving their legs for the next game) if they don't have to? In my opinion, it'd be more disrespectful of an opponent to just start passing the ball around without trying to score. It's one of the bugbears I had about Hill's tenure - he stated on several occasions that he found going beyond 4-0 "disrespectful". How odd! Great to see the crowd applauding both teams off the pitch at the end

Thailand beat Cambodia 12-0 in a qualifying game, albeit not in front of a worldwide audience, so they can't complain about being hammered, and to their credit they seem to have taken it on the chin

Looking forward to the latter stages of the tournament when it gets serious. England seem competent but will have their work cut out at that stage against teams like the US
Great time for sport
at 17:56 11 May 2019

After a pretty astounding week of football, we have a great Rugby Union Champions Cup final in progress, 10-10 at HT

Meanwhile, an excellent warm-up for the cricket World Cup unfolds at Southampton. There's that tournament then the Ashes

FA Cup Final to come and then two all-English European finals followed by the inaugural European Nations Cup

What a summer of sport!

Edit: oh, and i forgot - the Premier League deciders tomoz!
[Post edited 11 May 17:58]
Highest average gate since early 70s
at 17:43 27 Apr 2019

We finished with an average of 3574, beating the 2016/17 average by 2 and i think it's our highest average since we were in the third tier in the early 70s

And can anyone remember when we last had a gate of exactly X000?
Half time
at 12:14 27 Apr 2019

Normally head down to Studds at the half time whistle, but gonna stay put today to applaud the lads from the squad of '69, some true Dale legends among them

Plus, Reg Jenkins widow, good of her to make the trip

Hope the weather allows proper appreciation on the pitch
Other matches
at 13:49 19 Apr 2019

Oxford now 2-1 up at home to Charlton

If it continues that way, a big blow to Charlton's auto hopes and good for us; we don't want them in with even a sniff on the last day

Bradford also losing, they're almost gone
Ode to the drop zone
at 21:05 6 Apr 2019

Keates sacked
Not a bad effort this morning
at 10:06 1 Apr 2019

ST monthly financing
at 12:41 31 Mar 2019

A short article in today's Sunday Times (Sports section, p5) claims that Zebra Finance, through whom the loans for monthly financing of STs are made, are no longer supported by their parent bank, Raphaels

Many clubs use Zebra for this facility including Man U & Arsenal, and the article states that letters are being sent out to supporters to inform them of the withdrawal of this facility
at 12:59 30 Mar 2019

It seems that someone at the club has a sense of humour

The tired and discredited #TeamRochdale has now been replaced with #WeAreRochdale

And whilst reference is made in name to Keith Hill & Chris Beech for their services to the club, there is also reference made in the letter accompanying the ST information, to "changes in the boardroom" without mention of any individuals having left following their sterling (in more ways than one) service to the club

How utterly disrespectful
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