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Wet Saturday afternoon in December
at 15:19 1 Dec 2018

And Dale aren't playing , so thought it was time for another of these threads

So wtf is everyone doing? Cryptic replies welcome. I'll set the ball rolling:

Sat in a Caffé Nero in Huddersfield with a flat white
Cool Hand Luke - more classic scenes
at 16:26 28 Nov 2018

Hull v Notts Forest
at 13:40 25 Nov 2018

Attendance quoted on three different sources* (BBC, Sky and Sunday Times) as 3364

I've done a quick media scan but can't see anything about a fans boycott. They're struggling near the foot of the championship but that's a lower gate than they used to get against us in the old Div 4 - anyone have inside info on why?

* or do all the media outlets take the same source for the figure, even if it's patently wrong?
Match thread v Charlton
at 14:27 27 Oct 2018


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Other games
at 20:00 23 Oct 2018

Coventry already 0-2 up at Bradford
Scenes at OT
at 17:45 6 Oct 2018

"Sacked in the morning..." sing the Geordie hordes

Whatever the result, i wouldn't wait that long
Jizz hands
at 19:08 2 Oct 2018

Oops... meant jazz hands

Let's try this tonight, we should all be very respectful if Dale score

at 12:21 17 Sep 2018

The club did some pretty good business over the summer, but imo the best bit of business was in persuading this lad to sign on for another couple of years

When Hilly refers in his interview to players becoming leaders i'm pretty sure he'll have had McGahey in mind. He's becoming the lynchpin of our defence we hoped he would, and his marshalling of Eaves on Saturday was masterful. The only time Eaves escaped his clutches he slammed the ball against the crossbar, as if to emphasise how dangerous he was

Hilly also makes the point about much of their play coming through Eaves. With him neutered, Gillingham's effectiveness was much diminished. That's them being made to look ordinary by our players and tactics, not that they were poor as such - there is a difference. When they introduced their tricky wide man in the second half their play became more varied and they started creating chances again

McGahey can only go from strength to strength on the back of that display. He's got everything you need in a CB, including pace. Delaney looked a bit more composed alongside him, but that's unsurprising given the confidence McGahey radiates
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Local rags
at 13:53 14 Sep 2018

Would our local rag be more popular if it was renamed the Crochdale Observer?
Cook retires from test cricket
at 12:48 3 Sep 2018

Not surprised by this, and think he's made the right decision

He's had a fantastic career, one of the very best we've had but in recent times his average has dropped from 50+ to below 45, which is a shame because overall he's better than that

Wish him luck for the future, i think he's got farming interests

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Moore chance
at 09:13 2 Sep 2018

Due to a couple of injuries, Moore now finds himself in pole position (or between the poles, at least)

We've not seen enough of him imo to form a judgement about his capabilities but it seems he was out of favour due to a perceived lack of distribution skills as much as anything. If Hilly's having a rethink about how much we should be playing the ball around at the back, that's far less important for a keeper and he should be judged instead on those qualities which keepers have been judged on since c.1880

He must've wondered where his career was heading in recent weeks. Good luck to him, but now's his chance

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Great start!
at 12:42 4 Aug 2018

... to the series against India. Proper test match cricket, and whilst we did our best to chuck it away a couple times we came through in the end with shades of 2005

Bodes well for the remaining matches. Stokes in court next week so his performance with the ball (in particular) in this game will be missed. Great to see fresh faces like Curran coming through so a chance for someone else at Lord's

Superb batting from Kohli, probably the best in the world but very good captaincy by Root, making some tough calls and getting it mainly right

1-0 up and the football to start now
Moorland fire
at 06:00 27 Jun 2018

Affecting areas around Saddleworth Moor / Stalybridge, but rising smoke can be seen in the distance locally, especially around the Hollingworth Lake area

Homes already being evacuated - don't recall that ever happening before?

Obviously not a laughing matter, but had to chuckle when reading the news about fire crews being praised for their work by Andy Burnham...
at 14:39 22 Jun 2018

Working well so far - when it's been used*

Penalty awarded for 'foul' on Neymar overturned, rightly so

*The Costa Rica lads were really in the refs face to review. Maybe our lads need to be a bit less reticent? I really don't like the 'in your face' attitude but if it helps arrive at the right decision, as should have happened for the constant and obvious fouling in the penalty box against our lads v Tunisia, then fair enough
at 16:52 14 Jun 2018

Decent opening first half

Saudis look wide open at the back and the hosts took full advantage. At least it's not a bore draw

Scrambled egg (not) on toast
at 14:01 7 Jun 2018

I decided to have scrambled egg on toast for lunch. Got the bread out, started the scrambled egg, buttered the bread, put the egg on it - then realised i'd forgotten to toast it

Anyone else do really daft things like that?
Lampard in at Derby
at 09:45 31 May 2018

3 year contract, and if he does well (that'd be a return to the Premier League and staying there) it'd be a route for him to the England job

If Burnley and Bournemouth can make a success of it in the top division, Derby have the potential to do the same and his international career would put him ahead of other youngish managers for the top job when it next becomes vacant

On the other hand, he could bomb, or become another 'nearly' man. Will be interesting if Gerrard does well at Rangers - the old England midfield conundrum reoccurring at managerial level

[Post edited 31 May 9:49]
Peter Kay's Car Share
at 22:45 28 May 2018

Final episode was a classic - hope he leaves it there, with his door blasted into the road!

Hints that it might continue with their chat about a workmate's wedding?
Who's watching it?
at 10:25 19 May 2018

Impossible to escape the saturated coverage, unless you can escape to a remote island, and even then, there's a chance they'll turn up on honeymoon

Just wait for the first 'royal gaffe' and she'll be dubbed the Countess of Dumb by the ragtops

As for me, I'll take in the service but probably end up shooting the telly when Fiona Bruce appears... again
World Cup squad
at 14:58 16 May 2018

Emphasis on youth, and a few lads with big games still to play for their clubs
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