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Teching liberties
at 08:42 11 Sep 2020


Looks like the movement of fans within stadia will be monitored very closely indeed, at least where systems are in place to do so

Raises a whole host of issues, such as the potential for only allowing fans in who've downloaded the app

It's also just as well Dale have implemented digital ticketing as an aid to fan safety, in the circumstances
Development around top end of Drake St
at 12:59 10 Sep 2020

A company (link below) have plans for the derelict retail park area adjacent to the Drake St/Maclure Rd junction. I believe this was featured in the Manctopia programme last night (didn't watch, will try to on catch-up)


Just to raise awareness, there's a Fb group (link below) which can be signed up to, dedicated to the restoration of the old canal arm which terminated at the retail park back in the day before being infilled. This type of infill can be un-infilled and restored (it's happened elsewhere) and the more people who express their support for this type of project, the more likely it'll help influence planning around this development

This whole area, including along Oldham Rd to where the canal arm branches off the main stretch of canal, has been neglected for decades. It's no use moaning about it and saying nowt can be done; people can lobby and add their support. Negativity is so, so cheap, but if you want to help make a difference, have a look at what's happening and how that whole district could become uplifted from what it is now with the right ideas

at 13:52 7 Aug 2020

Just seen Shun's post

(Apologies, AussieDale)
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Interesting insights into viruses
at 14:50 5 Aug 2020

For those interested in more detailed clinical insights:


Edit: incidentally, the article is written by William Petri, an excellent example of nominative determinism

[Post edited 5 Aug 14:56]
Petition to restore part of historic Rochdale
at 12:07 4 Aug 2020


I used to play around this area when i was a kid. It's long-neglected and if this project comes off, even the part of the project to restore the section next to Oldham Road to be used as a marina, it could help transform this area for the better. Not sure how viable the restoration of the entire filled-in section would be, but anything that halts the downward spiral in former industrial sections of the borough, especially now the town centre offers a multitude of decent leisure and hospitality facilities, should imo be supported to the hilt. As the article says, this could be a "once in a lifetime" opportunity

The petition (from the end of the article):


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Fifth division
at 17:06 2 Aug 2020

At least half the teams playing in League Two next season will have had recent experience of playing in the National League

Relegation from the EFL is no longer the sinkhole it might once have been (probably no consolation to Chalky right now)

But... some teams have bounced back within a year or so, whilst others like Chesterfield and Stockport have floundered. I wonder if there's anything that can be discerned from their experience that teams who find themselves in that position for the first time can benefit from? Is it perhaps an initial overweaning ambition resulting in financial meltdown that can't easily be stopped following the drop?

How do we think Dale (heaven forbid) might cope?
County cricket
at 13:05 1 Aug 2020

Good to see Lancs back in action in the Bob Willis Trophy, a truncated version of the four-day game involving regional groups with best two teams contesting a five-day final

Games played at neutral venues, 65-2 approaching lunch

Would've been open to limited spectators (number-wise...) but might still be by the time the final arrives
RIP Peter Green
at 17:58 25 Jul 2020

...without whom there'd be no Fleetwood Mac


Lived most of his life in obscurity but the tracks he created in those early days include some immortal numbers such as Man of the World, Green Manalishi, Dragonfly and of course, Albatross
(Former) Dog & Partridge
at 10:48 24 Jun 2020


This place used to be one of the most popular pubs in the borough, packed to the rafters at weekends during the 80s, 90s, 00s, rammed during international football tournaments and often after Dale games

Come to think of it, along with the (former) Churchill and Elephant & Castle, that stretch of Bury Road was the go-to place for a few pints - often taking in all three. On a gorgeous summer's day like today, the outside spaces were a premium spot

No problem with it becoming a nursery, a much needed community facility, but it begs the question - what went wrong? Why did everyone stop frequenting that part of town? Did the focus just shift to the town centre, with easier transport links for those not driving?
Macc deducted points
at 13:05 7 May 2020


Some might say it's irrelevant, and that the authorities have got much more pressing matters to deal with, and i wouldn't disagree...

But, IF remaining games were to be played this season, this would give Stevenage more than a fighting chance of survival in L2, whereas before they looked doomed. It remains unclear whether Barrow would be promoted in the place of whichever club finishes bottom
Stronger, leaner, more efficient
at 10:46 5 May 2020


It appears that at last, there's some much-needed realism being projected for the future of EFL clubs. This can only be a good thing, imo. The search by our board for external financing was looming up to become a massive bone of contention; fraught with risk, perhaps distancing the fans from the club and almost certainly being divisive

If we can emerge from the crisis with more sustainable levels of players salaries and transfer fees in the longer term, with fewer hangers-on and chancers waiting in the wings, it'd arguably be a price worth paying to miss out on football for a few months

Edit: the "stronger, leaner, more efficient" header was a direct quote from Rick Parry to the Select Committee; it's since been edited out of the evolving article as more information is added
[Post edited 5 May 12:47]
22nd April, Earth Day
at 21:06 22 Apr 2020


No commentary needed
This Messageboard: A Resource
at 08:20 15 Mar 2020

I've just been reading about someone who's designed a simple resource to help people during the Covid-19 outbreak


It looks like cases are now starting to multiply in the UK, as expected, and it struck me that this messageboard could become a similar resource for its users. We tend to do this naturally anyway, for instance when there's a road closure or some kind of incident, it's often posted on here before it hits the local news outlets

But more than that. I'm thinking in terms of anyone who needs to self-isolate. The vast majority of us will have friends & family who can help, but even if there's just one person who needs something doing, its important they know they could post a request on here - perhaps not identifying themselves but including their locality/neighbourhood thus allowing anyone who lives nearby to PM them. Always taking the required precautions, both for security and prevention of spread of course

And beyond that, even if no-one needs that type of practical assistance, there may be some who are less resilient in coping psychologically with this critical phase, of unknown length and outcome. This messageboard should be a place for them to find some respite

It won't be long before major withdrawal symptoms from the normal sporting and general activities start to kick in. It's a test for the whole of our society, and beyond. Let's try to make a difference
Hats off to Fury
at 08:10 23 Feb 2020

I didn't pay the £27.50 BT Sport were asking for live coverage, but sounds like it would've been a great watch

Tremendous sporting comeback from Tyson Fury, by all accounts never took a step backwards against Wilder and the glory of being crowned World Champion again after being in the pits is a great real-life story. Shows what can happen when you're prepared to give it a shot, and after yesterday no finer example of how to succeed with positive self-belief

Expect a rematch, and possible reunification of titles against Joshua

[Post edited 23 Feb 8:13]
Good news about one of our historic pubs
at 14:07 19 Feb 2020


First drank in there in 1976
Tonight's football
at 20:55 18 Feb 2020

Wimbledon 2-0 down at half-time

Edit: now 3-0

Game at Barnet abandoned at half-time for (according to BBC) "unknown reason"

And for anyone with BT Sport, a programme on at 10.30pm charting the career of Jimmy Greaves. For those who only know him as a name or as a quirky TV presenter, just watch how easy he made goalscoring look

[Post edited 18 Feb 20:58]
'Interesting' technical glitch...
at 11:13 12 Feb 2020

In the Fixtures section, 11 comments allocated to last night's defeat from a completely different fan forum, possibly even a different season!!

Having said that, i sometimes think we have posts on our main section from bored chefs in a Madras soup kitchen...
[Post edited 12 Feb 11:14]
Rabbit pie
at 13:37 24 Jan 2020


Has someone got a taste for rabbit?

I like the way the caption under the photo reads: "A rabbit"
Match Thread: Dale v Newcastle
at 18:56 14 Jan 2020

Edit: match thread already started, ignore this one

[Post edited 14 Jan 18:58]
Alby's kit
at 22:12 11 Jan 2020

Completely forgot about this, but what on earth was going on during the first half, when he took himself off the field and exchanged his shorts, and then his shirt

Was his kit injured?
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