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Hats off to Fury
at 08:10 23 Feb 2020

I didn't pay the £27.50 BT Sport were asking for live coverage, but sounds like it would've been a great watch

Tremendous sporting comeback from Tyson Fury, by all accounts never took a step backwards against Wilder and the glory of being crowned World Champion again after being in the pits is a great real-life story. Shows what can happen when you're prepared to give it a shot, and after yesterday no finer example of how to succeed with positive self-belief

Expect a rematch, and possible reunification of titles against Joshua

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Good news about one of our historic pubs
at 14:07 19 Feb 2020

First drank in there in 1976
Tonight's football
at 20:55 18 Feb 2020

Wimbledon 2-0 down at half-time

Edit: now 3-0

Game at Barnet abandoned at half-time for (according to BBC) "unknown reason"

And for anyone with BT Sport, a programme on at 10.30pm charting the career of Jimmy Greaves. For those who only know him as a name or as a quirky TV presenter, just watch how easy he made goalscoring look

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'Interesting' technical glitch...
at 11:13 12 Feb 2020

In the Fixtures section, 11 comments allocated to last night's defeat from a completely different fan forum, possibly even a different season!!

Having said that, i sometimes think we have posts on our main section from bored chefs in a Madras soup kitchen...
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Rabbit pie
at 13:37 24 Jan 2020

Has someone got a taste for rabbit?

I like the way the caption under the photo reads: "A rabbit"
Match Thread: Dale v Newcastle
at 18:56 14 Jan 2020

Edit: match thread already started, ignore this one

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Alby's kit
at 22:12 11 Jan 2020

Completely forgot about this, but what on earth was going on during the first half, when he took himself off the field and exchanged his shorts, and then his shirt

Was his kit injured?
Release clauses in contracts
at 13:51 10 Jan 2020

We know that Dale are willing to accept them, in order to attract the type of talent that's kept us afloat not just in L1 but financially; and then to retain them on contracts such as Ollie Rathbone's 3 year deal

Of course i don't know for certain, but what's the point in getting angsty about whether we'll accept £X for whoever when it's probably a given that they'll leave (if they want to) once a certain amount is on offer?

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Updated list of best games at Dale
at 10:10 5 Jan 2020

After the draw against Spurs, there was debate about the top five games people have seen at Spotland (to give it its historic name)

It set me wondering where yesterday might rank

From memory, and in date order, i think my previous list was:

3-0 v Southend, 1969
2-1 v Coventry, 1971
2-1 v Darlo, 2008
2-0 v Leeds, 2014
2-2 v Spurs, 2018

I can't honestly say, exciting though it was and such a joyous moment when Wilbraham equalised, that yesterday would knock any of those games out of the top five, but definitely top ten. (I haven't included the two more recent promotions since they weren't "all or nothing" fixtures)

Since then, we've also had the 1-0 v Charlton, which i'd say knocks out the Leeds game

Appreciate the first two in the list won't have been seen by many. Any others?

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Positive youth role model
at 16:28 3 Jan 2020

It's great to see positive role models among young people, especially young women, making a mark for themselves at international level whilst representing Rochdale

After the adverse publicity the borough has had with previous political representatives, let's hope this is a sign that the town and surrounding areas have turned a corner

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Cricket tour v SA
at 12:00 18 Dec 2019

Jimmy Anderson back in action since breaking down in August, and taking a wicket in the first warm-up game

Looking forward to this tour, as the team looks to establish a new sense of purpose in the test arena. Ben Stokes had a great tour last time, and should be feeling in good fettle

Incidentally, batting for the SA XI, Matthew Arnold. I wondered what he'd been up to after writing Dover Beach
And so to the Ipswich game...
at 10:04 3 Nov 2019

There's a dense fog hanging around the COA this morning

Ipswich had a free day yesterday (thanks bury) and will be looking to reassert their leadership of the division. Will we be able to prevent them? Much might depend on Ollie recovering from the knock that saw him subbed, though he tried to run it off, so there's some hope. (Sometimes its the hope that kills you.)

Some desperately needed clarity on Tuesday, whatever the result
Congrats to SA
at 11:12 2 Nov 2019

Just as we did a job on NZ last week, SA did a job on us today

They were too strong in key areas, particularly the scrum, which forced us out of our gameplan and into errors and penalties conceded. In the end, it wasn't even close

We possibly peaked too soon. Not sure why Ben Youngs wasn't taken off at half time, even for the late addition Spencer - Youngs was all over the place both with his passing and decision making

Overall though, credit where its due - they were just too good for us on the day, but "on the day" is all that matters
Dale games: Top Ten
at 14:40 26 Sep 2019

Last night's game isn't in doubt about making the list. In chronological order, and with the only proviso that we remained undefeated at the end of full time, followed by a feeling of euphoria and pride:

3-0h v Southend, 1969
2-1h v Coventry, 1971
7-2a v Stockport, 2007
2-1h v Darlington, 2008
3-0a v Bradford C, 2009
1-0h v Northampton, 2010
2-0a v Southampton, 2010
2-2h v Spurs, 2018
1-0h v Charlton, 2018
1-1a v Man Utd, 2019

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The new goalkick law
at 09:16 16 Sep 2019

The change to the goalkick law has very quickly led to a situation where one of the very basics of football, not conceding goals, seems to have gone out the window in favour of players taking it as a matter of honour that they're good enough to receive the ball under severe pressure and not simply clear it. They're not, and it's not the new law itself that's the problem

It's not just Dale of course. Both Man City and Arsenal conceded entirely unnecessary goals over the weekend from a goalkick being played to defenders in the penalty area or just outside and immediately losing it. In the case of City, it's cost them points which already puts them at a real disadvantage against their nearest title rivals even at this stage of the season. How much longer will this stupidity continue?

Playing the ball from the defensive third and gradually building an attack isn't the issue. The analysis posted a couple of days ago about RND and how creating an attacking platform by patient passing between defenders and then midfielders/widemen in space showed how effective it can be when done well. It's the immediate pressure on defenders/goalkeeper from a goalkick that's the problem, and it's got to stop

Football at it's simplest is about creating opportunities to score and denying opportunities to the opposition. The way the new goalkick law is being deployed is an aberration which creates opportunities for the opposition - the antithesis of sport itself
Tonight's team
at 12:32 13 Aug 2019

Will BBM make a few changes to the starting line-up from the first two games of the season, or will he fall foul of the (mooted) requirement to play his "best available team"?

I'm expecting a few changes

I'd like to see Magloire in action and Done replace Dooley at the very minimum. Also, if Rathbone was "touch and go" for last Saturday, he might be ready for tonight
Bigger scheme of things
at 14:52 7 Aug 2019

For anyone interested in where we are in the bigger scheme of things, this is worth reading - and the video near the end is worth watching for the 3D mapping. Watch out for the three thin coloured arrows, which precisely pinpoint the COA

Word play welcome

at 10:25 6 Aug 2019

NHS cuts? A snip at £20,000

The need for medical negligence payouts should be circumscribed
Phew! It's a scorcher - Official
at 17:02 25 Jul 2019

Record high of 32.7C, or 90.9F

[Post edited 25 Jul 2019 17:06]
at 18:58 23 Jul 2019

Just keep playing this today. It's one of those days

And one of the greatest guitar solos of all time at the end

[Post edited 23 Jul 2019 19:08]
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