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Supporters walk to Oldham - 10am Saturday from Spotland mentioned on Talksport
at 09:25 27 Jan 2022

Just heard on Talksport the expected numbers for the Supporters Walk to Oldham following on from everything that has been going on.

Sound like its going to be a very good turnout with a lot of media coverage for the plight of the club following the events of the Summer and the hostile takeover!

How many are going?
ANDREW CURRAN FA BAN - Taylor Curran/Maidstone United watch
at 18:39 16 Jan 2022

A quiet weekend for the Curran family and no need for Andrew Curran to risk breaching his 63 day FA ban as his son Taylor didn't play.

It's been an odd season for Taylor Curran - he's only had three starts and come on as sub twice following a period where Swindon Town fans had really got to him.



Boreham Wood won 5-4 on penalties to advance in the FA Trophy.

MORTON HOUSE / Andrew Curran FOUND GUILTY of FA charges
at 16:00 11 Jan 2022

Football Association find Andrew Curran GUILTY of a breach of Rule E3.

Full version here:
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MORTON HOUSE / Why the EFL MUST get off the fence soon...
at 08:58 10 Jan 2022


When will the EFL get off the fence? That has to be a question worth asking hard now given the way in which events have unfolded with a failed hostile takeover by a faceless payroll company.

The threatening of Rochdale supporters and the Dale Trust with High Court legal action allows us to remind ourselves of the role of the EFL as regulator.

A regulator regulates. It is there to ensure that the rules and governance is upheld and not overridden to the detriment of the game.

To be fair to the EFL, the EFL HAVE already launched disciplinary actions against "multiple individuals" in August 2021 but that is it so far.

They also confirmed in a statement on 16 August 2021:

Furthermore, Morton House MGT, its directors, and representatives, have confirmed to the League they are refusing to co-operate with the League’s ongoing investigations.

As we have highlighted before from the demise of bury fc was the criticisms in the Bird and Bird review, ordered by the Department of Culture Media and Sport.

It's a really good read and if you're interested in doing so make sure you have brew before you start!

The pertinent bit for Dale fans in challenging the EFL and the mockery of a process and our experience as fans so far is on Page 31 (of 33)

"8.3 This case has highlighted several issues with the EFL Regulations, in particular in relation to:

8.3.1 the OAD Test. There is no doubt that the EFL applied the OAD Test properly in relation to Mr Day and Mr Dale. The question is whether the test as currently written is fit for purpose. In particular,
it only looks at a narrow list of objective criteria, and does not take into account various other factors that speak to whether a new owner or director is a fit and proper person to own/run a member Club.

8.3.2 the regulations that apply to changes of ownership of a Club. Once again, the EFL applied those regulations when Mr Dale acquired Bury FC from Mr Day. However, the regulations do not prevent a new owner acquiring the Club before he or she has provided a business plan for the Club and proof of the funding required to underwrite that plan. I am aware that the EFL is already considering blocking changes in control until the new owner has provided adequate evidence of source and sufficiency of funding. For example, it could require the new owner to provide irrevocable financial guarantees of payment of any funding requirements for at least two seasons.

8.3.3 the regulations relating to ongoing monitoring of a Club's financial health. In particular, the Regulations do not currently require League One and Two clubs to submit annual business plans,
underwritten by adequate proof of funding, or half-yearly management accounts, and the SCMP submissions they are required to file were never intended to be and are not an adequate substitute.


1. In the testing of Morton House, Andrew Curran, Matthew Southall and any other party are the EFL applying the narrow criteria or, as recommended, the wider consideration of the Bird and Bird review?

2. Have Morton Rose, Curran, Rose, Southall provided their business plan - as opposed to the Club's business plan. Testimony from the the EFL statement indicates this has not occurred. The Bird and Bird review suggests it should have done.

3. Who at the EFL is leading the EFL review? The Bird and Bird review suggested this should be a senior leader.

4. Have Morton House, Curran, Rose or Southall provided the "irrevocable financial guarantees"?

5. When do the EFL expect to conclude the disciplinary investigations?

6. What recommendations from the Bird and Bird review are the EFL applying to the circumstances that exist for Rochdale AFC with a failed hostile takeover by a faceless payroll company?

These are six very challenging question for the EFL and some more very good reasons why the EFL should kick out these folks into touch.


As noted above, the EFL have started a disciplinary investigation that is currently ongoing.

The EFL though are deafening in their silence of movement and have provided no public statement since August 2021.

That's nearly FIVE months of silence from the EFL.

If anyone wanted to contact the EFL directly then the details on their website are:


Email: media@efl.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EFL_Comms
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MORTON HOUSE / Continued EFL Disciplinary investigations into Morton House
at 08:04 8 Jan 2022

With yesterday's very brief announcement from the club which noted that Morton House had filed court actions against the Supporters Trust and the Board of Directors, it looks inevitable the EFL are going to be dragged into the court process.

Over Summer 2021, the EFL were very involved and vocal. Here is the timeline:

INTERVENTION 1. END OF JULY - There was a meeting hosted by the EFL between Morton House and the club reported by the Daily Telegraph.


A self-confessed “hostile takeover” of Rochdale has sparked a homophobia row after one of those involved was accused of calling the current board “Nancy boys”.

Andy Curran, part of a takeover bid by Morton House MGT and First Form Construction Ltd, was also alleged to have called the people of the town “small minded” and to have “expressed a desire to settle any dispute with a physical fight in a boxing ring”.

The slurs were said to have been made during a Zoom call last Tuesday between the English Football League (EFL) and those trying to buy the League Two club.

The Football Association charged Andy Curran which was reported in the Manchester Evening News on 29th October 2021. The FA have yet to conclude their investigation and report.



The EFL continues to work with Rochdale AFC, Morton House Mgt and First Form Construction Limited alongside a number of other individuals in relation to applications under the EFL’s Owners’ and Directors‘ Test.

Based on discussions to date, the EFL has reserved its position in respect of any matters arising out of the ongoing situation at the Club and will take the most appropriate action available to it under its Regulations.

Any allegations in relation to discriminatory comments are matters for the Football Association which can investigate any individual who is subject to the FA Rules at the time the comments were allegedly made.

The EFL will continue to work with the Club and relevant stakeholders as they seek to ensure a successful and viable long-term future for the Club and all those associated with it, particularly its players, staff, and supporters.



On 16 August 2021, in accordance with its Regulations, the EFL issued notice to multiple individuals of the commencement of disciplinary investigations in respect to the acquisition of shares in Rochdale Association Football Club.

It is alleged that Morton House MGT acquired Control of the Club, and a number of individuals became Relevant Persons without the prior consent of the EFL in accordance with the Owners’ and Directors’ Test (OADT).

The EFL’s objective was to gather additional evidence as it continued to investigate whether the Club, any Official, any Relevant Person(s) and/or any Persons wishing to acquire Control of the Club complied with the requirements of the OADT and whether any Relevant Person(s) are subject to a Disqualifying Condition.

Having considered the request for information made of them, Morton House MGT, on behalf of its directors, and representatives, has now informed the League that it is formally withdrawing from the approval process and plans to divest the shares acquired in the Club at the earliest opportunity.

Furthermore, Morton House MGT, its directors, and representatives, have confirmed to the League they are refusing to co-operate with the League’s ongoing investigations. Despite these developments, the EFL will be continuing with its disciplinary investigations into this matter and will take the most appropriate action available to it under its Regulations.

More importantly, the EFL will continue to work with Rochdale AFC as we collectively seek to ensure a successful and sustainable long-term future for the Club and all those associated with it, particularly its players, staff, and supporters.


Sweet FA

The EFL now has a massive problem coming.

On 16th August they publicly said:

More importantly, the EFL will continue to work with Rochdale AFC as we collectively seek to ensure a successful and sustainable long-term future for the Club and all those associated with it, particularly its players, staff, and supporters.

So where is this "collectively"?

The EFL by now must have had all they are going to have in terms of evidence. The club say they are complying; the EFL say Morton House are "refusing to co-operate with the League's ongoing investigations"

(a) The EFL can conclude if their share transfer process was correctly followed or not

If the EFL's share transfer process was followed and there is no issue then the EFL need to come out and publicly confirm that.

If the EFL's share transfer process was NOT followed, then there is a breach of the rules and that means disciplinary charges either:

(b) The EFL have gathered or have had provided the relevant information so they can make a disciplinary charge or they can't.

I could see a situation where shareholders prior to the AGM sue the EFL for a failure to to properly regulate.

Either the EFL's rules have been followed or they have not.

It is no more difficult than that.

And if Morton House are so sure of their position then I am certain that in a court of law in the UK they will have no issue at all of sharing all the information that the EFL wanted in the first place in the High Court.

Let's be honest, most supporters know more about Morton House, Andrew Curran, Darrell Rose, Faical Safouane, Denise Valarie Courtnell and Matthew Southall from supporter led research between Summer 2021 and now.

The good news for all of us is that the court processes in the UK move really slowly, especially after Covid.

The High Court has a massive backlog of work going back two years. Inevitably, this will be stuck in a queue of other cases until it reaches the judge.

It might be Christmas 2022 (at the very earliest) before anything actually happens as the way lawyers have to work involves filing paperwork, reading paperwork, responding and there is a lot of back and forth.

You only have to look at other public examples of civil claims and their lawyers tactics to realise how a legal process that someone is defending can be challenged.

Plenty of time for the EFL to update us all on how they see Morton House engaging with fans "collectively" when Morton House don't want to talk to the EFL.

And particularly when Morton House are trying to divest "at the earliest opportunity"

Perhaps all they really want is Dale Trust to buy their shares because no one else will pay the ridiculous "in excess of £1 million to date in consideration for shares, due diligence and legal costs" as Alexander Jarvis described to the Manchester Evening News on 12th August 2021.

MORTON HOUSE / Dale Trust and club sued by invisible Morton House
at 16:00 7 Jan 2022


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MORTON HOUSE / The cost per day of Matt Southall at Charlton Athletic FC
at 08:18 5 Jan 2022


Reminded last night of how Matthew Southall was only actually Chairman at Charlton Athletic for 71 days (2nd January 2020 to 12 March 2020) when Tahnoon Nimer and others removed him from the Board of Directors I've looked at what those 90 days cost Charlton.

Thanks to the Daily Mail the internet has not forgotten!

Here was the headline:
Unhappy Valley: Sacked Charlton board members hit cash-strapped club with huge bills of more than £575,000 in consultancy fees and expenses since controversial takeover

The Daily Mail expanded:

Sportsmail has seen details of the invoices charged to Charlton over recent months, including £118,675 racked up by Southall. That figure is made up of £90,000 in consultancy fees plus a range of expenses including almost £5,000 for car hire, a £4,875 credit-card bill and just over £3,000 in travel expenses.

In addition, Southall’s contract as chairman included a two-year tenancy worth £12,500 a month in a two-bedroom riverside apartment near London Bridge, which, if paid in full, would cost the club more than £300,000.

There is no mention of the cost of the barber!

Taking those cost in order:
* £300,000 riverside apartment rent
* £118,675 consultancy fees plus expenses
TOTAL: £418,675

Cost for the 71 days he was there - £5,896.83 per day!

Southall said he had paid the £1 to buy the club live on Talksport.

He didn't mention in any of the interviews this level of cost commitment to the venerable London club.

That's a good financial return if:

Day 1: Spend £1
Day 2 to 71: Consume £418,675 of value.

Profit - £418,674.

You have to take off that profit the fine of £21,000 for behaving unlawfully changing the documents at Companies House and probably a load of legal costs as Chris Farnell and Tahnoon Nimer dragged him through the courts.

Not enough thought it seems to pay off Together Personal Finance Limited, Optimus Build, Academy Leasing and a long and growing list of creditors who are secured on 264 Leigh Road, Worsley, M28 1LF.
Examples of bad Covid protocol management in football
at 10:24 3 Jan 2022

Here's how not to manage Covid at a football club:

Sunday 26th December 2021:


Have a massive hospitality event, no masks, no social distancing.

Pack in as many as possible. Mingle and pose for photos thereby creating a super spreader event.

Thursday 30th December 2021:

Send out the manager into the local press and tell everyone you are Covid free.


Friday 31st December 2021:

Admit you have Covid and can't fulfil the fixture.

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Carcraft and other successful Rochdale businesses
at 21:54 30 Dec 2021

I was reminded last night how successful Carcraft became whilst sponsoring Dale in the late 1990's.

I think it was between 1995 and 1999 but I might be wrong at that. Certainly when we had Connor and Platt and Steve Parkin I'm sure the were sponsor.

The Daily Telegraph reported the sale was £200m!

I'm sure I've seen many people involved with Carcraft at the club for various games ever since - great to see people successful and watching Rochdale and proof that great people and good businesses can thrive in the town.
Hull, Barnsley and Portsmouth eyeing swoop for Aaron Morley
at 15:53 30 Dec 2021


Looks like Hull, Barnsley and Portsmouth are all poised for the talented midfielder.

I can't see him going to the South Coast but then Andy Cannon did go there in 2019 but is also now at Hull.

Did Cannon and Morley ever play in the same Dale team or did they crossover?
MORTON HOUSE / Matthew Southall's £1m deal with Andy Curran is "on the roc
at 22:10 29 Dec 2021

Sahara (noun) - a desert in North Africa, extending from the Atlantic to the Red Sea and from the Mediterranean to central Mali, Niger, Chad, and Sudan: the largest desert in the world, occupying over a quarter of Africa;

Climate changes around the world are beginning to have a huge economic impact.

Tomorrow it is 140 days since Alexander Jarvis put out a statement on behalf of his client Mr Andrew Kirk Curran in the Manchester Evening News that had bravely claimed:
"Furthermore, we have paid in excess of £1 million to date in consideration for shares, due diligence and legal costs."


In doing so Curran was confirmed as in for over £1m on 12th August 2021 all managed by the Scouse Disaster that is Alexander Jarvis.

Immediately after reading that article, on 16th August, the EFL charged Morton House with disciplinary proceedings. The EFL have these things called "rules" and the MEN article stated that the EFL "rules" had been broken.

It is alleged that Morton House MGT acquired Control of the Club, and a number of individuals became Relevant Persons without the prior consent of the EFL in accordance with the Owners’ and Directors’ Test (OADT).

The EFL’s objective was to gather additional evidence as it continued to investigate whether the Club, any Official, any Relevant Person(s) and/or any Persons wishing to acquire Control of the Club complied with the requirements of the OADT and whether any Relevant Person(s) are subject to a Disqualifying Condition.

Having considered the request for information made of them, Morton House MGT, on behalf of its directors, and representatives, has now informed the League that it is formally withdrawing from the approval process and plans to divest the shares acquired in the Club at the earliest opportunity.

Furthermore, Morton House MGT, its directors, and representatives, have confirmed to the League they are refusing to co-operate with the League’s ongoing investigations. Despite these developments, the EFL will be continuing with its disciplinary investigations into this matter and will take the most appropriate action available to it under its Regulations."


Note: Curran still in for over £1m on 16th August 2021.

On 17th September 2021, Ben Ransom (Sky Sports) noted that Southall had agreed to buy 25% from Curran.


Note: Curran still in for £1m on 17th September 2021.

Now - what everyone in this pantomime had forgotten, including all of these parties, is that they had been seen, together at Spotland on the afternoon of 29th April 2021. Curran, Jarvis and Southall ALL visit Rochdale as a team for the same meeting.

Here is the crux:

8 months ago today - on 29th April 2021 - the three main characters were all seen, in Rochdale at the same place and at the same time. That April 2021 meeting was 105 days BEFORE Jarvis decided to read Mr Curran's statement to the Manchester Evening News.

What are the statistical changes of that happening?!

Fat Pat keeps a diligent notebook from behind the net curtains of her 2 up 2 down which doubles as the Wilbutts Lane Chippy. She saw them VERY clearly as many others who live and work around Spotland did.

Thank Christ the former CEO was SO security conscious and his car park barrier and ensuring the CCTV was turned on. Car park barriers stop cars and if you are driving from Worsley or Essex you need a car.

Andy Curran is not a happy bunny about all of these developments and his Christmas break has been disturbed by phone calls which have been going in and out of Worsley like an errant minor Instragram "influencer" taking lavish trips with her family to Dubai, Euro Disney and the Ski Slopes of the French and Swiss Alps (Covid-19 permitting).

When Andy lends someone £1m, he wants a return on that money and he always wants his money back.

Andy didn't drive up from Essex to attend that April meeting with Jarvis and Southall to lose £1m. Andy is very old fashioned. Borrow money from him, pay it back and if you do that then there is no need to resort to the boxing ring.

Unfortunately Southall is now feeling the pressure over quickly repaying that £1m more than the CSA knocking on asking if he will pay for Arabella but regrettably has no cash to do so.

The last thing he wants is not to be on Andy's happy list but the money has changed hands and some of the recipients have had not one, but TWO Caribbean holidays since August.

Would you believe, Matthew is on the verge of PULLING OUT and doing a runner and handing the baton back to the errant but keen Alexander Jarvis. Jarvis has even less brass to rub together than Southall.

We've always been a caring lot at Rochdale.

What we can say is that, we have noticed considerable disharmony in the Curran/Jarvis/Southall camp over the last 8 months and noted the influential players having a negative influence on other players.

Its now reaching the point where the Curran, Jarvis and and Southall might need to get some independent observations on how they could improve harmony within their team.

It is almost like they need a proven approach to successful team building and motivation and someone, anyone who could assist and support Matthew, Andy and Alexander by identifying and resolving the important psychological barriers some of the participants appeared burdened with from our lengthy observations.

The focal point all the way would be to ignite team and individuals morale whilst supporting Andy Curran to work out how Matthew Southall can ever pay him £1m back.

In these modern time and through strategic behavioural modelling tools that create winners anything could be possible.

Matthew, your last hope is here. Give these guys a ring (link below) and they can really help you resolve your issues with Andy.


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NFR: Mike Ratu - RIP
at 18:00 29 Dec 2021

Very sorry to learn of the passing of former Hornets player Mike Ratu.

For those familiar with the town for many years, Mike built a strong relationship between the Pacific nation of Fiji and Rochdale, alongside son and former player Emon Ratu.

Condolences to family and friends.
Why have AFC Fylde "forgotton" to announce their new COO?
at 18:10 28 Dec 2021

Why have AFC Fylde "forgotton" to announce their new COO?

Your Vote:

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And finally, in the North Stand at AFC Fylde.......
at 15:07 24 Dec 2021

....it appears that the AFC Fylde Twitter feed has captured the former Dale CEO.

Is the bloke standing underneath that bar sign really who we think it is?

Could the former CEO really be working in the National League North?

Or has he also been following them since the 1960's?

End of 2021 thread
at 14:46 24 Dec 2021

Probably is right time to start this.

What have been your:

a) Highlights of 2021 as a Dale fan
b) Low points

And what are your hopes for 2022?
MORTON HOUSE / How WILL Andrew Curran and Matthew Southall get that £1.2m back?
at 09:21 14 Dec 2021

A thought that has occurred to me over the Summer is how on earth does Andrew Curran ever think he will get his £1.2m back?

Last Christmas Curran was a complete unknown to the world and as we reach this Christmas he has sunk £1.2m into a small minority shareholding in a League 2 football club.

The rush to do that was completely Alexander Jarvis' fault and they probably would not have rushed if they had their time again but that money is sunk.


Jarvis said on 12th August 2021:
"Furthermore, we have paid in excess of £1 million to date in consideration for shares, due diligence and legal costs.

Ignore that hostile takeover angle for a moment - there is £1.2m sunk into the shares of a small number of sellers without anything to show for his money.

Its still unclear whether any money has actually changed hands so the selling shareholders might not have drawn their money but be owed a debt. If they have received their funds then Curran / Morton House are £1.2m down.

What could happen:

(1) The EFL declare the process null and contractually void

This is possible that the EFL confirm that their process was not followed and that the transaction is not valid. It would leave Curran / Morton House needing to contact the sellers to see if the transactions can be unwound / they can have their money back.

Whether the sellers of shares have the money or not or have spent the money if they have it would need to be determined.

(2) Matthew Southall buys the shares for £1.2m

This is the most obvious answer given what was seen in the press, but the problem is that Matt has some financial problems coming.

His builder (Optimus Build) has a charge on the family home in Worsley pending settlement of a very public court case from His Honour Judge Stephen Davies on 11 December 2020


Unless those debts are settled, Southall might be in with a real risk of losing his home and that would leave him unable to find the £1.2m required to buy the minority shares out from Morton House.

(3) Curran / Southall find another completely different buyer

This is possible but you would think will need EFL approval. The original transactions needed that approval and the EFL have commenced disciplinary proceedings so you would think that the EFL will not just be let those shares traded on without the EFL having a good look at the person buying them!

The bigger problem is if Curran / Southall can find a buyer then who on earth is going to them pay the circa £6 a share they apparently paid during the Summer?

The overvaluation and overpaying by Curran / Morton House on the advice of deal maker extraordinaire Alexander Jarvis to any former shareholders will mean that any new buyer will want value so won't be parting with £1.2m.

(4) Curran / Southall try to sell the shares back to Dale Trust or the club and get what they can for them

This has the same problems as (3) as in needing EFL signoff but from an EFL perspective is a friendlier party to buy the shares however the Trust / club won't spend £1.2m on those shares.

Even with 1,000 members there is no way on earth that £1.2m would be the price.

Would/Could the Trust offer £500,000 now? Perhaps. There are some well known local supporters who are generous and rich benefactors who are Dale fans and who have mobilised this Summer.

They however would want complete legal certainty first and that would mean the EFL investigation concludes and an outcome published.

All of the options above need in some way for the EFL to conclude their disciplinary proceedings which were launched in August 2021.

Might be a bit quiet for presents in the Curran household this year and more of of a nervous time if £1.2m is locked up.

I doubt somehow that Alexander Jarvis is going to be on the Christmas card list following this botched deal.
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John Pender
at 21:09 10 Dec 2021


Not seen this mentioned anywhere but sad to see John Pender's battle with MND.

I think he only had one season with us at the very end of his career but he's only in his late 50's.
MORTON HOUSE / Southall, Curran and Jarvis ALL visited RAFC on 29th APRIL 2021
at 21:34 9 Dec 2021

Life is about to get a whole lot hotter for the Scouse Disaster, Alexander Jarvis.

On 29th April 2021, 9 weeks BEFORE those fateful late night EGMs of 1st June Alexander Jarvis visited RAFC during the day with Andy Curran.

This is just after the Swindon home game where a number of fans clocked Curran's Rolls Royce Cullinan (71AC) on the main car park and Curran attended alongside many others.

There were that many attendees with nice cars on the car park that the club, on a night of a fan's protest that the club, put out an announcement about it which stated they were looking for investment:

It said:
"As reported on Monday, the Board of Directors are working to secure outside investment for Rochdale AFC and as a result have met with several serious investors over the past few months.

The Board have now reached a key stage with a number of highly interested parties, including a group of investors, who attended last night’s game along with the Speakmans."

On the 29th April, Andy Curran drove up to Rochdale from deepest Essex to visit RAFC with Jarvis brought with him an unannounced guest to RAFC.


Fortunately - and thanks to the wonders of CCTV technology - all of this gets recorded in glorious technicolour. The kind of glorious technicolour that means you can pick out three people clearly who clearly are all connected.

Southall, Curran and Jarvis - the pauper's Ocean 11.


With all that has gone on, why wait until now to release this GOLDEN NUGGET of information?

In life, timing is everything.

Kieran Maguire noted on 5th June 2021 on his podcast that he felt Southall was always involved. Go listen back to his podcast; he tells us what our CEO at the time wouldn't.

These tweets are 4 days after the EGMs:

Maguire replied on Twitter on 5 June 2021 at 17.35:

" TBF after the meeting with fans trust at Dale would be difficult for Southall to sneak control over the club ."

Alexander, oh, Alexander. We owe you such a thank you for being so f*cking useless that you have tied Matt Southall to Andy Curran and Matt Southall to yourself.

When you came back with Andy Curran on 6th July 2021 to meet the Dale Trust you left behind the vital bits of information that allowed this little love triangle to be confirmed, filmed and documented.

Fat Pat of the Wilbutts Lane Chippy witnessed the trio on 29th April 2021 espying the menu but suspicions were raised when no-one orders a chip barm.


Dale Trust even had to apologise to the EFL for saying a deal had gone through, which the EFL knew nothing about:

And then named Curran on 15 July 2021:

Tonight is the night where we can say, there is NO DOUBT at all that Southall was in this all along.

Now for the usual difficult questions:

1) What was Matthew Southall doing at RAFC on 29th April?

2) What link(s) does Matthew Southall have with Andrew Kirk Curran?

3) Why would Matthew Southall be so secretive about his involvement with Andrew Kirk Curran PRIOR to the EGM but show up at Spotland for a meeting?

4) Why would Matthew Southall HIDE behind Alexander Jarvis when the going got tough in the Summer?

5) When is all goes wrong and the EFL charges Morton House and individuals, how can Matthew Southall do 25% deal so fast with Andrew Curran's payroll company?

Here was the dastardly plan folks that was going to dupe supporters and the EFL:
a) A payroll company, with hidden ownership, agrees it will loan some money to a Matthew Southall. The technical term is "bridging finance"
b) That payroll company charges Matthew Southall "interest" on that loan
c) The payroll company buys the shares from individuals and makes them assignable to Matthew Southall. Alexander Jarvis needs to get 50% to get paid and do a deal
d) At 50% Matthew Southall can then assign the shares bought and emerge as the new owner of Rochdale Association Football Club.
e) Asset stripping of the football club can then begin. Big consultancy invoices are charged and the club and its supporters are left behind to deal with the mess.
f) The bridging loan is repaid, with a financial return for the payroll company.
g) The deal goes through so quickly that the EFL can do nothing about it.

There are some MASSIVE thank you's in providing the missing pieces of the jigsaw:

* Charlton fans. The next time we play you the beers are on us.
* Specific Charlton club employees who were asked about Matthew Southall on 29th April 2021
* Fat Pat - eye witness extraordinaire
* Local CCTV operators
* Alexander Jarvis

It is an utter disgrace how the EFL have been duped by Alexander Jarvis, Andrew Curran, Morton House and Matthew Southall.

The Charlton Dossier is right:

Today in England, it’s possible to buy a famous football club, drain it of cash, and bring it to within days of administration.

Thank God for our supporters, Fat Pat and CCTV

MORTON HOUSE / Who is looking forward to catching up with Matthew Southall?
at 20:18 7 Dec 2021

MORTON HOUSE / Who is looking forward to catching up with Matthew Southall?

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MORTON HOUSE / Matthew Southall - who is paying Arabella's child support
at 20:03 7 Dec 2021

Responsibility (noun) the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone.

Fatherhood comes with responsibilities.

Endless bills. Dirty nappies. Keeping a roof over the little ones head.

Holidays to Dubai. Trips to the see Santa and the reindeer. Running Charlton Athletic into the ground.

It's very hard being Matthew Southall given how forgetful and calamitous he is.

Matthew Southall forgets that the Charlton dossier has ever fingerprint of his time at Charlton:

Running up consultancy bills

Getting into trouble in the courts for illegally altering Companies House details

Southall forgets a lot. Fortunately, the internet does not forget.

Tonight folks, here is a man who thinks he buying 25% of a little League 2 club from Morton House and he's omitted one of the worst things you can forget - his eldest daughter, Arabella.

To Jade Katy McManus, Southall's current squeeze, Arabella is a dirty word.

Jade Katy has had two children with Matthew and followed him around as he did the dirty on Charlton Athletic, often pictured in the director's box.

Jade Katy doesn't like Arabella being mentioned. It takes the limelight from her two own children (who have RIDICULOUS names) and the big house in Worsley which has more charges on it than there are Rhino in the Serengeti (Serengeti is not one of the RIDICULOUS names but if you know your geographical deserts and grasslands, you might be in with a good chance of a guess).

Arabella's presence always reminds Jade Katy that Matthew's first love was and is lingerie and commercial model, Elizabeth Tierney who is signed to Boss Model Management.

Elizabeth Tierney's relationship with Southall was brief (let's be honest whose isn't?) but Arabella doesn't get a look in at the big house in Worsley.


"Mommy to my baby Arabella" - how did she fall for a loser like Southall.

If the Child Support Agency or Elizabeth need the Southall address in Worsley then we might be able to put them right. Just off Leigh Road isn't it?

Matthew was very open about his daughter Arabella in an interview (you can tell she's his favourite):

It's a really helpful interview it informs us:
Fitness entrepreneur Matthew Southall was born in South London and moved to the North West with his mother at the age of 5. His father was of Nigerian descent, but left before he was born. Matthew graduated from school with all A’s and studied Art and design at college before moving to Leeds to study 3d Interior and Architectural design, graduating in 2006. One of his close friends growing up was a professional footballer for Manchester United and England so he managed to make several contacts within football and went straight from University into sports management, where he worked under renowned Iranian businessman, Kia Joorabchian, owner of football stars Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano. He was very quickly involved in high profile deals, learnt a lot and then in 2010 set up his own Sports Agency and represented several high profile Premier League players. In the summer of 2014, he set up an online fitness wear brand which went onto launch in December 2014. Matthew currently lives in Manchester and has a two year old daughter, Arabella.

"Three Steaks Pam" has also waded into on the excellent Tattle Life:

Elizabeth is only about 26 and has already been married and divorced. She has her daughter Arabella calling Jamie (O'Hara) “Dad” when he isn’t, her dad is a Manchester guy called Matt Southall, Elizabeth’s ex husband. He’s now with a woman called Jade Katy and they have 2 kids but from what they show on social media, he never seems to see Arabella. Jade is also the absolute double of Elizabeth so he obviously has a type. I just find it weird that he doesn’t see his kid and she’s calling someone else Dad.

Even the Daily Mirror chimes in:

Elizabeth has one young daughter, Arabella, from a previous relationship.

Now, when you consider that its really easy to get hold of copies of marriage certificates, a decree absolute or final order of the dissolution of a civil partnership and other publicly available records you'll see how much that is about to become uncovered.

University in Leeds, "fashion brand", "football agent", "straight A's"

It's almost as if he has left this here to be found and fact checked.

Of course, Alexander Jarvis is to blame for all of this information. He and Southall go WAY back - as Southall admitted to the Dale Trust that they had worked together at Charlton Athletic.

And whilst publicly available information exists like this its only right that it is shared so that the man and woman in the street can, fairly, form a view as to the type of person that Matthew Southall is.

He wants complete transparency. He should go do another interview with the Dale Trust.

Poor Arabella - at least Jamie O'Hara was able be the Dad that Southall isn't.

And Jamie O'Hara was at least a proper footballer whereas Matthew put out the cones for a while at Blackburn Rovers before they f&cked him off onto his graphic design course.

This article, from 2010, says he was "on the books" of Blackburn but I guess that was when he was also "helping himself" at Woolworths

More to come and the next bits are juicier than Three Steaks Pam!

Southall might want a quick word with Andy Curran over erasing that internet footprint pronto.
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