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Congratulations to Joe Rafferty
at 21:51 16 Apr 2024

Promoted with Pompey tonight. Well done Joe.
Ex Dale / Still Playing 11
at 15:59 30 Dec 2023

With a free weekend and seeing a few ex Dale players popping up on Sky, I was musing what a decent team we could have had with currently playing ex Dale players….

Bobby Sanchez - Chelsea
Scott Tanzer - St Mirren
Craig Dawson - Wolves
Gabriel Osho - Luton
Joe Rafferty - Portsmouth
Ethan Brierley - Brentford
Jamie Allen - Coventry
Aaron Morley - Bolton
Nathaniel Mendez Laing - Derby
Steven Humphries - Wigan
Jake Beesley / Blackpool

Not a bad side….might be a few goals!!
Wealdstone - Club Statement
at 07:57 11 Nov 2023

Seems they have big plans, working in partnership with their local council:

“Commenting on the plans Wealdstone’s Chairman, Rory Fitzgerald, said: “London Borough of Hillingdon's decision to allocate the club this land follows a long period of discussion and negotiation and will play an important role in safeguarding the future of the club and supporting its growth. On behalf of the Board, I would like to personally thank London Borough of Hillingdon for their support and we look forward to working closely with them as we take the project forward, subject to planning.

The new stadium is fantastic news not only for our fans and players but the whole local community. As we progress, we will ensure that we optimise the benefits for local residents while also working to minimise and mitigate any potential environmental impacts associated with a construction project of this size.

In addition, we are confident that the security and growth potential offered by the new stadium will help us attract the investment we need to realise our ambition of one day playing in the EFL.”

The Board is currently involved in a number of preliminary discussions regarding funding and remain open to approaches from those considering investment in what is set to be an exciting period of growth for the club. Funding for the construction of the stadium is also expected to be generated through the development of new residential units and associated commercial floorspace on an area of the site allocated by London Borough of Hillingdon. These modern and much needed properties will benefit from the same outstanding location and transport links associated with the new stadium.

The club is actively working with its partners to establish a feasible timeline in which to be playing in the new stadium. Separately the Board is continuing its discussions with the landlords of The Vale which remains firmly in the club's plans as a facility to support its ambition to progress into the English Football League (EFL).”

I recall Gauge told TS that councils don’t do this sort of thing…
[Post edited 11 Nov 2023 8:11]
Fixture Board
at 07:05 14 Aug 2023

Does anyone know where it’s gone? I noticed it’s been removed from the Wilbutts Sandy Lane junction and replaced by a poster. It deals with he issue of having to update it regularly during the season, but the poster covers just the next few games and will need to be replaced itself.

Hopefully the old board wasn’t just scrapped? It’s a small piece of heritage which could have been repurposed…..
Congratulations to Steve Parkin
at 20:34 22 Apr 2023

One of Dales best managers and started the change to make Dale a club and team on the rise.

What we’d give for him now. 😏
Seventies songs
at 18:29 20 Apr 2022

Does anyone else remember the song involving a ‘yellow ribbon’ in the seventies. I remember it from my early visits at Dale but can’t remember much more or what year (s) it was….
The Pitch - over the summer
at 07:01 12 Apr 2022

Just a thought as the season draws to a close. The usual practice recently at COA has been to clear the pitch and start from scratch with new seed. My thought is that given the short window we have to do that due to Hornets and other events. Is that the right approach? Aside from one occasion this season we appear to have solved the drainage problems, raising the pitch seems to have done the trick - but we continue to suffer from threadbare surfaces since January and now we have the usual late season bobbly pitch. Given the short Rochdale growing season with relatively low temperatures, rain and shade from stands - wouldn’t it be better to just let the grass grow this summer? We might have grass on the pitch come Jan 23….
Main stand volume
at 18:47 22 Jan 2022

Ridiculous either turn it down or get speakers than can deal with the volume. But why does Sweetmore shout, absolutely impossible to have a conversation before the game or at half time. It’s not a nightclub Dave!!
Crown Oil
at 22:20 13 Nov 2021

So, with all eyes on Glasgow and COP26. How comfortable a position is it ethically for us to be sponsored by a fossil fuel company? My view is we should be asking them what their stance is in relation to reducing their businesses carbon footprint.
at 20:52 3 Jan 2020

Just interviewed on five live, said he’d had talks today re contract extension, mentioned the board and implied their concerns around his fitness. He said he’s fit, but we’d have to see what happened after tomorrow.....
Toy Salesman
at 20:13 23 Nov 2019

Looks like he’s been found out.

Running a football club is more complicated than selling toys.

Worrying times.

Up the Dale
at 16:58 26 Apr 2019

It’s going to absolutely p1ss it down...
“Rochdale are an awful side”
at 16:31 4 Apr 2019

From the Geordies messageboard.

“Rochdale are an awful side, and one who we should definitely play 442 against, possibly against Burton at home too.
However, I think against Coventry, Ross will revert back to 4231 and have the extra man in midfield.

We will put 4 past Rochdale”

One for the dressing room wall.

Hornets game called off?? (n/t)
at 15:10 10 Mar 2019

Hills last game.....??
at 15:43 1 Jan 2019

Seriously think this could be Hills last game, apart from our precarious league position and Hill being PR disaster; for five specific reasons which are relevant now:

1. New Board - Hill and Dunphy were a team, now Dunphy out of the way - much easier for a new board to make a change.

2. Constant tinkering- would be ok if it worked. But it hasn’t, for over two years now.

3. Home form. If it weren’t for some big away supports, our gates would be v low.

4. It’s 1st January. Time for a new manager to ship out deadwood and bring in some new players.

5. Gary Jones is available......

We will see......
Individual error
at 21:42 27 Nov 2018

Keith’s team selection, formation and tactics

Message to Keith Hill
at 22:15 23 Oct 2018

Stop messing around and do your job properly- have a plan, stick to it and take responsibility when it goes wrong.

Picking a consistent 11, starting with goalkeeper then defence - would be a good start.

Rant over.

Up the dale.
at 08:17 22 Aug 2018

I think the reason for the frustration in the main stand last night runs quite deep and we have a recurring scepticism of Hills continual chopping and changing of personnel and formations. The key issue isn't the changes in themselves, although the results on the pitch don't look like they work so far this season, in fact for many seasons. I've seen Calvin and Hendo play in almost every
position in the last three years, sometimes it looks like the players are confused themselves.

No - the issue is,why can't Hill

a. Explain want he's trying to achieve with his selections and
b. Admit it when he gets it wrong.

It's being going on for years now and people are getting fed up of it.

When Lillis gets taken off - unless you noticed he's injured it just looks like anther unfathomable change.

Combine that with back to back home hammerings - you will get frustrated people venting after they've looked forward to a game AND we usually have such a hard-to-beat-at-home reputation which seems to have given way to a "well, their budget is more than ours, what can you expect". When did we have a worse home start to the season? People are going to get upset, that's what a lot of people go to football for!!

The final point I'd make is back to the fans forum before the start of the season. Hill was asked why we seem to start slowly. He was quite defensive and ended up denying we did make slow starts. The guy is clearly in a very very powerful position in the club, the way the acting CEO was deferential to KH particularly around the training facilities, indicates to me where the power lies.

But this has to be team Rochdale, not team Rochdale when it suits Keith.

I do wonder how it would go if Hill had a stronger Chairman and a less acquiescent board? Oh but we know how that went.........

Everyone needs to be careful what they wish for.

Walsall in good form........but similar budget.......chin up......
Charlton Game
at 22:39 24 Apr 2018

Time for the clubs marketing part of team Rochdale to step up now.

Blanket "Your Club Needs You" marketing, full page ads in the paper, bus stops, fly posting all round the town. Posters in pubs, shops, schools, council offices.

Kid a quid, bring you neighbour, wife, mistress, dog, cat, Hornets fans - etc for a pound....or free!!!

Pie pint and the match for a fiver!!!

Flags on seats, rattles for kids.

Pyrotechnics before the game.

Go mad, update the fixture board, with the correct kick off time!!

Rochdale v Port Vale 3:00 KO?
at 08:24 28 Feb 2017

According to the fixture board.

Might put a few off.

Get it sorted Russ.
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