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at 13:46 31 Jan 2019

So if we are only allowed 5 loanees in the matchday squad that means 1 is missing out.

Norman’s unfortunately a given as he’s the only backup keeper we have.
EEL has to make it because he’s a beast.
Bunney will probably get the shout because he has to be seen as a better option than Done.
I think Hamilton will be a regular too,
Which leaves Holden and Pyke rotating for that final spot.
Bury v Lincoln
at 18:17 26 Jan 2019

Quite impressed with Bury tbf. They play quite good football unlike the physical Lincoln, and are currently unlucky to be behind. I dread to think how much they’re being paid but O’Shea and Maynard are really good players.
Adshead gets an England call-up
at 13:48 9 Nov 2018

England u-18s. Incredible news for him and the club!
Norman ban upheld
at 14:58 5 Oct 2018

Quite surprised we even bothered appealing, if only because we don’t need him. Lillis is doing a good job and Moore’s perfectly capable of sitting on the bench. I’m sure the FA will see the frequency with which we appeal suspensions and that will go against us, which makes pretty needless appeals like this one even more annoying.

I have to say though, the rule about the Checkatrade, while I understand the reasoning behind it, is particularly stupefying.
Match thread: Posh (H)
at 14:16 11 Aug 2018

TEAM NEWS | 🗒️ The Dale line-up...

1⃣ Josh Lillis
2⃣ Joe Rafferty
5⃣ Ryan Delaney
6️⃣ Harrison McGahey
8️⃣ MJ Williams
1⃣0⃣ Callum Camps
1⃣6️⃣ Matty Done
1⃣7⃣ David Perkins
1⃣8️⃣ Aaron Wilbraham
1⃣9️⃣ Bradden Inman
4️⃣0⃣ Ian Henderson


Same team as last week but Delaney instead of McNulty.

3⃣ Kgosi Ntlhe
4⃣ Jimmy McNulty
9⃣ Calvin Andrew
1⃣4⃣ Ollie Rathbone
2⃣2⃣ Brendan Moore
2⃣5⃣ Daniel Adshead
2⃣7⃣ Andy Cannon
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Rochdale v Peterborough United prediction logged
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Burton Albion v Rochdale prediction logged
Dash cams
at 15:19 18 Jul 2018

Does anyone have any experience with them? I’m thinking of getting one but would like to hear some opinions first. I’m thinking of a discreet one that could hide behind my rear-view mirror if possible.
England v Croatia
at 13:20 11 Jul 2018

What are everyone’s thoughts ahead of tonight? Certainly it will prove the toughest test we’ve faced all tournament but I think we’re well capable of beating them.

They have my player of the tournament, Modric, joined by his excellent midfield partner Rakitic, but other than that we shouldn’t fear them too much. Mandzukic is playing in a different position than he does at Juve and he isn’t impressing. They started the tournament excellently but the past two matches they haven’t looked special, needing extra-time and penalties in both. Towards the end of the match on Saturday they were exhausted.

As an aside, Radio 1 just interviewed John Pemberton as he coached Maguire and Walker at Sheffield United - weren’t we rumoured to be near to appointing him as manager before we decided on Eyre instead?
Match thread: Belgium
at 17:54 28 Jun 2018

at 10:38 17 May 2018

I see pitch renovations are well underway. The club said earlier this year though that over the summer we were laying a pitch that would take a bit longer to lay but would last significantly longer (as in, a number of seasons instead of just one or half of one) and result in fewer postponements, a similar pitch to Wembley.

There’s no mention of that in the current article though, and Premier Pitches are mentioned who I believe were responsible for the past two pitches. Have the plans for the super pitch been scrapped?
at 22:23 19 Mar 2018

I had no idea our youth system was that complex! It's really heartening to see we're really branching out looking at talent further afield, and probably one of the reasons our academy has been so successful in recent years.
Comparison with the 11/12 relegation season
at 20:27 26 Feb 2018

I'm just wondering about the last time we were relegated under Eyre/Beech/Coleman, because personally it doesn't feel anywhere near as bad now. And while a degree of the bad feeling back then might've been because Hill (still very much messiah-like then) had just left us, I still think we're playing much better now. Throughout the 11/12 season we were playing like a relegation team, but this season we haven't had too many genuinely rubbish performances. In the main we're playing ok but just failing to score and having the odd defensive lapse that invariably ends up in conceding a goal, and although it's fair to say that's the sign of a team that's going down, I still find it easier now to maintain a bit of hope compared to then.

After 30 games in the 11/12 season our record is remarkably similar to today's - won 5, drew 10, lost 15 (compared to now - W5 D11 L14). So we're actually a point better off now, and with no games in hand back then we were only one position higher. We've also scored a goal more this season and conceded 10 goals less.

We used 41 players that season (currently 31 in this season) and it's hard to believe that the vast majority of them ever care about being here. I'm yet to see a performance under Hill that is anywhere near the likes of Stevenage (1-5) at home or Hartlepool (0-2) away for the sheer degree of passionless apathy from our players. For all our faults this year you'd be hard pressed to say any performance has seen the players not try. There seems to be still very much a togetherness and a healthy attitude around the players and coaches, compared with the constant rumours of dressing room fights and divisions that plagued the 11/12 season.

Although there's been a lot of negativity around the club this season with things like tannoygate, the embarrassment of the pitch farce, the numerous 'don't come back' messages from various outlets and the apparent disdain with which fans are sometimes treated, that in no way correlates with the malignancy associated with the Coleman era. The winking incident at Southend, the alleged racism at Dagenham (both possibly the season after), the constant diving and general shittery of our football back then, it all just made you feel kind of ashamed to be associated with this club. In comparison to that we've had national media acclaim for not only our passion and fight against Tottenham but the attractive football that we play.

I really didn't want to make this sound like one of those 'things could be much worse' posts because, while that's true, things could also be a lot better - and they have been exactly that for the past few years. But I just wanted a reminder of how quickly things went 'bad' last time we had a poor season, and compared to that things seem very much more healthy now.
MK Dons (H)
at 15:25 20 Feb 2018

With the performances we've had over the past few weeks it really should be a case of anything but a win from this match is a disappointment. They're bottom of the form table having only got 1 point from their last 6 games. We're 3rd to bottom but that's just league results. In all competitions they've lost their past 6.

Last 6 results:

Dale 2-2 Spurs
Brovers 3-2 Dale
Dale 1-0 Millwall
Northampton 0-1 Dale
Millwall 2-2 Dale
Gills 2-1 Dale

MK 1-2 Charlton
Oldham 1-0 MK
MK 1-2 Portsmouth
Walsall 1-0 MK
MK 0-1 Coventry
Northampton 2-1 MK

After Sunday I think it could go either way. Either we'll be so hyped up and full of confidence that we put in another excellent performance, or we're so physically and mentally exhausted that we just flop. I'd personally start the same team as against Spurs though. Given that tomorrow's game is more important (opponent-wise) than Saturday's I'd save any rotation for then before the Wembley replay.

I'm feeling relatively confident for this one. Having said that, we haven't beaten them in our past 9 attempts!
Other games
at 15:26 17 Feb 2018

We'll have six (6) games in hand on some of our rivals after today!

Northampton winning at Scunny. MK and Fleetwood losing.
Chaos on the roads
at 21:02 11 Feb 2018

Be careful on the roads out there, Daleys. With the heavy snowfall and the minus temperatures coupled with the gritters' no-show, the roads are absolutely chaotic. I live on a main road with the remotest hint of an incline and it's gridlocked currently with cars sliding into each other a lot. Don't drive tonight unless you need to!
Other games
at 15:56 10 Feb 2018

Northampton, Oldham and MK Dons all winning. Bury, Blackpool and Walsall drawing. Wimbledon losing.
Match thread: Milwall (H)
at 18:58 6 Feb 2018

Edit for subs: Moore, Nthle, Rathbone, Inman, Thompson, Adshead, Gillam
[Post edited 6 Feb 2018 19:01]
at 15:03 28 Jan 2018

So far, our next collection of fixtures is looking like:

Saturday 27th Jan: Millwall (A) 2-2
Tuesday 30th Jan: Wigan (H) - PP
Saturday 3rd Feb: Northampton (A) 1-0
Tuesday 6th Feb: Millwall (H) 1-0
Saturday 10th Feb: Fleetwood (H) - PP
Tuesday 13th Feb: Bristol Rovers (A) 2-3
Sunday 18th Feb: Spurs (H) 2-2
Wednesday 21st Feb: MK Dons (H) 0-0
Saturday 24th Feb: Wigan (A) 0-1
Wednesday 28th Feb: Spurs (A) 1-6
Saturday 3rd March: Plymouth (H) - PP
Tuesday 6th March: Walsall (A) 3-0
Saturday 10th March: Rotherham (A) 1-0
Tuesday 13th March: Southend (H) 0-0
Saturday 17th March: Wimbledon (H) 1-1

Tuesday 20th March: Fleetwood (H)
Saturday 24th March: Scunthorpe (A)
Tuesday 27th March: Free
Friday 30th March: Shrewsbury (H)
Tuesday 3rd April: Bury (A)
Saturday 7th April: Portsmouth (H)
Tuesday 10th April: Wigan (H)
Saturday 14th April: Posh (A)
Tuesday 17th April: Oldham (H)
Saturday 21st April: Bradford (H)
Tuesday 24th April: Plymouth (H)
Saturday 28th April: Oxford (A)
Tuesday 1st May: Free
Saturday 5th May: Charlton (H)

[Post edited 18 Mar 2018 23:46]
at 21:56 19 Jan 2018

I do wonder who'll play at LB tomorrow. In Hill's most recent interview he implores the fans not to expect to see all of the new signings straight away. He also specifically mentions the left-back position, saying it's up to the players to stake a claim and it won't automatically be Hart's.

Of course, it depends on the formation we play (I'm hoping 3-5-2), but we have a number of players who could play there.

1. Nthle
2. Hart
3. McNulty
4. Delaney
5. Done
6. Kitching

We've seen 4 of those play there so far with pretty limited success, but I've listed them in the order I think they're most likely to fill the position tomorrow, based purely on Hill's interviews and his previous tendencies. Although he could always pull another Henderson-to-LB move.
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