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Jordan Sinnott - RIP
at 16:13 25 Jan 2020

News just broken that ex Huddersfield, Bury, Chesterfield and Alfreton player, son of Lee Sinnott, has died aged just 25, circumstances as yet unknown.

No Age - RIP
DB post match interview
at 21:58 14 Jan 2020

Well as you all know, I am not one to toy around (not these days anyway) so I will speak my mind.

Today’s disappointing result should be put into context, this replay has secured the clubs future for 3 minutes 57 seconds, it’s a hell of a run for our little club on our little budget, something I credit everyone at the club with, as you will have seen in my numerous appearances every time a camera is near.

It’s obviously a constant battle for a club our size to survive and as a director and employee it’s vital I don’t cock things up again, so I am running with the BBM theology - bURY Bolton and Macclesfield, Christ you don’t know how lucky you are to have me as CEO, look at those poor sods.

I did contemplate the KH theology, but someone started laughing saying we have been “Keeping Hornets” for years

Anyway I will update you weekly on any changes in our planned approach, currently we are stockpiling menthol cigarette filters and liquorice papers, it’s a bold move, but one with a lot of thinking behind it, as a club we have a budget lower that most conference clubs so it’s a case of looking after the pennies and employing a man of my pedigree.

Don’t have nightmares, we are team Rochdale remember

All the best DB

London Bridge
at 19:26 29 Nov 2019

Another coward kills 2 people and lost his pointless deluded life in the process.

The bystanders who took the guy on, particularly the last guy pulled away by the police officer, and stopped many more deaths deserve the highest honour we can offer as a country.

Proud of the quick response, proud of our emergency services, proud to live in a free country and proud to be British today.

RIP the 2 innocent people who died
Available non contracted players
at 19:47 25 Nov 2019

Bearing in mind the bench at weekend and the obvious lack of options we have, basically everywhere but in goal, I had a quick look at players with no club, there are loads, who we could approach and get registered on a months deal initially, assuming it suits both parties, and probably won’t cost a lot as beneficial to player and club.

Some may not want to play any more, some might not be able too due to injury, some might not want to come here, but surely must be worth a chat. Few names I found are:

Buckley-Ricketts - local and classic broken to, only 21 and a winger/forward

Peter Whittingham - can play defence and midfield - veteran stage of career

Bunn - no club and might be worth a go with limited risk

Beckford - obviously injury prone and retired, but is he finished or just sick of last 2 seasons

O’Neill - quality player historically, no club, local, experience

We may have approached some of the above but even a seasoned l2 veteran is probably better than a bench full of kids and Calvin!
Is Rupert Reid the biggest bellend you have ever seen
at 23:22 10 Oct 2019

Is Rupert Reid the biggest bellend you have ever seen

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Ex players who never appeared to give 100% for us
at 19:17 3 Oct 2019

In light of Pogba strutting about stealing a living last week I was trying to think of ex players here who never appeared to give 100% effort. I don’t mean the likes of George Donnelly, who always gave his all with limited talent or those we signed such as Mark Leonard who were finished really, regardless of effort.

I can’t think of that many really, Binman maybe, Paddy always gave his all but clearly had stamina issues, Jason Peake I recall being criticised for bottling tackles and Paul Williams never tried 100%.

I am struggling to think of many other than Williams that definitely did not try their hardest.

Sure I have opened a can of worms here but my memory is not what it was!!!

Players reverse names and current occupation.
at 17:44 19 Sep 2019

On the back of Russell Benjamin, players and their current fictional employment.

Parker Karl - currently maintaining the pay and display at Gigg lane (part time commission only)

Whitehall Steve - attempting to maintain some form of order with current political views

Snowden Trevor - head of catering for Wales highest pie and chip shop!
Coronation Street Gigg Lane Could Not Make It Up!
at 20:17 4 Sep 2019

Just watching Corrie (reminds me of up north) and former football club bURY’s famous old stadium is having someone’s ashes scattered on it.

Explains the vans a bit back and the view of the car park Is stunning!!!

Let’s all have a minutes silence and don a black armband for the last time they appear on television without reference to the efl or liquidation 😂😂😂
Ben Stokes - take a fcuking bow son!!!!
at 16:23 25 Aug 2019

Around 2 years ago I remember a football match that made me so emotional I was close to tears, that was a close as I will ever see to that day.

Amazing amazing amazing- what a performance!!!!

Steve Dale on talksport at 10.30 today!
at 10:24 6 Aug 2019

Title says it all.

New chant for the famous old safe lady.
at 20:36 4 Aug 2019

Not up to rkershaws standards obviously but, to the lord of the dance tune.

Day, Day, wherever you may be,
We love you cos you f**ked bURY,
Now dale is in, and he has time to grind,
Hope you c**ts all enjoyed the ride.
Current number of points clear of the famous old lady thread.
at 17:03 3 Aug 2019

Only 15 currently but the season is young 😂😂😂
Rochdale AFC Own Goal play your cards right.
at 19:00 22 Jul 2019

Feel free to add answer and add your own.

Bringing back Sweetmore, is that higher or lower in own goals than announcing our new signing is a billboard!
[Post edited 22 Jul 2019 19:04]
BL9 Fundraiser Concert Replanned!!!
at 18:56 10 Jul 2019

We are proud to announce that a new concert, featuring various artists will take place at Gigg lane this weekend (or the 12th of never), commencing at 14.00 both Saturday and Sunday, if we still have the keys!!!!

It will feature numerous household names and tribute acts, and will be a night to remember for all concerned and will be limited to a strict first come first stitched up rule.

We expect the following artists to appear and urge you to take up this unique opportunity as soon as possible, although naturally due to circumstances some of the artists may be unavailable due to circumstances beyond our control, such as wanting paying!

Carriages will be available for a £5 surcharge from our large car parking facility.

Artists and hits to include (subject to conformation)

Black box - including their hit Ride on Time
The Jam featuring SD1 - going underground
Chris Rhea - Road to Hell
Genesis - land of confusion
The 4 tops featuring our entire playing squad (medley of songs)
Dire straits (yes we laughed too) money for nothing
The Monkeys - Daydream Believer
Simply Red - Money’s Too Tight to mention
The Beat - Can’t get used to losing you
Notorious BIG Mo Money Mo Problems
Steve Miller Band featuring SD 2 - Take the money and run

Numerous other acts may appear so get down to Gigg and spend your hard earned cash before tickets sell out!!

Disclaimer none of the artists have been approached, some are dead, we don’t have a licence to do this, it’s not real - but since when has that stopped us.

Enjoy The Ride!!!!
Trivia quiz for you all.
at 19:01 1 Jul 2019

Other half kindly bought me a framed print of Dale shirts through the ages which is really cool, classic kits by goodteamonpaper if anyone is wanting one.

Just thought as a bit of fun would see if we could work out the squad numbers/likely players for the pre squad number days.

I know a fair few but thought 1 answer only each would be good, or else tvos will do the lot 😂😂😂

I would post a photo but I am clueless so.....

34 - 39 number 5
61 - 63 number 4
68 - 69 number 9
77 - 79 number 3
79 - 80 number 6
86 - 87 number 10
91 - 93 number 2 (Pretty sure this was Andy Thackeray)
93 - 94 number 12
95 - 96 number 11
98 - 00 number 18
02 - 04 number 16
07 - 08 number 15
13 - 14 number 22
14 - 15 number 40
17 - 18 number 31

Be interesting to see if they are random or chosen as out stand out players, I am guessing the former!

Have fun guys and girls.

Cheers Thacks
Which of these comedy’s do you find the most amusing watch
at 14:00 30 Jun 2019

Danny Mayor- could we be an option?
at 10:16 27 Jun 2019

Just been reading in the bURY times that he is essentially off as no contact offered and not being paid etc. Currently down at Plymouth in discussions and has another club to see today. He also states he wanted to stay as he has just had a baby and bURY is local for him.

I personally can’t see him coming here as this is probably a come and get me advertisement to all clubs local to bURY and the likes of Salford, Bradford Rotherham, maybe even Blackburn and Preston will all pay more than us.

Certainly worth a phone call though as he will know BBM, we are local, pay our players, will know a fair few of our squad and will probably be an integral part of our team. Also, bearing in mind the affection held for him at Gigg, we could attract a few of there fans, especially if the do go to the wall or have, as likely, a team incapable of winning football matches.

This is not gossip or based on any rumours, merely a few thoughts!

[Post edited 27 Jun 2019 10:18]
Worst and best ever 11 and manager - since 2000
at 15:40 9 May 2019

Bit bored today with weather being so crap here so wondering who we rate is worst and best ever players we have had since the millennium, obviously in natural positions.

I know this has been done before but not to my memory just since 2000.

I never had the honour of seeing big reg etc play so be interested to see who gets named, plus the sick part of my mind likes to remember players I wanted to forget.

Will start with Craig Dawson in best 11 and hope Michael Simpkins was in the 2000’s as he was truely woefully bad.

If you had invested 10k on a bURY parking space, what would you want for it now?
at 16:28 1 May 2019

If you had invested 10k on a bURY parking space, what would you want for it now?

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