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Joe Thompson on talksport in next few minutes
at 14:48 22 Sep 2021

Not sure what about but sounds like story on cloughy too if anyone is listening or wants to! Be on podcast if not I guess
Cloughy chatted about on talksport.
at 03:17 21 Sep 2021

As above at around 3.06 am this morning and also mentioned that there is an article in paper. Can’t remember which one but it’s a nice brief piece.

We were mentioned earlier as well saying we were the most likely shock vs Burnley and that 30 years ago we were playing them in the bottom league!
RIP Alan Mcloughlan
at 16:50 4 May 2021

Succumb to cancer aged just 53.

Good quality player for us 20 years or so back, albeit in the twilight of his career.

Thoughts with his family and loved ones.
RIP Paul Ritter
at 14:14 6 Apr 2021

Friday night dinner and Chernobyl star has sadly died aged just 54.

No age and a great actor (and bloke) apparently.
Barton Gone!!!!!
at 15:04 4 Jan 2021

Leaves Fleetwood with immediate effect.

Can’t just be results and wonder if the dressing room has turned on him with Cheds strange disappearance.

Could not happen to a nicer bloke!!!!
Rainbow Laces and Tom Allen
at 15:53 12 Dec 2020

Match Summary at Charlton vs Wimbledon to highlight LGBT

I don’t find the bloke in the least bit amusing at the best of times but he is honestly doing his best to prove all stereotypes correct and is frankly embarrassing.

He either knows nothing about football or is pretending he does not, is annoying the hell out of his co presenter talking crap and moaning about the cold and being promised a pie.

Why they could not find someone with genuine knowledge of football from the LGBT community, of which their are numerous people, instead of this prancing little f@@Kwit for only knows!
[Post edited 12 Dec 2020 16:00]
Harry McGuire.
at 20:44 14 Oct 2020

Reminds me so much of an expensive Paul Butler.

Whilst we continue to play him in the England team we will win nothing!
Only in Peterborough - death pool on their fans site.
at 19:13 10 Sep 2020

Was just looking for news on NML and found this on LondonRoad.net under the stupid punts section.

A league table for predicting celebrity deaths.

Though this sort of thing stopped years ago, but sadly not for those inbreeds.

I would post a link but technically useless, it’s easy to find though!
Something is rotten in the state of Rochdale A.F.C.
at 20:17 28 Jul 2020

Rather than add to the season ticket thread, as that is just another straw on the collapsing camel. Why the hell are we suddenly appearing pot less and desperate?

We have had the 2 cup run incomes, good player sales, league and tv money as well as sell on clauses, sponsorship and commercial activities, yet the board continues to attempt to sneak every possible way of saving money.

DB has mentioned lack of crowds/bURY/lost fixtures and the loss of income, that’s garbage, we will have saved more than that with the furloughing of staff, both playing and non playing. We will be saving in excess of £80 grand a month with the released list currently, although I am not sure that starts until August, but still a substantial cut in costs.

The club have shafted the goldbond agents, something that has been a consistent source of income for 20 odd years. They have also put a huge positive spin on the long term sponsorship. You could look at this as suddenly trying to raise up front cash, at later detriment.

And so onto season ticket refunds!

You should not have to actively seek a refund from the club, particularly if a deadline is involved. It should be the opposite. If you don’t respond you get a refund, if you don’t want a refund you can chose the option that you prefer, it’s a cheap psychological trick, as the emphasis is placed on the individual to want to take money from a struggling club they love, rather than the other way around.

I think many won’t want the refund, and if you take it there is nothing to stop you just donating it back. It’s just another underhanded way to make it less acceptable to have money back, that if it was anyone other than the club, you would take immediately.

I can’t say I back the trust at all in this, the rumours about some being in bed with the club I have not taken any notice of particularly, but this does smell of some being too close to both entities. I don’t know any individuals related to both, just a general overall comment, as the club in particular, seem to be duplicitous and sly currently.

We were quick enough to spot the issues the other side of heywood, we need to get our own house in order, before we have a lovely pitch and turnstiles, and a 12 point deduction!
[Post edited 28 Jul 2020 20:24]
One Off Program - The Unfinished Season.
at 19:43 30 Jun 2020

Not sure how viable (financially or time wise) this would be, or if it would be classed as working outside furlough (if applicable) but how about a 1 off program reviewing the season, match review and maybe a discussion with a fan from each club re all things football this season (including bURY) interviews with Luke, BBM, camp’s, others if they will.

Not sure how much sponsorship could be gained but say 80 - 100 pages or so for £10 might make the club a few quid and be a nice souvenir of a strange 12m. Also maybe a mention of those lost this year.

Only an idea but maybe something worth a look. Sure a lot would help out here.

Where did the leaked Hendo release come from.
at 20:02 20 Jun 2020

Before we hammer the board (and they deserve it for many things) just take a moment and think this through. I have put this on a separate thread so as not to interrupt the Facebook one.

Before fitz rightly corrected minney, it was claimed Hendo had not been offered a contract, which the tool eventually corrected. So where did he get that info?

1 A Club Employee - possible but highly unlikely, nothing to gain financially and more likely to have appeared on here via a new account. We can probably discount this.

2 The CEO/Board Member - a lot more possible, it hits social media, and forces Hendo to sign as if he does not he is being released, maybe last gasp attempt to force his hand. The issue with this that makes it so unlikely is how factually incorrect the tweet was, had it been us trying to get him to sign it would have been “Despite long retracted negotiations, Ian Henderson looks set to leave Rochdale as he has rejected a new deal”

3 Hendo, a friend or family or an AGENT!

Here is where I am almost certain the leak came from, it has no negative side for Hendo.

It causes fan uproar, as did the Facebook post, trying to force the club into a corner, especially as it wrongly claimed he has not been offered a deal.

It alerts other clubs he is available, no bad thing for him.

The board become aware it’s common knowledge and back down to his demands.

Before we go mad at the board, think through the above, Hendo is clever, his 2 agents are savvy, he knows the power of fan pressure and his status at the club.

Everything I have seen so far makes me think Henderson and his agents are playing games, clever games but not impossible to work out if you think about it.

If he was not so successful and had not been here so long, we would be calling him for trying to hold the club to ransom. Just think about the above!
Black Lives Matter
at 19:25 31 May 2020

The most obvious of statements to anyone with quarter of a brain, and yet what a paradox when we have thousands of morons ignoring social distancing, to protest about something, when it’s medically thought that black people are more susceptible. (Yes I know it was not all black people bit majority was).

It appears that the ex police officer and the deceased had personal issues between themselves and as such it’s likely to have nothing to do with race, but that does not stop some protesting in the USA by getting themselves a new tv and burning down a shop.

In no way did he deserve to die, I am sure we all agree, he was a violent criminal but seemed to have turned his life around, but as the tail wags the dog in the USA, fleas start jumping around in the uk.

The police do nothing, had it been the EDL lot then they would have, but they are toothless and only good for telling pensioners off for not understanding the rules.

We have had Cummings hammered, deservedly all week (won’t watch the last leg any more as it’s so left wing it’s sick), but when the second spike hits, it will be down to Boris, not these dickheads ignoring all advice.

To summarise, of course all lives matter, but if you don’t know that already, you won’t ever learn it!
Covid and the mentality of some!
at 19:36 22 May 2020

Well I finally ventured out for the first time since lockdown, mainly as I was missing decent sausages and know local butcher is strict on social distance and only 1 customer per time in the shop, 32 sausages in the freezer and other stuff no issues.

The mrs then decided we had to go to a mini Sainsbury’s for essentials, I headed in (she stayed in the car). Within 30 seconds I avoided 3 builders (no way related) rolling a cig with a homeless women, dodged that.

Got inside and nice 2 meter squares on the floor, within a minute a bloke probably mid 40’s walked right next to me to get his sausages and steak, I made a comment and he moved away and apologised. Just as he did a girl and lad in late teens walked straight through the middle of us, by then the air turned a little blue.

Those breaking the rule (other than the 1 guy) were average age low 20’s, everyone else was moving away, waiting and doing what was expected largely, and some more so.

The point is, we have the highest death rate in Europe, and that goes hand in hand with the highest level of dickheads and lowest level of general respect, add lack of allowable control from the police and, to a point governmental confusion.

Loads of things can be blamed but we are no longer a nation of shopkeepers, we are a nation of fcukwits, we need proper police control, fines, car seizures etc. Stop buggering about and do something about it, bombing Southend beach sadly is too extreme.

I won’t be heading out again for a long while. I genuinely wish I was German, or Dutch, or Australian, or ...........

Which player would you rather have if Twitter rumour is correct (unlikely)
at 20:10 13 May 2020

Which player would you rather have if Twitter rumour is correct (unlikely)

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Football Quiz, correct answer sets next question
at 22:06 1 Apr 2020

As there is little else to do, might be a bit of fun to do a quiz, whoever answers correctly sets next question.

Will start with an easy one and hope this will be a bit of fun for those bored or isolated.

Up the Dale

Which is the only club in the EFL that you cannot colour in any of the letters? eg. g a o etc.
Well done government
at 22:18 20 Mar 2020

Regardless of the political view the shutting of pubs cafes etc and the 80% payment for those off work, whilst costly as hell is a very proactive action, one that I don’t know of anyone else doing.

Think we should applaud that, regardless of other flaws

DB on talksport very shortly
at 20:08 17 Mar 2020

About virus and effects, not much more I can add.
Jordan Sinnott - RIP
at 16:13 25 Jan 2020

News just broken that ex Huddersfield, Bury, Chesterfield and Alfreton player, son of Lee Sinnott, has died aged just 25, circumstances as yet unknown.

No Age - RIP
DB post match interview
at 21:58 14 Jan 2020

Well as you all know, I am not one to toy around (not these days anyway) so I will speak my mind.

Today’s disappointing result should be put into context, this replay has secured the clubs future for 3 minutes 57 seconds, it’s a hell of a run for our little club on our little budget, something I credit everyone at the club with, as you will have seen in my numerous appearances every time a camera is near.

It’s obviously a constant battle for a club our size to survive and as a director and employee it’s vital I don’t cock things up again, so I am running with the BBM theology - bURY Bolton and Macclesfield, Christ you don’t know how lucky you are to have me as CEO, look at those poor sods.

I did contemplate the KH theology, but someone started laughing saying we have been “Keeping Hornets” for years

Anyway I will update you weekly on any changes in our planned approach, currently we are stockpiling menthol cigarette filters and liquorice papers, it’s a bold move, but one with a lot of thinking behind it, as a club we have a budget lower that most conference clubs so it’s a case of looking after the pennies and employing a man of my pedigree.

Don’t have nightmares, we are team Rochdale remember

All the best DB

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